Monday, November 19, 2007

NY Post Blind Item 11/19/07

NY Post Page Six - Just Asking:

November 19, 2007 -- WHICH leading man has aged a bit since his last major starring role - and so, in an effort to freshen up, got a dye job and an eye lift? Studio execs on the sure-to-be-blockbuster movie he's in are relieved.

I am thinking Brad Pitt. He is getting older now and doesn't have as many women fans since he ditched America's sweetheart Jennifer Aniston for skeletor Angelina Jolie. I could totally see his studio execs being worried that he wasn't looking good anymore and needed a makeover. Who else? Nicholas Cage is NOT growing old gracefully in my opinion. And I know Robert Redford is looking very wrinkly these days but that is nothing new. And we all know that Sylvester Stallone has had an eye lift (hello!)... any other guesses?


duffgrl said...

I don't think it's Brad Pitt-he doesn't look gray(still looks pretty good) and he doesn't have a blockbuster coming out.. i think it's either:
Harrison Ford...def. looks gray,haggard(sorry,Harrison) and has the new Indiana Jones movie coming out...or-
Tom Hanks. has that movie "Charlie Wilson's war" coming out...but my bet is on H.F. b/c his movie would be considered blockbuster and it's filming now...

Anonymous said...

Who are you kidding? Brad has more female fans than ever since he dumped Maniston. Oh and the man is still hot.