Wednesday, December 1, 2010

BV Superstar Gallery Update

Ted has updated his Blind Vice Superstar Gallery.  Three new celebs added to the bunch.  Now we have Tony Parker, Jennifer Lopez, and Elizabeth Banks to add to the list. 

Here is an excerpt:

Please welcome, Jennifer Lopez, Tony Parker and Elizabeth Banks.
Since Eva Longoria was inducted last round, we thought it was only fair to put her soon-to-be ex-hubby in there also. Sometimes it takes two to vice.
As for Liz Banks, her Vice ain't nothing new in Hollywood (and certainly wouldn't make you think that differently of her), but she seems to be a fan favorite. As for Lopez, that one might be slightly more stunning. A lot more stunning, actually.

We are pretty sure we have the correct BV correlating with each.  Check our labels!


Unknown said...

Almost as good as reveals people - behold Strippa Rip Ya, Chester Shorts Off, and Maribeth Bush!

Rita, Montreal said...

Very sad for Strippa Rip Ya indeed.

Caz1310 said...

Assuming JLo is SRY I'm surprised that Ted has raised this one again, and is using the word stunning. Would have thought shocking, awful etc would have been more appropriate. A lot of BV's we laugh at, roll our eyes and/or think "what the?". This one is different - hope Ted knows what he's doing. Does this mean she's on the verge of leaving him, or it's already in motion?

Rita, Montreal said...

Means a wake-up call to SRY, and a 'we know what kind of crap you're pulling' to Anchovy. Ted has actually posted my question on this one, and said that anchovy knows that we know, but doesn't care, for he thinks in his case, he is untouchable. This blind might actually push SRY to do the right thing, before things escalate, in front of the babies. But following her latest interviews, like many couples, they think that having more babies would help their relationship more. hope in her case, for her sake, it does.

Unknown said...

I'm actually surprised the marriage has lasted as long as it has. It's so unlike her to put up with an unhappy marriage, and it has to make one wonder why when she has all the economic advantages to leave easily. Yes, she must be very emotionally tied to him. Wow. Maybe with American Idol she'll have more confidence and realize she doesn't deserve to be treated so nasty. She is coming off a pretty low time in her career.

Caz1310 said...

Famous people live and move in such rarified circles that they couldn't give a toss what the public thinks of them (as Ted has noted with regards to CAA). SRY will only be able to leave her husband if she wants to and if she has strong support from friends/ family who talk to her very directly about it. What on earth are her family & friends saying to her about it? Are his friends & family calling him out on his behaviour? Gossip blogs will have no impact.