Monday, March 17, 2008

More Toothy Tile hints from Ted 3/17/08

From today's Awful Truth:
Jakey Blue Eyes finally shaved his babyface of that in-mourning scruff—hope the babe's feelin' better, we don't want those pearly whites to be hidden forever. J.G. also was slightly limping. I suspect it's all that cavorting around cafés with Reese that's taking a toll on this typically tight-lipped, low-key lad. He trotted off in a Toyota Camry, proof that this unobnoxious stud likes to keep his presence truly private and out of People spreads. Wonder what changed his clandestine ways...maybe love? Hardly.

...He also outs Teri Hatcher as Death Mint Myrtle. Disappointing, predictable. Very recent pics of her really didn't look that bad to me.


blurry vice said...

LOL, "we don't want those pearly whites to be hidden forever". Love it!