Monday, September 22, 2008

Page Six - 9.22.08

September 22, 2008 --
WHICH reality-TV judge was absent from two of her top-rated shows because she had a bad reaction to Botox? Spies said the fashionista's face "swelled up like a cauliflower". . . WHICH stunning TV actress can't stand the Hollywood starlet who's guest-starring on her show? The series' main character "is furious" at her co-star, who always shows up late and has friends hanging around the set . . . WHICH new Hollywood mommy is so worried her husband will cheat on her that she insisted their housekeeper/nanny be a lesbian?


duffgrl said...

Not sure on #3 yet but- my guess for #1 is Nina Garcia and #2 is either Lindsay Lohan on "Ugly Betty" or Mary-Kate Olsen on "Samantha Who".

duffgrl said...

#3 Jessica Alba?

Anonymous said...

Number 2 isn't so blind. There are other stories today around the gossip pages which name America Ferrera as being mad about Lindsay Lohan's antics on set at Ugly Betty.
I think Nina Garcia and Jessica Alba are great guesses for numbers 1 and 3, as well.

Anonymous said...

But would America Ferrara be considered a stunning actress? Christina Applegate/that Olsen thing seems more likely.

Anonymous said...

1-Sharon Osborne...luvs cosmetic procedures and has two shows, doesn't she?

2-I think "stunning" is the clue for Ugly Betty...esp after reading Lainey...

3- Nicole Kidman...she strikes me as being that insecure

blurry vice said...

yay duffgrl is posting NY Post again!

I think #1 - Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks, or Naomi Campbell?

#2 - Rebecca Rojmin or America Ferrara about LL

#3 - Nicole Kidman, or Tori Spelling?

Anonymous said...

#2 could be Vanessa Williams.

mo said...

#1 is definitely meant to be Nina Garcia. I watch Project Runway and she was missing two weeks in a row. She just returned on last week's episode.

#2 - Probably America Ferrara about LL on Ugly Betty. I also read about Jennifer Aniston guest-starring on 30 Rock, but I doubt it's about them.

#3 - Jessica Alba and Nicole Kidman are both great guesses.

Baited Breath said...

Paula Abdul
America Ferrar Lindsey Lohan
Angelina Jolie