Monday, May 10, 2010

Glee Blind Vice Revealed! Pat Poisonpuss is...

Wow Ted made an entire post to reveal a recent BV...

Glee Blind Vice Revealed!  Pat Poisonpuss is...

Glee: Season One, Volume 1 - Road to SectionalsWe hoped Pat Poisonpuss was just having an off day when our on-set source blabbed to us about how downright bitchy the diva was to her cast and crew in between takes.
But sad to say, looks like that's a normal day for P2. And now P.P. isn't even trying to keep her nasty 'tude a secret, so why should we?
Yep, Lea Michele seems to be having a hard time separating the onscreen diva she plays from offscreen life, and it's getting on everyone's nerves.
Last week at the Time 100 Gala in New York, Lea totally turned off her fellow honorees by swapping spit with her BF the whole night, instead of socializing with the other influential guests.
Classy, babe!
And then to top matters off, the chick snapped at a photographer who had the nerve to take her pic then ask for her name. How dare he!
Lea said she was Sarah Palin and then, Taylor Swift, when photographer Patrick McMullanasked who she was. Reportedly, Patrick then told the pretty girl to ef off.
We rang up McMullan, who's a pretty famous celebrity in his own right (he snaps them all, trust), just to make sure. Here's what he had to say:
"Everything that's in that story is true, Lea giving me the fake names, but not what I said," P.M. told us. "I didn't say 'f--k you' to her, even though I wanted to say 'F--k you!' No, what I said was, 'Forget about it.' "
"Yeah...but you know what?" McMullen laughed. "Taylor Swift and Demi and Ashton were totally cool and nice at that event. They're classy."
We get the not-so-coded message, P. And when asked what Patrick will say to Lea the next time he sees her at an event (which, of course, he will), we asked what would he utter to Lea this time?
"Hey, I owe you a f--k you!"
Love it!
So, listen, Lea—we love Glee as much as the next guy or gal. And we actually do love you, too—we think you're totally gorge and you've got talent galore. But c'mon, take a bite of that humble pie your costars are sharing (Jane Lynch anyone?) and lose the 'tude.
*Here is the link to the Pat Poisonpuss Blind Vice from 4/30/10.


Anonymous said...

YAY!!! So I WAS right! LOL, awesome! He kinda threw me off with the staying in character though, but I guess he was referring to her character being a "diva". Wonder why he said she was a doll tho? Hmmm. BTW, to the sisters...great site. Been addicted for awhile, but just started posting now. =]

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I guess this means the nickname Pat Poisonpuss is dead and won't be used anymore.

Unknown said...

Ok, I was wrong! However, I'm a bit disappointed in the blind. Hollywood resume?? I guess he had to do something to make it less obvious. Makes me wonder if I should be reading into things so much though!

blurry vice said...

Here's her Twitter aplogy -

"Big apology to @PatrickMcMullan. Totally didn’t expect you (or anyone) @Time 100 to know who I was w/all the amazin people there:)Made a silly joke that didn’t go over, so sorry. It was such an incredible night and I was beyond honored and thrilled to be there:)"

blurry vice said...

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Love you so much for revealing the B.V., gives me hope for more! But I have two theories as to maybe why you revealed. The first is to do with Twitter. You twittered that if you had a buck for every time a PR person lied to you and the very next tweet you announced you were making the reveal—are they related? Some Awful Truth Awful Revenge! The second is that you revealed Lea Michele now because it was very easy and you want to give her a harder to guess nickname because you have found out bigger dirt? Whatever the reason, thanks! Keep up the goss and your work on behalf of the furry creatures.

Dear Overeager:
Hate to break it to ya, babe, but the tweet wasn't exactly Glee related. Think more Twilight. And I don't doubt that Lea will make a triumphant return to our B.V. section. With her big star like hers on the rise, it's an inevitable fate of Hollywood's key players. "

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
You revealed that Lea Michele is Pat Poisonpuss and state that you still adore her despite her awful attitude and supreme diva status. Yet you use being a diva as a negative for certain other celebs like Angelina Jolie. Is this inconsistency just because of your personal preference, because Lea is the new "it" girl, or because Angie has other nastier Vices that you're not sharing with us? I won't be pimping out any adopted pets I have (or do not have) for a response. I love animals more than gossip!
—Confused By Ted

Dear Diva Dispute:
It's all about the context of the word, babe—like how bitch doesn't always have the nasty meaning it once did. As for Lea and Angie, they're in two totally different leagues of huffin' H'wood. Almost incomparable, at least when it comes to diva 'tude."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Now that you've revealed Pat Poisonpuss as Lea Michele what happens next time some racy action happens on the set or later in her career? Will she still be called Pat Poisonpuss or will she take on a new Blind Vice identity? Love ya!

Dear Name Change:
Please, it won't be that easy. Should Lea get all Vicey again, she'll definitely have a new name—and, between me and you, I definitely don't think we've seen this babe's final Vice."

mo said...

Interesting! I think Ted seemed relieved that a BV of his was able to be revealed... showing that there is some truth to at least some of these!

And thanks "88", glad you like our site, keep posting your comments!

Caz1310 said...

Oh LOL how funny is that now that Lea has experienced a backlash she's now done a 180 deg. backflip and is apologising profusely. This is just a PR stunt. PS I love this website - much more fun than the Awful Truth which is now highjacked by Twihards. The sisters and all who participate rock!

blurry vice said...


blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
How diva-ish is Lea Michele really? Do you think she's getting any better, or is she actually getting worse?

Dear Reformed?
The Glee gal certainly got a reality check when her nasty ‘tude got called out, so she's minding her P's and Q's for now. But don't believe she's an angel; this babe is far craftier than meets the eye."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I am a huge Gleek, and I love all the actors on the show. However, there is a really annoying rumor that Lea Michele and Dianna Agron are a couple. Are they? I don't think so. I understand that people love them, but really, why is it so hard to believe that friends can be superclose?

Dear Quinnchel:
Don't fret. The two are not an item...Either thar or they're the best secret keepers in Hollywood. I hear Dianna is one of the few castmembers whom Lea doesn't treat with the diva ‘tude."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Is Lea Michele's attitude getting any better? I really hope so ‘cause she is so talented. No pets for me, unfortunately, as my mum's allergic.

Dear Poor Petless!
Unfortunately, I'm not hearing any good news on the Random Acts of Lea Michele Kindness front."

Read more:

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
How dare you tease us with Glee gal Vices without spilling them. We need something to get us through the long summer hiatus. How about hints on some of the

Blind Vices for the Glee babes (and hunks) and letting your viewers try to guess which one is for which Gleek?

Dear Listen Up:
One is sexy, one is stupid and one is just plain sad. Oh, and one is a dude."