Friday, November 23, 2007

Austin Nichols in Awful Truth

Ted Casablanca has made a list of things he is thankful for this year in the latest Awful Truth. Another small hint about Toothy Tile/Jake Gyllenhaal's boyfriend Austin Nichols among Ted's list...

Gossip: How else would we have the chance to gab, surreptitiously as it’s going down, ‘bout off-limit topics such as Laura’s abandoning of Dubya; or Austin Nichols’ romantic challenges; or Ellen DeGeneresreal have-it-both-ways dynamic in her life with the very va-va-voomin' Portia de Rossi, a gal who should found the Girlfriends Guild of America, she’s so expert in her endeavors, both domestic and otherwise? Anne Heche in’t got nothin’ on this Aussie broad.

Also, I like this John Travolta blurb...

  • John Travolta: Drag has never looked so unconvincing on anybody in the history of entertainment (and, trust, with Gywneth Paltrow, that’s saying a lot). But doll-cookie, you play the fine line between real-life faux frolicking and make-believe like nobody’s business. Jake Gyllenhaal could learn a thang or two from you. Now, who’s next on your man-to-man smooch list? Fellow Scientology chum Tom Cruise? Oh, do it, boyfriend! Do you realize the photography hall of fame annals you’d achieve with that one? It’d beat T.C.’s couch-jumping hijinks, no prob.