Saturday, December 18, 2010

Blind Vice: Be Careful Whose Husband You Sleep With!

New from Ted yesterday -

Blind Vice: Be Careful Whose Husband You Sleep With!

Welcome back, Veronica Bee-Stings!
As we told you a few weeks ago when we introduced you to the surgically blessed Hollywood star, we assumed you all would be meeting Veronica under different circumstances. See, her sweet and sexy exterior makes A-list actresses hold on tight to their men when in the presence of Ms. B-S, and for good reason!
And V finally got caught putting her stinger where it didn't belong...
The TownSee, we've heard naughty rumblings from several of VBS' past sets.
You know, whispers of some lingering touches with this lead actor, or a lot of private time running lines with that lead actor.
Usually, it's no biggie because everyone sleeps with everyone in this town. Especially costars.
But there is one teeny, tiny problemo with one of Veronica's past conquests. You know, the fact that said stud is hitched.
The affair isn't going on as we type, but the two were certainly getting hot and heavy back during filming (we had our suspicions and only recently were they confirmed).
The poor sucker's wife found out about it and threw a s--t fit, not only on the home and work fronts (she showed up on the set), but more importantly on the Hollywood front. That's right, the wife is telling people who are telling people about what a "slut" Veronica is, in hopes of damaging the star's shiny reputation, and ultimately, Veronica's hugely promising career.
But don't count V out yet. We call her Bee-Stings for a reason, ya know? This is one very crafty broad. So while she may be cozying up to hot costars in real life, she knows how to work the behind-the-scenes folks, too.
Let's just say, we don't think the term "casting couch" is something Veronica is opposed to.
Oh, and FYI, we read the comments and know how this sounds, so let us say this right up front:
We are not talking about Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

And it Ain't: Kristen Stewart, Rooney Mara, Sofia Vergara

Top suspect: Blake Lively and Ben Affleck


Unknown said...

blake lively and ben affleck?

Alejandra said...

Blake Lively and Ben Affleck- agreed!

Unknown said...

I agree with Ben Affleck...Maybe why Blake didn't end up with the role in Gatsby??

tori tee said...

Yep! Blake and Ben. She is making a reputation for herself.

Gingerpop said...

I just watched "The Town", and although Blake and Ben's characters are not in love, I do believe he may have had a fling with her on set. I think Hollywood Husbands and Wives get a pass when they hook up with a co-star. It's so prevalent, the only way these marriages survive at all is because they give each other a blind eye to these temporary liaisons.

I can't even remember the last time I saw a photo of Jen and Ben looking remotely happy. They have 2 beautiful children and for the sake of that I think they are at least publicly keeping the marriage intact.

Finally, who are any of us to judge this? Hollywood operates with it's own code and a moral compass that may not point to true north. It's not my business and it's not yours. Live and let live I say.

Lellis101084 said...

I find it so irritating when people post comments about how this stuff is none of our business and we shouldn't be judging anyone. First off, why visit these sites and read the comments if that's the way they feel? And second, I'm not following these blind items because I want to pass judgment on the subjects of them. I follow them because I care to know the truth. Celebrities have to sell themselves to the fans, and when they choose to deny their true selves in the process of maintaining their popularity, well I think that's fair game for us to discuss. Celebrities can't have it both ways; if they want the attention that comes from people caring about their lives, they have to take the good with the bad.

jillianfigs said...

Ditto with regard to Ben Affleck and Blake Lively. It's a shame because Jennifer Garner seems like such a down-to-earth and sweet celeb... can't say the same for Ben Affleck however--he gives me the creeps. I absolutely believe that he would be unfaithful. There have been a lot of photos lately of Jennifer looking sad and tired, and alone :(

freckles said...

maaan... i wish i was there the day that a-list wife stormed the set. (jen garner). i hate ben affleck now. didn't care for him much before, but hearing this now about blake lively....ugggghhh

tory said...

I'm completely on board with this being Blake and Ben, but Ted has a very strong distaste for Jen. I agree that she seems sweet and down to earth, but apparently she is a total b*tch to deal with. Speaking of Jen, whatever happened to the pregnancy rumors at the end of the summer. She definitely looked end-of-first-trimester pregnant, not just bloated or carrying extra weight.

blurry vice said...

Hmm... yes Ben Affleck. I hadn't even read it when I posted it and figured it would be BEn Affleck but needed to read it (wasn't able to until now) before making my official guess and naming him as top suspect.

Why is JGarner sticking with him then? I don't understand women who tolerate cheating husbands.

steph148 said...

I think Jen's sticking around mostly for the kids' sake (Lainey has hinted at this). There may also be some career motives at play too; Ben is more famous than her, and if she left him she would become even less relevant in Hollywood.

Tara said...

Steph I think Ben WAS more famous than her, but meh now. To be honest, they are both kind of in a slump but for a while she was on top and he was washed up. I am looking forward to asking Ted about this....

Blurry, me too. I hate to see someone "stand by their man" or woman for that matter after they openly disgrace them like that. Being a celebrity, that sort of public humiliation under no circumstances, IMO, warrants a scumbag a second chance. And staying for the kids is total crap too--in the long run it is better and healthier for everyone to get out. The fight doesn't end when you "forgive" because you never forget and you harbor anxiety, anger, suspicion, and resentment, which makes your life a living hell. In my opinion.

Y'all shut it down on this one. Ted wants to out her so bad, and he hates Jen, you are right.

Alejandra said...

I don't believe Ben was ever really happy with Jen anyways. If what Ted says is true, and that she is a real B!tch, I don't see how he stays with her. When they are photographed together they both look really unhappy. I really dislike when couples stay together for the kids' sake. If he did cheat on her, then that sucks, cos cheaters are some of the worse. But what is the saying, a panther doesn't change its spots or something like that? He had been rumored to have cheated on Jennifer Lopez. Maybe Jen thought she could change him? Who knows.

And I agree with Lauren. Don't come to sites like this to preach about judging.

Anonymous said...

Totslly agree with you all that this is Blake and Ben, and I bet the reason Ted never gave the male in this a moniker is because Ben already has one and it'd give it away!

Caz1310 said...

It warms the cockles of my heart when our gossip radar is spot-on right from the start. Would have loved to be a fly on the wall to hear Jen reading Ben the riot act. Do you think Blake did the deed with Leo to try and get the Daisy Buchanan role? Was suss about the way in which she was suddenly winning roles and being considered for roles, considering her limited acting ability. Does this more or less increase suspicion about her being the (Lainey?) blind about someone being Gretchen Mol's replacement? LOL when Ted's this direct - he sure despises Jen Garner!!

Unknown said...

Now I heard that Jen Garner was the woman who Ben cheated on Jen Lopez with. So I don't feel sorry for Jen Garner at all. Moreover, I heard that Jen Garner REALLY wanted to get pregnant with Ben's kid as an excuse to get married. (But I don't think she "trapped" him b/c men are 50% responsible for that).

But definitely thing Jen Garner is one crafty and morally vacuous broad herself. Since I heard that SHE kept upgrading her men until she got Ben who she REALLY wanted.

Honestly, I think Jen Garner and Ben should stay married. Two disgusting people like them deserve each other. LOL. Blake has her uses as I'm sure many men (and women?) in HWood know by now. Haha.

alana said...

Oh darn, I thought this was Julia Stiles and Michael C. Hall.

Caz1310 said...

Oh hi J-Lo (or is it Michael Vartan?), nice to see you've joined the conversation (to the blogger at 5.39pm) :)

Annie said...

Could this have anything to do with the Scarlet Johannson and Ryan Reynolds split?

Alejandra said...

"I"- agreed with what you said!

Stacey said...

I agree with "I" as well. And I believe she won't leave Ben because he still has more star power than her, even if his career isn't as flashy as it once was. She would not be very relevant without him. I also agree that they have the worst couple body language ever. Ben Affleck looks downright miserable when he's with Jenn and he's been making some very unflattering comments about her lately. I think eventually he'll ditch her but he's not ready to yet. As for Blake, she's totally Lainey's blind as the new Gretchen Mol, as someone else said. It does all fit...she is getting quite a rep.

Rita, Montreal said...

Definitely Blake and Ben! Note the «You know, whispers of some lingering touches with this lead actor, or a lot of private time running lines with that lead actor.»
Lainey had pictures up on her site of said lingering touches and whispers, and that is why the week after Jen Garner got ther butt up there to where they were filming, had the «family paparazzo opportunity pictures of them in the park», and note how all where stating that Ben looked MISERABLE!!

Here is the link:

Also, Jen is one vicious bulldog that does not let go. She holds a grudge. Run Blake, Run!

Jolene Jolene said...

I would just like to throw this out there. Blake Blake Blake! This is all just too much coincidences when you put all these together.

Sisters--maybe post this so people can guess the three couples? Obviously Ben/Jen, Ryan/ScarJo, then who knows. Just a suggestion. :)

Mich said...

Ok Rita, after going to that link, I am convinced this is Blake and Ben. Their body language is waaay too intimate and familiar, I don't care if they did just shoot a love scene. In situations like this, Ted would have probably given a BV to the cheater and his wife, and given the fact that Ben and Jen already have them, well that would be a dead giveaway.

This is Hollywood, people stay in otherwise terrible relantionships for reasons we normal people can't fathom.

julie said...

I read the Interview mag article w/Blake and Ben, and Lainey hit the nail on the head. Their interactions were very "familiar." I can't imagine Lively, if this is her, is going to be able to keep this up to get movie roles

Tara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tara said...

Hahahaha Caz! I am going with Vartan for "I". And I am totally team Vartan. However, I am haunted by a ridiculously old vice (Alias days) of a possible Vartan and Garner dressing room sex session while she was still married to Scott Foley ("happily" if that ever existed). What is it that Jerry Rock Butt sings again? What goes around, goes around, goes around.......ya'll know the rest.

Unknown said...

Yeah, hate to say this because I don't think cheating is exactly moral high ground but if it sound like Jenn has done her fair share of dirty deeds when involved in other relationships, it makes me laugh to see her now on the receiving end. I mean c'mon, what idiot would marry Ben and expect faithfulness? Its more about the embarrassment factor for her I would guess. That marriage is rapidly passing its expiration date.

Caz1310 said...

Hi Tara nice to cross paths with you after ages :):) Yes I was a huge Alias fan and remember those rumours well. Totally agree Hordack. It would be embarassing for both if they split up now, considering the media dissection of other recent breakups, and considering their both chequered pasts relationship-wise. And if rumours are true, they'd have to publicly address the Blake impact.

Rita, Montreal said...

BTW, this also totally notts Sofia Vergara for Veronica Bee-Stings, which was our second best guess for the 1st blind on VBS. I think some had doubted her natural curves...

As for Jen, well, she has been known to be quite vicious with co-stars and other set helpers. The sweet act, is just that, not only Ted had spolen about it, but others too, re: Lainey, CDAN, etc. I can absolutlety imagine her going on the war path to barr Lively from Hollywood.

For this, I am quite excited to see it play out! Remember that Sex and the City episode when Sam was caught cheating with a married man, and how the wife black-listed her?

Actually am rubbing my hands together. Shame Rita!

Unknown said...

Hello there! I am not Vartan, I can assure you. But, of course, we all believe what we like :)

However, I have also heard of the Jen Garner cheating with Vartan while married to Foley and that is EXACTLY what I meant by that cold hearted C U Next Tuesday "trading up". She did it to Foley, and she did it to Vartan, and now she wants to be seen as the doting mom unit. B/c no matter how much of a bia you are...getting married and having kids gets you a place in heaven right? Can't stand people like them (Jen and Ben). I actually think Jen Garner is worse than Angelina Jolie.

Caz1310 said...

I, we know you're not Vartan . Laughing and agreeing with you in a nice way at your ferocity against Jen :)

Tara said...

Absolutely! I second Caz. The miserable chica is getting a dose of her own meds right now.

And Caz, it certainly is nice to cross paths after some time! I have been missing the old familiar to speak;)

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Regarding Ms. Bee-Sting, you said it's been confirmed that she had an affair with her leading man, which sent the leading man's wife all into a tizzy. I'm

curious then about Ms. Bee-Sting's own boyfriend at the time, assuming she had one of course. Did he learn about the affair at the same time as the old ball

and chain? Did he care as much as she did, or was their relationship already on the rocks? Or maybe it was that affair that lead to their break-up in the

first place?

Dear Fight Like a Butterfly:
Now wait a sec L, you're assuming that Veronica had a boyfriend during her on-set dalliances. I never said that, now did I? Veronica has had past semi high-

profile relationships, and she has cared about them. She's not evil, just slutty."

"Dear Ted:
So I'm wondering about Veronica said in your last Blind Vice that VBS isn't opposed to working the "casting couch" as a way to forward her

career. What happens if 'Nic gets a boyfriend...perhaps even a "stand-up" kind of guy? Would he "look the other way" since it's part of the biz, or would our

little BS-er have to try and cover up her morally questionable role-landing tactics to keep him around?

Dear Ahead of Yourself:
Good question, but there's no way to predict the future. I think Veronica is ambitious. She will find a way to keep climbing the Hollywood ladder and it's

doubtful boyfriends will stand in her way. And many people (a.k.a. the party of 2) are discreet when it comes to this stuff, so who is to say said BF would

ever find out?"

"Dear Ted:
Your comment about Veronica Bee-Stings in the last Bitch-Back got me thinking about these "discreet" casting couch rendezvous that go on in Hollywood. Isn't

it dangerous for a star(let) to sleep with a director/producer type in terms of potential future blackmail? Does the douchebag exec really have as much to

lose in terms of his career or reputation? It seems to me that being revealed to the public as a cheap slut celebrity would be more damaging than being known

as a "behind the scenes" power-abusing jerk, no?
—Risky Business

Dear Questioning Couch:
Look at Chiquita. She may have already got the part, but in the end, but, she's the one with the power. Doing the deed for a role (or to keep one) leaves

both parties vulnerable, but Veronica would be too smart to put herself in a situation that would get her, or that shiny rep, in trouble. There are certain

producers and directors in this town notorious for bedding leading ladies and following through on their promises. This is the type of sitch I could see

Stings in. But again, she hasn't done it just yet."

blurry vice said...

Jamee - we generally don't post blindgossip items. They appeared a few months after our site as generally a rip-off. Now have a daily blind item but with no explanation of who they are or who their sources are. Seems convenient that they have BIs so frequently that correlate wiith rumors/headlines, and no background explanation otr source. Anyone can make a site such as that and make up fake blind items. We don't buy into their hype.

blurry vice said...

To add to that... same with CDAN although he/she at least claims to be an "entertainment lawyer". Blindgossip has no claim who they are or bio.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
The immorality in Hollywood really sickens me, Ted! This whole Veronica Bee-Stings thing has got me all fired up. So can you tell us if you feel sorry for the philandering hubby's wife in this whole scenario, or would you say that what you put out there eventually catches up to you in life? And because it is almost Christmas, I just know you want to be extra giving and let us know if said wife is also a celeb? Happy Holidays!

Dear Stung and Stung Again:
Of course I feel bad for the wife! There is no worse feeling in the world than being betrayed by those closest to you. But, hate to say it, don't think the Missus was all that shocked. Doubting V was the first girl to get some from her hubby, ya know? And yes, she's recognizable. Happy holidays!"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Do you think Veronica Bee-Stings has Oscar potential?

Dear Go For The Gold:
She strikes me as someone who would sleep around for the opportunity! And she certainly wouldn't be the first babe to do the casting couch routine and be nominated. Still, talent speaks for itself and she has a ways to go."

Rita, Montreal said...

Oh so strongly pointing at Jennifer Garner, now more than ever. I think Blake scared her more than the other «women» Ben had fooled around with.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
On the surface, it looks like Jennifer Garner is a very involved/hands-on mom. I hope it is not just for show? Does she employ a large number of nannies like other Hollywood moms?

Dear Off:
Even though Jen has an impressive retinue, she enjoys being a very hands-on mommy. It's the wifey stuff that remains far more suspect."

blurry vice said...

Dr.DuckyDuck said...

Didn't Ted's Bitch Back from today saying that Strippa Rip-Ya and Veronica Beestings haven't shared a lover pretty much negate the possibility of VB being Blake Lively? Unless Strippa isn't JLo, which is pretty much unthinkable imo.

BTW This is my first time posting, but I love this site so much! Thanks, everyone, for being part of this community, and thanks Sisters for maintaining this site!

blurry vice said...

bee stings

"Dear Ted:
Does Strippa Rip-Ya have any past paramours in common with the lovely Ms. Veronica Bee-Stings?

Dear Blind Vice BFF-ing:
No. Those two share practically nothing in common, especially when it comes to their cup sizes.

Dear Ted:
You answered "no" to the question on whether Strippa Rip-Ya and Veronica Bee Stings share a past paramour. Is your definition of a paramour "a lover" or "an

adulterous lover"?

Dear Microscope:
Any lover of any definition will do."

blurry vice said...

In my opinion Strippa is JLO. Veronica may or may not be Veronica Blake Lively. If she is, which she may be, it doesn't seem like the married man is Ben Affleck. Perhaps Blake had an affair with a different married man? Are we missing something here?

blurry vice said...

Thanks Dr!

AB said...

I agree I think Strippa is definitely JLO, but I also think VBS is definitely blake..maybe its harvey weinstein or whoever it is? like from that lainey blind? he is married to georgina chapman who designs for marchesa so she probably knows a lot of ted says "she knows how to work the behind-the-scenes folks, too" while ben was the director for the town, he also is her maybe this points to someone who is more behind the scenes like weinstein.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
What do you think of Blake Lively? I admire her for not being an "attention whore," yet she steals the stage wherever she goes. Do you think she's cocky? Or

is she really as sweet as she looks? And why did you say she's not a "decent movie actress"?

Dear Bored Over Blake:
Can't quite put my finger on it. She's got the looks, she's got the talent, hell, she sure has the costars! But still, she seems to be lacking a certain

cinematic fire. Kinda icy inside, know what I mean? She really is the new Gwyneth Paltrow."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I am an avid reader of your blog. Love your take on the celebrity world. I was wondering if two of my favorite Vicers, Veronica Bee-Stings and Crescent

Kumquat, happen to be friends?

Dear Degree of Separation:
They know each other, sure, but that's not saying much. Most people their age do. I wouldn't say they are good friends. Veronica and Crescent run in

different circles, socially."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Is Veronica Bee-Stings Julie Benz? I hope not. I love the babe, but I heard some things about her and Michael C. Hall.

Dear What's the Bzzzz:
Funny you should mention V—we were just talking about her. But it's not Julie and Michael C. Hall. Veronica's gotten her claws into a new man of late—even

newer than her Vicey lover. Can you guess who?"

FrenchGirl said...

Dear Ted:
Can you picture Veronica Bee-Stings and King Schlong as a couple?

Dear Well, Yes:
Because I dare say they want to be!

i think Ted C outed VBS as Blake Lively and King Schlong as Leo dicaprio

blurry vice said...

Blake Lively

Blake has no problem muggin' for the paparazzi, but it's the biz she keeps out of the tabloids that makes her truly Vice-tastic. you think it has something to do with the men wrapped around her fashionable finger, or another naughty little habit?

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Can you picture Veronica Bee-Stings and King Schlong as a couple?

Dear Well, Yes:
Because I dare say they want to be!"

blurry vice said...

"veronica bee stings

Dear Ted:
Can we please get some dish on Veronica Bee-Stings? It's just cruel that you tell us she had an affair with one of her married costars whose wife is trying

to ruin her career and don't tell us what she's doing to stop it! Do the wife and her cheating husband have Blind Vices already?

Dear Bzzz Worthy:
Hell hath no fury like a woman scored, but Hollywood hath no power like a babe who's willing to get it on to get what she wants—which is what the missus

forgot. But the wronged wife is certainly seeing the silver lining these days—'cause it gives her another naughty indiscretion to hold over the head of her

henpecked hubby."

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
You were right about Leonardo DiCaprio not wanting to grow-up—at 36, he's now dating Blake Lively, a 23-year-old B-list actress. Sorry, but on some photos,

he looks like a client who wants to hire a high-heeled, miniskirted hooker. I wonder how Bar must feel.

Dear Ob-Vicey-ous:
While I'm sure the tabloid attention surrounding this couple as they canoodle their way through Europe isn't as engrossing for Bar as it is for us goss

lovers, she knew that Leo liked his gals young, hot and, really, it's not surprising, is it? Leo moves on fast, and Blake was waiting in the

wings. Anyone could have seen this coming.

Dear Ted:
Perhaps the scorned wife that was plotting revenge on Veronica Bee-Stings has access to some cell phone shots that Miss Bee-Stings may have sent her sexy

costar when they were getting hot and steamy back in the day? If she did, she could potentially leak them onto the internet. That said, so could Veronica

herself. Just a thought.

Dear Stung 'n' Scorn:
Now that babe is the type of delicious conspiracy theory Hollywood is built on. So delicious in fact, I wish I could tell you it's true. But alas, I cannot."

blurry vice said...

I personally think the above was a big hint from Ted. Since a lot of people are asking if Jennifer Garner had something to do with the leaked pics. Interesting!

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Let's say there was someone who recently had some scandalous shots released to the tabs. Said individual is being awfully quiet right now about round

two...don't you think? I have a theory: Do you think those photos may have been somewhere they did not belong, and perhaps a spitefully scorned individual

may have been responsible for these private peeks accidentally getting out? What have you heard?

Dear Det. Nameless:
Jeez, girl, why all the subterfuge and drama? Just say it: Does Blake Lively have an enemy who released the second batch of nudie pics, about which Blake's

rep still has said nothing? It would have to appear the answer is yes—and I certainly do know for a fact that Ms. Lively has her share of detractors. But

don't discount the very plausible theory that Ms. Lively arranged for the release of the pics herself, even though they're all totally fakes, of course.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm does this confirm Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio as veronica beesting an king schlong?

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Since all The Hunger Games casting fun is over for now, how about answering a question about one of my fave B.V.s, Veronica Bee-Stings? We know she has some

fake knockers and likes to screw around, but I have a feeling she's not all spice and probably has a sweet side too. Would some of Ms Bee-Sting's costars

describe her this way?

Dear Tit for Tat:
The male ones definitely would because they're getting her, uh, "sweetness" on the sly. Very few of her female costars, none, actually."

(Blake questions before and after this one)


"Dear Ted:
Life is getting in the way of living lately, and your blog is my daily distraction. I was wondering if we could play a round of my new game, Blind Vice

Hookups, where your loyal readers try to pair two B.V. players together and give them a nickname. Fun, right? First question: Have Veronica Bee-Stings and

King Schlong ever hooked up? And if so, would you call them King Bee or...?

Dear Moniker Mania:
I'll bite, babe. Personally, just from names alone I would go with Schlong Sting, but when it comes to this twosome—who do know each other (it's Hollywood

after all)—I wouldn't even bother giving them a cutesy joint name at all."

"Dear Ted:
I'm down in Argentina, freezing my bum (polar wave is striking the country) and I get all the comfort from your column. Did Toothy Tile and his baby daddy

work together in a movie? And does Blake Lively have a Vice of her own, or is she a secondary player in someone else's? My frozen brain thanks you for the


Dear South by Southwest:
I won't cry for you, Argentina, but I will hope things warm up for you, doll. As for your Vice questions: yes and yes. C'mon, you don't really think Blakey

would have earned herself a Blind Vice Superstars spot by just being a supporting player in somebody else's Vice, do you?"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Interesting Blind Vice item regarding King Schlong. Does his significant other know about his wandering eye (and schlong)? But more importantly, is his

girlfriend the kind of woman who would turn a blind eye, or would she dump him?
—Cheaty McCheaterson

Dear Queen Schlong:
She should know more than anyone that K.S. isn't exactly the most faithful fellow. But funnily enough, she probably thinks she's the buxom apple of his eyes

and had exactly the goodies to end his wandering ways—so no, she wouldn't be too pleased to hear he's got gals on the side."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Are Veronica Bee Sting's augmentations and alterations tasteful, or are they plain obvious? Also, do you think this girl's sexual escapades are going to catch up with her in the long run? Has it tarnished her rep? She may have done a good job at hiding them so far, but no one can escape the truth or a hoard of angry H'wood wives, for that matter.

Dear Float Like a Butterfly:
Oh, VBS only goes to the ritziest of plastic surgeons. Her new rack is one of the best in the biz. As for her antics catching up with her, they already have...kinda. But I think things will only get worse for Ronnie in the future."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Do you honestly believe that Blake Lively was the one to dump Leonardo DiCaprio? I know that everyone says she is dealing with the breakup extremely well,

but as you have so often said, the girl is crafty. Is it all just a facade to hide the fact that Leo ended things because she was pushing for marriage (and I

seriously think she was).

Dear Right and Wrong:
I'm with you that Leo's being the gentleman here and letting it look more like Blake's idea, when everybody knows it wasn't. That said, Blake Lively is ready

to get married and lose her Fiercest Single Girl Alive title like I'm ready to go back to dating women."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
You said that Blake Lively knows how to lock down her latest eligible bachelor. But how? Sandra Bullock is adorable, Rachel McAdams and Scarlett Johansson

are gorgeous and talented. Leonardo DiCaprio's models have been...well, at least great-looking. How do Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling and Leo then all fall for

the pretty (yet not quite stunning) TV "actress" Blake Lively. What's her secret? Or is she just a safe rebound (i.e. sexy momentary diversion; no strings attached guaranteed)?

Dear Blind Side:
If you don't think Blakey-poo is drop-dead beautiful then you should probably get your eyes checked, babe. That said, her secret is one that will stay between her, her hunks, and the Vice gallery. So shhhh!

Dear Ted:
If I had to choose, I'd say my favorite Vicers are Veronica Bee-Stings and Shafterella Shoshstein. Both are crafty broads who are only out for themselves.

But if you had to choose an all-time favorite Vicer, who would it be and why?

Dear How Vicetastic!:
Too funny, doll, because Veronica and good-ol' be-yotch Shafty could not hate each other more! But I've said it before and I'll say it again: Toothy will always hold a special place in my heart. On a lesser note, crackers Chiquita and chilly Cruella are always good for a laugh and a smirk, respectively."

blurry vice said...

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
How is it that Blake Lively is always getting "auditions" for serious dramas? I understand that Lively is pretty, and yes, that goes a long way in Hollywood,

but how long will it take for her to realize that insignificant rom-coms are her best bet for the future? When will her overzealous publicity team cool it on

the Blake-is-amazing bull. Don't get me wrong, I quite like her. I think she has awesome hair and a bright future in the fashion world, but in Hollywood? Not

so much. Maybe I just don't have an eye for talent. But help me out, Ted, I feel like I'm taking crazy pills here!

Dear With Fans Like You:
"Don't get me wrong, I quite like her..." Oh, really? Could have fooled me. If you really were a fan of Blake, I doubt you'd be raising the question of her

talent, which is not small. Sure, she may appear, at times, to just be dating her way through the matinee-idol food chain, but I really do think something

very cool, very blonde and very sustainable (big-screen-wise) is there. Otherwise, never would have compared her to Grace Kelly."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
It has to be asked: Has Brucey Huskers ever worked with Veronica Bee-Stings? Is she the type of vapid non-relationship girl he'd go for?

Dear Deep as the Shallow End:
Nope, Brucey and V haven't crossed paths yet. As for your second Q, B.H. tends to go for chicks even shallower than Ms. Bee-Stings—if you can believe that."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
How come you're now so gung-ho on Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively being the real 'love story' deal, parfait couple, over such a short time but you were always

sarcastic on Blake and Leonardo DiCaprio actually liking each other all that while?

Dear Unrealistic:
Because I never thought Blake and Leo would last. He's too model-crazy and, in my humble opinion, hardly hunky enough for Blake. But Blake and Ryan? Methinks

this duo has a bit more staying power—if only for their extreme hotness as a couple."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
On Gossip Girl, besides Blake Lively (your fave), who else do you see gaining some more work after the show is kaput? And who do you see losing any future

work because of some naughty Vices? Or gaining some work because of same Vices?
—GG Fan

Dear XXXo:
Pretty much all the big stars (like Leighton Meester, Chase Crawford, and Penn Badgley) have had some big-screen success and have some more projects lined

up, but aside from Blakey-poo? I think Leighton has the best chances. As for Vices, Blake's does her wonders while Chase's may hold him back. Not for the

obvious reasons though."

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
It's been a while since we've heard anything about Veronica Bee-Stings! I have a different sort of question about her: Was VBS a beard for any of her costars or have all of her relayshes been the real deal? XOXO

Dear Thicker Than Honey:
Hardly. Ronnie isn't the bearding type. She has that crazy sexual appetite which is half the reason she's gotten herself into so much Vicey trouble in the first place. She likes her guys ready to hit the sheets...despite whether they may be committed to, ya know, like a wife."

Katie said...

Hmmm, perhaps Veronica just lost a job over this.

blurry vice said...

(Read the last part about the set of The Town.)