Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Crazy Days and Nights Blind Item 11/19

From Crazy Days and Nights -
This B list film actress and her rocker boyfriend have been on and off and on and off. Rumor had it that he broke up with her because he thought she was an annoying twit. As real as that impression may be, it seems that he gave our little actress the gift that keeps on giving. You know that gift that only seems to get better with Valtrex. I heard that she freaked the fuck out. Like freaking out as in I actually typed out fuck. Freaking out as in homicidal rage freaking out. Freaking out as in she checked into a "rest home" for a few days. After concluding that her life was not going to end, she checked out, but you REALLY don't want to mention his name in front of her, and if any woman reading this has ever wanted a lesson on how to get vengeance, you need to get in touch with our actress. It's not Lorena Bobbitt vengeance, but it is really close.
Hmmm... I have a few people in mind for this one.
  • Denise Richards (ex Richie Sambora) - could see being an "annoying twit"
  • Pam Anderson (ex Kid Rock OR Tommy Lee) - but she already has Hep C so would another STD be a big deal to her?
  • Mischa Barton (ex Cisco Adler) - that guy is naaasty!
  • Drew Barrymore (ex Fabrizio Morretti) - but she is A list not B in my opinion.
  • Jessica Simpson (ex John Mayer) - fits with the annoying twit also
Who else???


duffgrl said...

Pam is married now to that sleeze Rick Salomon.
Denise and Richie were never really on/again/offagain and they broke up a while ago.
Drew and her guy broke up a while ago.
Mischa is a TV actress-don't think it's her.
Could be Jessica but I don't see her as even being termed a film actress. If she was,she'd be c-list or lower.
Winona R????? She's dating a guy from Rilo Kiley.
I'll try to think of more possibilities....

toile and desire said...

hep c is not an std.

blurry vice said...

I did not say that Hep C was an STD. My real job is in the medical profession, so don't worry, I know exactly what Hep C is. This item was from well over a year ago but I beleive what I was trying to say was, that she already has a disease that one gets from IV drug abuse (sharing needles), sexual contact, tattoos, or blood transfusions. Is this clear enough for you?