Thursday, November 15, 2007 - Blind Items this week

From on 11/14-

Love is Blind. We are not. Project Runway Scandal!
WHICH contestant of the upcoming season is a sore loser? When they got auf'ed off the runway, they threw a gigantic fit in front of Heidi, Michael, and Nina, then stormed off the set screaming swears. It took producers hours to find the contestant so they could finish filming the episode!
I don't watch this show but know others do (momo). Guess away!

Also this one on 11/13 -
Love is Blind. We are not. Models and Rock Stars
WHICH aggressively educated model has a crush on a tattooed pop rocker? She's tried to arrange a play date with the guitar-slinging cutie for several times, but he's declined to give out his digits.
Hmm... I know Cindy Crawford is aggressively educated but she's married. I don't know models well enough to know this. As for the pop rocker, maybe Adam Levine? Please comment if you have a guess!


duffgrl said...

I thought this one was Lydia Hearst and Cisco Adler -but they definitely have dated, so the not-giving his digits thing wouldn't make sense.