Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bonus Blind Vice: Money Talks or Polly Walks

New from Ted today -

Bonus Blind Vice: Money Talks or Polly Walks

AMANDA SEYFRIED 24X36 COLOUR POSTER PRINTSeems like there's a diva on every movie set these days, huh? And we're not just talking big-budget flicks like Twilight, because some of these bossy babies are wreaking havoc on indie sets, too.
Meet Polly Luscious-Locks, one of H'woods hottest leading ladies and a real pain in the ass to deal with—in a number of capacities. Especially when it comes to matters of money, because P3 wants more, more, more. Like, now:
Polly is getting ready to shoot her newest film and the cute-as-a-button star is absolutely perfect for the role—which is why she knows she can get the studio to pony up a bigger paycheck to keep her happy.
But here's the prob:
Unlike Polly's other recent flicks—which have done fairly well at the box office and have definitely boosted her star name—there just isn't enough money in the budget to meet her greedy needs.
But sources super close to Luscious-Locks say she's bragging about how bitchy she's being and that she won't take no for an answer. So...Poll won't take no for an answer, so the studio is doing everything it can to scrounge up the cash—like ditching a Hollywood heavyweight that was supposed to appear in the movie for an actor they know will work for a much cheaper paycheck. And we do me much.
Ouch, not even our very own Pat Poisonpuss would pull this kind of stunt.
But it's not that kicked-aside dude we feel bad for—it's the film's director.
They've had to put up with their fair share of divas in the past and probably thought they were finally free of the drama. Uh, hardly!
Maybe it's a good thing the studio is keeping their lips zipped about Polly's part in this mess—so far.
Which totally works for Polly, because she's got an uppity image to protect. Not as adorable as you thought, not at all.
And It Ain't: Miley Cyrus, Dakota Fanning, Selena Gomez

Update 7/15/10 - Ted has also eliminated Emma Roberts, Anna Kendrick, Scarlett Johansson.

Current top suspect: Amanda Seyfried

Proven by timeline of dates Ted has said she was not a BV and later confirmed as a BV: Amanda Seyfried.


blurry vice said...

Judt from the AIAs I was thinking Demi Lovato, but I don't know if she is even working on a new film. Other than that, there aren't many clues, could fit a lot of actresses.

Brittany said...

Amanda Seyfried. There's not a lot of other young actresses on the rise who have opened their own movies. She has quite a few.

Anonymous said...

Amanda Seyfried is working on the movie The Girl with the Red Riding Hood, which is being directed by Catherine Hardwicke...the budget's only $40 million, and it's supposed to have Gary Oldman in it, who I would think of as a "Hollywood heavyweight"...but has he even been replaced? Does this count as an indie film?

Unknown said...

amanda seyfried or kristen bell? although it seems like they are both very nice/down to earth. maybe blake lively though! i think i read a blind before about her being bitchy and her hair is pretty talked about.

Unknown said...

or maybe kristen chenoweth? she fits the description, was a guest star on glee. And shes starring in a biographical film about dusty springfield for 2011 which has no info listed yet on imdb. maybe because of the issues with casting?

Violet said...

sounds like amanda seyfried, which makes me sad because there was a blind on CDAN a little while ago about some an actress helping a homeless person and everyone thought it was amanda.

FrenchGirl said...

I like Amanda Seyfield guess even if she's older than eliminated girls

Caz1310 said...

Girls I like the Amanda guess too (nice work!). Demi Lovato is not a star - have you seen Camp Rock & Sonny With a Chance? I have an 8-yr old daughter and have had the misfortune to see both shows - they're dreadful, Demi's dreadful and her star won't be rising beyond
"gifted" Disney offerings anytime soon. Isn't Blake Lively's BV linked to Harvey W/Georgina Chapman and the casting couch? Ooh what about Leighton Meester - is she due to appear in anything new? (going down the uppity path- her character Blair on GG?)

Anonymous said...

What about Emma Roberts for this one? She has an upcoming movie that, according to IMDB, features Ed Harris, who was cast after Liam Neeson dropped out due to "scheduling conflicts."

Kate16 said...

But Emma's career to date hasn't been super successful.
Carey Mulligan is in pre-production for My Fair Lady and she has had a strong career. But her hair isn't long.
Leighton Meester is filming a movie called Monte Carlo at the moment with Selena Gomez that was supposed to have Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman in it.

Kate16 said...

What about Abigail Breslin?
She's only 14 but she's super cute and has been in quite a few big budget films and has been oscar nominated.
She's filiming a movie called Vengeance with Samuel L Jackson and Heather Graham. Heather Graham was supposed to be Maria Bello or Uma Thurman. I think Uma would demand more than the mostly out of work Heather.
"Luscious Locks" is throwing me though. It could be Leighton - she's selling a shampoo brand at the moment. I think it might be sunsilk.

Anonymous said...

Ted didn't say her movies were super successful. He said they were fairly successful. And he refers to the "Hollywood heavyweight" as a dude so it couldn't be Heather Graham.

Kate16 said...

You're right.
Then definitely Amanda and the director bit is Catherine Hardwicke has had to deal with the Twilight cast who've basically all been BV's. I still don't think it's Emma - Hotel for Dogs and Nancy Drew? She's not commanding much pulling power yet.

Unknown said...

Zooey Deschanel? She's an adorable indie star...

Unknown said...

catherine hardwicke is supposed to be directing that little red riding hood with amanda seyfried. but i dont think its an indie, i think its supposed to be a big 3d movie. i still think kristen chenoweth fits as well as amanda though. Otherwise, brett ratner directed the movie money talks so maybe he is the director being referenced?

Kimstyle said...

Amanda... It's the hair thing....

Mikayla Marie said...

I like the Amanda guess. I read something about her only the other day saying she insulted Leo Dicaprio by saying he should be her father in the movie. She's also working on A Woman of No Importance w/ Sean Bean which from a quick glance at IMDB reveals to have some production delays.

Kate16 said...

Isn't Kristen Chenoweth (as cute as a button but) over 40? The AIA's are all using fake ID's to get into nightclubs.

blurry vice said...

I like the Amanda Seyfried guess too.

Sue T. said...

This line makes me think it's a female director: "They've had to put up with their fair share of divas in the past and probably thought they were finally free of the drama." Note the "they've" instead of "he's." There are still relatively few female directors, so I don't think Ted would have tried to conceal the director's gender if it was not a woman.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Is Polly Luscious-Locks Emma Roberts? Am I close?

Dear Diva Patrol:
Sorry, babe. Solid guess, but Polly has a few more low-budget flicks under her belt than Emma. Plus, with the company she keeps, Emma has other things to worry about than her paycheck."

FrenchGirl said...

Seyfield didn't insult Dicaprio:she asked him to act her father in the movie and he said her he doesn't act more the lead in romantic movies so she answered him she didn't ask to be the lead but to be her father

Kate16 said...

Amanda's done a lot of TV work, but I'm not so sure about a lot of low budget flicks...

Anonymous said...

LOL. I'm late on this! Amanda Seyfried! Amanda Seyfried! AMANDA SEYFRIED!!! LMAO! Which is the current top guess anyway, haha, but I knew it was her the second I read it.

Anonymous said...

"Amanda's done a lot of TV work, but I'm not so sure about a lot of low budget flicks..."

@Kate16 I think she has a couple, not a ton, but a couple. =]

hw said...

It is totally Amanda Seyfried. I just saw her on the cover of "Instyle's" special hair edition. Hence the "lucious-locks" monkier. Its gotta be her. Her movies have not been big budget and I have seen "The Girl With the Red Riding Hood" refrenced to as an indie flick.

I am getting addicted to this blind vice thing. Love it!!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I was watching The Office the other day and I was wondering if any of those stars are a B.V., and also, is Polly Luscious-Locks Anna Kendrick? It seems so!
—Mary Jo

Dear Vice Duty:
Of course, M.J., but as for Poll, sorry to say nope. Anna has graced the tabloid covers far less than our Luscious-Locks."

bdallas said...

It's not Amanda Seyfried. Red Riding Hood is about to start filming, but here are two reasons why it isn't her:
1. Red Riding Hood is a Warner Brothers film, not an indie.
2. There have been no cast changes on Red Riding Hood.

Tara said...

Ok, everyone has made a good argument for Polly being Amanda Seyfried. As bdallas said, Red Riding Hood is a WB film. I have two possible alternative suggestions. My vote is still for AS, but something has been nagging me today! I love to play devil's advocate--it's in my blood.

If we are all willing to entertain said movie as the one in the BV, I would think it would be reasonable to nominate Scarlett Johansson as a runner up for PLL. She is starring in the ensemble The Avengers. Yes this is a big studio film. But with so many stars, the budget could be tight. Scar Jo is an indie whore (ie Woody Allen's muse), she is known for being beautiful, and there was turmoil on the set of Iron Man with Gwyneth (debatable as to who was responsible for that). And, it was reported today that Ed Norton will be replaced as the Hulk in the film. He is definitely a Hwood heavyweight. They since have "reportedly" already offered the role to Joaquin Phoenix, someone willing to take a huge paycut due to him being portrayed as craycray in the last year or two, with a rumored drug problem and psychosis in general. Thoughts??

Second, as I said, I do still think PLL is very likely AS. But I think the film in question would be A Woman of No Importance, and the heavyweight would be Annette Bening, who was rumored to make an appearance but is not attached according to IMDB. Aaaack! But just realized Ted says "dude"......I have now confused myself.

bdallas said...

A Women of No Importance has had it's financing fall apart more than once, the last time being late last year. It was scheduled to begin filming this January, but it's financing dried up, along with that of quite a few indie movies. The lack of any production money has nothing to do with Seyfried, or with any other cast member. As far as Annette Bening being the heavyweight, she was almost on the A list before she became a baby factory for Warren Beatty, but she has been a character actress since.

A Woman of No Importance is dead, and has been for at least half a year. PLL is not Amanda Seyfried, so keep guessing.

Tara said...

Thanks for the info on AWOI, I went from IMDB info. Don't know how long you have been around here, but even though we are totally open to considering everyone's personal opinion or stance, we try to keep it respectful and less harsh. Instead of attempting to definitively squash all current ideas, I'd like much more to challenge you to finding some alternative suggestions for PLL. Many are willing to entertain and debate/play devil's advocate with everyone's ideas, but this is all in fun.

bdallas said...

If you're going to use process of elimination, then you have to definitively quash all current ideas that don't fit all of the clues, though I only pointed out that Seyfried isn't the answer. I see nothing harsh or disrespectful about any of my posts, unless you consider it to be harsh to not use LOL or a smiley in posts.

As far as guessing, I can only tell you it isn't Seyfried, even if this is a studio movie, due to the lack of cast changes on RRH. To make a guess at PLL would require me to get a list of all movies about to film, then analyze them for young actresses matching the minimal clues provided. I'm not going to devote that kind of time to a guessing game. At any rate, Ted is probably full of it since this thread is a month old and he hasn't revealed the answer.

Tara said...

Sorry if I misread your tone, it just seemed, in saying "It's NOT her, so keep guessing" put the definitive "WRONG!!" tone to it, and as we know from dealing with Ted and his blinds, anything is possible, and that is what makes this site so much fun. The Red Riding Hood film is listed on a popular indie movie site, and the director is Catherine Hardwicke which would explain his gender ambiguity for the director in the blind and hint to prior on-set drama for her. So though to you it doesn't match up, some are willing to take the clues that do fit and let what doesn't slide. I don't need emoticons and LOLs! I do appreciate your explanation, however.

In related news, he eliminated ScarJo today so my alternate theory has been put to sleep. Just to keep another name in there, and because everyone does not agree with Amanda Seyfried, can we make Natalie Portman work for this one? I hear she is NOT the sweet girl everyone seems to think she is, and is actually quite nasty. She also has a few indie films on her resume. I will go see what I can scrounge up on the chick. Anyone care to put their two cents in on NP for PLL?

Tara said...

IMDB lists Pride and Prejudice and Zombies as a film for Natalie Portman in Pre-Production. No one else is confirmed to be attached to this movie, which is odd considering NP is on board (since December of last year) and the book was a sleeper hit. I would say a movie with this title can certainly be considered indie. The author of the book that is being adapted states in an interview with CNN that Natalie is the perfect actress for this role:


blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I just can't help but wonder, is Scarlett Johansson Polly Luscious-Locks? She's an indie chick and had problems on the set with Gwyneth Paltrow in Iron Man 2. After yesterday's news about Ed Norton being replaced as the Hulk, my ears perked up, and I wasn't buying what the studio was selling!

Dear Mean Money:
Nice detective work, El, but ScarJo isn't our money-hungry minx. Ed's departure from The Avengers is way more public than the action going on with Polly—and the studio wants to keep it that way."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Most gossip columns deal with sex, drugs or bad behavior in Tinseltown. How come we never hear any dirt on the financial front? There has got to be a load of gossip when it comes to money and Hollywood. Would love to hear a few of those! Would you oblige?
—Finance Guru

Dear Money Matters:
You mean the kind of greedy paycheck scheming that Polly Luscious-Locks does?"

Tara said...

I saw this article on IMDB today and it made me think of PLL. Anyone interested in entertaining the idea of Rachel McAdams as Polly? Seems Ben Affleck is replacing Christian Bale in this untitled movie below. Ben hasn't had a hit in a while, meaning he would probably take a big paycut for the right opportunity.


blurry vice said...

Just putting Blake Lively out there cause Ted keeps repeatedly saying how fabulous her hair is.

"Dear Ted:
Regarding Blake Lively and Vogue. I totally agree with you that she had way too much covers. But...she is perfect if you want to play Blake Barbie. And don't think for one minute that it doesn't have anything to do with the role she's playing in Gossip Girl. Her character is the one that is least ridiculed, most positive and perfect for targeting young audiences. Her personality is one of a window shop mannequin, perfect to hang cloths on her. As far as Victoria Beckham is concerned I think she has to wait a little longer for her cover. She just started to lose her window shop mannequin personality. Although she supports celebrities as fashion icons. I guess Anna Wintour has different "fashion" standards.

Dear Fashion Smashion:
Blake has great fashion thanks to the amazing stylist team on Gossip Girl. Everyone forgets that half the time we see Blake in pap shots it's friggin' Serena. Anna just likes to be worshiped, and that Lively does. But die for her hair."

Unknown said...

With the random hair mentions, Ted seems to be pointing at Lively. Interesting... I guess Anna is schooling her well in how to be cut-throat.

Sweeney Family said...

I'm pretty sure that Natalie Portman was confirmed for a blind vice already and isn't it suspected to have to do to with liking rap? Just off the top of my head...

As far as Amanda Seyfried is concerned, I have met her and was not very impressed with her attitude. She was dating a guy who went to my high school and she flew into my prom. It's a small town Wisconsin prom so not very exciting and she spent the entire time talking about how bored she was and how lame the Prom was. I mean come on, it's Wisconsin. And this was before her Mean Girls fame. She appeared to have a very big opinion of herself and the best part was that nobody even cared who she was or that she was on TV!!

blurry vice said...

To the reader who mentioned Rachel McAdams - could be.

blurry vice said...

NOT Natalie Portman, she is already a BV.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
My greyhound Murph and I were wondering if Ryan Phillippe and Amanda Seyfried are still a couple? I haven't heard anything new since those pictures of them

at a Halloween party and her hiding herself in his car surfaced. Also, was Amanda one of the Vicers on the Red Riding Hood set in Vancouver, earlier this

year? If so, was she a big Vicer or a little Vicer?
—Murph and Liz

Dear Wrong Hood:
I know all about the post-costume-party cuddle sesh or whatever it was, but it doesn't seem to be a long-term thing. Celebs can have random hook ups too,

can't they? Either way, it's about time A. got into the sexier Vices. Hers just seems so boring in comparison."

blurry vice said...

We now have a timeline that Amanda Seyfried was not a BV and then confirmed as one. June 3 201o was NOT. Dec 4 2010 YES.

Spie or anyone care to do a timeline?

The Spie said...

Whatever Blurry wants, Blurry gets.

Amanda Seyfried was said by Ted to not be a BV on June 3rd, 2010. Ted stated that she was a BV on December 4th, 2010. Therefore, we'll do the usual process of elimination stuff on her and see what fits. As usual, I'll eliminate all male blinds and all female blinds introduced prior to this period (viz. Shafterella and Cruella).

This is going to be a tough one. I'm not as familiar with Seyfried as with our other eliminations. Obviously, I'm not part of the target audience for Mean Girls, I definitely didn't see Mamma Mia, and I don't have HBO so I don't watch Big Love. But given that it's only a five-month period, this should still be pretty easy.

Polly Luscious-Locks: Seyfried is a top suspect for this one. She was filming Red Riding Hood at the time and prepping for Now; she's considered to be perfect for both roles. Move this one to the top of the board.

Valryie Tress-Trap: Plays in a vampire-related piece. Not Seyfried.

Jerry Menage-a-No: Involved in a long-term lesbian relationship. Has been mentioned in tabloids as being a possible lesbian. Seyfried has never had that kind of goss about her. Not Seyfried.

Strippa Rip-Ya: Married to Caesar Anchovy-Arse. Not Seyfried.

Bernadine Couch-Butt: Seyfried isn't currently working on a film that fits the criteria that Ted has listed (blockbuster and sequel). Not Seyfried.

Bertha Rose: Has received an Oscar nomination. Not Seyfried.

Meribeth Bush: AIAed. Not Seyfried.

Lorin Sniffle-Puss: Part of an ensemble cast. Big Love isn't really an ensemble show per se. The AIAs point to Glee or Gossip Girl as the ensemble show. Can't do a full-blown Not Seyfried, but we're talking less than 5% here.

Chiquita: "uber-hit TV show" points to something on a network or basic cable moreso than an HBO show, even something as critically-acclaimed as Big Love. Chiquita's ex is also on this show; Seyfried has been dating Dominic Cooper since the Mamma Mia filming. I'm going to say Not Seyfried.

She-Devil Dees: Has been involved with Jerry Rock-Butt, whom we all know is Justin Timberlake. No connection exists between Seyfried and Timberlake that I know of. She's also dated Hornius Thighs, while Seyfried's remained with Cooper. Not Seyfried.

Lucretia Johnson: Seyfried's never had pregnancy rumors. Her fame is also more recent than the 90s and early 2000s. Not Seyfried.

Veronica Bee-Stings: Seyfried doesn't look like she's had a tit job, and she's well-regarded as a performer, which Veronica isn't. Not Seyfried.

That pretty much settles it. Unless you can give me some Advocatus Diaboli action on Lorin Sniffle-Puss, I'll go and file this in the Solved column.

Amanda Seyfried is Polly Luscious-Locks.

The Spie said...

In case the proof vanishes from Blogger for no reason, I'll just restate it in short form: Amanda Seyfried is Polly Luscious-Locks. The only other possible candidate is Lorin Sniffle-Puss, and that's going to require a lot of justification.

Apologies if the proof stays up, but Belt and Suspenders, you know. A Solved Proof is worth the extra care.

blurry vice said...

Thanks Spie!

PrincessTiff said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
PrincessTiff said...

I know I'm late to the show and it's pretty much been proven, but when I heard "lovely locks" I thought of Goldilocksk, whose story takes place in the woods, same as Red Riding Hood. Just another little something to point to Amanda Seyfried.

blurry vice said...


blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I must know, is Debbie Doobie Amanda Seyfried? This might explain her recent behavior at Comic-Con. Maybe our girl just needs some sleep!

Dear Lit Up:
I think there's a different explanation for her dubious behavior (one far more obvious and not at all drug related), but she isn't our Deb. Amanda's got a

Blind Vice all right, though. It just isn't as illegal as DD's. Any guesses as to which par-tick moniker Amanda belongs?"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
A while back Amanda Seyfried was dating Ryan Phillippe. I kept thinking she doesn't look all bubbly and happy anymore. Then I saw part of an interview at

Comic-Con, and she still didn't remind me of the old Amanda I adore so much. Is something going on or is she just making weird faces?

Dear Sey It Ain't So:
Mandy has definitely changed since her Mean Girls days, but that's not uncommon for H'wood hotties making it on the big screen (and in the tabloids!). That

said, her Vice isn't a new one so she hasn't changed all that much, doll. Whatever, still heart the babe and have my fingers crossed that she'll call up

fellow blondie Alexander SkarsgÄrd to rekindle their one-time romance."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
You've gotta help me out here because I'm sporting some serious hatred for Amanda Seyfried. I just saw a picture of this girl at some frou-frou event and

holy moses she just keeps getting more amazing looking. I mean, she looks like a freaking fairy princess right now, and my jealousy is reaching a boiling

point. So tell me, please, that she has some naughty, juicy Vice that'll bring her down a notch and soothe my ego.
—Green-Eyed Monsterpuss

Dear Ego Stroke:
Dry your eyes and cool your jets, cutie, ‘cause Amanda most definitely has a Vice. And it's a not-so-nice one to boot, so that should make you feel extra

warm and fuzzy. Funny enough, it would have been the perfect companion Vice to costar Justin Timberlake's. So crazy these two never canoodled! "