Thursday, November 8, 2007

NY Post - Just Asking 11/5/07

Monday's New York Post, Page Six "Just Asking" asked the following:

"WHICH struggling starlet is as obnoxious and stuck-up in real life as she is in her terrible teen flicks? She was rude and cruel to the staff and to a young fan during a free meal she chowed down at a high-end Midtown restaurant."

Hmm... terrible teen flicks? Obnoxious and stuck up? Struggling? I'm thinking Lindsay Lohan. Sure, this could be one of the High School Musical girls, Ashley Tisdale or Vanessa Hudgens. But those HSM movies were hits, weren't they? Terrible to some, yes. But I think this is someone who's movies have bombed and is having struggles in real life. Isn't Lindsay in Utah though, rehabbing it? I know she has been in CA recently.... If she has been in NYC recently, my guess is her. Otherwise, I'd pick Ashley Tisdale, who's character in HSM is the obnoxious one. Either way, not too exciting of a blind item!
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