Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Crazydaysandnights 3/12/08

2 items:

#1 Our corrupting influence of a socialite managed to weave her web and ensnare another gorgeous, apparently straight victim. Her latest conquest is a celebutante/model/hostess with the very famous celebrity boyfriend.#2 This Hills and/or Laguna Beach star is pregnant. Now if we could just figure out the daddy.


duffgrl said...

#1: I think that the socialite is Courtney Semel. She's a socialite lesbian who was living w/ Lohan for a while. I read that she had hooked up w/ Paris Hilton-could this be the "celebutante" she's w/ now? Or someone random like Clooney's gf?
#2 Who cares. If it's Heidi it's for publicity and pathetic.

mo said...

Wow, duffgrl, you really know your socialites.
For #2, it wouldn't be Heidi because we would know the daddy. Maybe Audrina?

duffgrl said...

Courtney Semel was the subject of a NY Post BV a while ago. Her dad is the CEO of Yahoo.
-Right,maybe Audrina. Or,someone from Laguna we've already forgotten about.

blurry vice said...

#1 Def something Paris related. I forgot about Courtney Semel. Great guess.
#2 I think it's that brunette from Laguna Beach who made out with Jason at the fashion show, remember? When he blatantly kissed that girl in front of Lauren? She later got a DUI and I think has pretty much been living a "normal" non-reality show life.

duffgrl said...

#1 I think is Courtney/Paris but maybe Courtney/ Vanessa Minillo?
#2 Do you mean Jessica, Blurry?

blurry vice said...

yes, jessica. who knows.