Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Crazy Days and Nights - 11/14

Here is the latest blind item from the entertainment lawyer -

Another one from the road. This unrelated lead singer of a rocking family group, went on what he called the VD Tour. About two nights before he went on a world tour, this singer came down with a case of gonorrhea. Instead of getting it taken care of with a shot, he decided to spread the love of VD on the tour. Throughout the entire tour, he would only be with women who would have unprotected sex with him, and therefore have a very strong chance of catching the clap. He would try and spread it to two or three women a night, and by the time the tour wrapped he was convinced he had spread it to at least 200 women directly. He then went home, and got a shot. It is not surprising given these facts, that this STD is not the only STD our rocker currently has. He still never practices safe sex though with groupies. He will with girlfriends, just not women he meets on the road.
GROSS! What a pig!!! An unrelated singer of rocking family group... Van Halen? Who is singing with them these days, Sammy Hagar or David Lee Roth? What are some other family rock groups??


duffgrl said...

could be DLR- he was their singer in their late-summer tour. Check out this june page six piece:

blurry vice said...

ew, it's totally him.