Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lainey reveal - Salma Hayek

Again Lainey has had a mini-reveal... Remember A Bitch To Work For? Well today Lainey confirmed that she is Salma Hayek just as we suspected...

What's up with the Baby Daddy?

Salma Hayek, an improvement on her meh appearance at the Globes, looking gorgeous and unusually UNbusty (relatively speaking) last night at the National Board of Review awards in New York. Maybe she dialed it up a notch for her baby daddy Francois Henri-Pinault? They had dinner last night Salma but did not seem like she wanted to be seen with him.
Like, he’s the father of your child. What’s with the discomfort?
And what’s with the giant block of humourless up her ass?
Her face at the Globes during Sacha Baron Cohen's presentation – oh please. It was funny. Even Madonna would have found it funny. And for sure Guy Ritchie. And whatever with your sanctimony, Salma. It’s one thing to deliver a joke, it’s another to cut corners and cheap out on staff, treat people like sh-t, but pretend in the open to be kind and evolved and supportive. I’ll take Sacha’s “inappropriate comments” over that kind of hypocrisy any day.
PS. Sandra Bullock has a great sense of humour. You know she loved it!

Another one exposed...


Anonymous said...

What's up with her anyway? Too impressed with herself? While crossing over is a challenge with most ethnicities in Hollywood and she was successful (more off-screen than on-screen), her attitude will just turn people off and she may find herself lonely at the top. Of course, she'll be in denial about it.