Friday, April 9, 2010

Blind Vice: Coffee, Tea, or Ef Me?

New from Ted today:

Blind Vice: Coffee, Tea, or Ef Me?

Looks like Mr. Perfect has flaws, after-all.
Meet Buck Me-Good, one of the hottest studs in Hollywood right now, looks and career-wise.
'Tho he may not be a typical Tinseltown type (Buck prefers downing a few with the buds rather than anything remotely red carpet), this boy has made getting famous look easy over time with hit flicks and a hit personality, to boot.
He's got the arm candy, fab reputation, and a slew of powerful friends.
So what's the problem?
His king of the world ego certainly is getting him into some trouble.
While on a flight quite recently, Buck pulled some Naomi Campbell style 'tude and essentially blurred the lines of sexual harassment with those onboard.
Says a sweetie caught in Buck-Me's crude crossfire:
"He was really drunk and apart from throwing around phrases like 'Do you know who I am?' he hit on all the flight attendants and a passenger, even inviting her to his hotel room."
Hey, at least he's got manners and didn't ask her into the lavatory, right?
We know it's oh-so-wrong of him to ask so brutally, but, let's get real: the propositioned honey was a fool not to say yes to Buck! Yes, folks, he's that dreamy.
But...we quickly lost our horny appetites when our friendly-flyin' source swears Buck was not the guy he once was, pre-success.
"It got so bad, he got kicked off the flight. Fame has gone to this hot guy's head," we're told.
We doubt BD's current girlfriend, who most definitely was still together with Buck at the time of his mile-high club attempt, would be too thrilled about this info. But, then, she's gotta have a little Sandy Bullock in her and at least suspect something's goin' on. Let's hope.
Thing is, Buck's star hasn't even ultimately peaked, if you think about it. We see Oscar for this dude one day. This stud-muffin's career is only going to continue getting hotter, trust.
Oh, and consider this a warning, Bucky. There's still time for a major attitude adjustment or else next time we won't be so kind as to wrap this bad-boy behavior up in a Blind Vice, promise.
We have our eye on you. So feel free to go shirtless more often.
And it ain't: Chris Pine, Zac Efron, Liam Hemsworth
Update 9/13/10 - Ted has also eliminated Jake Gyllenhaal, Robert Pattinson, Ryan Gosling, Kellan Lutz, Justin Timberlake, Ian Somerhalder, Channing Tatum, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Viggo Mortensen, Chris Evans

* 9/8/10 - Ted says BMG is not famous for wearing fangs.

Top suspect: Sam Worthington


blurry vice said...

Seems like this is Sam Worthington. Avatar related... James Cameron/Titanic reference in there.

blurry vice said...

This was from Wed Apr 7 -

"Dear Ted:
So Sam Worthington has gone from being a nobody to being the star of some seriously successful films in just a few years. I've rarely seen that kind of success (or the hangers-on it attracts) fail to corrupt. Tell me, the very lucky adopter of a former death-row doggie, is Worthington as shallow as his films, or does he have a deeper, darker side?

Dear 'Tude Cop:
Worthington's exactly as you see him: charming, quiet, a bit surly and totally hot. He doesn't fake it, at all. Word's he's a one-woman man, too (unheard of!), but I doubt that'll last overly long. I mean, even Russell Crowe took time to test the female waters (over and over), so I doubt Worthington'll be able to resist all those babes throwing themselves at him much longer. Just a hunch."

Read more:

Angie said...

Leonardo Dicaprio

blurry vice said...

True I thought of Leo too... Titanic reference. But him getting kicked off a flight would make news, no? Sounds like someone less famous?

On the other hand, after reading... could be someone such as Leo with a longer career... "hit flicks over time".

Leo another top guess!

Brittany said...

Leo has already been a BV. He's on your list.

Jolene Jolene said...

I think it's got to be someone like Leo. I'd say it points to Leo for sure if he wasn't already a BV. The "hits over time," the king of the world ref, and especially the part about how he hasn't peaked when you think about it but an Oscar some day, meaning Leo has need nominated many times but hasn't won one yet, so when he does (which is inevitable because he is talented and the academy loves him), It will eventually be his peak. Sooooo who's like Leo?!?! And I don't think it's Sam Worthington...he hasn't had hits over time because he's pretty brand new, and he doesn't have powerful friends/connects to industry. It's someone bigger/more famous. A lot of people wouldn't know who he is.

ErinL said...

This sounds like Leo. I don't think it's Sam W. because he hasn't been around long enough to have a fab reputation or powerful friends. Leo has both.

blurry vice said...

I just was standing in the kitchen and realized Leo has already been a BV. Anyhoo, the James Cameron reference is there and has got to be a clue for something!

FrenchGirl said...

Leo dicaprio? all clues give Leo except he's a few old

Unknown said...

ya sam worthington seems to fit well with this. and he was in both avatar and terminator salvation

Unknown said...

I'm not convinced it's Leo. And I'll tell you why: "...our friendly flyin' source swears Buck was not the guy he once was, pre-success".

DiCaprio has been successful since when? He was a teen when he did "Gilbert Grape". He's been famous pretty much fore his whole adult life, right?
The above comment makes it sound like it's a dude whose star is rising more recently. A newer star.
That's what it sounds like to me.

Unknown said...

Ok so someone who's a rising star, potentially Oscar worthy, has a girlfriend, looks good without a shirt or goes shirtless..... I say either Sam Worthington or Kellan Lutz (questionable if he's Oscar worthy in the future). The word "lavatory" makes me think he is not american since americans say "bathroom"

The Spie said...

I kinda like the arguments people have been making elsewhere for Ryan Gosling. He certainly fits.

By the way, Megan, since our BV candidate was aboard a flight, the word "lavatory" would be used regardless, since that's what plane restrooms are consistently called.

CCEscapee said...

How about Colin Farrel? He doesn't like the red carpet and is definitely an Oscar contender. Not sure how he looks without a shirt though:)

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
While reading Buck Me-Good, I couldn't help but think of Jake Gyllenhaal...although I can't picture him getting that drunk. I think he's too square. Am I right?

Dear Jakepoo Gone Bad:
You're right in that J.G. is not our mile-high bad boy. Think less established, but the two do have some similarities, sure."

Fufu said...

Ted uses Lavatory and not a toilet...why? Could said famous star be RPATZZ??? He looks way too uncomfortable doing red carpet dos and interview and he is efinately aiming for an oscar with the type of movies he is chosing unlike Taylor Lautner who is going the Rambo route. And RP has gone shirtless in NEW MOON.His rise to fame has left me dizzy. But i'm stumped on the powerful friends.

blurry vice said...

R Pattz was already a BV.

Ryan Gosling - like the guess but he doesn't have a girlfriend right now.

FrenchGirl said...

the trouble with Sam W guess is i don't see him winning an oscar soon(but all clues are good)!
the trouble with Ryan G guess is he has no official girlfriend(but i can see him winning an Oscar soon)
the trouble with Leo D is he's too famous(yes,he can win an oscar soon)
the trouble with Colin Farell guess is he's known as a bad boy(sex,drug,alcohol)

Unknown said...

Leo is a no-go for sure, Ted says Jake is too well established, so this would rule him out as well. I am leaning towards Sam Worthington, but good call on Kellan Lutz as well, as he popped into my mind as a serious pretty boy contender as well.

Sarah said...

I don't think Kellan Lutz works at all. He's not even one of the main names associated with Twilight and there's no way anyone is seeing Oscar in his future. I think we have to be looking at more respected newbies. Totally think it's Worthington. But what about Shia LaBeouf?

C said...

I kinda like the Shia LeBeouf guess:

He has a reputation for drinking a lot and is notoriously averse to doing the red-carpet dance. I think he fits the part about getting famous over time with several hits better than Sam Worthington. Worthington's star rose very quickly quite recently. Also, LeBeouf is often photographed running shirtless, as Ted mentions at the end. Plus, he was in "Eagle Eye," and Ted says he has his "eye" on him.

AND ... Ted connects his girlfriend to Sandra Bullock, which is interesting b/c Carrie Mulligan and Bullock were both nominated for Best Actress Oscars this year.

Only reservation is that I'd be surprised to hear Ted describe LeBeouf as super dreamy, but I think he's generally thought to be a pretty good-looking guy, right?

SpidersPaw said...

Weren't Shia and Gosling both child stars though? I still say this is someone who's become increasingly popular over the past 2 maybe 3 years.
Although it's been great fun imagining all these boys topless just the same! :D

Unknown said...

Sorry, I don't agree that Shia La Boeuf is "THAT dreamy" or is appearing to have the potential for an Oscar--can you name his most famous films? That'd be Transformers, Holes, Eagle Eye....Disturbia (I am reaching now). In addition, don't you think Ted would allude to the fact that this has been a problem before if this was Shia? Let's not forget he crashed his car & crushed his hand while filming Transformers 2 because he was DRUNK. He doesn't fit any better than Kellan, and KL is way more typically beautiful by Hollywood standards. Plus Kellan just did the CK underwear ad, which fits with the topless comment. I still think it is SW though, Ted was dying to give that away in that BB comment just days before this came out.

Scarlett Pumpkin said...

I'm really beginning to think this is Sam Worthington. And perhaps Ted's "just a hunch" about Worthington not being able to resist all the ladies might have been a clue that he's already heard about an incident but couldn't really speak about it. It just fits so well.

Unknown said...

shia lebouef was already a BV

rundeep said...

It's someone twenty-ish to be sure in order for the AIAs to make any sense at all. Leo DiCaprio is nearing 40. None of the Twis seem Oscar-bound, though they are the right age group. Are all the AIAs in franchises? I don't know anything about Liam except as Miley's boytoy. Chris and Zac are widely reputed to be gay with beards.

Worthington looks like a better guess here. But it's still open.

blurry vice said...

Here is the bitch-back letter in which Leo was said to already been a BV, since someone asked for it. It's from 3/10/10 -

"Dear Ted:
I was just wondering if Leonardo DiCaprio has ever been a Blind Vice? If so, could you give me a hint?

Dear Sink That Ship:
Yes...but ages ago. He's quite indecently dusty, actually, since currently there's no hiding L.D.'s public womanizing skills."

FrenchGirl said...

so Dicaprio may be a serial cheater(poor Bar! poor Gisele!) but he's not Buck Me-Good.

Sam W or Ryan G? if he's Ryan Gosling,i don't understand "king of the world" reference

Lauren said...

Jim Sturgess. British Actor. Hot. Oscar Potential. King of the World Article published on him in '09.

Across the Universe and up and up!

Thought it was Renner, but this is the dude for sure. His looooong time Girlfriend is Mickey O'Brien.

sistah2 said...

This sounds like Jon Hamm,(the description, not the bad behavior) but it couldn't be him, since he doesn't have any 'hit flicks.'

duffgrl said...

Not sure who, i thought of Luke Wilson/matthew McConaghey but it's probably someone younger....I like the Shia guess, or Jim Sturgess, or any other rising 20-something...
EXCEPT Ryan Gosling!!!!!! I've seen so many interviews w/ him; he couldn't be sweeter or more down-to-earth. Def not him.
Sam Worthington also a good guess.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Please tell me that Buck Me Good is not Robert Pattinson. Thanks!

Dear And it Ain't:
Robert Pattinson."

Jolene Jolene said...

Ryan Gosling notted (per my letter to Ted)! Ugh now I seems more and more Sam W. I just don't get the whole career peak and hit after hit reference. Only that he's been on a couple blockbusters as of late.

FrenchGirl said...

he's Sam Worthington :Ted C just eliminated Ryan Gosling and says BMG was all blockbusters(not indie movies even shia l did indie movies and he's not a "perfect" guy)

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Just when I think I have your B.V.s down, I see hints here and there that throw me in a completely different direction. You're so sneaky! So here it is: First, is Buck Me Good Ryan Gosling? Second, if I'm wrong, how close am I as far as how established BMG is in H'wood? Is BMG more up-and-coming, or even bigger and more respected career-wise than R.G.? Thanks bunches!

Dear Bucking B.V.:
Nope, Buck hasn't gone indie like Gosling. BMG is all about the blockbuster hits."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Is Buck Me-Good Kellan Lutz? Love the goss, babe.

Dear Right Idea:
Good hard-bodied guess, but wrong guy. Don't see Kellan pulling a stunt like that. He's too naturally sweet, quite unlike roughie Buck-Me."

mo said...

I think Shia L. is a great guess. I heard that he hates red carpet stuff. Could be Sam W. too though.

Hard to believe though that whoever this is got kicked off the flight, but no news of it in Us Weekly etc.

ceasan said...

This made me think of Bradley Cooper from the first line.

FrenchGirl said...


The Spie said...

According to the master list, Shia was revealed as being a BV last September, so it's not him. It's got to be Worthington.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Your column is rotting my brain! I used to read actual books, but now I just obsess about your column. So here's my query: Are there any A-list actors left who actually like the ladies? Name three?

Dear Books Shmooks:
I guess there are a few straight dudes in H'wood. Off the top of my head? Gosling, Worthington and...gosh, think that's about it."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
So what information do you have on Sam Worthington? He's being cast for so much lately, and I love it. What is the deal with his GF? Are they the real thing? He seems super low-key and not into the fame whoring that we see so many stars up to lately. But any juicy deets on the hottie? BTW I adopted a rescue two years ago by the name of Chelsea, but I call her Toot. What can I say...I love her to death.

Dear Worthy of Worthington:
The dude is totally it—and straight for you lucky ladies (or haters who claim that I think everyone in H'wood is gay). But that doesn't mean he doesn't have a few secrets hidden behind his big blockbuster persona but rather small stature. Let's just say some of Sam's fellow Aussies think he still has the gruff, woman-ogling ways of the bricklayer he used to be. Hot!"

FrenchGirl said...

sam worthington!!!!

mo said...

"Dear Ted:
Is Buck Me Good Justin Timberlake?

Dear Buck Me Wrong:
No, but fabo guess! Think less perennially perky."

Caz1310 said...

I really don't want this to be Sam W! What's the main guy's name in Hurt Locker? Has he suddenly burst onto the scene? Maybe the James Cameron reference is a sneaky nod to his ex-wife being behing Hurt Locker? Wasn't he on with Charlize Theron after she broke up with Stuart Townsend? May be way off here, welcome your thoughts - apologies if someone's already named in in the above blog.

FrenchGirl said...

sam worthington!!!!
for once,i finally understood a Ted C's blind item!
and Jenner is friend with Charlize Theron since "north country" and my gaydar likes Jenner and Jackman LOL

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I finally watched Terminator: Salvation over the weekend and I can honestly now say that I do get the Sam Worthington worship. Wow! I mean wow! The face, the intensity, and not a bad actor at all given the limited script. A non-PG-13 comment: there is something about his yell when jumping or attacking—that sound makes you quiver and wonder what it would be like behind my closed bedroom door! Sorry, guess I got Worthington-happy! Keep us laughing Ted, you are always our reliable source in all H-town news. Would like also to encourage your readers to adopt. Just save one pet and treat it well, that love will be returned a tenth fold. It is worth your time, and more magically, your heart.

Dear Sexy Sam:
Definitely H-town's new "It" boy and for good reason—and, after reading your review, I think I have to go rent Terminator: Salvation—not that I haven't already wondered about the stud's bedroom habits."

FrenchGirl said...

sam w!!!

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Please tell me Ian Somerhalder is not Buck Me-Good.

Dear Bucking Bro:
Ian ain't the diva dude, Angie—happy? Think less smoldering."

Jolie said...

What about Jonathan Rhys Meyer? I read an article on Just Jared where he was not allowed back on an airplane because of his drunken behavior.

blurry vice said...

Jolie - Jonathan Rhys Myers was aldready a BV before this.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Is Channing Tatum Buck Me-Good? I hear he is a major flirt.

Dear Get Your Flirt On:
Nope, Buck isn't the marrying type—at least not right now."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
C'mon, spill! Since Jonathan Rhys Meyers has been banned from a United Airlines flight, he has to be a B.V., right?

Dear Air Marshal:
Maybe a B.V. like our hot-air hottie Buck Me-Good? You may think so, but would have to tell you no. I've always found Jonathan's case more sad than intriguing. Hope he gets better soon."

blurry vice said...

I really don't think Viggo Mortensen fits with this. He's not one of the hottest studs right now. Still going with Sam Worthington for this.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I'm sorry about Cleo! I love my rescue kitty and I can feel your heartbreak. I'm sure you've got tons of room in your heart to give some love to another kitty-in-need down the road. I've been wondering about our egotastic Buck Me-Good. Is he attached to any (past, current, future) bloodsucker films?

Dear Suck It Up:
Nope...well, not that I can remember at least. Let's just say Buck isn't famous for wearing fangs. And thanks for your sweet words about Cleo, who, for the moment, I consider an irreplaceable kitty (just like Butch)."

"Dear Ted:
Let's talk about Buck Me-Good. Though I can't picture Viggo Mortensen with the "do you know who I am" attitude, could he be our mile-high club hopeful?

Dear Cockpit Confession:
Nope, Viggo's B.V. was long before Buck started causing chaos in the sky. For BMG, think hunkier even than V—and much more believable at rocking the total diva dude ‘tude."

Sunshines1301 said...

So I asked the "bloodsucker film" bit because Sam Worthington is attached to play Dracula in Dracula Year Zero. Granted, Ted said... "not that I can remember," but still. Too vague?

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Since you said Viggo Mortensen's B.V. is something he does behind closed doors, does that mean you are notting him as Buddy Rib-Toast (who gets drunk and runs around naked on set) and Buck Me-Good (who gets drunk and slobbers over females on a plane)?
—Likes Danish

Dear Out in Public:
Right-o, but Viggo's Vice also came earlier than our latest bad-boy crew. He has been around for a while, after all."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I'm really a huge fan of both Chris Evans and his brother, Scott. But ever since you brought up Buck Me-Good, I've been worried that he might be Chris. Please say it isn't so!

Dear Buck You:
I am happy to say Chris isn't our mile-high humper. Actually, Chris isn't any Vice—yet, at least."

FrenchGirl said...

Today someone asked to Ted C to name Hollywood straight guys and his answer is:
"Of course! The whole friggin' town hasn't gone gay! So I'll name names, Blind Vice and otherwise: Ryan Gosling, Buddy Rib-Toast, Ryan Reynolds and Buck Me-Good. Will that satisfy you for a while?"

Read more:

FrenchGirl said...

i remember several times someone asked the same question and he said Ryan Gosling,a 2nd actor,Ryan Reynolds ans Sam Worthington were straight guys so i think Ted C has semi -revealed BMG is Sam Worthington!

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Is there anyone straight left in Hollywood? Can you give us a couple of names? Also, are any of your B.V.s straight?

Dear Straight Edge:
Of course! The whole friggin' town hasn't gone gay! So I'll name names, Blind Vice and otherwise: Ryan Gosling, Buddy Rib-Toast, Ryan Reynolds and Buck Me-Good. Will that satisfy you for a while?"

- yea to above, take it as a hint

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I was looking at pictures of Sam Worthington, and damn he is hot. I know that he may has a girlfriend, but what do you think if he and Jennifer Aniston get together? They would make a great couple. Jennifer likes her privacy, and he seems a very private person—besides both of them are smoking hot. So what do you think Yay, they are perfect together, or nay, they don't match?
—A Cute Fan of Sam

Dear Worthingston:
Nay! Definitely not a match made anywhere near heaven. Sure, they both more or less like their privacy, but they go about it in completely different ways. Plus, these two get all hot and bothered in completely different ways."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I saw where you said Sam Worthington and Jennifer Aniston wouldn't make a good couple. I'm sorry but I beg to differ. I think they would be hot together. He

is more of the rough-cut handsome dude as opposed to the pretty-boy nonsense she's previously dated. Plus, he is far from a D-bag and could actually be the

legit guy for her. How do you not see these two together?
—The Preferred

Dear Worthington Redux:
Uh, 'cause you're description of Mr. Worthington—as sexy as he may be, trust you've totally got his droolworthiness down—isn't quite up to snuff."

Unknown said...

Well today Ted and Taryn say "...hint hint Sam [Worthington]'s Blind Vice may have something to do with that delicious 'tude of his."

Which is exactly the same behaviour description - "'tude" - given for Buck Me-Good.

Pretty much confirmed?