Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Just Asking-NY Post 3/5/08

March 5, 2008 -- WHICH actress went into rehab only after she suffered a miscarriage? She was on a four-day cocaine bender when she lost the baby she didn't even know she was carrying . . . WHICH aging actress was the celebrity guest for a fashion function and made the moves on the company's powerful and handsome - but married - CEO? The company no longer works with her . . . WHICH red-carpet couple will finally have someone to talk to now that they're new parents? The Hollywood pair are so strange and reclusive, "they have no other friends."

Guesses in comments...


duffgrl said...

-The actress is probably either Kirstin Dunst or Eva Mendes..
-the hermit couple is either JLo and hubby or Christina Aguileraand her hubby. Nicole Richie is not a hermit.
-the last one is probably Sharon Stone. I think I heard about this one during fashion week.

blurry vice said...

yeah, obvs either Eva Mendes or Kirstin Dunst. No other actress has gone into rehab recently right?
I bet the couple is Christina Aguilera/Jordan Bratman. They have no "famous" friends that I can think of right now, they are always alone when I see them photographed. I'm sure they have "real" friends though. Give them a break!

duffgrl said...

The couple could also be Sascha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher...or Tim Burton and Helena B.C. Both couples could be called "strange" but I don't know how reclusive any of them are. Don't think it's JLo.