Thursday, September 18, 2008

Shout-out from Ted Casablanca in Awful Truth!

Yea Ted loves us!

Dear Ted:
We get it, Jen Garner sucks. Onto more important things...Toothy Tile! Could you please run down the "And it's not..." list for me. After all this time, I am getting hazy on the Un-Toothy Tiles. My guess for T2...Matthew Broderick.
—Jen, Iowa

Dear Too Much Toothy:
Toothy's much sneakier than lame-ass Broderick. As for the list, check out the Internet. I do believe someone out there's been keeping track.

That's us woohoooo!


Anonymous said...

Y'all missed posting where Ted cast out Matthew McConaughy as Toothy Tile, too. That doesn't leave anyone else by Jake Gyllenhaal, does it?

blurry vice said...

No we didn't miss that. He eliminated him two weeks ago before he eliminated him the other day. We updated that in our master eliminations thread as well as in a comment on the post recent Toothy BV post.

Anonymous said...

Rock on, girls!

mo said...

It would've been great if he added a link to our site! Ha! That was a great response from him anyway. We love ya, Ted!

Anonymous said...

i think

blurry vice said...

You love posting a link to your site here don't you? Why don't you email me back about a propler link exchange? BTW, does not compile a total list like we do. They post the elimination letters. Not one big list.