Friday, June 25, 2010

Blind Vice: Closeted Movie Star Gets Cockier, Literally!

New from Ted-

Blind Vice: Closeted Movie Star Gets Cockier, Literally!

Taylor Lautner: An Unauthorized Biography (Get the Scoop)We first met Parrish Maguire when he was just a young movie-starrin' gay. Then we checked in on him and found out that the dimpled diva was starting to get his serious gay public places. How very Toothy Tile of him! You go, boy!
So what's the stud, whose fame is on the rise every friggin' day, doin' now that's catching our radar? Or gaydar. Duh...
The darling, adorable, dimpled Parrish has been getting even more comfortable with the gay community, frequenting a famous Hollywood social player's pad more and more lately. The party host has been known to have notoriously gay bashes, inviting only the hottest of the hot (and they just keep getting younger, don't they?).
And since most everyone at these hotass bashes is out and proud—or at least that's what you'd think—little is done not in the open. Indeed, these are the same shindigs some of our other sexually swingin' Blind-Vice alums have been going to for ages!
How terribly boy-on-boy chic.
So, Parrish is one of the host's new favorite boys. And from the way Parrish has been acting at these gatherings, you'd think the guy was ready to come out in a freakin' People article tomorrow. But trust, he's not doing that any time soon—let's give it at least two more years.
What the heck is Pare-Pare thinking? How would his devoted fan base react to the news that this little hunk is getting it on with other little hunks in increasingly public places? And why have none of the other partygoers ratted him out?
We think it's 'cause no one wants to be kicked out of these sex-filled get-togethers, to be perfectly honest. Once you're in, you're in, and that circle of celebs is far too elite to risk getting booted by blabbing to the rags.
Then again, you're reading about it, aren't you?
And It Ain't: Emile Hirsch, Justin Bieber, Henry Cavill

Here is the link to the first Parrish Maguire BV from Jan 2010 including a full list of who has been eliminated.  Here is a link to the 2nd Parrish Maguire BV from March 2010.  And here is the 4th PM BV from August 2010.  And, here is the 5th PM BV from Sept 2010.

Top guess - Taylor Lautner.

* Proven by timeline of Ted's dates he was and wasn't a BV: Taylor Lautner 


Kate16 said...

Ted writes Pare-Pare, and I remember him referring to Lautner as Tay-Tay or am I over-reaching?
There's basically no new clues in this.

steph148 said...

Sure there are: Parrish isn't expected to come out for "at least two years," which is approximately when the second installment of Breaking Dawn will be released. And we all know Summit would kill Taylor Lautner if he came out before then...

Geisha Gladiator said...

I agree completely that is Taylor Lautner! The "Par Par" is right on with the "Tay Tay" that Ted uses. And the Description sounds spot on! Plus he NEVER is out with females anymore. He is digging the pipe, for sure!

Anonymous said...

I had my doubts about this so I did some googling and found this article about Taylor going to a gay party at Bryan Singer's...

blurry vice said...

Yep Tay Tay is still our top guess!

hw said...

Did anyone see the MTV Movie Awards this year? Taylor was sitting next to a guy who I swear at one point looked to have his arm around him when the panned past. I remember seeing it and thinking it was kinda weird, and that was BEFORE reading any of this Parrish stuff. I'm not sure who the other guy was though....

Also Taylor played the Lycra clad "Shark Boy" in "The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl" perhaps behind the earlier Lycra hint??? And he did have a recurring role on a popular kids cartoon show "Danny Phantom" voicing one of the characters......

I'm going with the majority on this one and agreeing this is gotta be Taylor.

Tara said...

Yeah, beebse22, I remember that story from April, and I believe Ted already mentioned that one in a previous PM blind, so he is now a regular at the Bryan Singer parties. This would totally match up to Tay Tay (or Pare Pare) and Bryan both, because not only have the Twilight cast been hanging in LA for the last couple weeks for all the premiere events and press, Bryan Singer hosts an annual A-list Gay Pride party, and Gay Pride LA was June 11-13!! This totally fits.

I knew he was gay when I saw his first interview during press for the first movie. I still appreciate the hottness regardless--wish others would do the same.

Anonymous said...

@beebse22 I was totally going to mention that, lol. Taylor Lautner FTW!!!

Unknown said...

This only makes me believe that the Gossip Boy blind about a tween star being set up by a girl "who loves the gays" with another foreigner tween star is Lautner and PROBABLY Monteith.

hello said...

I thought after one of the first Parrish BVs came out someone asked Ted if Taylor had a bv yet and he said no....?

Gabby said...

Heather - TOTALLY!! I was trying to find a picture online because whenever they would pan over to Taylor in the audience, the guy sitting next to him was extremelyyyy close to him. And he had his arm around the seat back, perhaps closer to his back but the pan was so quick I couldn't really see. Of course people who believe he's straight wouldn't have caught it but I'm glad to see that more people than myself saw his male friend!!

blurry vice said...

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
In Parrish's B.V., you said that he attends the same parties as Crescent and Crotch Uh-Lastic. My question is, has Parrish hooked up with either of these two guys at the parties?

Dear Party Pooper:
I wish, doll, those would be some pretty steamy hookups, but 'fraid to say that each celeb went through a different phase with these shindigs, with little to no overlapping. Otherwise, with the booze flowing and boys frolicking, who knows what would have happened? "

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
In your first B.V. about Parrish Maguire, you said, "He's absolutely koo-koo horny" for his hot boyfriend. In your second B.V. you said he was "literally rubbing up against good-looking guys at private parties" with his boyfriend there. In your third B.V. you said those parties are "sex-filled get-togethers." So why would his boyfriend put up with this? Sounds more like it's the boyfriend who is koo-koo hot for Parrish and doesn't want to lose him. And is the boyfriend another actor?

Dear Bumbling BF:
Parr is totally koo-koo horny for every guy he sees right now. He's still young, mind you, and his hormones are running crazy—hence the reason he's starting to convince himself the gay thing is just a phase."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
How's a girl supposed to know who is bi, gay or otherwise when it seems like even the ones long suspected of same-sex shenanigans are shacking up and having babies? One of your old timer Blind Vices just announced a baby on the way and I was sure he was gay and used to be with a famous beard. I mean at this point I wouldn't be surprised if Grey Goose and his beard announced a marriage and a kid on the way, and now you're saying the oh-so-gay Parrish Maguire (nice name by the way) is doubting his gayness! Please! Seriously!

Dear Miss Mariss:
That's the problem with assumptions about my Vices—you never quite really know who they are, do ya? And unless they out themselves, that Hollywood-encompassing Venn diagram of gay and nay isn't gonna happen. To quote the greatest pop star of our time (Adam Lambert), Whaddya want from me!?"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Regarding your latest B.V. on Parrish Maguire, I don't get it. Why wouldn't someone blab to the press about these parties? They're afraid to tell because they will get booted from parties where the only connection is fleeting, lasts about two hours and may give you an STD? And this small bastardization of what life as gay men could be satisfies them? No one yearns for anything more, like a real relationship? A real family that reflects who they really are? Wow. I just don't get it, and I hope I never do. May I be "uncool" forever!

Dear Party Pooper:
Power to you, Jeff. It's true—the guys at these shindigs have less self-respect than most. But I don't think you understand how truly amazing these parties are. They're a young gay's fantasy! Besides, what good will blabbing to the press do you? You think anyone's gonna care about the guy who outs Mr. X or Mr. Y? Better enjoy the booze and boys, rather than the 15 seconds of fame you'll get for opening your mouth."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I know this sounds really awkward coming from a huge Robsten lover, but do you think there's any chance that Kristen will ever be more-than-friends with Taylor? I really hope not and I don't think so, but I wanted to ask you anyway.

Dear Switching Over:
Not a chance. Lots, and lots, and lots of reasons tell me that the two will never end up with each least not genuinely."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I loved your Franklin to Edward comparison! I think True Blood is so good this season, and Franklin is totally a heightened Edward! Speaking of my Bon Temps friends, what do you think about the very hot guy that plays Alcide? Not to enrage the Team Jacob fans, but he's how I picture a werewolf—not the youthful Taylor Lautner! What do you think?

Dear Go Go Joe:
Haven't you read anything we've written? We're absolutely wild for the guy (whose name is Joe Manganiello, babe. Learn the name!). And yep, he's definitely much more of a werewolf that we can sink our teeth into...although we do love darling Tay-tay and his were-tan, were-abs and were-GQ photo shoots."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I saw the pics of Selena Gomez and Taylor Lautner hugging and smiling at the Teen Choice Awards, and it came to mind that rumor had it they dated back in 2009! Could they make a comeback? I know there are rumors going around that he is back with his ex-girlfriend, but after seeing that hug and the way they rocked from side to side as they held each other, I think there might be something more than friendship going on!

Dear Taylena:
I wouldn't be surprised, since both of them have been lacking in the high-profile relaysh department for the last little while. I'd call the odds at 10:1 that they're linked by the end of the year."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Why is Taylor Lautner still single? Surely he can get any girl he wants, right? I know people are linking him with Selena Gomez, but I don't buy that one, they seem like brother and sister. Who do you think he should date? Also am I the only one who thinks he has a crush on Kristen Stewart?

Dear Lamenting Lautner:
Sure, he could get (nearly) any girl he wants, but he can't make it last. That's the boy's problem, which really isn't that big of a problem seeing as he's just that, a boy. As for his "crush" on K.Stew, trust, they are definitely more big sister, little bro than potential paramours."