Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Vintage BV - Glistening Gunther, Sally Ridden

This one was great. I think everyone suspected the same person for this. See bottom...

One Four-Footed Blind Vice - April 2005

This is a good one. Sorry, no sex acts to speak of, but the big-star shenanigans you're about to read are orgasmic and de-lish in my baddie book.

Glistening Gunther, like Naughty Nina last week, happens to be one of my faves. He's a more than decent actor (quite unlike N2), but Gunther's personal life leaves much to be desired. Like his ability--or lack thereof--to seduce women.

Sally Ridden is as red hot as they come, career-wise. Man-wise, it's a diff story but not really the point of this Blind tale. So, G.G. is in one of his moods, which means he thinks he's actually straight for a day. He calls up S.R., asks for a date.

She declines. He calls again--at 3 in the ayem. Dude, not even straight guys get it at that hour, what the hell are you thinkin'? So,
Glistening then ups the anti-courting ante and sends, to Sally's latest movie set, exotic creatures she's supposed to get a kick out of feeding. Uh, Gunth, not really Sally's appetite--to say the least.

Sal was beside herself with being "creeped out," she told one of her closest girlfriends, who--thank heavens--saw fit to repeat it to moi.

Earth to G-squared: Quit the imitation-het stuff, it doesn't work. Women are not circus animals. And you're not Siegfried & Roy (yet).

And it ain't: Lucy Liu/Owen Wilson, Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt, Penelope Cruz/Matthew McConaughey

Also eliminated - Billy Bob Thornton,

Top guesses: Tom Cruise for Glistening Gunther, Jennifer Garner or Scarlett Johannson as Sally Ridden.


blurry vice said...

"I would love to say Glistening Gunther from One Four-Footed Blind Vice is Billy Bob Thornton, but there's almost too much of a been-there-done-that quality to that guess.
Deborah Hall Silvus
Mathews, Virginia

Dear Used User:
Wonder why? No, it's not the marrying hayseed, so your instinct was correct. (Guess more people should heed that gut stuff.)."

Unknown said...

Accidently left comment on different Scientology vice...

It's Tom Cruise. During his pursuit of a Scientology robo-bride (which we all know ending with Katie Holmes), Tom sent Jennifer Garner a BENGAL TIGER to play with, as it was her favorite animal. Siegfried and Roy reference, BAM!

blurry vice said...

YEah this was pretty much Tom Cruise and Jennifer GArner.

duffgrl said...

Right, famous story outed (almost) as TC and JG. There is also though- that famous story w/ TC also trying to woo Scarlett and she not only declined but backed out of MI-3. Wonder how many hollywood babes TC tried for.

crila16 said...

This can't be Scarlet, so it has to be Jen Garner. Scarlet actually went on a "date" with him and she said she was traumatized by it. He had her at the scientology church for 4 hours. She said it was never ending and she could get away from him fast enough. He was so pushy and kooky. That's why she ended up turning down the Mission Impossible 3 movie with him.

Unknown said...

def tom cruise and jen gardner. at this time, jen was working on elektra and her costume for it is like bright, bright red hence the "red hot" reference

Dorothy said...

did Ted just Not Jennifer Garner or is this old one too insignificant to count?

Dear Ted:
I know a lot of people are skeptical about their relationship, but I think Ben Affleck and Jen Garner are the cutest. If you look at pictures of them together, they look really happy and in love. I wonder if either one has any Vicey behavior?

Dear Bingo:
Him, yes; her, no.

Read more: http://www.eonline.com/news/the_awful_truth/weekend_mail_britney_spears_going_be/278254#ixzz1ffwwPeVp

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Wondering about some Vicey golden oldies: Glistening Gunther and Fey Oiled-Tush. Can you tell this gal (who once adopted a stay doggie my dad found and has

supported Save Our Strays) a little bit about them? A compare and contrast perhaps? What similarities and distinguishing differences do G.G. and FOT have?


Dear Easy:
Fey is richer, more famous and a hell of a lot more concerned than Gunth with keeping his homolicious secrets just that."

- Gotta love it! So I guess GG is not Tom Cruise as we thought. Tom is probably Fey Oiled Tush.

Any thoughts as new top suspect for Glistening Gunther?

Unknown said...

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