Thursday, November 15, 2007

Panache Report - 11/13 Blind Items

From Panache Report -

MYRA wrote:This former NBA player is still on the hunt to satisfy his
downlow urges. Although he has been married and been spotted flirting with
Playmates at the mansion, his downlow compulsions have become to strong to
ignore.Rewind:We reported last year that he made a sexual advance towards one of the most handsome black actors on the planet and was rebuffed.Now, we're
hearing, he's was after another black actor (TV), who is similar in statue
(tall) and complexion as the first black actor. Again, he was rejected. His ego
was severely bruised but he has found comfort in the internet.He loves to
patronize black gay homo sites and male escort sites. A few years ago, a white
singer was accused of having offline encounters with men from a gay site. You
can now add our former sports star in the same category.It's rumored that he is
now paying male escorts (incall) on a regular basis.


MYRA wrote:Despite fame and success, a lot of celebrities are lonely. A
black female superstar once told me-after she performed each evening in front of
screaming fans, the only thing awaiting her after the show was a empty hotel
room.Marilyn Monroe was so lonely, she was known to call local DJ's just to have
someone to talk to in the evenings. Over the last several years, females in
sports have exploded and a few have reached superstar status.This particular
black female athlete was recently overheard at a a chi-chi Hollywood restaurant
on her cell phone, begging a man to let her come over for the evening.It got so
bad, she began pleading with him.A few minutes later, she started screaming at
him, then she reverted to begging him again.Then she slammed the phone shut and
flung it across the room and stormed out of the restaurant.Diners were left to
wonder, why would a woman with her fame, money and talent have to beg anyone for attention? Who is she?

My guesses -
  • #1 - Dennis Rodman hitting on Will Smith, Isaiah Washington. We know the white singer is Clay Aiken. Thoughts?
  • #2 - Venus or Serena Williams. Or one of the WNBA payers... ???... not as familiar with names.

Guesses welcome!!!