Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Twilight's Rocky Trailer Makes a Daring Move!

From Ted yesterday - Bonus Blind! Twilight's Rocky Trailer Makes a Daring Move!
Everyone wants a status update on Rocky Trailer - one of the many bisexual stars caught up in the Twilight mega franchise.
Clearly none of the New Mooners blabbed about their tendencies to swing both ways. Ya know, getting turned on by guys and girls.
This doesn't come as that big of a surprise to us. Like we said, we'd believe it when we heard it. It's always easier for an actor to think they'll break boundaries by coming clean about their sexuality, but so few ever do.
Our own Taryn Ryder encountered Rocky very recently and actually and had quite the run-in...
Rocky was totally hitting on her! That's right, couldn't get enough of the—let's face it—not exactly nun-like look she had going on.
R.T. knew T.R. was a reporter, yes, but didn't seem too shy about wanting to get to know her further...
Must say, our dear Taryn was taken aback! Being a member of Team Awful she, of course, knew all about Rocky's fluid sexuality. Maybe Rocky was just playing with us? Doubtful.
So has Rocky chosen a side? Not exactly, but we'll be more than eager to see if Trailer chats about his or her ways during next year's Eclipse press—as we've been informed will most certainly be happening.
Funny thing is, Summit's just about as shocked nothing came out (pun intended) as we are, regarding Rocky's bisexuality. Don't know if they're happy or disappointed. We're, uh, intrigued.
And it ain't: Christian Serratos, Michael Sheen, Ashley Greene

Link to other Rocky Trailer BV from Oct 23 here including a full list of who has been eliminated.


blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Hope all is going well for you, you seem happier in print lately! OK, so I must say I may only be one of two or three humans on the planet who has not seen Twilight or New Moon...not hating on it, just honestly never made the time for it. But since there's so much press here on your site about the cast, and you know I gotta have me some Teddy every day, I read the postings and the B.V.s (of course!). So here's my guess for Rocky Trailer—Kellan Lutz? He just has a two-way look about him, and also like he doesn't give a rat's furry ass who knows it! Am I right?

Dear Hopeful Thinking:
Taryn wishes!"

lauren said...

Dear Ted:
Is Twilight's rocky trailer Elizabeth Reaser?
Dear Mother May I:
Nope. Definitely not. Not even close.

Hope this helps,i think its nikki reed personally,or am i missing something?

Brittany said...

Nikki Reed has already been eliminated. I think RT is someone a bit lesser known than her because it seems most of the main cast have been eliminated.

Anonymous said...

I think it's Taylor Lautner.

Anonymous said...

Kristen Stewart? Yes? I think it's her.

duffgrl said...

I think Krisen Stewart was Terry-Tush-trade??
I have heard she is bi. Rumors that something may have happened-maybe just a flirtation- w/ Fergie???

Anonymous said...

Kristen was Twyla Babe Sucker, and Ted has said repeatedly that she's really just into men. It comes up a lot because of the questions about Nikki Reed hanging on Kristen all the time, he said that Kristen would not be interested in Nikki in that way because she's totally straight.

The Spie said...

Anon 1 Dec: I said that this was Taylor Lautner on the first Rocky Trailer blind, then after that was published, Ted came out and said that Lautner had never been a BV. So we can count Lautner out as Rocky Trailer.

I agree that KStew is Twyla Babe-Sucker, but if that's the case, who's Terry Tush-Trade? It's not Nikki Reed; she's been AIAed for both of those blinds and this one.

As if I needed another reason to hate Twilight...

Anonymous said...

Jamie Bower-Campbell.

Anonymous said...

Maybe its the guy who plays her dad??

Anonymous said...

Bellas(Kristen's) dad

Anonymous said...

I agree I think it is Jamie Campbell Bower.

Most of the AIAs have double letters in their names except for Jackson Rathbone who is/was in the band 100 Monkeys. Jamie was lead singer for a band called The Darling Buds.

Jamie was also in a Guy Ritchie movie called RocknRolla as Rocker.

Unknown said...

I think this is Rachael Lefevre?

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I have a challenge if you're (legally) willing to accept! My friends and I are all admittedly huge Twilight fans, and this whole "bisexual shenanigans" (or however you put it!) among the cast has got me, my tight-knit group of friends and our collective gaydar going nuts trying to give it our very best in figuring it out! That said, can you name two or three castmembers who are very, most definitely heterosexual? I unfortunately don't have a rescue dog or kitty (yet), but I do donate to some of our local no-kill shelters every month. Thanks, Ted, hate to love the column, but I so do!

Dear Bi Curious:
Will one Twi hetero tide you over? Billy Burke. Shocker, I know. And thanks for the donations—so important to keep these animals from being killed whenever we can."

talia said...

todays "breaking" by ted:
could this really be taylor lautner? or is he teasing?

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I don't mind the Twilight takeover in your column, but could you serve up some Vicey goodness along with it? We haven't heard much about Julie Bone-Jumper in a while. What's she been up to? And what about Rocky Trailer?
—Lisa Marie

Dear Twilight Sex Saga:
Both babes are up to various naughty antics behind the scenes, of course, but expect them to ramp up when Breaking Dawn goes back into production. That's when all these Vicers really start to act up."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
You haven't mentioned Rocky Trailer in ages... what's going on with RT? Is the Breaking Dawn set getting boring?

Dear Excuse Me?
Got boring ages ago! Rocky's cleaned up his act, doesn't get into nearly the amount of debauchery he used to, incredibly disappointing."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I was wondering about the other blind item floating around the net talking about a Twilight dude who wanted to come out as gay this year at promos but was

asked to wait until next year. I remember you having one of your Twilight B.V.'s thinking the same a while ago right? Could you let us know which B.V. this

is if it is indeed the same person.

Dear Itching to Come Out:
Doubt it's anything to do with A.T., especially if this other item's about a man."