Monday, February 11, 2008

NY POST Page Six 2/11/08

February 11, 2008 -- WHICH teenage TV cutie was sharing cocktails with her permissive mom at a fashion party in New York? The mom - who favors short shirts and wears her hair just like her daughter - needs to grow up
This is an obvious one-Hayden Panetierre. See page six's column from 2/1/08. Looks like Hayden's mom could be the new Dina Lohan-(AKA the Orange Oprah)


blurry vice said...

Oh no! Not another Li-Lo. What is the deal with Hayden dating a 30 year old anyway? I know Milo Ventimiglia is probably a good guy (he is a friend if a friend actually... so no badmouthing Milo here). But them being uncle and niece on TV kind of creeps me out.

Anonymous said...

Mamas Spears, Lohan and Pantyhair should be indicted for child abuse -- throw Kathy Hilton in there, too

duffgrl said...

Yes-Kathy H is gaining on the others after Barron's arrest