Monday, March 3, 2008

Lainey - Boys are B*#&%es too!


Boys are Bitches too!
And not just the gay ones.

He is happily attached but his entire persona pre-commitment was based on the fact that he was just a dude. An immature funloving dude. An un-Hollywood dude who routinely pointed out the Hollywood hypocrisy of many other Hollywood dudes and douchebags.

Now he’s a big star in an A List relationship. Which of course gives him the right to act like a self important little big twat. But how f&cking spiritual is this?

Photo shoot this weekend for a gadget company he endorses. He too pulls out the primadonna moves:

Shows up 3 hours late. And again – don’t look at me, don’t talk to me, don’t even sneeze in my direction, and yes… it was made clear that he preferred to be alone with the photographer between frames, necessitating a run and gun scramble from the crew, meaning the photographer would have to holler for help in a different room every time an adjustment needed to be made.

Can you imagine? Can you imagine verbalising that order? Don’t look at me and don’t talk to me? When did that become ok?

Word is this is not unusual. It’s actually standard procedure where he’s concerned. On another occasion, he was particularly demanding when it came to his favourite tea, steeped for exactly 6 minutes, always needs to be piping hot even if he doesn’t touch it, can’t be microwaved, and he doesn’t like boiled tap water either. He wanted boiled bottled water. A special brand.
It never, ever stops. And it’s even worse when he’s with her. Apparently her makeup brushes have to be cleaned in special water too.

Update 3/5/08 - Lainey has eliminated Matthew McConaughey, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Brady, Justin Timberlake, Jake Gyllenhaal.
Guess in comments!

* Suspected: Ashton Kutcher


blurry vice said...

Well, Ashton Kutcher fits with the first paragraph. And the "spiritual" comment. I could also see Demi Moore fitting the makeup brush cleaned with bottled water thing.
But does Ashton endorse a gadget company? Maybe overseas in Japan like Brad Pitt does? I know Drew Barrymore's BF Justin Long is in some Apple commercials. Could be him.

duffgrl said...

before I read your comment the first person who popped into my head was Justin Long...then when I read your Ashton guess I remembered that I read something about him being involoved in something tech-looked it up and it is some phone/broadband thing called Ooma. Definitely Ashton!

Melissa said...

I still kind of think it's Justin Long - the next entry is about Drew and she is kind of "spritual" in her hippy kind of way.

Still, Ashton and Demi fit - does she need to clean her brushes in Kaballah water?

duffgrl said...

I really don't think it's Drew/Justin. Drew B. is apparently supposed to be extremely nice to crew etc. in just about everything I've ever read about her. Justin L. is in Apple commercials, which is a huge brand, not a gadget. Ashton fits the "routinely pointed out the Hollywood hypocrisy of many Hollywood dudes and douchebags" ie: "Punk'd"...
Plus,he's producing the ads for Ooma,he is the "creative director".
-Demi is a total Diva -I'm sure she it is her brushes being washed in Kabbalah water!

blurry vice said...

OOOHH if Ashton represents a gadget company called Ooma then he fits perfect now. Nice research "duffgrl" as always! :)

Melissa said...

Pretty sure it is Ashton - two items about Demi today and the latest one mentioned "Kaballah water".

Mandy said...

Ashton endorses Nikon

too bad, he seemed like such an awesome normal guy.

blurry vice said...

"PS. Demi & Ashton, while douchey together, were not starving together. "

- note how lainey uses the word doiuchey on ashton and also uses douchebag in this riddle.... semi-reveal.

Unknown said...

i say douchebag reynolds. He's managed to up his status with his A-list marriage to scar-jo and is a well known 'don't look at me' diva (as Lainey has been pointing out recently)