Friday, January 9, 2009

Awful Truth: Ted calls out Toothy

Today in Awful Truth, Ted called out Toothy Tile:

Pigs in Blankets for Toothy?

When we announced that Toothy Tile won our user-voted year-end awards, the Prop 88s (88 celebrity propositions we want passed, including T. Tile coming out of his very dusty closet), we suggested a lovely ceremony at the Beverly Hilton to make it official. You know, award him with an actual trophy instead of a trophy girlfriend, that sort of sensible thing.

We chose Oct. 11, National Coming Out Day, can't think why. Next thing you know, the senior catering manger from the damn Hilton emails us and wants to know if we really are booking the joint? I said I'd ask.

Toothy? Is it a date?



Anonymous said...

WTF is Ted's issue? Leave him alone!!!!!!! (whoever it is...even though I know who he wants us to think it is). Everyday he's ragging on TT. He must be pissed that TT seems to be awfully happy with his current situation right now.

Anonymous said...

Poster 1 you're on a gossip site following Ted blind items asking what his issue is?

Duh. Annoying closet cases I should think, pretty obviously.


Anonymous said...

I wish I could find the article, but I remember reading that an estimated 5-10% of the U.S. population is LGBT (percentages vary depending on how inclusive you are with all four classifications). Taking those rough numbers - which represent the country as a whole - do we think that even 5-10% of Hollywood is openly gay? Come on.

It's sad - I can see why high-profile members of the LGBT community are so pushy about encouraging others to live honestly and openly, because it's the only way that our society will ever begin to move towards wider acceptance. But it's such a tough decision for any individual to make - there can be dire consequences.

Sigh. Hopefully strides will be made in our lifetime. Until then, what the celebrities try to hide, we will try to watch and guess!

Anonymous said...

The number for homosexuals is not 5-10%. That is the inflated number given by homosexual publications. The actual number is 2% and it has been for years. t is about the same number for other sexual deviants, such as zoophiles and gerontophiles as well.

Anonymous said...

But how do you 'report' a homosexual to be counted in the statistics? My gut feeling is the percentage given is even less and not inflated - how can you count everyone, especially if there are closeted ones? Where would that kind of statistical study be held?

Anonymous said...

Of course the # of gays is not 2% It is of course much higher than that. Get real anon 6:24. Don't be homophobic now. Gays are everywhere and especially in Hollywood. While we will never know the exact % it is definitely closer to 7-10%, maybe higher. THESE numbers are backed by the experts not 2%. It is well known that 2% is an old statistic.

sistah2 said...

Anon 624, please take your hateful ( and incorrect) comments elsewhere.

as long as we're on this, I think the % gay population is around 10. Not based on anything official, just my gut feeling. It makes sense.

Anonymous said...

I make questionnaires for a living. It boggles my mind to even think of a justification for tick boxes for 'sexual orientation.' For one, the answers will not be 100% accurate, and #2, can't think of why that data is even needed. So, I think the numbers we have now are pure speculation.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:24.... "is about the same number for other sexual deviants"

Sexual Deviants? Is that what they are now?

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:24 is one o these people who surfs the net thinking they're clued up as all hell about gays and statistics just so they can get their funie right-wing views over. Basically they don't know any gays and wouldn't and spend far too much time at church getting angry, then they end up dying old, bitter and twisted about the world and its amazing variety.

Anyway anon 6:24, you won't be missed.