Sunday, January 24, 2010

Brangelina split?

The British tabloids are saying that Brangelina have split. Not too much of a shocker for those of us that think that Angelina Jolie might be Fake-a-la Ferocity! If reports of the breakup are true, then it has been coming for some time. Ted has been hinting for a while that this would happen.

Here are the articles from the Daily Mirror, and NYDN, and London's News of the World.


Brittany said...

Happy 5th Anniversary!!!

sistah2 said...

Thier reps are denying. Its possible there is some trouble with them but until they are ready to announce it, there's nothing to talk about. With Jennifer A on the cover of People this week re: 5 yrs since Brad dumped her, I doubt that B&A would choose this time to break up publicly. Again, its possible something is wrong with them but they will not admit it. The contract drawn up by lawyers may just be a post- or pre-nuptual agreement re: custody etc. (even tho they were not married, they are legally bound thru the kids). JMO.

Anonymous said...

Sistah 2, I was thinking the same thing, actually, that the meeting with the attorney(s) was more of a pre-nup meeting. They've accumulated quite a bit more than they had when they started their relationship. It makes sense (and cents) for them to legally divvy up their assets prior to a calamity. At least, that's what I'm hoping...

FrenchGirl said...

true or not,their break-up is said since 2 years so i would believe it when i could see it!

Unknown said...

How long have they been together? Could it have something to do with declaring common-law marriage status?

wanabRPsmom said...

The press had them separated (esp. TedC.)the day the world knew they were together!
HW romances are doomed...but...I hope Brad and AJ's will persevere.

They seem to be good parents/caring people...I wish them the best no matter what.

Green Tara said...

wanabRPsmom: no disrespect to you, but I must disagree with your assessment of them as "good parents". Three reasons: 1) Maddox has a well-documented obsession with guns and weapons, which Ms. Jolie has downplayed in interviews; 2) with all of the traveling that this family does, the children are not in a consistent school/ community environment, which does not help their attachment or their development of social skills; 3) it is also well-known that the Jolie-Pitts have an army of nannies for their children, but typically insist that these people hang back when the paparazzi is present so that when photographed, the couple appears to be doing the parental "heavy lifting" (as it were). Ms. Jolie has amassed these children as if they were collectibles. I believe she may have been well-intentioned, but the way she drags these children around the globe is neither healthy nor responsible.

wanabRPsmom said...

all tabloids hash!

Ms Green: If they can afford an army of nannies...I'm sure they can with traveling tutors too. Much better than leaving all the children behind when they are on foreign locations.
Their parenting can not be compared with the norm housold in the suburbs.. being acting as their means of livelyhood.

Brittany said...

Yeah you definitely cannot compare them to a 'norm household' when the mother is a drug addict.

wanabRPsmom said...

aren't they all in HW..mother or not? ;)

sistah2 said...

Green Tara: As the mom of two boys, I can assure you that 90% of boys I know all have a pretty intense obsession with guns, knives, etc. Its really no big deal in the world of boys.
As far as them globetrotting non stop, I agree that's a not a great way to raise a family, but I am sure its true they have plenty of support. Whatever, what do I care? We'll see how these kids turn out.

also - I really dont think she is a drug addict. I think she def. has her demons personality-wise tho.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
No comment on the Brangelina supposed breakup? I know you know what's going on, you sly fox. Throw us a bone! Love ya.

Dear Big Question:
Wouldn’t you like to know? You know what they say, the couple that cheats together, stays together...kidding! I'm told Brad and Angelina have not broken up, but indeed, "something's up," as my Brangie sources whisper. More deets tom, but I can tell ya this much: The formerly golden couple ain't exactly lookin' (or smellin') so great."

blurry vice said...

Chilli said...

I have to agree, not the best upbringing for those kids. Likely typical for families that have money, but everything the Brange do is for show. I have to think at some point those kids will be carbon copies of the parents. I don't think Brad has had a genuine bone left in his body since he met the succubus that is Angelina.

duffgrl said...

I say...where there's smoke there's fire. It's coming soon and the kids' lives will be even crazier.
I agree that Angelina seeks out those photo ops that make them seem like a happy family-so phony.

angie said...

I don't think they are done guys. As much as I hate them together, I don't think Jen's revenge.

Unknown said...

Yeah, I don't believe they've broken up neither... I believe Ted C's comment, and that they have been on the rocks for a while. But I wouldn't be surprised if they broke up this year.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
My family and I had the misfortune of running into Brad and Angie two years ago in New Orleans. It was a few days before Christmas and they were alone having drinks at the same place as us. We were the only people there and did not fuss over them, but Angie kept giving us death stares and when Brad was talking, she completely ignored him. She looked like she was on heroin or something—so gaunt and skinny—and Brad looked sort of chubby and old. They gave me the creeps. My husband, who has seen a lot in the military, said that it was the most uncomfortable situation he's ever been in! Angie seemed so cold, and at that point I lost all respect for her.

Dear Brangie-Buster:
Angie has always come off as an ice queen so I'm not surprised the December weather wasn't the only thing that was...chilly. And if the once ripe couple was already starting to sour years ago, it would explain why they look so totally miserable now."

wanabRPsmom said...

The letter to Ted above is questionable, imo. Ted seems so obssessed for these two lovebirds to fail?!?

sistah2 said...

Yes indeed - he's chomping at the bit for them to split.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Everyone, well, almost everyone, who follows you and gossip knows there's trouble in the Brangelina relationship, but you said in a previous Bitch-Back not to count Brad and Angelina out because they'll be fighting this one tooth and nail for a while. I don't get it. Their brand as a couple has lost its luster and credibility. They have six children, but if the parents are fighting and unhappy most of the time, how does that not spill over into the children's lives? So, really, what is the real reason they continue the sham of a relationship?
—Just Wondering

Dear Pride:
Angelina isn't going to let media pressure boss her around—or to decide when to finally ditch Brad, which she will do. The babe's way too stubborn. Look how long it took for her to speak to her own father!"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Is it just me or are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie look pretty rough around the edges? With the exception of his kids, do you think Brad Pitt discovered life isn't so greener on the other side with Ange and regrets his decision now to be with her?
—Mr. Moore

Dear 6 Months Ago:
You're just coming to this conclusion now?"

blurry vice said...

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
What's up with Brangelina lately? The rumors of a breakup have been circulating for years now, and they're hardly pictured together much anymore. They certainly seem to be more popular as a couple than as singletons, but I can't imagine the money is enough to keep them together forever. I'm confused by your sudden thaw toward Angie lately. If she controls her image as tightly as has been claimed, couldn't it be reasoned that their entire relationship is a PR gimmick by this point as well?
—Chicken Nugget

Dear Bust-Up:
Money isn't what keeps them together. Not by a long shot. Try kids! That's not to say Brad and Angie don't still have that fire for each other, par-tick in the bedroom, they just have a lot of issues that are far more complicated than most know. Can't simply write this relationship off as a PR gimmick."

Unknown said...

Dear Ted:
Just a quick comment re: Leann and Eddie. You can't steal someone's husband. If he leaves his wife for you, he went willingly. Ask Brad Pitt.

Dear Maneaters:
Agreed, but Angelina Jolie saw what she wanted and pounced. She just did it in a much classier way. LeAnn should take note.

Unknown said...

Dear Ted:
Can you throw me a bone and tell me what's going on in Brangelina land? Things seemed pretty bad according to reports this last year, but now they're hugging and kissing and spending a lot of time together. Have they mended things? Or are they faking it?

Dear Put a Band-Aid on It:
It looks like things are all patched up in fairy-tale land, especially after the couple went bopping around Budapest just last week with some of the kiddos. Heavy PDA and family time may just be what the debuting director needs to balance her bossiness and make Brad the happy stay-at-home daddy she's been trying to turn him into. Or it could all just be a quick fix?

Unknown said...

Dear Ted:
Has Jennifer Aniston ever been a Blind Vice? Also, though I'm sure every once in a while it hurts what Brad did to her, I think she really has moved on. My question is, I'm sure Jen could have said a lot worse to the press than "he's missing a sensitivity chip" if she wanted to about Brad. Do you think she has anything on him that she could have let slip, if she really wanted revenge? I swear, there are a whole lot of secrets in Brad's closet that Jen could have spilled. What's your take?

Dear Ex-Factor:
Trust, Jennifer definitely took the (more) dignified route in this divorce debacle—of course, when you're married to someone for five years, you learn a few of their dirty little secrets, like what Brad liked doing down in Laguna from time to time. But, Jen A. has too much class to blab his business to the press. Plus, it totally wouldn't mesh with her laid back 'tude.

Unknown said...

Dear Ted:
In your Morning Piss about Angelina, are you saying all this with Brad is just an act? If so, why would she go to all this trouble and have all their kids just to eventually leave him? I'm curious for your opinion on the real reason she will leave him.

Dear Ants In Her Pants:
She likes hot girls and bad boys, it's no secret. Brad's a sweetheart, good for the obligatory procreation stint.

Unknown said...

Dear Ted:
You said in your Bitch-Back that Brad Pitt's "rebound turned out well for him." I don't get it. You insinuate all the time that they're miserable with one another, but that they stick it out for the kids. Then on the other hand, you speak about them lovin' it up in the sack and her having some sort of wonderful hold on him that makes him always come back for more. Which is it already?

Dear Pitt of Despair:
When I said that, all I meant was that after Aniston, Brad seemed to have lucked out with such a long-lasting and tabloid-hot romance with his rebound, Angie. Not every guy can rebound like that. So yes, "turned out well" in that regard...but uh, not sure how I feel about some other regards.

Einstein DeGeneres said...

Today (12/23/10) Ted mentioned Fake's HUSBAND. A reader asked him a bunch of questions including something about her husband, and he said that yes, her husband is concerned.

That would seem to eliminate Angelina Jolie since she and Brad aren't married.

Unknown said...

No, it still doesn't rule Angie out, because Ted has cleared that up. He said something along the lines of when he refers to a couple being married, he means it's just another way of saying a husband is absolutely whipped, who he was referring to Brad Pitt, who is completely under Angie's control.

Two-Dots/Auntie Coxy said...

Did anyone catch yesterday's BB? Seems like a pretty clear indication Jolie is F-a-la-F to me...

from the morning:


Dear Ted:
Do you think Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will ever get married? He never looks happy in pictures with her, unlike years ago with Jennifer Aniston. Does he just not love her as much as he did Jennifer? Or is he more private than before?

Dear Brangie Doubter:
You obviously have not seen these recent swoon-worthy pics of Brangelina totally working the red carpet in Cannes. A hand hold, an embrace, a nuzzle—if that doesn't shout happy and in love then what does? Years ago, Brangelina claimed they wouldn't get married until everyone was able to legally get married, but Pitt spoke out this week saying, "It's something we've got to look at." Apparently it means a lot to the couple's six children. As for Jen and Brad, who once vowed to eat pepperoni pizza and banana milkshakes together for eternity, well, that was before Brad saw Angie's milkshake. Brad is happier with Angie than with Jen. And vice versa, we assure you. So quit weepin', America

And the afternoon:

Dear Ted:
Oh you sneaky, sneaky man....loving the title to this morning's Bitch-Back, Ted!
—Jennifer (Via Facebook)

Dear Facebook Friend:
You mean when we asked if Brad could be as "Fakey" as Angelina? I know, it's such a stupid question, almost didn't ask it.

Anonymous said...

As per Lainey at her recent event, AJ does not have a heroin addiction, eating disorder or anything untoward. She said she does have a health condition that keeps her thin.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Lainey also said the Brange do not cheat on each other.