Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Vintage Ted - Buzz Thrill

Today, Ted mentioned that yes, Brad Pitt was the subject of a past blind vice - twice. Now, we know that Ted says he doesn't give the same person more than one nickname. At least that's what he says. So we wonder, was it ONE nickname that was featured in two blind vices? Or was it two separate nicknames??
Regardless, here is one oldie BV in which I personally believed Buzz Thrill was clearly Brad Pitt.
However, that would make Angelina Jolie be Bored Broomhilda.... and we think she is Fake A La Ferocity. She can't be both according to Ted's recent revelation. Ahh.... this is all too confusing. Anyhow -

One Anchovies on the Side Blind Vice - Sept 2007

Yeah, Hollywood's full of finagling femmes (and dudes), fer sure, but Bored Broomhilda sure takes the conniving cake. Not only has she used men in the past the way I go through adjectives, but now, Broomy's sweet guy has no idea she's, like, totally ready to dump him out with last night's leftover Caesar salad.

And after all this tawk that B.B. was done with her man-mangling ways, what bosh!

Thing is, Bored's babe, an okay honey by the mattress-movin' name of
Buzz Thrill, really doesn't have any idea whatsoever he's 'bout to get a stiletto right where he used to get far more supple attention from Ms. B, a pro at the ersatz nooky thang if ever there was one. See, B.B. really does, in the end (as it were), prefer the romantic type o' partner with less protruding genitalia. Hmmm. Does Buzz know he's just been a pawn in B2's masterminding machinations, all along?

Of course he does—he's not that much of a doofus, contrary to popular gab. It's just that, eh, how shall I put this? Like so many women say about gay men, B.T. thought he could change Broomhilda's ways.

What a fool.

And it ain't: Dax Sheperd/Kate Hudson, Bill Clinton/Hilary Clinton, Elizabeth Hasselbeck/Tim Hasselbeck.
Also eliminated: Gwyneth Paltrow, Anne Heche/James Tupper, Drew Barrymore, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Sandra Bullock

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Anonymous said...

This is clearly much more Brad/Skank than any other blind. Not that I believe all these blinds anymore! But I never thought Angie The Skank was Fake a la Ferocity to begin with. I am still not sure why everyone thinks that?? Mush as I despise the Skank, I don't see how she could be doing all those drugs with all those kids'. And she never seems cranked when she is out & about (like Lilo). Doubt she could hide it that well (since she is such a sucky actress). But these two I do see as Brad/Skanky. LOVE how Ted implies Brad is such a dumbass...Brad does have the reputation that he is not-so-smart.

sistah2 said...

I remember this BI, and I thought then (and now) its clearly Brad/Ang. I never thought the Fakey was AJ either. Fakey is Julia Roberts or Jennifer Connelly

Anonymous said...

Unless Ted thinks of Brad as a "sweet guy" and an "okay honey", I doubt it's him. He just said today what a dog he thinks he is. Not Brad.

Anonymous said...

This is old, remember. Ted used to say very nice things about Brad although not so much anymore.
Most definitely Brad and homewrecker.

Anonymous said...

Angelina would never leave Brad and vice versa, their brand is too big. And Angelina is way too savvy about working this relationship to see it go up in flames, especially since the press would naturally side with Brad because Angelina is still looked at as a villain. If she wanted to bring a woman in to the equation, he probably wouldn't object...wasn't their a story about them having a threesome with Karolina Kurkova not too long ago?

Anonymous said...

Oh for goodness sake, enough with the childish 'homewrecker' comments... obviously the Golden Couple you love so much just weren't meant to be together... get over it.

Scarlett Pumpkin said...

Sistah2 - Ted eliminated Jennifer Conneley as Fakey last month.

Anon9:37 - *Hurp* I think I just lost my breakfast all over my keyboard. The Golden Couple? Please.

Angelina would absolutely leave Brad. She's the Mistress of Spin. She could spin their breakup 3 ways to Sunday and she'd have most chumps eating out of her hand with whatever crap she spoonfed the media. And even if she did decide to play a villian, she'd absolutely eat it up. She'd get just as much press if she were a villian as she does when she's St. Ange. People love this woman - they love to love her or love to hate her.

Anonymous said...

Ted is always talking about Angie leaving Brad. And even though he calls him the dog in the bust up, he's always drooled over Brad before. No confirmation that Angie is Fake, so she could very well be someone else.

Anonymous said...

Just a thought...since this goes back to Sept 2007, how about Madonna & Guy? The line about tawk/bosh seems to allude to Madge's fake British accent, and a lot of the other references seem to suggest her (although I can't see how the AIAs tie-in)

Unknown said...

I always thought Broomhilda was Madonna or Angelina. I especially think it is Madonna now. I think Fake F is Angelina. This was back in '07 and Ted was predicting Madonna's break-up FOREVER.

sistah2 said...

Jeez anon you are right. Maybe this was Madonna...if she was not elim'd this really fits them...fits more than BP/AJ.

Anonymous said...

i got got to the bottom of the comments and someone said what i was thinking all along.. this isn't Brad and Ange.. this reeks and Guy and Madonna.. and we already know how that story ended.

Miriam said...

Speaking This BI possibly being AJ, I've been reading Ted's comments on AJ and he constantly allude to the fact that she's about to leave Brad because of her love of women.

Anonymous said...

This, without a doubt, is Madonna and Guy. Madonna has a short attention span. Did Guy really think he could tame the lion. No way.

Anonymous said...

When I first read this BI, I thought Broomhilda was AJ too. In a Q&A, Ted said once that Broomhilda comes from a somewhat famous family.

Didn't Ted say once in BI that Brad is interested in having a same sex encounter? (referring to him as Bradley P.) And he's written before in a column that BP is straight.

Anonymous said...

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green?

Unknown said...

Anonymous said...
Unless Ted thinks of Brad as a "sweet guy" and an "okay honey", I doubt it's him. He just said today what a dog he thinks he is. Not Brad.

January 8, 2009 3:48 PM

"Okay honey" Okay = OK = Oklahoma

Brad Pitt was born in Oklahoma.

This BI is 100% about Brangelina & Ted was wrong.

And TED has definitly used different nicknames for the same celeb in the past.

Unknown said...
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blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Any hints you can give on Brad Pitt's B.V.? Do he and Angie share one or are they separate? Kisses!

Dear Bad Brange:
Do you mean in life or in our Vices? They have separate B.V.s, if that's what you mean. But they share just about everything else."

Gemini850 said...

I don't know which B-back it was but Ted has said he has never done a BV on Madonna...So yes...This can't be her and it does sounds like Brad and Angie. But Julia Roberts can't be Fake because Ted said that Fake was a blonde. Also he said he don't use more than one moniker on a person unless he already outted them. Like if he outs Morgan Mayhem as Lindsey, than she won't be Morgan M anymore, she will get a new name.

The Spie said...

While we weren't looking, Madonna was eliminated last November, when Ted said she wasn't a BV. In another thread, I posited the possibility that this might be Sandra Bullock and Jesse James, but I'm not too comfy with that guess.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
You've told us that our beloved Sandy Bullock is a Vice; this got me thinking...could she be Bored Broomhilda? Love you, doll!
—Kat from England

Dear Baffled Brit:
Look, Sandy Bullock has probably never been bored in her life, she's too impatient for that stuff—wrong gal, think less decisive."

Franny Glass said...

"Dear Baffled Brit:
Look, Sandy Bullock has probably never been bored in her life, she's too impatient for that stuff—wrong gal, think less decisive.

Dear Ted:
Although he's been under the radar lately, I'm always itching for some Justin Timberlake news. Can you please give us hints on his Blind Vice?
—Wanna Be Mrs. Timberlake

Dear Cry Me a River:
He's not alone in his BV. But I predict he will be soon enough! This whole Timberbiel drag-out is making me so bored. They're gonna split eventually, I say they get it over with sooner rather than later."

SO. BORED... Awkward word choice. Must have been intentional. I think Ted is hinting that Jessica Biel is Bored Broomhilda. Which TOTALLY makes sense (there have been lots of gay rumors about her.) Bored isn't Madonna and she can't be Angelina and (since Ted said that she and Brad have separate B.V.s). Jessica Biel is Bored Broomhilda and Justin Timberlake is Buzz Thrill.

The Spie said...

Franny: That's an idea. When did Timberbiel get together? Ted's been predicting their break-up from the beginning. But we do have the problem of Jerry Rock-Butt and Chutney Jones. They're obviously Timberlake and Biel. Then again, I said that Cruise was obviously Glistening Gunther, so take whatever I say with a grain of salt.

blurry vice said...

Franny Glass - no, Justin and Jessica are Jerry Rock Butt and Chutney Jones.

blurry vice said...

This can't be Madonna... Ted said in Nov '09 that she was never a BV.

A. Michele said...

I've always hoped that Angelina wasn't Fake, but Fake sounds a lot more like her than Bored Broomhilda. Just because she's had female lovers in the past, doesn't mean it's her. I think if Angelina wanted to go back to women, she'd just do it.
As for her being a "skank" and "homewrecker," no one can break up a happy home. Angelina didn't make a commitment to Jen, Brad did.

Jessi said...

Ted said Bored Broomhilda and Buzz Thrill have broken up so I would definately say it's not AJ and BP. He mentioned had Jessica Szohr and Ed Westwick at the beginning of the BB and then mentioned at the very end about Bored and Buzz... made me think it might be them ????

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Sad to say one of the strays we adopted was hit by a car and died yesterday. Cheer me up! Are Bored Broomhilda and Buzz Thrill still together?

Dear Sweetheart:
So sorry for your loss, really I am. And no, more sad news: Bored did just as I said: Buzz is total toast."

blurry vice said...

- Not Brad and Angelina then

Unknown said...
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Liz said...

Ted did two postings on Bored Broomhilda in the same week in April 2010 - what famous couple broke up around that time?