Sunday, November 25, 2007

NY Post - Page Six - 11/25

New blind items for Sunday, from NY Post Page Six "Just Asking"...

WHICH Latina pop star's boyfriend is said to have quickly approached a photo agency to buy up all the pictures of himself with an African-American hottie snapped at Tenjune? . . .
WHICH celebrity publicist was fired from her high-profile New York firm after a slew of bad press on her client was published? The flack told everyone she quit her company but in reality was given the ax.

For #1 I am guessing Shakira and boyfriend Antonio de la Rua. They have been rummored to be on the rocks lately. They are supposed to be engaged, but haven't tied the knot yet... she was spotted with Colin Farrell a while back but denied the rumors. I'm not sure who the hottie is though. We're not clearly told if this is a famous hottie or not.

#2 right away we think of Lindsay Lohan's rep quitting just hours before her DUI arrest.... but that was back in July. A more recent guess would be R. Kelly's former publicist Regina Daniels. It is rumored that he asked her to lie for him on the witmess stand in his child porn case. She said that there is a line she just won't cross, or something to that extent. I'm just not sure if she is NY based... if anyone knows please comment so we can solve this. Heather Mills' rep also quit recently but he is male.