Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bonus Blind: She-Devil Dees Gives Great Headline!

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Bonus Blind: She-Devil Dees Gives Great Headline! 

Playboy July/August 2009 Olivia MunnThe only thing that makes us the slightest bit reluctant to write this Bonus Blind is the fact that She-Devil Dees (whom this Vice is about) will have an orgasm over it. That's what sex truly means to this arguably pretty honey: Nothing gets her off better than an article with her name in it.
Which is precisely why She-Devil saw to it that someone tipped off the media when...
She dated Hornius Thighs, one of Hollywood's hottest stud-muffins. Hornious never quite understood why the press was always waiting for them whenever he and She-D went on a date—no matter where they went. But Hornious finally got the clue and ditched the finagling double-dee broad.
So, Ms. Dees was then forced to move on to Jerry Rock-Butt. You remember: He's a multitalented somewhat good-looking boy and he succumbed to She-Devil's man machinations, as his girlfriend is about as boring as Justin Timberlake's love life these days.
(Men are so weak.)
Again, She-Devil arranged—in really not that clandestine a fashion—for details of her assignation with Jerry to get leaked to the media. But this time she did something different: She wouldn't comment about the affair when asked.
She-Devil, who wants to be as famous as they come, noticed this mouth-shut approach was the fancy way big stars acted when the media asked them about their personal affairs. So, that's what She-Devil decided to do.
She caught on that the "no comment" thing actually looked like a huge comment, as far as the appearance of the hookup goes. At least to the press.
And that's all that matters to She-Devil.
It Ain't: Natalie Portman, Tila Tequila, Chelsea Handler

Here is the link to the previous Jerry Rock-Butt BV from July 2009 including a full list of who has been eliminated as JRB.

List of eliminated for She-Devil Dees as of 2/28/11: Natalie Portman, Tila Tequila, Chelsea Handler, Evan Rachel Wood, Kim Kardashian, Blake Lively, Vanessa Hudgens

Top suspects:
She-Devil Dees - Olivia Munn
Jerry Rock-Butt - Justin Timberlake
Hornius Thighs - Chris Pine


Unknown said...

Has to be olivia munn right?

Unknown said...

Yippee, thank you :D

nini said...

I think its pretty obvious that it's Olivia Munn, Chris Pine and Justin Timberlake.. I'm just surprised that Ted name dropped Timberlake and basically revealed JRB! That's kind of unusual, no?

Viking Girl said...

Are people actually bothering you because you haven't updated immediately? What a cheek!

Have a few quid via Paypal on me. It won't help towards early retirement mind you, but every little helps.

Saleant said...

Ditto per the Viking. Have a couple of $$ towards an entertaining site.

As to baring with you, not til we've had a bit more tequila. Happy to bear with you til then.

Anonymous said...

Just as further evidence for it being Olivia Munn, here's an article about her sleeping with JT and it features her in a devil costume. (Although it says nothing about her saying "no comment.")

And agreed, blurry - you guys run this for fun, can't believe people are bugging you. You've kept me entertained while unemployed, so I'll send some $$ your way soon!

blurry vice said...

Thanks people. Didn't mean to sound bitter. And yes I menat "bear" not "bare" but would accept either. :)

So.. obv Olivia Munn. Who is Hornious? Chris Pine?

Tara said...

Sorry Blurry. Was not meant to bother you. Just was trying to help in case you did not see it on E.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I absolutely adore Chris Pine. You never seem to mention him in your column, so could it be that he's one of the more normal, well-adjusted young Hollywood stars? Or is he just better at hiding his Vices?

Dear Good Eye:
We love us some Chris Pine too, not only because he's way deelish, but because he's so not Hollywood. Pine isn't in the Biz just to be famous, hence that's why his relationship with Olivia Munn lasted about two seconds. Why that gal messed that one up is totally beyond us. Hello? BF perfection, people!"

blurry vice said...

We see all of them, just not always that day.

Unknown said...

Also, Lainey had a blurb yesterday or Monday describing Olivia`s MO. When I read it, I thought that she had to be this BV of Ted`s.

Valerie Feria - Isacks said...

This one is way obvious ne'ce pas! But I think Ted has no idea of how to judge bra sizes, there is no way that Olivia Munn is a double D ;)

Caz1310 said...

Did you see that the question/answer about Pine & Munn was the first BB article after the BV? Ted seems to want this one to be very obvious.

Anonymous said...

This one is way to obvious, we all know who it is. The real question is why would Ted give a name to Chris Pine when it doesn't seem like he has THAT much to do with the story... perhaps he will be an upcoming blind? Anyone else think it is a little odd?

Tara said...

I think he is putting the BV name on reserve for a later date:) Plus everyone started asking about him having a BV when Buck Me Good and the other one about the star who ran around naked and drunk on all his sets came out.

blurry vice said...

Yes I think that was a way to give him a name. We will see him again I am sure. Now we will see him say that Chris Pine is a BV.

Unknown said...

Ok, I apologize in advance, this may be a little long, but I have some thoughts about Olivia Munn...girl knows how to work it where she comes out smelling like a rose, even though she's a village bicycle famewhore.

Back when she and Chris were dating and the paps caught them out, it was so obvious that she was eating it up and that he was very uncomfortable. Also there was an "insider" saying all of these great things about Olivia and that Chris was head over heels. Then it was reported that they broke up and an "insider" denied it. The next night, Chris was seen out with another girl and the "insider" said that that was the last straw for Olivia, making her look like the victim when, in all likelihood, they were already broken up. Pretty apparent to me that Olivia was most likely the "insider."

Fast forward to now...notice how the "insider" for the JT affair was saying that JT was begging for it, but she wouldn't unless he and Biel were broken up. Please. Like JT would ever beg for it. Especially from a nobody like her. Then the "insider" claims that they had amazing sex and that Olivia was horrified that he wasn't broken up with Biel. Again, instead of coming out looking like the famewhore/village bicycle that she is, she comes across as an innocent bystander.

All of that being said, I agree that this BV is Olivia Munn. Sorry for the rant! I love your site!

Ross Family Five said...

I have a question, and I apoligize that it is off-topic; I don't see a better spot to ask. In yesterday's BB, Ted said Annette Bening is a BV. I posted a question on the Bertha Rose BV regarding that. Is there a place on this site to post random notes/questions? Like I said, I posted my comment on the Bertha Rose page, but since the name BR didn't come up in the BBs I have no idea when anyone else would look or check there. Thanks for the insight, and any pointers or tips on how to navigate the site best, as to not go against the "rules" or annoy the Sisters.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Not a question, but a B.V. guess—is She-Devil Dees Evan Rachel Wood. Have a good feeling about that guess. Hope I'm right!

Dear Photo-Whore:
Nope, Ev isn't our paparazzi-loving lover. Though, the two have that same sexy, fame-loving swagger going on. So not a bad guess. Think less vampire."

AshleyG said...

Ross Family Five - just wanted to offer my suggestion on your question, the sisters or someone else may have a better answer but my suggestion is to put random questions/thoughts in the comments for List of Ted's bv Reveals, or if theres a thread that's the most relevant to your question try that. I think people definitely check the reveals comments for random items, so thats my idea! Hope that helps a little!

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I don't know whether to call this a tip or a bitch or both! Why would Chris Pine be out with Olivia Munn after she screwed him over?I'm fervently hoping he's moved on to better girls (or guys).

Dear Munndane Match:
E, I wish Chris were—even secretly—into the fellas 'cause he is one of my fave hunks in H'wood these dates, but he's Blindly into the ladies. Sad for all of us, I know. And I don't think C.P. has too much ill will towards Olivia. She's harmless. Well, mostly harmless."

blurry vice said...

RossFamily - There are no rules hon! :) No real place for random thoughts I guess. Just post your guess with the Bertha Rose thread then. Someone else will come along at some point to discuss with you. :)

Yes you can post in the "reveals" thread which has a lot of random Ted letters etc. Or if you have questions you definitely want answered soon... just do what a lot of people seem to do is kinda what you did, just ask a question under one of the recent ones and someone usually answers you.

Again no rules just have fun discussing the blinds! :)

Caz1310 said...

What...Chris Pine is straight? Surely that (according to Ted) is BV worthy on its own! Weren't there a lot of rumours at the time Star Trek was released about Zachary Quinto and him, or was that wishful thinking by nasty Star Wars fans? Just watched it again yesterday...Pine is very nice-looking. Sigh. Ok, better get ready for work now. Have a good day 'yall.

guinevere said...

Ugh I've always DETESTED olivia munn she' SO annoying I'm just happy other people think the same things I do about her.

blurry vice said...

jerry rock butt

"Dear Ted:
Are Jerry Rock-Butt and Brock Rock-Bun's related in some way, or do they have something in common (besides a nice booty)? Their similar monikers got me wondering. By they way, thanks for all the work you do promoting animal rescue. It's a great cause! My rescue kitty, Cleo, says hello!

Dear B.V. Family Tree:
No relaysh between these two strapping studs except that they both have tight tooshes and a plethora of secrets hidden away in their naughty little closets. Brock's being more damning, of course. What a fab feline name, by the way!"

"Dear Ted:
So what's the deal with Cameron Diaz? There are all these pictures of her and Alex Rodriguez smooching, but the next day there's pictures of him with a new girl. What gives? I'm sure she sees them. Is she just acting blind or do they have some sort of friends with benefits type of thing?
—Just Wondering

Dear Bad Boy Club:
What can I say, horny habits die hard? Alex is not one for monogamy, and you know what, Cammy isn't always, either! That's why we friggin' love the girl. We just hope Diaz realizes she could be flung from much hotter studs. It's time to ditch Stray-Rod and explore elsewhere sweetheart. Maybe give Justin Timberlake another try? Heaven knows that stud could use the love heat."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Lately, I've been obsessing over Chris Pine, Talented, smart and sexy. Is he a Blind Vice? Can you tell me anything?

Dear Pine Away:
Yes, but he wasn't the main Vicer if that helps you sleep at night."

Gabby said...

About Olivia Munn -- I was taking care of a patient at a hospital last week and he was watching Rachel Ray I believe? Anyways, Olivia Munn was on talking about her upcoming role in some comedy. She LITERALLY said that when people were thinking of the funniest women in showbiz now, she's happy to know that she's one of them. Like is she serious?!? Pretty sure she's only known for her boobs and being a fame whore.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
What is up with Jerry Rock-Butt?! Do share: Do you think the She-Devil still has at least one of her claws in the guy? Give us an update, pretty please!

Dear Boresville:
Jerry's totally not devoted to any woman right now—only to his career. Bleh! The good news is She-Devil still doesn't stand a chance."

blurry vice said...

These two letters were inthe same bitch back -

"Dear Ted:
Matthew Morrison and Olivia Munn? How serious is this hookup and will it last?

Dear Glee Meets G4:
Scoop is that the two were spotted, and of course it was documented, at a New York Rangers hockey game Sunday night. The Glee star and Munn, who stars on

NBC's Perfect Couples were holding hands and cuddling as they got über athletic cheering on the team. Hmmm, supposedly Olivia even got in a smooch. But watch

out, babe, Matthew did an interview with Details just months ago saying he's an iffy kind of BF. All I'm saying is, they should both proceed with caution,

especially him."

"Dear Ted:
What has that fame whore She-Devil Dees been up to recently? Has she managed to work her paparazzi-grabbing schtick into any other unsuspecting but horny


Dear Paparazzo Ho:
Yep, and she's nabbed plenty of work outside her main pro concentration, too. Girl really knows how to get around—in every capacity!"

Unknown said...

That second question was mine. As soon as I saw those new photos of Olivia Munn and Matt Morrison, I thought Ted wouldn't be able to resist a question about the She-Devil!

Gabby said...

Oh DEFINITELY Olivia Munn. Considering there are all those photos going around of her getting all close and cuddly with Matthew Morrison, I'm pretty sure she's a lock-in for SDD. She's such a little tramp YUCK!

Rita said...
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Rita said...

On another note concerning the Justin Timberlake blinds, on Lainey today, she confirms that he cheated on Jessica Biel with Olivia Munn. From what she says, it's a 100% confirmed... This means that either She Devil-Dees is Olivia Munn. Here is the link: