Sunday, December 27, 2009

Brittany Murphy's Blind Vice?

We here at Blind Items Exposed are a big fan of the movie Clueless. We will miss the talented actress Brittany Murphy. May she rest in peace.

After her recent death, Ted has revealed to us that she was indeed a Blind Vice in the past. However, it is not appropriate for him to reveal which one at this time. We can respect that. However, we wish to discuss here which one she may be, this particular thread to the topic.

Remember.... her reps had threatened to sue Ted years ago over the Jordache Junky BV. But Ted had said that Brittany was not Jordache Junky.

Please comment if you have any ideas and supporting arguments for such.


blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Was the adorable Brittany Murphy ever a Blind Vice? With all of the stars who have passed away this year, will you be posting a Blind Vice "In Memoriam"?

Dear Mystery Murph:
Yes, she was. It's sad to look back on which one she was, too (tho nothing exactly good comes out of being a B.V.). Shockingly, despite all the celeb deaths, not many of them were Vicers."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I was so sad to hear about Brittany Murphy's death. As some people have eluded to, it seemed she had her problems. Is it possible she was Emma Uh-Oh?

Dear Super Close:
But Brittany is not Emma. They look similar though."

blurry vice said...


June 1 2005

"Melba Toasted may know how to get a primo paycheck, but the poor brat just can't seem to get a friggin' break, nonetheless. Boo-hoo.

Ever since Melba's man, Devon Heaven, decided he wanted less wasted pastures (bedroom- and life-wise), Melba has simply been a wreck. I mean, what's a jilted princess to do? Start writing a column called "Dear Jennifer"? Doubt Melba's thought of anything so tacky--or common.

'Cause we got ourselves a royal weepy one here, fer sure. See, Devon's wrong, Toasted's agents are wrong, the bartender's wrong, everybody's effing up but Melba-doll. Hey, M., think about it for a sec: Ever wonder if maybe, just maybe, you and your nose-bleed baddie ways had something (even if just a tad) to do with why the more intimate members of your existence seem to be abandoning you right now?

Well, everybody except desperate relations (and percentage peeps), 'course.

Girlfriend P.S.: Oh, and the stalking you've been caught pulling on Devon and his new honey? Ain't pretty. You're just getting too old for tacky teenybopper bullcrap.

And it's not Drew Barrymore, Mischa Barton, Kirsten Dunst "

blurry vice said...

Someone brought up Gloria Good-hag. I am going to look for that one and post it ASAP.

Anonymous said...

I don't think she is Melba Toasted. Ted seems to imply that her BV is more related to her death ("it's sad to look back on which one she was.") So either drug or eating-disorder related?

Gemini850 said...

Melba Toasted. That is around the time that Ashton left her for Demi. She was tramtized over that to the point that I can see her stalking them.

AM said...

I'm a newspaper journalist in the UK and, for the industry standard qualifications, had to study and be examined on a boat-load of media law.

One of the many basic tenets that were beaten in to me was, greatly paraphrased, you can't defame a dead person. A defamation suit can only be brought against someone by the person defamed as the right not to be defamed is a purely personal one.

As BM's blind still can't be revealed, does that mean the law is different in the US? Under UK law it could be made public and, knowing papers like the Sun and Daily Express, would be...

...or am I just being a cynical-blind-item-craving-heartless-hack, and overlooking the fact that it could just be out of respect for the dead that it's not being revealed?

Anonymous said...

I commented on the thread for "Blind Vice: Two Coked-Out Movie Stars" that Slurina might be Brittany? It was from March of 2009. It fits her...formally a bit plumper and now very thin. Saw a pic of Brittany and before I even saw this vice thought that her legs were SO thin. Not sure about the movie reference in that vice but other details really fit.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Is there any chance Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake will ever get back together? What about Jessica Simpson and her ex...Nick something? One more question. Was the late Brittany Murphy Morgan Mayhem? Wishing you all the best for 2010!

Dear Three's a Crowd:
I'd die of happiness if Britney and Justin got back together. No chance on Jessica and Nick. And no, Brittany wasn't Morgan, but they were quite similar."

Gemini850 said...

Britney Murphy was Gloria Good-Hag. At the time she was playing the voice of Gloria in Happy Feet. Also Bill Bisexual sounds alot like Ashton Kutcher.

blurry vice said...

Another possibility:
Slurina Thigh-Disaster. Check our links.

classalpha said...

... the pseudonym "Gloria Good-Hag" doesn't jive syllable-ly w/ Britt's Name though.

Has anyone asked Ted C. a "loaded" question that would lead him into practically giving it away? ...e.g., "Was the Blind Vice about Britt involving the same "drug theme" as Gloria Good-Hag, Jordache Junky, Ferocious A.L. F.?" I'd ask him that because those BV's all involve "Heroin". Most of his other blinds like Morgan Mayhem relate to crack/coke/meth... which I doubt Britt was doing... at least not recently - those *drugs* certainly don't make a person "nod off" on the set...

If She was "Melba"... then that'd be a pretty weak BV... and it'd also be wrong, because Britt certainly got over Ashton, but She NEVER GOT OVER *"Em"*. She spent most of Her "career" having totally un-neccessary plastic surgeries done so She could somehow "win" *"Em"* back from Kim M. I think as well, that when *"Em"* went to rehab in 2005 and supposedly 'CLEAN'ed up *his* 'CLOSET' of *drugs*... I think Britt felt betrayed - Her "relationship" w/ *him* seemed to revolve around *drugs*... which was detailed by Jenn Watkins's book on *"Em"*. Also, although Britt was "Em"dlessly "Em"CESSED w/ *that cRapper*... She never once commented publicly on *his* getting sober - She always made gushy comments about *him* in the press - about *his* "looks" or *his* cRap "music" too. But She didn't 'SAY A WORD' re: *"Em's"* (albeit brief) "recovery" from *drug addiction*.

... ever since *"Em"* "cruelly dumped" Her on New Years Day 2002, She kept HerSelf *drugged up* on opiates... notably Vicoprofen, which was Her *drug* of choice around 2000/2001, and possibly as early as 1999, being She'd "appeared in" *his* 'Slim Sh_tty' cRap vid as "Monica Lewinksy" that year... and had Her initial *plastic sugeries* about that same time...

... police detectives discovered Vicoprofen AND Hydrocodone pills among several others in Her house after She Passed. She'd clearly been taking Vicoprofen for a long time (at least a few years... which is dangerous because Vicprofen is meant to used in the short term - weeks to a few months). So She may have built up a tolerance to it... which likely destroyed Her liver and other of Her Internal Organs in the process. She was obviously still in pain still from all Her *plastic surgeries*... so She turned to *Heroin* instead.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
With Brittany Murphy's husband dying, although it's a sensitive time, don't you think its time to reveal her Blind Vice? I feel like, unless it airs just her dirty laundry, maybe it is time to do her some justice from this "monster" she was married to?

Dear Hello?:
Brittany's Vice has zero to do with who she regretfully married."

Anonymous said...

I think Melba Toasted (and Eminem = Devon Heaven).

To Anon (Dec 29): the BV talks about Melba's "nose-bleed baddie ways" - surely that is implying something drug-related, and not e.g. nude sky-diving..?

blurry vice said...


"Dear Ted:
Hope all is well with you! Sitting here with my rescue Beagle, Sadie, she's also a huge fan! We were wondering if you would reveal or give any clues as to what Brittany Murphy's moniker was. It's been years, so it's not that delicate a topic anymore. Paws crossed!
—Tracy & Sadie

Dear Sadie's Mom:
I will tell you this, Trace, Brittany was not Jordache Junky, as many, many people commonly thought."