Friday, September 17, 2010

Recent Buzzfoto blind items

Behind with buzzfoto blinds. Here are some of the latest -

This couple with the male being a C List celebrity, just announced that they are expecting a baby. After drinking a little too much wine at a recent PR dinner, the male told everyone that the baby isn’t his, he’s convinced that his gardener in the father.

This D List star/model who is always hungry for attention, met her boyfriend in the strangest of ways. He was a longtime fan of hers, bordering on stalking her at some points in her career. He kept locks of her hair and ran a fan site. He sent her fan mail every week and at a point of desperation, she agreed to meet up with him. She claims it was love at first sight and the two have been dating ever since.

This television actor with daddy issues on the show, has some real daddy issues of his own. Ever since his hit show broke out and he was forced to deal with a troubled father/son dynamic on set it sent his own issues in motion. He recently found out that his father he grew up with, wasn’t his real dad. He is a product of an affair his mother had, while married to the man who raised him.

 Which Reality TV couple who have been married at least a year, have only slept together around 5 times since saying “I do?” Apparently, things are not all they are cracked up to be for this married couple, in spite of reports to the contrary.

This Blind comes to us from a former child star who is having trouble now making it in the real world. He says he was done a disservice by his on-set tutor from his days on this famous network 80′s sitcom. This tutor is still very in demand and can be found on the sets of Oscar award winning films and Disney has the tutor on speed dial. The tutor is notorious for keeping the kids happy and refreshed when they come back to film. Our washed-up star says the reason for that is that the tutor does all the work while the star takes a nap or plays video games. No wonder most washed up stars have trouble balancing their check books.


blurry vice said...

I don't know. But #396 is interesting. A Bachelor couple maybe? Ryan and Trista? Trista spends so much time calling up the paparazzi to get random shots of herself in Us Weekly... she probably has no time for anything else! LOL. Seriously, do we need to see pictures of Ryan after he finished a marathon, or of Trista presenting him with a new bike with a bow on it for Father's Day? And believe that the photographers just HAPPENED to be there? I'm so sick of seeing their staged photos! OK I am done my rant.

Tara said...

Ok I can only think of Javier Bardem for number one, but isn't he at least B list? I am not too familar with him but of course know Pene's work.

#2 Who is Janice Dickinson dating? I know at one time she was A list but now she is a famewhore.

#3 Maybe Matt Lanter from 90210--Liam has always struggled with an absentee/deadbeat dad on the show.

#4 I was thinking the same, Ryan & Trista. That would be a loooooong drought!! Or Molly & Jason? I can't really think of many other shows with couples who have married. Except Rob & Amber from Survivor?

#5 I see this as maybe Dustin Diamond from Saved By The Bell? He is looking for a payout any way he can these days (sex tape, celeb fit club, etc).

jill said...

1. Could it be Mike Tyson? His wife or girlfriend is pregnant.

2. Tila Tequila??

3. Maybe Chase Crawford? His charactor on Gossip Girl has major daddy issues.

4. It could totally be Jason and Molly from the Bachelor!

5. Dustin Diamond seems like a good guess.

Violet451 said...

The Reality TV Couple: What about Jennifer Hudson and her husband (can't think of his name...David..?). She was on American Idol and he was on that Flavor of Love spinoff on VH1 (don't judge me for knowing that!! ;) They are a reality TV couple although not on the same show. He seems like a big famewhore to me and I've wondered if he was just using her.
What about Chris Colfer from Glee for the daddy issues?

C said...

I'd guess either Bethenny Frankel and her husband or Theresa Guidice and her man for the reality TV couple. Bethenny's husband has always been rumored to be gay. The Guidices have been talking about how they do it twice a day in response to cheating allegations for him ... right, I'm sure you have sex twice a day!

For the struggling child star ... I doubt it's Dustin Diamond. SBTB was not an 80s sitcom, it was definitely a 90s show. Was Corey Feldman ever a sitcom star, or was he just in movies? He's definitely an 80s star.

Tara said...

SBTB started in the late 80s, though it gained more popularity later (1989-1993). There are quite a few other popular sitcoms as well. Fred Savage (The Wonder Years)--though my husband thinks this was a "dramedy", but when you google it, it does come up as a sitcom, Growing Pains (Kirk Cameron or Jeremy Miller), or Theo from the Cosby Show.

I like the Bethenny guess, but she and Jason were just married in April, so that would not work. And the Giudices do talk so much about sex and how often they have it, so that is not a bad guess either. They have 4 kids, how depressing would that be? They do admit to using fertility methods, so who knows.

FrenchGirl said...

the first:david blaine
the second:janice dickinson
the 4th:khloe Kardashian

Tara said...

Pomme, Khloe is a good guess, but her and Lamar's one year anniversary is in this next week. David Blaine the magician? Is he having a kid? I wonder if he can make a public spectacle of the birth!

Jessica said...

#1 Orlando Bloom? He used to be A-list but no one could call him that anymore.

Jenny said...

What about Mario Lopez for #1

Caz1310 said...

#396 is Kloe & Odom. A quickie wedding, no baby yet, insane self-perpetuated media presence...can totally see managermom pressuring them to stay together for the ratings.

Anonymous said...

Fred Savage graduated from Stanford.

Nick Cannon for #399? It's just funny thinking about Mariah and the gardner..

OwlFace said...

I love the idea of Nick and Mariah for the first one!

Amberlea said...

how about Kendra and Hank for 396?

Anonymous said...

#399: Nick Cannon
#398: Katie Price
#397: Mark Salling
#396: Heidi and Spencer
#395: Danny Pintauro

Jolene Jolene said...

#399 Did Nick Cannon/Mariah actually announce she was pregnant? If so, I don't remember that. I see announce as in they made it public. I think #399 is Orlando Bloom. He's very rumored to be gay, so she could be getting it in on the side. I'm just not sure if you'd consider him C-list? There was a point where he was very respected, but I have no idea what he's done lately.

#398 totallyyy Katie Price. She fits the bill for D-list star/model who craves attention.

#397 no idea. Chace Crawford comes to mind. I can't really think of anyone else. There's no hints here...

#396 I could see this being Khloe and Lamar. They do seem very happy, but I'm not surprised if things have gone south. They got married so fast.

#395 eh, don't really care.

Kristen said...

#399: Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey were the first ones who came to mind, though I'm not sure when they announced the pregnancy.

#398: I actually feel like I heard this story somewhere before (or at least one remarkably similar to it), but not as a blind. I can't for the life of me remember who it was, though.

#397: There are sure to be lots of television characters with daddy issues, but my first thought was Ed Westwick, since I watch "Gossip Girl" and Chuck Bass' intense daddy issues are one of his most defining personality traits.

#396: I don't know, but I don't think it's Trista and Ryan, since they have two kids. Is she really that fertile? I know that in vitro is a possibility, but it seems odd to me to not even try conceiving the natural way first. Then there's the possibility of Ryan being gay. I'll admit that I did get that vibe from him on "The Bachelorette", but he was a nobody who willingly went on that show specifically for her. It's not like he was an established celebrity who "needed" a beard to keep his career afloat. At this point in time, most people barely remember who they are, anyway.

#395: I don't know, but I really wish someone would revoke this tutor's license (do they use those?) or blacklist him or something. That's just awful.

sarahp said...

399 - Idris Elba