Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Toothy Tile kiss

Yesterday, Ted published a photo of Jake G grabbing Reese's face and planting a kiss on her at a Lakers game. Looks as if she was caught off guard and he just grabbed her cheeks. This is the first kiss I have seen of them. Here is what Ted said about it:
Jake and Reese Make Out - Gee, Such Passion

Wow, if these photos are any indication, looks like Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon have upgraded their relationship from hand-holding to kissing. The boring babes were actually caught smooching courtside at a Lakers game this weekend. Did they finally realize they need to one-up their tepid friend-like relaysh with something a little saucier?

Nothing works better than being on display in the front row at a basketball game—that's the equivalent of a People cover nowadays. Just ask Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, who use courtside seats for publicity between High School Musical press tours—truly smoldering stuff there, babes.

Now, gotta say, this Lakers biz is a serious step-up from J&R's predictable dates—Starbucks runs and walking, yawn. Tell ya what, Jakey, we'll start to believe how in love you are with Wither-hon when we catch her entertaining you in the bathroom at Coco Deville à la Paris.



Anonymous said...

Why is he so convinced Jake is gay? A man can act as gay for a role,doesn't mean hes gay! Jodie Foster always plays straight roles..and we don't doubt that shes gay! Jakes relationship with Kiki Dunst was not in the least contrived..I don't believe for a second Reese would be part of a fake relationship either. Whatever Ted...

Anonymous said...

Blah, blah, blah... Ted's TT is SO boring! Zzzzzzzzz...

Anonymous said...

While I do find Ted past his prime and some of his blinds are obviously made up, not even sure I believe there IS a Toothy, I do know Jake is gay. And it has nothing to do with Brokeback. He just IS...Hollywood knows it. It's not a secret. Reese is pathetic and needs the publicity to hide her bitchy, sick (really sick) ways. I will concede that many believe Jakey to be bi. But the working theseis is that he tried ith with Kiki, hated it, went back to the boys'. One thing in Ted's defense: he started with the whole Toothy/Jake Is Gay thing before Brokeback was even around. Yes I work in the industry and live in LA. Yes that is honestly the truth.

sistah2 said...

I do beleive you Livvie and thanks for updating us. I guess Ted enjoys ribbing JG, and its entertaining.
I cant blame him really,if JG is carrying on a fake relationship w.RW and parading himself around a Lakers game kissing her. He is asking for it.

Scarlett Pumpkin said...

Hey Livvie,

What kind of sick is Reese Witherspoon? Like serious sick stuff or just psycho-b$tch sick stuff?

Sara Bellum said...

This is the second thing I've heard about Reese being evil (the first being a blurb on ONTD). I'd like to hear the scoop on this too.

Pretty please!

Anonymous said...

Livie. Thank you for coming on here and backing me up. I'm the industry person that wrote about Jake on here with the last Toothy blind. I've figured out how to create a name on here and still be anonymous. So I'll use that from now on.

Haven't heard any good stuff about Reese here. Only "diva" stuff.

Anonymous said...

I just gotta say...
The smut isn't just about Toothy/Jake being gay. The smut is that he (and others--let's be fair) make it seem shameful by creating publicity that "proves" that they're straight. Truth is that if they wanted to go about their lives quietly and not sit in the front row at the Lakers or lunch at the Ivy or shop on Robertson they would be left alone. And this crap that People/US/In Touch/Hello! feeds us is supposed to eclipse the over-the-top sexual shenanigans that take place away from the cameras. The smut is that they are HYPOCRITES, not that they're gay. And, frankly, if you're reading this blog, you should know that. [Sorry, girls, I'd just had enough.]

Anonymous said...

For some strange reason, the more "in the business" people come here and claim that they KNOW that JG is gay, the more I tend to not believe it. Sorry folks.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
What do you think of People magazine's poll that declared the "couple most likely to make it to 2018" as the Afflecks and the "best boyfriend" as Jake Gyllenhaal? I read it and thought either People readers are clueless, or publicists have been working overtime (or both).
—Bemused in the New Year

Dear Blinders Off:
How much do you wanna bet People debuts the baby pics of Violet Affleck's sis or brother? That magazine is so far up everyone's ass in H'wood."

sistah2 said...

Nix, I dont know what is so "un" believable about it. You can disagree with them, and thats ok too. Boss bunny I agree, its the hypocrisy, but that is how Hollywood does business. IT also keeps TEd in business (exposing the hypocrisy), and People mag as well (spreading the PR fantasy).

Anonymous said...

sistah2, well, it's my free choice to believe "none of what I hear and half of what I see", isn't it? ;-)
No, but seriously, do you actually believe everything people claim anonymously on blogs? I hope not.

Anonymous said...

Nix, preach it. Jake being gay, Reese being a bitch and bearding him and everybody knowing this as "fact" is getting old. They've been together for almost two years, they look like they are happy...let them live their lives.

sistah2 said...

No I dont believe everything I read on blogs...but my point is, what livvie and industry are saying is not so UNbelievable, that's all.
As for Jake/Reese, bottom line is we dont know them & I dont really care what they do, but why do we follow celebs then & why does anyone read blogs or mags? Its alot more fun to talk about this stuff as an escape!

Anonymous said...

Exactly, Sistah, just let us have our fun. Gimme my smut! I know why I read it.

Anonymous said...

Livvie - please dish on the Reese brand of 'sick'!

Sara - do you have a link to the ONTD blurb?

I have no doubt Toothy is meant to be Jake. Lately there are even more answers to reader emails where Ted all but says Jake is gay and Jake and Reese are fake. I don't think Ted is misleading us to think it's Jake. It's not really his style, I think his style is to try to get as way with being as obvious as possible without getting into legal trouble. I think he'd get bored misleading us for so long anyway, or with making this whole thing up.

I can understand people thinking the latter more though. But to those who doubt this is real, what do you think of ex-publicist Jonathan Jaxon outing Jake with a story that closely matches Toothy's?

Regardless of the gay allegations, I would have a lot of trouble believing the Jake/Reese romance is real. I honestly don't understand how anyone sees a happy couple. What couple is together this long and never shows up at events together? I know some might say 'ah but that's proof the relationship isn't for attention!' but come on - that's going too far in the other direction. Couples photographed so little are as suspect or more as the ones who relish every photo op. There are sooo few photos of them and the ones that are look staged. And what jumps out is they lack the body language and chemistry of a couple who are comfortable with each other, let alone in love.

I also think Jake looks tortured in recent months, it is very sad to see him look like that. I think the poor guy got caught up in a bad idea and is trapped now. Wish he would figure out people would love him anyway, and many even more for his honesty.

On a related note, I saw a show the other day about love in Hollywood through the decades and there was a segment about closeted actors. Ted C, Ian Mckellan and some others discussed how it still goes on and how there is ENORMOUS pressure to stay in the closet. No names were named, but I thought it was interesting to see this talked about on TV at all. Normally these things talk about Rock Hudson and co. as the bad old days, and how it 'used to be'... which of course always begs the question 'ah, where exactly are the out actors today?'

sistah2 said...

We've talked ad naseum about this, and I know we'll keep at it, but to wrap up anon's comment above: ITA with where you are going with the Jake/Reese thing.. the prob I have with the TT saga is more to do with Ted's exaggerations of this character, esp with the story of baby Toothy being hidden away.. its so silly.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Baby Tile really pushed the limits of credibility for me, too, especially the idea that a young man who struggles with his identity and with coming out of the closet would be willing to settle down and start a family. Or that Jake would be willing to be THAT clandestine.

But Jaxon's Jake story says there is a baby, and though that doesn't make me automatically believe it, it does make me wonder why he would risk naming a celeb in something so outrageous if it wasn't true.

Another doubt for me was that Jake's family is very progressive and I would expect him to be OK with coming out, but then again I don't underestimate how easily money can corrupt nor the intensity of pressure to stay in. It's also probably a short mental leap, for those immersed in Hollyweirdness, from telling yourself it's right that your private life remains private to living a complete lie.

Even if I don't think Toothy is made up (at least not all of it), I do get why people would and I couldn't confidently argue they're wrong. I do, however, dispute the arguments that the clues point anyone other than Jake or that Ted is wrongly trying to make us think it's him. Whatever the truth about Toothy, I have no doubt Ted is saying it's him.

sistah2 said...

Anon, I never saw the Jaxon story, can you post a link here or give the background on it? thanks!

Anonymous said...

No idea whether Jake's gay or not. The ONE thing that hints to me that he's not, is that I CANNOT see Reese touching him if he is. Because at some point it could very well all come tumbling out and I just can't see Reese, who is a great manipulator of the press herself, putting up with that. Relationship for press, yes! Absolutely! But with someone who is gay that may come out or be outed and embarrass her with the public (PS: I'm not saying women who are fooled by gay men should be embarrass or anything like that - but in Hollywood, it will come out that reese knew and embarrass her)? No. There are other men she could be with that wouldn't expose her to the press as a fraud.

sistah2 said...

I see your point, but I see her saying later that she never put it out there that they had a serious relationship, that she and JG were great friends and that was it, and even being proud that she was a beard for him..helping a friend etc.

Anonymous said...

Has anybody thought that if Jake does have a kid he's hiding then Reese is helping him by protecting him and his privacy in a useful and careful way? I've always thought people assume she's a priss or she wouldn't do this or that but how would anyone know? Based on what, what People mag tells you? Reese could be anything. So could Jake. And there's no smoke without fire in most cases.

Anonymous said...

sistah2, that's what seemed odd to me about the kiss. It's interesting - I kind of expected them to keep on with the ambiguous, low-level affection until they either broke up or got engaged. It seems like the smartest move. If he's straight and they're really together, it preserves their privacy (at least until the strategic time to make it public). And if he's gay, as long as they never publicly classify the type of relationship they have, they have an easy explanation if he comes out.

Again: interesting. Life is full of games-playing, but Hollywood is insane. Glad to have a normal life and enjoy peeking at the crazy!

Anonymous said...

I just looked up Jonathan Jaxon's list of gay celebs, Jake isn't on it. The link is jellyfisher.com.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is... Lainey thinks Jake and Reece are for real. She doesn't think Jakey is gay.

Why is that? I always sort of think Lainey is more "right on" than others - so why the difference here?

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
What do Hollywood "beards" get paid: Oscars, Golden Globe nominations, movie contracts, or plain old money? Thanks.

Dear Worth It:
All of the above, for real."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Reese Witherspoon is the Stuart Smalley of Hollywood. She's good enough, she's smart enough and doggonit, people like her! So unlike people like Robert Downey Jr. who crashed, burned and then came back, wouldn't a scandal ruin her? Why then, would she agree to be a beard or to sleep around...both of which you've inferred she's done? What gives?

Dear Withering Away:
Just like you said, Reese is one smart babe. Everything she does is with a purpose, trust."

Beauty for ashes said...

I read on MSN's gossip page not too long ago that Jake and Reese kissed at a Lakers game because the camera turned on them during one of the segments sporting events do to entertain the crowd. They play a song about kissing and whenever you see yourself on the jumbo screen, you kiss your significant other. The camera went to Jake and Reese, so they kissed. I don't think there was any motivation other than that.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I saw some recent pictures of Reese Witherspoon, and it looked like she may be preggers in a couple of them. What do you think? Any chance she is going for No. 3? Is this why Jake and Reese seem so happy out and about lately, along with trips to the doctor's office? What's your take?
—Me Curious

Dear Tot Tracker:
It would be the most brilliant PR procreation since Angelina started breeding with Brad."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Am I the only one who thought that Reese Witherspoon looked pregnant in that blue gown at the Oscars?

Dear Bump Watch:

Dear Ted:
I saw a lot of suspicious bearding couples at the Oscars. Did any of the closeted actors bring a boyfriend as a date to the Oscar parties like Crisp Lisp did years ago? I bet Toothy Tile was there with his beard, but did Gray Goose use the back door to get in?
— Reggie

Dear Goose on the Loose:
Whose back door are you talking about?

Dear Ted:
It is Toothy Tile’s four-year anniversary in March. It’s been a long way and he is huge now (there is even an academic paper written about him!) Could you tell us how you see him in the next four years? Happy Toothy anniversary!
— Claudia

Dear Stud Study:
I love it. We should all call him Professor Tooth at this point!"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Loved the gossip/Toothy Tile paper. Thanks for the link and for keeping the mystery going. I for one don't really care who he is but do think it's a shame he's hiding, and that once out, society in general might not (probably won't) accept him in hetero roles. I'm also deeply saddened about his beard as she can't be in a very good place within herself. Tragedy all around.

Dear Tile 'n' Out:
The more tears we cry for Toothy the farther back he goes in his semi-well-dressed closet. Such a shame."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I can't stand it anymore. Pics of Reese and Jake hand in hand in Spain just emerged—what is up with that? I have always believed that they are in a fauxmance and are really just great friends, but now are we supposed to believe that he flies all the way to Spain just to put one over on the unsuspecting public just for a few paparazzi shots? That is hard to believe, my friend. Clear up this confusion please!

Dear Snafu:
I think you just did, hon. "

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Which couple will break up first: Toothy Tile and his beard or Toothy and his boyfriend, Grey Goose? And I don't believe Toothy is in love with Goose anymore, but it's a convenient relationship...for Toothy.

Dear Chipped Tooth:
If Toothy has it both ways, then he'll have his beard for the long haul with a little Goose on the side. We don't think G.G. can up and leave him. "

blurry vice said...

"Caught! Grabby Gyllenspoon and more hit Coachella:

Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon, taking a long-needed vacay from Brentwood coffee runs, headed out to the hotass desert to check out musicfest Coachella.

I think they wanted folks to think they actually sweat from things other than hikes and runs.

The pretty pair brushed off watching headlining act The Killers in favor of grooving to hipster fave Jenny Lewis. Jakey and Jenny used to date way, way back in the day, but Reese must not be much of a jealous lady since she mouthed the words to every song while Gyll-hon wrapped his Prince of Persia biceps around her.

What a sweetie! How perfectly protective, bro! But what was this, a People Who Have Dated Jake Gyllenhaal Convention?

'Cause another J.G. ex at the fest was...

Kirsten Dunst, chain-smoking and texting in the VIP area during Morrissey's set..."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
How much longer do we have to endure the Reese and Jake showmance? Every photo op becomes more nauseating. I've almost totally forgotten why I liked Jake to begin with.
—Gagging in NYC

Dear Acid Reflex:
Why on earth would something like this rub you the wrong way?"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I admire Reese Witherspoon and wonder why in the world she would agree to be Jake's "whatever"? Did Ryan do such a number on her that she lost all desire to "love" again? They do "look" well together—and I guess in Hollywood that's about as good as it gets.
—A Stewart

Dear Shocker:
You mean those au lait dates aren't for real? Whatever are you talking about, love?"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
In the past three weeks that I've been reading A.T., I've become a Blind Vice-aholic, so I must know: does Toothy's beard know that's all she is? Or does she think it's the real deal?

Dear Vice Addict:
Like many women who operate so intimately in the worlds of gay men, she thinks somehow Toothy's feelings for her are different."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Has the Toothy Tile creature convinced himself that he is straight? Your response to a question in an earlier post said that the "she" in his life has convinced herself he's different for her, which leads me to think that maybe he has succeeded in being different or at least wants to be? Or is he just a ticking time bomb about to implode?

Dear Toothy Politics:
I thought publicity-craving, love-life-distorting, emotionally cruel egomaniacs exploded? Preferably within the confines of the Awful Truth! Regardless, yes, Toothy and his woman and most of their insipid retinue are fooling themselves increasingly on an hourly basis."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Will you tell us whether Shafterella Shoshstein and Toothy Tile have been in a film together?

Dear Big Pic Buds:
I will. And yes!"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I used to love Jake Gyllenhaal. He always came across as sexy, self-confident, charming and funny. Since beginning his coffeemance with the ultraphony Reese he has lost all those qualities. He has now become Mr. Witherspoon following on a leash and picking bad movies (can you see the campfest that is Prince of Persia). Is there hope he'll come to his senses and be his own man again?

Dear Pansyspoon:
Jake traded a lot in when he decided to get all domestically boring. But at the same time, shacking up with an Oscar winner makes people in the Business take him way more seriously. This is a pretty weird town, huh? "

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
So sorry to hear about your breakup. I hope that things will work out for the best. But now that you are single, maybe you can tempt Toothy your way. Since you said Grey Goose wised up, Toothy must be lonely in his closet. Maybe you can help him open the closet door a little and push his life-force-draining beard over a cliff.
—Naomi the Matchmaker

Dear Loose Tooth:
Please, Toothy couldn't get this!

Dear Ted:
Is Toothy's beard a double beard?
—Just Wondering

Dear Double Entendre:
Practically speaking, no, and that's not her fault."