Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Page Six:Proud To Lead The Blind

From NY Post:

Page Six didn't invent the blind item, but we revived the practice of running stories about unnamed celebrities in the '90s after it had long gone into disuse. Michael Musto, who's marking his 25th year as a gossip columnist at the Village Voice, writes in "Fork on the Left, Knife in the Back," due Feb. 1:

"Page Six has mastered this genre . . . whenever they run blind items, the whole town starts buzzing like a stuck alarm clock and I'm bombarded by people I haven't heard from in decades, desperate to know the answers. ('Call Page Six!' I scream at them, sensibly.) But my own blind columns get a lot of action too, complete strangers practically offering their reproductive organs if I'll tell them which Jonas brother I meant . . . I used to smirkily respond, 'All the answers are Courtney Love,' but now if you guess Amy Winehouse every time, you'll get at least 60 percent right."


blurry vice said...

I didn't even know Michael Musto did blind items!