Thursday, November 22, 2007

NY Post Page Six- Just Asking: 11.22.07

From Page Six today:

November 22, 2007 -- WHICH secret relationship between two editors at an online blog empire almost became public when the woman editor wrote unflatteringly about her hookup with an unnamed, but identifiable male editor on her own Web site? Her short-lived sex partner responded by posting a video of himself simulating sex with a dead fish - a commentary on her lack of animation in bed . . . WHICH single singer/songwriter has a dirty habit of picking up women when he's wasted? He's been spotted stumbling around downtown luring harlots back to his pad.

The first one: not sure but I'm thinking Gawker....
I think the second one is John Mayer. He has been trolling around NYC hotspots ALOT recently-he was just out Butter this week!
the only other person I've heard this about....
James Blunt?


blurry vice said...

I like James Blunt for this. John Mayer I could see for this but he is dating someone named Minka right now, so if this is recent I am going with James Blunt.