Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Crazy Days and Nights 11/27

Today's blind items from Crazy Days and Nights -

#1 This actor is tough to classify. B list would be the best for film, but he may be A list for television. Anyway, it is going to be revealed soon, so you can debate after the fact how this funny actor should be classified. It seems our actor is starting to mature. Not old, just starting to see some wrinkles. One day our actor experimented with some makeup, and liked the way it looked. Now, our actor never starts his day without applying some makeup to try and give him that younger look. His only change is that he used to hug people, but when the first person got makeup on their shirt, he stopped.

#2 I don't remember if I told you this one or not. The singer who I say is pregnant. Her husband isn't so happy about it. Me thinks he thought his lovely betrothed was still using birth control.

#3 Seems as if this aging rocker's famous daughter has got herself into a little trouble. The partying, fairly new boyfriend has got the daughter doing the cocaine diet, with an addiction to meth thrown in. While her weight continues to drop, she will tell anyone who will listen that she is fine. Meanwhile, she isn't fine, and her hair is even starting to fall out, which is something this family never has.

My thoughts:

#1 - There are too many possibilities... Matthew Perry, Matthew Fox, Kevin James, and Jon Cryer come to mind as being A list TV but B list film. Also Jerry Seinfeld, Zach Braff? There are too many options.

#2 - I say this is Pink!!! Could also be Avril Lavigne or LeAnn Rimes. Maybe Madonna, Gwen Stefani ?? Amy Winehouse?! (let's hope not)

#3 - Kimberly Stewart is my guess. She has been spotted with Tommy Lee. Could also be Liv Tyler, Bianca Jagger, Alexa Joel ??


duffgrl said...

#1 I'm thinking Charlie Sheen.

#3 I agree Kim Stewart. my 1st guess.

sistah2 said...

#1 - Zach Braff? just saw his pic on Lainey and he's looking all made up.
#2 - gwen Stefani, heard rumor she is pregs.
dont know #3.

mo said...

#1 - I say David Spade. I always think it looks like he's wearing makeup and eyeliner! (It says they will reveal who this is so keep us posted!)

#2 - Pink, Gwen S., and Avril are all good guesses... not sure about that one.

#3 - I also agree, Kimberly Stewart.

blurry vice said...

I was going back to this one since Jessica Alba and Jaime Lynn Spears are now pregnant. But forget it, neither of them is married so they don't fit. I think it might have been Amy Winehouse because she was mentioned that day in his column, that she was seen entering a health clinic, which houses a variety of dcotors including an ON/GYN.. that may have been a hint.

blurry vice said...

Lily Allen is now pregnant. Boyfriend Ed Simons of the Chemical Brothers. They are note married so they don't technically fit but could be her.

jen said...

#3: Peaches Geldof. Her boyfriend's a freak, and she's lost about 45 lbs in record time and continues to waste away.