Sunday, March 30, 2008

Question Of The Week, "Six in the City"

From Page Six Magazine, 3/30/08:
Which TV actress has been an "up and comer" for 10 years, and not because of her talent? The lithe lady is so bitchy on-set, producers find creative ways to kill her off because they despise dealing with her.

This is probably someone who has been on several shows..I'm drawing a blank. I want to say Teri Hatcher but she's been on DH a few years now. I'm thinking a bit younger.


blurry vice said...

Mischa Barton? They killed her off the O.C.

Anonymous said...

maybe Katherine Heigl, shes was on roswell about 10 years ago, but she is still an "up and comer"

duffgrl said...

Could be her(KH)...did they kill her off though?(in Roswell)I din't watch the show.
I like the Mischa guess. She definitely had a bad rep on the O.C. towards the end of her time there-and she was killed off.
Could it be someone from "Lost"? i know a bunch of people were killed off but I don't watch the show. Probably Mischa.

blurry vice said...

On Lost they killed off a bunch of people. I think the one that was a big troublemaker was Michelle Rodriguez. She got a DUI in Hawaii (but so did a few others), and served time for that, but I think I have read about her getting sent back to jail for a probation violation or something. I don't know if she was killed off any other shows. On IMDB she is mostly listed in movies besides Lost.

Anonymous said...

What about Ellen Pompeo? Very lithe, have read she is bitchy, and she "died" on Grey's only to come back.
Pretty creative... maybe a lesson for her? She has been in a bunch of small roles for years.

Anonymous said...

I want to say Shannon Doherty, but is she too established? I hope its not though, I like her.

Angelina Brown said...
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