Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Blind Vice: Veronica's Surgical Secret Revealed!

We really don't intend to put these all up a day late.  New from Ted yesterday...

Blind Vice: Veronica's Surgical Secret Revealed!

We were expecting to induct Veronica Bee-Stings into our exclusive Blind Vice club when one of her flirt fests with a certain married costar went too far.
See, V. is a knockout, that's for sure, and she loves that men want her—especially hunky ones who are already spoken for. And they do, surely.
Blake Lively: Traveling to the TopBut we're not here to discuss her femme fatal ways. Rather, today's secretive lesson is about all the money that's gone into making Veronica look so very alluring:
In other words, are they or aren't they real? We're talking 'bout her knockers, jugs, high-beams, babaloos, whatever you want to call her precious set o' twins.
Bee-Stings treasure chest has been a hot topic amongst gossip bloggers ever since her gorgeous tress made her way into Hollywood years agoand we just happened to stumble upon a stylish colleague of V.'s who knows for sure.
Ready for the almighty answer?
They're fake, of course!
Says Bee-Sting's bestie:
"Her weight used to fluctuate before she stopped eating and her boobs always stayed the same exact, perky size."
Keep in mind, this pal of Veronica's knew the popular star before her augmentation (among other little tweaks 'n' things).
Don't you love how bitchy this town is?
Now, we don't find boob jobs particularly that interesting (hello, L.A. is full of them!), but it's just a tad gratifying to know for certain that V. has paid for some of her amazing looks—even though she's famous for protesting otherwise.
'Nic is always blabbing to the press how her body is totally natural and how she can, like, eat whatever she wants and not go to the gym because she's just blessed that way!
Well, as natural as you get with a little ta-ta enhancement and, oh ya, fixing that "deviated septum" of hers.
But we're not here to judge. Not at all.
Veronica certainly can take credit for the fact she has legs for days and hair for weeks. It's just time to translate some of those hard earned looks into, I dunno, real acting parts, maybe? Because the clock is ticking on your 15 minutes of augmented splendor, hon, and we secretly want you to stay around a bit longer.
And It Ain't:  Emma Stone, Emma Watson, Amanda Bynes
Update 5/25/12 - Ted has eliminated Emma Stone, Emma Watson, Amanda Bynes, Kristen Stewart, Rooney Mara, Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Aniston, Carey Mulligan, Jennifer Lawrence, Eva Mendes, Carey Mulligan, Kate Winslet, Katy PerryCharlize TheronLea Michele, Jennifer Love Hewitt.

* Top suspect -Blake Lively


blurry vice said...

Thought of Jennifer Aniston and Ashlee Simpson's "deviated septums". However seems to fir Blake Lively. (She has been a suspect for a quite a few lately hasn't she?)

Nicole said...
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Nicole said...

Totes Blake Lively.

Nicole said...

You can google "Blake Lively nose job" and find pictures of her prior to her "deviated septum" job. Her boobs don't hang the way real boobs do. And I think the costar is Ben Affleck.

kadixonlaw said...

I'm new here, but I totally agree. It sounds like Blake Lively. Although, I was thinking American Ferrera (sp?) as the co-star. They were in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants way before they made it "big." Just a thought...

kadixonlaw said...

Sorry, *America. Fingers were moving too fast!

mo-mo said...

Yeah, I agree, Blake Lively.

Btw, I heard (from someone that was there) that when she hosted SNL she wouldn't stop talking about ways she stays skinny. Like she would ask for lemon water because it helps to surpress her hunger. ? Whatever. But it fits with his comment "her weight used to fluctuate before she stopped eating"

Californiarayesn said...

Def sounds like Blake. She def has the hair and long legs as well as the perky chest. I remember a BB where someone asked if they were real and Ted said they were...but mb he was mistaken then? Or mb we are on the wrong track.

Californiarayesn said...

Also in traveling pants her name is Bridgette and her grandma calls her her little honey bee..too obvious?

Rita, Montreal said...

Absolutely Blake Lively! Not only she has had a nose job that mags had dobed well done, and very classy (you can compare her actual nose to the one when she was promoting the first Travelling Pants), but she had lost an outrageous amount of weight in the past year to please Vogue's Anna Wintour and land all those covers, as well as being her 'buddy' on red carpet and fashion events, through all this, her boobs stayed high, and the same size. She now looks more stacked because of the weight loss.

With the AIAs, the age actually fits, for the Emmas and Amanda are her peers. She got her start in the Travelling Pants, was not the lead, but at the time, stole the limelight from America Ferrara, like Emma Watson, she was in a sequel, and of course, like Amanda Bynes, TV and dating her co-star (Nick Zano) made her more famous.

sistah2 said...

thought it was Courtney Cox but then I realized it was probably someone younger.
I like the guess of Blake L. Was this too easy?

Rita, Montreal said...

yeah. sometimes, Ted doesn't play around when pissed at someone. However, she is till competing with the Chiquita blind, has Blake L. been notted for Chiquita?

hordac said...

This screams Blake - never did believe a skinny girl like that could have big boobs. How often do you see half starved girls like that with big racks in real life? You lose weight then you lose there too.

Kristen said...

I'm not sure that I agree that this is Blake Lively. I feel like it could describe so many girls. But she does fit all of the clues. For those who are wondering, I am almost completely certain that she is not Chiquita. I listed the reasons why in the Chiquita thread (currently last post).

The Spie said...

Yeah, Lively's the prime suspect here, but I'd also look at someone who's both stacked and had an obvious collagen lip job as well. "Bee-sting" is a common description for enhanced lips, so Ted could be throwing us a clue. Or he's telling us that she's had more than a boob job.

Nicole said...

"Bee stings" also means smaller boobs... that's how I took it.

Moi said...

It's Blake, babes! Nose job check, bubbies, check, blonde locks, flirted with Ben Affleck and Ryan Reynolds.

Could be Megan, but I think it's Blakey =)

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Not that I believe everything I read when it comes to celebs stating they are so lucky to have hot bods with out working for it, but man I was elated to see BV Veronica Bee Stings! I am a naturally big-boobied girl and I just wanted to point out that its typical for girls who have bigger boobs to have a fuller figure...and a bit of a protruding stomach. So when I see a super flat stomach and a stacked set of shelf boobs on a chick I know its either starvation or a boob job...both are pretty lame! Here's to fuller bodies and embracing them (winks to Christina Hendricks!)

Dear Still Perky:
Glad you enjoyed it babe! Thought we could all use a little reassurance after eating the world this past weekend that most of Hollywood pays for those impeccable bods."

blurry vice said...

Let's be realistic here, I don't think anyone believes Megan Fox's boobs are real.

MM said...

Another vote for Blake Lively. On Gossip Girl, the main characters are referred to by the first initial just like Veronica is V. in Ted's post.

Caz1310 said...

Surely Megan Fox is off the radar now. Agree this is probably Blake. Is there any relevance to the Nic nickname he used (previous character name?) Agree with all the ladies who have already noted the boobs/weight connection.... we're onto these sneaky celebs! Nice pick ups on the bee sting & V connections - didn't get those. This could be trashy Kim Kardashian but doubt Ted would do a BV on her - Ryan wouldn't let him LOL!

Rita, Montreal said...

More like little ceasar might kill him with his hollywood clout. But it hit me while reading Ted yesterday, and what you have just said today: he talked about his PR hollywood friend who was murdered a few days ago, and the Kardashians. That must be how Ted gets his news and blinds. Hollywood insiders. way inside. So with this thought in mind, I don't think he will ever bash anyone on E! His TV Diva also must feed him blinds as well. She is always interviewing people on set for TV shows, and would never do blind vices herself, for she would never be able to set foot on any of those shows anymore.

88 said...

Blake ftw! Deff had her nose done and her boobs are totally fake (but an ok job done nonetheless)!

Rita, Montreal said...

in today's bbs, Ted clearly states that Blake is a blind, unlike the girl that plays Blair...

Jamee said...

That was me in the BB today! I can't believe he gave up that info! Because didn't he say not too long ago that Blake is not a BV? And now she is. Ha!

Tesni said...

Hi first time commentor, long time reader.

I initially thought of Blake Lively for this one as Ted has posted quite a bit about her recently, but I would like to throw another name into the mix for consideration: Aly Michalka.
1)she is tall with endless legs
2)has lots of blonde hair
3)is very thin but has massive boobs which are subject to the real or fake debate
4)"made her way into HW years ago" in disney movies and as part of aly & aj
5)the AIA's: she worked with both Emma Stone and Amanda Bynes in Easy A and Aly is featured in the Dec 2010 issue of Maxim magazine, which placed Emma Stone, Emma Watson and Amanda Bynes in the 2009 "Hot 100" list (also of note Blake is also in this list).

I don't know if shes had a nose job or any other work done, or if shes had flirtations with married costars, but these are the facts that I thought fit. I do a still think that Blake is the best shout for this BI but you know how Ted likes to discount the most obvious answers.

pomme said...

Blake Lively(rumor on a "FLIRT" with Affleck on "the town" set)or Megan Fox?

Rita, Montreal said...

Bravo Jamee! I forgot about that one: he did confirm not a few weeks ago that Blake was not! The window for her bv is quite narrow.

roseyf said...

Rita/Jamee: Are you talking about this Bitch-Back?

"Dear Ted:
In a recent Bitch-Back! you were talking about how Blake Lively isn't as sweet as she looks. Is it her attitude? Is it something Blind Vice-worthy or not yet?

Dear Sweet as Salt:
Not quite. It's just that, you'd expect something sweet to be caffeinated and full of sugary energy. The girl's eyelids have never been more than a millimeter apart. Not exactly "caffeinated.""

August 9, 2010

I'm not sure if that's for sure a notting, but if it is, you're right that it leaves us a small window for her blind. But there were a TON of girl blinds in that timeframe that will be hard to not her for. Maybe we can get a list of viable ones and start trying to get her notted for most of them to narrow it down.

roseyf said...

Okay, I'm new at this timeline thing, but here's a list of girl BVs from 8/9-12/4.

- Buella Bland/Kelly Guten-Shoes: Gossip Girl in AIAs: NO
- Bernadine Couch-Butt: Blake in AIAs: NO
- Bertha Rose: Academy Award nominated. BL doesn't have a nom: NO
- Cass Stimulatia: trying to get preg but having bacterial problems. No reports BL is trying to get preg: NOT LIKELY
- Maribeth Bush: acting like a diva, majority of income comes from indie flicks. BL's big money maker is a TV show: NOT LIKELY
- Priscilla Desert: BL notted: NO
- Roxy Couture: married with kids: NO
- Lorin Sniffle-Piss: BL in AIAs: NO
- Chiquita: uber-hit TV star with co-star ex and sleeping with exec: POSSIBLE
- She-Devil Dees: leaks info to paps to get attention: POSSIBLE but likely Olivia Munn
- Priscilla Desert: BL in AIAs this time: NO
- Secretia Ohio: married, cheating hubby: NO
- Lucretia Johnson: trying to get preg with current guy. BL not rumored to be preg or with a current guy: NOT LIKELY
- Veronica Bee-Stings: fake boobs and nose job: POSSIBLE

So our possibles are:
Chiquita, She-Devil Dees (although more likely Olivia Munn), and Veronica Bee-Stings

And the not-likelys:
Cass Stimulatia, Maribeth Bush, Lucretia Johnson

So if we can get some of these eliminated, we can narrow this down more.

Rita, Montreal said...

Rosey, he had notted Blake Lively before Nov. 23rd, in one of the Priscilla Desert blinds:

And as of today, he had confirmed that Blake is indeed a blind rather than Leighton Meester:

Dear Ted:
I know the Gossip Girl talk of the town these days is all about Serena, why not give Blair a little love? Has one Leighton Meester ever been a Blind Vice? My new rescue pup Gus just needs to know! He's Team Blair all the way.

Dear Queen B(V):
Sorry, goss hound, but the Vice world—much like the upper east side—is Blake Lively's turf.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Is Veronica Bee-Stings married, single, or dating?

Dear Honey Comb:
Veronica gets around. In that way, she's not so much tied down."

"Dear Ted:
Does the married costar's wife know about his affair with Veronica Bee-Sting? If so, are they working it out, or ignoring it for the sake of press like

Cruella St. Shackles? And was Veronica's affair physical or emotional? I'm guessing physical, but you never know...

Dear Honeycomb Humpin':
Don't jump to double D-cup assumptions, Anna. I said that I thought V would go BV if her costar flirting crossed the line. But so far it hasn't as far as I

know. Veronica is all about teasing married men but never letting get any of her surgically-enhanced goodies."

blurry vice said...

Just for kicks - throwing Sofia Vergara out there. Thoughts?

Rita, Montreal said...

Oh, that would be juicy. she had sold her entire career on her "natural" curves. And she has legs for days.

But Sofia's actually bounce, a lot. Just watch her on Ellen DeGeneris, quite funny actually.

hordac said...

Sofia looks pretty natural to me. Shes not stick thin with two watermelons on her, she seems proportioned properly.

blurry vice said...

Everyone, hate to burst your bubble. But I do NOT consider that bitch-back as a statement from Ted that BL wasn't a BV at that point. I consider that to be one of the ones he did not answer.

Check our list of BV reveals. The only thing we have is that at least one Gossip Girl castmember was a BV and we all assumed Chace Crawford was one. So before this, we didn't know either way about Blake Lively. For the recent ones yes, either Chiquita or Veronica BeeStings. But we have no start date.

Rita, Montreal said...

Blurry, in the Priscilla Desert blind is clearly states that BL was notted..? did we misunderstand that one?

bepbabe86 said...

I'm a huge Gossip Girl fan, but admittedly I don't pay much attention to Blake Lively's interviews and such. I knew her breasts were fake, and figured that it was assumed and just not mentioned. She honestly tries to pass those things off as real? If anyone hasn't seen her in Accepted (with Jonah Hill and Justin Long), look up some pics, she didn't have much going on back then, same goes for season one of Gossip Girl. Just making the point that, to me, this blind seemed to be rather pointless. I initially thought of Christina Hendricks, who I hear claims to be natural, but I agree that this must be Blake.

roseyf said...

Rita, where are you seeing this BL notting? I went back and reviewed all the Priscilla bitch-backs on this site, and didn't see anything related to Blake. The only one I found is the one I copied above, which is tenuous at best, and the one Blurry refers to when Ted says there's only one Vicer at GG (likely Chace Crawford).

Rita, Montreal said...

go to the older Priscilla Desert, and look at the end of the blind (not the posts, which I didn't go through), and you will see at the end that the sisters have notted a few names (per Ted's answers), and one of them is BL

roseyf said...

Rita: Doesn't that just mean she was notted for Priscilla? Why would that imply she's never been a BV?

Rita, Montreal said...

good point rosey. Although it seems to me that not long ago he had notted her for all BVs, but maybe I misread. Will have to look for his answer and make sure.

Jamee said...

I was just thinking of the time he said one star of GG, thinking Chase for that. I haven't looked at all the BBs. And maybe Blake hasn't been notted for all BVs, but this was the first he has CONFIRMED her for a BV. I know that's no proof, but a little suspicious considering how many times she's been guessed for BVs, and I'm guessing, how many times people have written in asking if Blake has ever been one. Just sayin'.

Either way, I think it's Blake. It's been such a huge debate--both with Ted and Lainey. And not just because she's thin but has big boobs. That doesn't mean anything. Didn't someone in the Bitch Backs say something about how girls with real boobs also have a pudgy stomach or something? Yeah, not true. Quite rude, actually! I'm quite thin with natural 34Cs, so it's possible to have real boobs and be thin. But they should fluctuate with weight loss/gain, just some more than others. You're not going to lose your boobs just because you lose weight. I just know what natural boobs look like, and Blake's they do NOT! They look rock hard to me. Boobs are made of fat, and they just aren't that perky. No way. Anne Hathaway--real boobs. Sophia Vergara--real boobs. Kirsten Dunst--so skinny, but again, real boobs. I just know! I know that's not scientific or anything, I've just always felt like a boob expert, thank you very much. :)

Rita, Montreal said...

Well, hmmm, cheers to our boob expert on board.

I do agree with you Jamee on the boob issue, as well as this being Blake Lively. I think Ted sort of confirmed that the Johnso Blind is Jessica Simpson in his BVs today. As for the boobs, one of my friends is 5'9'' weighs 110lbs, eats like a friggin' pig, and gains only in her boobs. Skeletal arms, skeletal tummy, no butt, but tons of boobs. so no, when you have big boobs, you do not have a belly as well.

We do tend to cover everything on this site, don't we? from golden showers, through boobs, nose candy, bed hopping, all the way to crap in hotel rooms. aren't we universal?

blurry vice said...

roseyf or spie - care to do an amanda seyfried timeline? see "polly luscious locks".

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Should we be jumping to double D-cup assumptions when trying to figure out who Veronica Bee-Stings is? Or are they smaller than DDs?

Dear Cups Runneth Over:
V's boobies aren't Coco-sized, if you catch my drift. It's one of the best boob jobs in the biz, if you ask me."

Rita, Montreal said...

Aren't Coco-sized: with a Capital "C", meaning as big and fake as that chick Coco, Ice-
T's wife.

So were are definitely looking at someone more natural sized, but absolutely fantastic looking. Well back to Blake Lively... Or Scarlett Johanson. any other fantastically endowed ladies that look natural?

Rita, Montreal said...

This so Blake Lively! Today in the BBs Ted reveals that Ryan Gosselin knows about her VICES and LOVES THEM. Could've added "the pair of them" while at it!

hordac said...

I'm with you Rita that was practically a reveal!

Angel said...

yahhh for Rita!

Caz1310 said...

Rita you nearly made my hyperventilate at the thought of that skanky Gosselin douche anywhere near Blake... the surname is Gosling!!!

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Does Ryan Gosling know about Blake Lively's Vice? If so, does it matter to him? Think these two will last?

Dear Blind Vice Date:
He loves her Vice, trust. But more on this delish duo later."

Rita, Montreal said...

Oh my Caz, you are so right! Pardon the typo! washh, Gosselin. Yep, meant the juicy Canadian, Ryan Gosling.
I swoon.
hope this relationship is temporary though.
And thanks Angel!

Jamee said...

Rita--I'm not getting where Ted said Ryan loves "them." He said "He loevs her Vice, trust. But more on this delish duo later." Didn't that mean more on the couple later? The couple of people? I suppose you could read it as the duo of her bubbies, but I saw it as the actual couple...Either way I think it's Blake, so whatever!

Jamee said...

*Because Ted posted something about these two later that day...

blurry vice said...


- married costar Ryan Reynolds?

Sadie said...

Oh yeah. I pretty much see Ted's BB column of today as a giant REVEAL of Blake as Veronica!

Ted sure has been generous lately with his reveals :)

Kristen said...

I do think that Veronica Bee-Stings is Blake. Another hint? He used the name Veronica. Veronica Mars was played by Kristen Bell aka "Gossip Girl", the title character from Blake Lively's show. I gotta say, though, that if they are fake, they really are well done, like Ted said. But I do wonder if she actually had a boob job. Ted's information for this vice doesn't appear to come from any legit sources, like doctors, just gossiping coworkers. And I've looked back at old pictures of Blake during the beginning of "Gossip Girl" versus now (many of you seem to think that is when she got the work done), and I can't see much of a difference in size. However, I do remember that starting with the second season, Serena was always wearing cleaving baring outfits, when she didn't really dress like that in the first season.

Kristen said...

Sorry, meant to say "cleavage baring outfits". Maybe she got the boob job before "Gossip Girl", but she was so young then that she could have legitimately had a "growth spurt". It happened to me. After seeing what happened to Lindsay Lohan's figure when she lost a lot of weight, we pretty much all know that's what happened to her. And I never thought that Britney Spears' boobs were fake (they fluctuated in size both up and down, which indicates more of a bra issue). I think Blake is Veronica, but I do wonder if his information is correct.

Nicole said...

Go to awfulplasticsurgery.com and look up Blake and Lindsay. They've both definitely had impants. Lindsay had hers removed.

Tab said...

From http://ca.eonline.com/uberblog/the_awful_truth/b216534_bitch-back_miley_cyrus_causes.html:

Dear Ted:
Has Jennifer Aniston ever been a Blind Vice? Perhaps a recent one involving certain body parts? My pups Annabelle and Hendrix say hello!

Dear Breast Guess:
Nope, Jen surprisingly isn't a member of the prestigious Vice world. Though, not to say she hasn't dated her share of Blind Superstars. If you think Jenny is Miss Bee-Stings, think younger.

tori tee said...

Ted has just run another blind about VBB - but he says it's not Blake! So who is it then? Is he playing with us?

Nicole said...

He said it's not Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, but it still could be Blake Lively and Ben Affleck!! I don't think he eliminated Blake entirely.

Yoda Man said...

I think Ted meant that the specific blind was not about Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. However, it could still be about Blake Lively and someone else.

tori tee said...

Hi Yoda Man and Nicole

I think you guys are right. It is Blake and Ben in this instance. Wow that girl seems to be a piece of work. And Ted did say few days ago that he had some more goss on Blake and I guess this is it.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Has Jennifer Aniston ever been a Blind Vice? Perhaps a recent one involving certain body parts? My pups Annabelle and Hendrix say hello!

Dear Breast Guess:
Nope, Jen surprisingly isn't a member of the prestigious Vice world. Though, not to say she hasn't dated her share of Blind Superstars. If you think Jenny is Miss Bee-Stings, think younger."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Please, please, please answer this question! Is Carey Mulligan Veronica Bee-Stings? Her chest
seems....well....dare I say "fuller" lately. love you and your column! P.S. We Alaskans are not as stupid as Sarah Palin makes us seem! Just saying!
—B in Alaska

Dear Pixie Perfect:
Very very glad to say Carey is not Ms. Stings! And to hear your latter information."

pomme said...

Dear Ted:
Can you picture Veronica Bee-Stings and King Schlong as a couple?

Dear Well, Yes:
Because I dare say they want to be!

Ted C has outed (in my opinion) Blake Lively is VBS and Leo Dicaprio is King Schlong

juju said...

I think Ted just ruled out Blake as VB in the Afternoon BB.

blurry vice said...

pomme, I agree, not an outing though but a hint.

juju, I disagree! He is pretty much outing her these days. See comments under the other VBS post.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
What is happening with Veronica Bee-Stings? Last we heard, she was sharing her surgically enhanced goods with some married Hollywood men. Is this still her

game, and in the end, how has the "mistress" move turned out for her? I can only presume it'll be headed down after some plays like that. No wife likes

competition, and like you said, established actresses are trying to take her down.

Dear Bee-Keeper:
Sorry to disappoint, doll, but Veronica's not only doing just fine, she wised up enormously. VBS pretty much stays away from the married dudes these days

because she actually discovered the ones who aren't give so much better press, which is what she desires most, in the end, anyway.

Dear Ted:
Is Veronica Bee Stings Jennifer Lawrence? She's so pretty it seems almost impossible that she wasn't touched by a surgeon's knife. Am I on the right track?

Dear Genetically Blessed:
Jennifer's not a bad guess, but the gal is hardly the type to go under the knife. Remember how she uglied herself up for Winter's Bone? Girl isn't afraid to

get down and dirty. But Veronica Bee Stings? Not so much.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I just saw a picture of Blake Lively's sister and I have to say they look nothing alike! Now it wouldn't be the first time siblings don't look alike, but I

gotta know: Is her Vice somewhat related to their dissimilar looks?

Dear Swapped at Birth:
Not exactly sure what you're alluding to, Chuck. If you think Blake's Vice has something to do with her being adopted, then you're way off base. B.L.'s

secrets are far sexier than that—but if you think it has something to do with her bangin' bod, then you're a little warmer."

blurry vice said...


ladybug42 said...

The name Veronica reminds me of Veronica mars who was played by Kirsten bell, the narrarator for gossip girl. The I don't know the back story I'd wanna go with Ryan reynolds as he attached actor..