Sunday, November 15, 2009

One Daringly Domesticated Blind Vice

From Ted on Friday....

One Daringly Domesticated Blind Vice

Poor Judas Jack-Off. He now has it as bad as permanently closeted movie star Toothy Tile. Only, I fear Judas is not even pretending to be happy, quite unlike Toothy.
Remember, our very handsome and very unkind Judas is still trying to get the ditched BF to have sex, all the while out prancing to the gullible world with his gorgeous girlfriend—whenever there's an available photo op, that is.
But whereas Toothy actually likes hanging with the beard at home and out with the kids, Judas doesn't, at least not as much.
Maybe that's the reason Judas has suggested to the GF, whom he glumly now lives with, that they should both take up...
...flying. As in, in a plane. As in 37,000 feet in the air. These two beauties are supposed to take their lives in their own hands, all 2012-like, and fly over Los Angeles like it's a damn movie set, or something?
Now, either this is a true effort on Judas' part to make their prearranged living arrangement genuinely more exciting (i.e., bearable), or Mr. J.J. is planning on using one of those parachutes that go up with these schooling planes and jumping off with his after the dimpled girlfriend's chute suddenly disappears, or better, yet, malfunctions?
It's all just too weird, too much. The sudden interest in having a hobby together (and a life-threatening one, at that), after getting shacked up in a living sitch Judas has never wanted to be in the first place. What's up, Judey?
But then, some guys are just p--sies when their managers and their agents tell them to stay put and figure out how to make it look real. Know what I mean, Toothy?
Don't go up in that plane with Judas whatever you do, girlfriend!
And it ain't: Jake Gyllenhaal, Lance Armstrong, Matthew McConaughey

Use the labels below for links to our previous posts on the JJO/DDD BVs, including a full list of who has been eliminated.

Top suspects: Hayden Christensen  and ?


Unknown said...

Problem is as far as we know Jared doesn´t live with Gen, nor their relationship is being made so public (quite the oposite, they´re very low profile). Also, there´s this story about Jared being a nervous flyer. How could he be interested in flying lessons, then? This whole bv is so weird (why is it even a BV? A celebrity taking flying lessons could be freely talked about in a gossip site!). Still, all the previous clues about JJO matches Jared so well i still have a hard time dismissing him completely. Gonna wait a little more (specially because Ted already said Jared is a BV, and i´ve found nothing else that could fit him).

Confused said...

I don't think the BV sounds like Jared at all, but it's very confusing ... if not JJO/DDD, then what BV(s) concern these guys?

At any rate, apparently some girl at the SPN convention this weekend was twittering updates of the experience, and she tweeted this.

# Jensen wants to fly a plane. and basejump. "of course if i had kids i would never do it" jared: thorw them off! about 6 hours ago from txt

The Spie said...

The absolute lack of controversial content is the clue. Would there be any reason for Ted to publish this BV if Jensen/Dashed didn't announce his engagement a few days prior? We all know that Ted's taken Dashed's side on this one, and nothing offends Ted more than someone completely burying himself in the closet, which Jensen just did with the engagement. Ted has already stated that he blames Judas for pushing Dashed deep into the closet, so this is payback for Ted.

Given every clue so far, and given the timing of this blind, especially since it seems to be done solely for malicious purposes, Judas is Jared.

Unusually, though, the clues in this one actually promote the possibility of Jensen being Judas. Anyone more familiar with SPN than I am want to parse the old blinds to see how well JJO fits Jensen?

Anonymous said...

Given all the "comedy bromance" videos from their conventions show it's Jared launching into the "fake kiss" (continually, judging by the volume of footage) and Jensen the one recoiling, I think this thing makes a whole lot more sense this way around.

It also fits the previous "jawline" clue.

And he mentioned "Jared's engagement" two days ago. A clue that he might have had them mixed up previously?

kcwin said...

The problem of having recurring BVs is that in the end, no one would fit all the details literally. I have yet to see how Jake Gyllenhaal can have a Baby Tile!
So the JJO BV #1 & #2 kind of point to Jared, and BV #3 kind of points to Jensen (esp. the timing). Round and round we go...

Unknown said...

The Spie: the possibility of JJO bein Jensen was already discussed, but he doesn´t fit many of JJO´s clues (he started his thing with Daneel previously to 2008, he´s not gangly, doesn´t have dimples on his face nor is super firm like JJO). This 3rd BV however.. WTH. I agree with kcwin: at this point, no one would fit everything in a literal way.

Welleg said...

I posted this to Ted's post as well...

Sticking with the J2 angle, the prior BVs pointed more towards Jared as JJO and Jensen as DDD. This one seems to flip that around if only because a) Jensen and Danneel are more high profile than Jared and Genevieve and b) Jensen's apparent comment at ChiCon. And with past mentions of Chad Michael Murray and Milo Ventimiglia - both were on Gilmore Girls with Jared. If the dumped partner and fiance are the same person, it could conceivably be either. Though if they are different people, it could only be Jared as be broke things off with ex-fiancee Sandy McCoy in 2008, the same year Jensen moved in with Jared. And of course, Ted could also just be f***ing with us to make second guess ourselves on which is which. It also could be someone else entirely, but I ain't got a clue who it is if it isn't J2. And while a lot does seem to fit, I still hope it isn't them just because the thought of either of them being that much of a jerk makes me sad.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Ted swapped the pseudonyms when he changed his mind about "who the bad guy was" in breaking up the relationship....

Confused said...

Does anyone know if Ted's codenames usually contain clues? I ask because: *J*udas J*ACK*-off and *J*ensen *ACK*les.

Although maybe we've all got tunnel vision at this point. When you consider all the actors with all the networks/studios, that's a whole lotta folks. And the BVs are like horoscopes -- JUST precise enough to make you think you're getting real information, but general enough they could be contorted to fit all kinds of people.

Catch-822 said...

Just playing devil's advocate here... to nissivm, I reread the original BVs, and Ted specifically says that JJO *doesn't* have dimples on his face... and homeboy looks pretty ripped in this picture:

That said... I'm confused as to why everyone decided these blinds refer to Jensen and Jared. Isn't the essence that this bearding has driven a wedge between the two guys? That JJO was had kicked DDD to the curb, but was still begging him for sex (without necessarily succeeding)? Jared & Jensen seem jocular and very much at ease in public, not at all like two estranged exes.

I think it's been convenient and fun for Ted to whip up some controversy by pushing the envelope with Jensen and Jared, letting the attention on them eclipse whoever the blind is really about. I agree with Confused, there's a lot of fish in the Hollywood sea, and the details are so scant that it feasibly applies to a lot of people.

But then again, what the hell do I know.

Anonymous said...

Neither Jared nor Jensen live with their girlfriends and neither of them live in L.A. It's not them. Ted was just jerking everyone around with his heavy hinting before.

crila16 said...

Hayden and Rachel?

Tania said...

I agree. I've seen those two in public at a convention this year, and they were ok with each other. Nobody's that good an actor - if there was a problem it would have showed sometime during the weekend. I've seen it with other actors at cons, there are the awkward silences in photo shoots, etc. But nope, they were just fine.
All Ted's heavy hinting about them must have pushed up the hits on his site, which is after all what he wants most. I imagine if we ever do find out who this is about, it will be someone much less interesting!

Unknown said...

To Catch-822: In fact, Ted does say JJO has dimples on his face ("Look, you cretin publicity whore with killer dimples (I mean the ones on your rock-hard ass, not your innocent little face)") - Ted´s saying JJO does have dimples on his face, but that he is talking about those on his ass.

And about the hard time between the Js, right around the BV time there were rumors around the fandom that the two were having some troubles. And the fact that Jared started to date his costar Genevieve Cortese on 2008, as the first BV implies.. Gosh, it was just TOO much pointing to Jared... Not mentioning every single clue given, all fitting Jared like a glove. Well, ´til this crazy 3rd BV.

Anonymous said...

The thing is, these blind vices mirror *exactly* the rumours from within fandom for a few years, from snippets of private conversations overheard in elevators at conventions etc.

And Ted clearly had little idea who they were some time ago.... and now they're mentioned (in non blind items) *all the time*.

Using his past form, this could only mean it's them. It's the old Toothy strategy.

The Spie said...

Here's something interesting that might fit in. This was Danneel Harris yesterday on her Twitter:

"He is in the air, with the other one. I'll try to remember to ask when they land."

"He" in this case is Jensen. "The other one" is Jared. And note the "in the air" statement.

Just wanted to throw this one out at all of you.

Anonymous said...

Maybe, in this post-Toothy Tile world, they know exactly the sort of internet buzz that this sort of thing can produce. The whole thing is a daring wink-wink at the blind vice world.

Maybe they are together, maybe they aren't..... but it's certainly made them a staple of one of the biggest US entertainment sites.

Getting an are-they/aren't-they gay buzz might be the Big New Thing is getting press. It's like Tatu, the straight girls pretending to be lesbians for a record promotion. The world has moved on from Rock Hudson, the world inverted, and were're through the looking-glass, people.

Unknown said...

To The Spie: She was talking about they´re being on a plane on their way to ChiCon... Nothing conected to any flying lessons, i´m afraid

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
It's my birthday, and the only present I want in the whole world is for you to (pretty please!) answer one little question for me! With all the talk around Jensen Ackles getting married, I just wanted to know—is Jared Padalecki his best man? Cheers!

Dear Crystal Ball:
That remains to be seen. We're going with no."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Who will make it to the altar first: Hayden Christensen, Jensen Ackles or George Eads?
—Fake it

Dear No for Three:
Eads. By default."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
So Judas-Jack Off doesn't like his beard? Why can't he find a new one (it can't be that hard in Hollywood)? Or just grow some balls? And what's the next move for him?

Dear Stick It Out:
Willing beards don't grow on trees, darling."

Bungles said...

I hear that at the Con this weekend, they confirmed they still live together and have a joint mortgage.

Not that friends don't get joint mortgages.... just not usually ones earning $2.5 million a year each, steadily, for 5 years.

kc said...

Really, Bungles? Where did they confirm this? Not on stage, I assume? I heard they did not speak about anything personal at all.

I don't see this mentioned here, but this BV was published on Friday the 13th, which is also a movie that starred Jared Padalecki. People in other gossip sites were disappointed that the details of the BV did not further confirm Jared as JJO. Ted can be such a weasel. lol

Bungles said...

It wasn't at the the main on-stage interviews, but at the "Breakfast" event (which is essentially a similar thing, on a smaller scale).

Read about it yesterday..... I'll try to find the source.

sistah2 said...

Hey guys. I just read thru all the comments on this one, and I just want to thank you for coming here. These were some really fun insightful comments to read.
Now if only Ted would give us an update on Fake ala Ferocity!

The Spie said...

sistah: Fake-a-la has had to be on good behavior lately. She, Billy Goat, and the Holy Child Army have had worldwide 24/7 pap coverage, and someone, somewhere would have spotted her doing something. So Ted probably doesn't have any good stuff on her of recent vintage. Maybe some things he hasn't revealed from her sordid past, but nothing recent.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
First off, huge fan of your site (and it doesn't hurt that you are quite the hottie). But to get back to the purpose of this email—I know that everyone is certain on who Judas Jack-Off and Dashed Dingle-Dream is, but after careful scrutiny of your Vices, I've come to a different conclusion. So my question is as such: Were (as in the past tense) they costars at one point, and at one point vying for the same important movie role? I'm sure you will have a sassy answer for this, but part of me I guess will be happy just to see my question published on the Bitch-Back! 'Cause I'm certain I'm right on this one!

Dear Figuring Out BVs:
Maybe they were, maybe they weren't. If I answered that, wouldn't it be giving too much away?"


Bungles said...

So.... clearly co-stars then?

I've just sent off a question about a different angle that might give a clue or two.... we'll see what comes of it.

Anonymous said...

Just a thought about the methodology for picking BI names:

When he uses first and last names that start with the same letter, that doubled-letter in and of itself usually seems to be a clue.

What comes to mind:
Lindsey Lohan -> Morgan Mayhem
Kirsten Dunst -> KiKi -> Jorache Junky (this one's a guess)

So here's another JJ. Hmm.

Gemini850 said...

I've always thought that JJO was HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN. We know that Hayden has been a bv since he was in the bv superstar catergory. So which one is he??? Get it- JUDAS.... CHRIST

Also he had mention Vancouver once or twice regarding this BV and everyone thought that meant Jared and Jensen, because Supernatural is filmed there. But Hayden was born and lived in Vancouver, Canada.

Bungles said...

Hasn't he been ruled out (and suggested he's another gay blind vice?).

Bungles said...

Ah, I remember, Judas is a 90% tv star, and known for his TV, not movies.

While Christensen has done tv, he's only known by the public for his Star Wars role (outside of Canada).

Anonymous said...

"Just be yourself and the right guy will come along, whether it be today, tomorrow, or next year. It'll happen!"

.... is a quote of on Jared's IMDB trivia page. How peculiar...

as is...

On love: "Don't place expectations on someone. Enjoy the time you have together, and let it go where it goes."

Confused said...

My question about Hayden is (1) he's cute but one of the things that Ted just goes on and on about is how gorgeous JJO is. He even says that JJO is better looking than Benjamin Mackenzie; is Hayden better looking than that? and (2) who's DDD then? Ted says that JJO/DDD are "more obviously half of a manly pair" (than is Matt Dallas). I've at least heard a boyfriend's name for Matt; nothing for Hayden. I would have guessed George Eads and Eric Szmanda (co-stars, have lived together, Eads virtually outed himself on Ellen a while back) for JJO/DDD, but Eads has been notted.

kcwin said...

Bungles is right. In the Mar 16 Bitch-Back, Ted says JJO is at the star level of Chad Michael Murray, which would implies a TV star.

Tania said...

I wouldn't read anything much into those imdb trivia quotes. They are standard cliches for an actor talking to his predominately female fanbase (I've seen similar quotes from other actors). I don't see any particular insight to JP, or connection to the blind item.

Bungles said...

Obviously in the hierarchy of blind item evidence, imdb quotes rank about the same as witness testimony from a drunk badger.

Adds interesting colour to the fantasy case we're constructing though....

I bet this is all about some nobody semi-regular from NYPD Blue, and the Supernatural guys are slightly baffled, as they continue to have endless passionate heterosexual relationships.

Only kidding, of course it's them.

Bungles said...

Dear Ted:
Your last BV is just downright weird. Don't get me wrong, I love the tragic Romeo and Romeo story of JJO and DDD. It's just strange that taking up a new hobby like flying should qualify as a BV. So I'm forced to the conclusion that you are really telling us something quite different, something that isn't spelled out in the BV but you feel you should get out there. However, I'm totally at a loss. Could you throw me a few crumbs here, please? As a random guess, does it have anything to do with the photo ops you casually mentioned, or perhaps the timing?
Dear Dazed and Confused:
Of course there are many hints sprinkled in there. Take a step back and look at the obvious!

Bungles said...

Could the "obvious" be the title of the BV?

"Daringly domesticated" - there's little more daring than living together with a joint mortgage.

Leanne said...

Didn't know where to post this, so I decided on the most current issue. Any idea which BV is Seann William Scott? Ted said in BB today that he's been a BV and I was wondering if anyone knew which one.

The Spie said...

kcwin: Yeah, I had to remind people of that at another site when they started screaming "HAYDENHAYDENHAYDEN". It ain't Hayden if you look at all of the clues.

See if you can follow this, Hayden-types:

a) For every Judas, there must be a Dashed. Who are the candidates for Hayden's Dashed?

b) Ted stated in different Bitch-Back than the one cited above that Judas and Dashed were at the same level of fame. So your candidates for Hayden's Dashed have to be another B-List actor mostly known for movies with A-List name recognition. That narrows down the field considerably.

c) Judas (and by the transitive principle, Dashed) are at the same level of fame as Chad Michael Murray, a C-List television star. That's not Hayden.

What really annoys me is that some people think that repeat BVs all exist in a vacuum from each other. No, they don't. All of the BVs have to be taken together in order to solve them. Take the three Judas BVs together with the Bitch-Back clues, and it's obvious that Judas and Dashed are Jensen and Jared, in whatever combination.

Bungles said...

Given they're in a sci-fi cultish show, they're not really C-list.

Anyone in a cult show has a third tier of "listability", due to the price and fame they command in the large geek market, and conventions, and dedications of the fans. They're A-list in that (like, say, Patrick Stewart or Gillian Anderson, or Mira Furlan - none of whom are A-list in any other way, apart from Stewart in a fourth category, theatre.... oh god this is getting complicated).

Also, a "cult fan" is worth probably 100 "normal fans", in the amount the spend on the franchise, the online fame they promote, and the heavy following and stalking.

I'd say they were B-list (for TV), with C-list name recognition, and A-list Cult recognition.

If that makes any sense......

Confused said...

After bitch-back today about clues and looking at the obvious, I re-read the BV. It doesn't seem obvious to me. This did catch my attention, though: "all the while out PRANCING to the gullible world with his gorgeous girlfriend."

I'd always associated "prancing" with horses, and indeed:

According to the free online dictionary:
prance (prns)
v. pranced, pranc·ing, pranc·es
a. To spring forward on the hind legs. Used of a horse.
b. To spring or bound forward in a manner reminiscent of a spirited horse.
2. To ride a horse moving in such a fashion.

Jensen's engagement was revealed at the Breeder's Cup, a horse show.

Not drawing any conclusions, just sayin'. I was sure it was J2 until this last BV, but I'm not sure anymore. It doesn't seem to fit either J exactly anymore. I just don't know who else fits...?

The Spie said...

Bungles: I agree with your argument, but not your assessments. I've been in cult-show fandoms for thirty years now, and I know what you're talking about. I just think you overestimated them a tad.

You have to remember what network Jared and Jensen are on: the CW. That automatically drops them one tier on the TV side and the cult side. So, they're C-List television actors with B-List cult presence. That still puts them in the Chad Michael Murray neighborhood fame-wise.

Patrick Stewart is A-List by any measurement. If you deny A-List status to him based on cult achievements, you'd have to deny that status to Ian McKellan, wouldn't you? McKellan and Stewart have a similar body of work when you consider all media combined, and McKellan is undeniably A-List.

Where it gets really complicated is people like David Tennant. How would you categorize him? B-List performer with B+/A- List name recognition and A+ cult status?

Anonymous said...

Definitely not Jared and I honestly never thought this BI was. First of all, my husband grew up with JP and still talks to him. He comes back to town nearly every year to attend our church and spend time with his family and old friends. He's driven down from Cali a few of those times & its common knowledge among anyone who knows him that he does NOT like to fly.

Honestly, if Ted came out today and outed Jared for this BI I would know he was lying and never believe anything he ever said again. And i've been a loyal Blind Vicer for years. I'm not saying any of this as someone who is a "ZOMG, I LOVE JAREDDDD!" kind of fan because, quite honestly, I don't care much for him. He's self-centered and is constantly talking about who he knows and hangs out with in Hollywood (without being asked, by the way). But whether I like him or not, i'm going to call bullshit on something that I know isn't true. And in this case, it isn't.

Anonymous said...

Its Hayden Christensen!

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Your last B.V. is just downright weird. Don't get me wrong, I love the tragic Romeo and Romeo story of JJO and DDD. It's just strange that taking up a new hobby like flying should qualify as a B.V. So I'm forced to the conclusion that you are really telling us something quite different, something that isn't spelled out in the B.V. but you feel you should get out there. However, I'm totally at a loss. Could you throw me a few crumbs here, please? As a random guess, does it have anything to do with the photo ops you casually mentioned, or perhaps the timing?

Dear Dazed and Confused:
Of course there are many hints sprinkled in there. Take a step back and look at the obvious!"

In my opinion, when you take a step back and look at the obvious, I think that "flying" is a metaphor for getting married. Jensen Ackles just got engaged. If you re-read the blind vice with marriage substituted for flying, it makes a lot of sense.

I always thought that Jensen might be Judas and not Jared. This makes sense.

Bungles said...

I'm 90% sure it's Jensen. I'm sure there's some sort of mixup going on in the early BV between the two of them.

Bungles said...

I have no idea who this guy is (seems like a porn director....) but his twitter was linked on the eonline boards.

Some weird stuff... he seems to predict Ted's Blinds, and has comments like:

"Ted Casablanca is closely following my lead about SPN and the J's altho his latest tidbyte is only 1/3 accurate. Nice to see he's a fan."

Not sure what to make of it.

Bungles said...

I should add, the bullet points from that twitter feeds are:

The Vampire Diaries has smashed Supernatural in the ratings, with a cheaper production.

This has binned the chance of a season 6 of Supernatural.

Jensen's team is planning a post-Supernatural film career, which means nipping the gay rumours in the bud.

The relationship, however, continues. Just that the planned marriage and openness is not canned.

Bungles said...

not = now

kc said...

Bungles: Kruezer has a rep for making things up.

Anon @12:31PM: Since you seem to have some personal experience with Jared, and Ted has said the Jared is a BV on Twitter, any clue which one?

Bungles said...

Cheers kc... had no idea who Kruezer was, just sniffing the leads.

Anonymous said...

kc-I can't think of any he would fit right off the top of my head. He doesn't come off as gay in the slightest, but who knows what one does behind closed doors. His family is very involved in the church (his mother still teaches our Sunday School) so if he did have a relationship with another man, I would bet hed keep that very, very private.

kc said...

Thank, anon from San Antonio (I presume), good to hear your insight. Texas sounds like a pretty repressed and religious place. It's pure speculation that Jared may be bi, that his relationship with Sandy was real, even if he may be with a guy now. Anyhoo, time will tell whether people are barking up the wrong tree.

Bungles: Kruezer has been spinning tales about J2 on Twitter for months now. The general consensus is that he's off his rocker.

Me said...

People....Jensen can not be Judas, because he didn't fit the first BV. Judas had recently taken up with his co-star. Daneel and Jensen had not just taken up with each or are they co-stars. My guess is that Ted is just using the SPN fans for hits. And it's working. Whoever said something about Matt Dallas, that's a good guess, but I don't know who his DDD would be. I just do not see this fitting the J's at all. And to the person who knows Jared, the info you give is sad. Sorry to hear he is such a pompous ass. But, not surprising. I think one of the J's peeps had a talk with ted, because he is no longer dropping enormous hints that point to Jared or Jensen being JJO/DDD. I honestly think he was just jerking around the SPN fans, and it has obvi worked for him.

Unknown said...

"Me", Danneel and Jensen did co-star in the movie 'Ten Inch Hero'. It's possible that when talking about JJO taken up with his recent co-star, he wasn't referring to the time of the publication of the BV, but to the time right after they starred together in that movie.

Confused said...

IMHO, I've pretty much dismissed Jared as JJO now. I'm still undecided, but maybe leaning toward Jensen. Just to play Devil's Advocate, here are the clues that I don't think fit either J.

--Shrimpier than Michael C. Hall. Yeah, there's that naughty definition from the urban dictionary. But taken at face value, neither J fits this. JJO would have to be about 5'10" or under.

--Similar body type to Milo Ventimiglia. I don't think either J has a similar body type to Milo. On the other hand, Ted included both Milo and Jared on a list of hottest bods in Hollywood. And, physical beauty is always a totally subjective judgment.

--Lives with his GF. As far as I'm aware, this doesn't fit either J. By implication, they live together in LA (which also doesn't fit, unless Ted just means when they're in LA and not Vancouver).

--JJO is called a "publicity whore," which doesn't seem true of either J.

--No dates are specified, so we can't make any assumptions (like Darren says), but the IMPLIED dates don't seem to fit (like Me says). It's implied he took up with his latest leading lady in 2008, for example. I think Danneel's identity gets revealed in late 2007 or early 2008, but they apparently started dating around 2006, maybe early 2007.

--Ted refers to a "just pumped up romance" in the Feb 20, 2009 BV. Jensen's movie premiered in January 2009, and he did quite a bit of publicity where Danneel comes up (not always by name), and he went to the premiere with her. Does that count as "just-pumped-up"?? I don't know, but I'm a little dubious. Jared went to his Friday the 13th premiere alone, and he denied rumors of a relationship with Genevieve Cortese, at least at first.


Blurry Vice had the really interesting idea that Ted was speaking in metaphor. I'm relatively new to the BVs -- does he have a history of doing that?

Me said...

@ Darren, sorry, I didn't realize that they had infact been costars.
@Confused If you think about those clues that don't fit the J's i.e the physical things, those deff fit Matt Dallas. Chiseled jaw, check. Dimples, Check. Muscles, Check. Smaller than Michael C Hall, check. He has been in movies, but is mainly known for his roles on TV shows, like Kyle XY and now Eastwick. I also get a gay vibe from him. I just don't know who his DDD or his beard would be. The only reason I think it could be Matt Dallas, is because I really don't think Ted has any dish on the J's. I think he just goes off of emails he receives and tries to convey the "dirt" as if he got it himself. He has never seen SPN, he said so himself, and he said he really didn't know much about them. He is just trying to get hits from jerking around the SPN fans.

Anonymous said...

Matt Dallas was notted by Ted as JJO

kc said...

There is nice summary post of the JJO BVs and Bitch-Backs here compiled by Joe Wicks. It's nice to have it all on one page. Matt was notted on 9/25 because JJO is a more obvious half of a manly pair. So what manly pair (on or off screen) can anyone think of? Besides the real obvious J2, of course. ;-D

Matan4il said...

The thing is, Confused summed up real nice what doesn't seem to fit either J and I could believe that they're not JJO/DDD. However, if JJO/DDD aren't the BV in which Jensen & Jared star, then which is it? I'm sure they had/have something going on that isn't entirely platonic and Jensen has been haunted by gay rumors since forever, so I can't believe he's not featured in one of Ted's gay BVs. And like KC asked, for JJO & DDD, what other OBVIOUS manly pair are we familiar with these days? These thoughts bring me back to the possibility that JJO/DDD ARE J2 after all. And I do believe that in today's Bitch Back, Ted hints either that he never meant to imply J2 are JJO/DDD or that he never meant to imply JJO is Jared (which leaves the possibility that it's Jensen).

Anonymous said...

The 11/24/09 Bitch Back had this:

Dear Ted:
I understand that Twilight is the topic du jour, and that's fine. I'll even cheer on Robsten. I've watched the rise and fall of Lindsay Lohan through your eyes, I knew all about Paris Hilton well before her sex tape and I've recently started to obsess about Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles' epic bromance under your dizzying influence. At this point, I'm pretty much resigned to the fact that I'll take whatever you throw at me, and I mean that in the best possible way! However, you asked who else you should report on, apart from the Twilight cast, so while you may have meant that as a rhetorical question, here is my wish list: Pink. What's up with her and her on-again, off-again husband? Viggo Mortensen. He's hot, edgy, offbeat. How can he not be juicy? Gerard Butler (I know, I know, but I still kinda like him). Lady Gaga. Keanu Reeves. Guy Ritchie. Thom Yorke. Lily Allen. Any of these sound good to you, babe?

Dear Celeb Suggestion:
First of all, we dished on Pink's possibly naughty husband (just for you). Love Lady Gaga, as any good boy should, but she just doesn't have that many secrets. I'll work on the rest for you, but I'll tell ya, Jackles is one of my faves so far.

Has Ted ever done a non-BV item on Jackles or is this a sly confirmation?

kc said...

Ted has been talking up "Jackles" as this bromance/friends with benefit relationship apart from the BV in his Bitch-Backs for a few months now. So even if they aren't JJO/DDD, Ted is fanning the flame for something. Some people think Ted is just luring Supernatural fans to his columns with the innuendos.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I understand that Twilight is the topic du jour, and that's fine. I'll even cheer on Robsten. I've watched the rise and fall of Lindsay Lohan through your eyes, I knew all about Paris Hilton well before her sex tape and I've recently started to obsess about Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles' epic bromance under your dizzying influence. At this point, I'm pretty much resigned to the fact that I'll take whatever you throw at me, and I mean that in the best possible way! However, you asked who else you should report on, apart from the Twilight cast, so while you may have meant that as a rhetorical question, here is my wish list: Pink. What's up with her and her on-again, off-again husband? Viggo Mortensen. He's hot, edgy, offbeat. How can he not be juicy? Gerard Butler (I know, I know, but I still kinda like him). Lady Gaga. Keanu Reeves. Guy Ritchie. Thom Yorke. Lily Allen. Any of these sound good to you, babe?

Dear Celeb Suggestion:
First of all, we dished on Pink's possibly naughty husband (just for you). Love Lady Gaga, as any good boy should, but she just doesn't have that many secrets. I'll work on the rest for you, but I'll tell ya, Jackles is one of my faves so far."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I always thought that you could tell a lot about a person by the company they keep, so imagine my surprise when I found out that nice-guy Jared Padalecki is friends with King of the Douche Bags, Chad Michael Murray! Pretty please, restore my faith in good people and tell me that Jared doesn't share any of Chad's nastier qualities? Hopefully yours,

Dear Wrong Friends:
No, not Chad's, but some One Tree Hillers' for sure."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Since you more-or-less notted Jared and Jensen for JJO/DDD (without actually doing it), and since these two are B.V.s, could you give us more details, please? Was it this year that their Blind Vices came out, or one this year and one late last year, since you said they weren't interesting enough in September 2008 to have one? Was it after their movies came out, because that would be interesting?

Dear Slow Down:
I don't think I notted anyone."

Bungles said...

"I don't think I notted anyone"

notted/knotted marriage/engagement pun?

Anonymous said...

Bungles, probably not. he's just replying to the way it was phrased:

"Since you more-or-less notted Jared and Jensen"

Bungles said...

But he specifically chooses which questions to publish (i'm sure the same question has been asked a dozen ways), and he loves a good pun.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I'm curious about how you get information and, more importantly, what is the criteria that you use when deciding who to write about. Yesterday, you were asked about a variety of different actors. You picked "Jackles" as one that intrigues you. Why? Good looking...seemingly close friends...but there are tons of other actors who work together, and their show will end soon, probably. So what, specifically, is it that makes you want to write about them?

Dear Work Ethics:
Because it's my blolumn."

Anonymous said...

I think that Ted "notted" Jared long ago--back in April (the 20th I think). Here's the bv (there's a photo link to the 'shower-fresh Sam" scene...wrapped in a skimpy towel (the link was on the word 'visuals). Ted's answer says to keep on trolling.....i.e. keep on looking for other candidates for JJO, 1which in my book is a 'no'. (I think the whole JJO/DDD thing is a cover for another couple--over-eager SPN Fans instantly saw "J2...on few clues (i.e. no mention they worked together; that they worked in Canada etc)...and Ted saw the hits on his site go up and kept it up...Possibly with help from Jensen's or jared's PR team, who saw any talk as good long as it didn't get out of control.

Dear Ted:
Just some "visuals" that may help you think of other clues on Judas Jack-Off and his BF. OK, now I can virtually run and hide to die of shame in a corner.

Dear Super Duper Natural:
Thanks for the pics, hon, but keep trolling. Usually Miley's the only one exposing herself on the Web.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that is a not for Jared, It's Ted just having a go at the questioner without revealing anything too much. Trolling is another term for looking for gay sex or having a homosexual one night stand, which indicates to me Jared's gay and the other day Ted said he hasn't notted them. Besides Look at the question above Ted said in reply to the questioner "Since you-more-or-less notted Jared and Jensen for JJO/DDD...." "Dear Slow Down: I don't think I notted anyone" As far as I'm concerned J2 are still in the running. They are still the better fit for JJO and DDD by far.

Bungles said...

I think it is a "not" for Jared...because it's Jensen.

Anonymous said...

I hope JJO/DDD are NOT Jared and Jensen! Because JJO's behavior isn't nice, gracious or loving. AND Ted's said that in addition to his bearding behavior (at his mgmt's insistance) he wants sex with DDD....NOT to get back togeher in a relationship. That's cold! And opportunistic.
If it is them...then physically Jensen doesn't line up as well with being JJO.
I think it's accidentally-on-purpose-coincidental that Ted often reference JJO/DDD and "Jackles" in the same BVs....he's hding the real identy of JJO/DDD by making it seem like the same time he's hinting that "Jackles" are either a couple (or were) or at the very least are bi/gay. He draws in SPN fans for his ratings and prolongs the guessing game about both JJO/DDD and Jackles. He wins on all counts.

Anonymous said...

not fooled says

I don't think Ted doesn't like JJO, he just least likes JJO for how he called off his engagement to DDD and more than once Ted has mentioned how Management behind the scenes have interfered.

To me Ted's been more pissed at the Management than JJO, Ted just calls JJO weak for caving into Management. JJO fully intended to marry DDD but was pressured by Management and Other people behind the scenes to call it off, when you read all 3 vices he still wants a relationship to DDD despite the beard and JJO is clearly not happy with the Beard but has to go along with it. Management is scrambling to try and make the relationship with the Beard work, when clearly JJO's heart is not in it.

Besides Ted said the other day that JJO and DDD still have something special together and Ted is kinda hooked on them. If JJO just wanted to have sex with DDD, they wouldn't have something special would they?

"...More on Judas Jack-Off/Dashed Dingle Dream please, I'm getting kinda hooked on that one too!"-Cross-Starred. "Dear Reed Up: Clearly I'm coming around top your side of things. I think the two are friends but definitely not as close as they used to be. Sure, they have something special, though."

Ted has also said to that there are many hints sprinkled in there(which there are and while you can take everything literally, Ted speaks in metaphors). TAKE A STEP BACK and LOOK AT THE OBVIOUS.

To me the OBVIOUS is the very FIRST THING that CAME TO ME when I first read the vice and that was Jensen, engagement(alluded to in vice as a metaphor eg domesticated, flying),photo-op(Breeders cup-prancing-horses prance), not happy. I really think it's that simple.

At the end Ted's telling the girlfriend "Don't go up in that plane with Judas whatever you do girlfriend" Ted's telling the girl Don't go down that road with JJO, in other words-Don't fly off and get engaged and married to JJO he doesn't love you. The whole flying off getting engaged to JJO and jumping into marriage with JJO has disaster written all over it all 2012 like.

Besides I don't think it's a coincidence that Ted posted this on the very same week as Jensen's engagement, On Friday the 13th and the same week as the supernatural convention. To many coincidences not to be of significance. I don't think Ted's jerking us around with this one, I think he truly would like to see JJO get rid of his confusion and follow his heart and go back to DDD.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I really think you're working too hard, especially too hard to prove what Ted says is "obvious". Look at the clues, not what you want them to say. (Though WHY you'd want JJO/DDD to BE J2 is beyond me...JJO is not nice.)

From the beginning Ted says that JJO "wants sex" NOT a relationship. He also said that the JJO's relationship was in 'every tabloid around'. That was certainly NOT true of either Jared or jensen in Feb. 20, when the following was posted.

"And I can't decide which is the best part of all, that every tabloid around is buying J.J.'s just-pumped-up fake romance, or that Judas had the (typical) ass-wipe nerve to go back to the poor, dumped boyfriend and want sex."

So no, that's NOT a relationship...that's nookie. More recently Ted said they were "nookie active" then a few posts later he said they weren't (he must have forgotten to check what he'd said before).

Also, I think there's a clue in the just-pumped-up reference. Just as I think there's a clue in a later post that JJO/DDD are "light-years ahead" of Toothy and Grey Goose.

Think outside the J2 box. It's obvious. we just have to figure out who it really is.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous

It's not that I want JJO/DDD to be J2. I believe the clues have led us to believe them to be J2.

If you take J2 out of the equation for a minute and looked at the OBVIOUS I still think JJO is Jensen because to me it is very obvious and that is JENSEN, PHOTO OP, NOT HAPPY but by all means if you think you know who it could be put their names in.

There were photos and news of Jensen and Danneel in January 09 at the premiere of My Bloody Valentine. He was also taken her to conventions so they were in the news from time to time.

As to JJO wanting sex from DDD, Yes I agree that he wanted sex with DDD but he also fully intended to Marry DDD, which he may have done if Management and Other People hadn't interfered and more than once Ted has alluded to the fact that Management has had a large part to play in this. He also mentions Ken Starr who is against gay marriage and has very christian leanings so somebody was in JJO's ear telling him that his career would come to nothing if he came out and married DDD and also JJO is doing what is expected of him if he has conservative leanings. Ted has said before that JJO is very confused internally.

Management are scrambling to try and make it work for JJO and his beard and make it look real, when clearly JJO's heart is not in it, he is not even pretending to be happy.

As to the light years ahead of Toothy Tile and Grey Goose I think that means that JJO/DDD were planning on coming out, with their marriage and all, Whereas TT/GG had both gone way back into the closet so JJO/DDD were streets ahead of TT/GG at that point in time, where as notice now that Ted says "JJO has it as bad as permanently closeted movie star TT" I don't think JJO would now be classed as light years ahead of TT/GG by Ted anymore particularity with the latest possible developments with TT/GG.

Some people still think Hayden Christensen is JJO but I don't think he is, Ted said this the other day.
"Dear Ted: Why is everyone hating on Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen's relationship? I think they make a cute couple, though at times I get a gay vibe from Hayden. Is he hiding something? What's your take on these lovebirds?"
"Dear Broken Hearts:The haters are prob just bitter that Rach didn't stay with her O.C love Adam Brody... you have to admit, they were pretty cute together. And if Robsten's taught us anything, no one like it when their onscreen favorites aren't with each other".

What do y'all make of this? Is this a not for Hayden as JJO, Ted doesn't even indicate Hayden is gay or even a blind vice, it seems as if he thinks Hayden and Rachel are the real deal.

As to Jackles Ted has said they are his fav. so far and they are his blolumn which to me indicates that they are a blind item and Ted seems to indicate they are gay. He also says Jared has something in common with some on Tree Hiller's, which is a bearded reference perhaps to Jared having in common with Danneel and Sophie Bush and Ted said he never notted them. I just think the obvious is that J2 is JJO/DDD.

By not fooled

Anonymous said...

Its so sad that Jensen has to pretend to be heterosexual in order to continue his career.

Zane said...

1. I didn't say I know who JJO/DDD. I don't follow gossip (or watch much tv) beyone Supernatural. The problem in identifying ANY Blind Vice is that you have to know every pertinent actor/actress currenlty working re; age, sex, resume, current shows, looks, hobbies, etc. Those ho believe JJO/DDD are/might be Jared/Jensen are pre-dispossed to 'read/see' clues as pertaining to them. Many clues aren't exclusive to either of them.
2. I feel that JJO/DDD are NOT J2but that Ted used the two sets of people (JJO/DDD and Jackles) to build interest in each pairing. Draws Supernatural fans; 'hits' for his column, and effectively hides who JJO/DDD are by diverting the most voracious fans into being convinnced it's Jackles. The whole issue helped build interest in the show and in the actors. The show has had repeated episodes with references to Sam/Dean being gay, or mistaken for gay, or having fangirls obsess over them (see episode re: the convention). Hmmm, wouldn't it be interesting if the Ted Blind Vices were timed/used to build an 'are they' interest which was then 'teased about' in the actual show? Where do you think gossip columnists GET info half the time. PR firms, agents, mgmt., especially if the 'gossip' is written so that it turns out not to be about the client, but still means there's increased interest in the actor, actress or show?

3. Re: the Jensen/Danneel pictures shortly after being engaged. I went to a site and saw a lot more photos of the two together at the same event...Ted seems to have picked one of the photos where Jensen isn't smiling, instead of one of the photos where he WAS. Imagine my surprise (that was sarcasm). The photo editors at legit and gossip sitse pick photos to prove a point, underline a story, or tell a story. It's a key element of journalism (or gossip), and it's why photographers get Pulitzers, cause a photo can make or break a story. Why do you think the J2 photos used by Ted to illustrate his "Jackles Rocks" headline was of each of them looking upset (taken from the show, so not real) and facing away from each other??!

4. I will say that Jensen, for someone who modeled, often DOESN'T look very comfortable in photos...very stiff and unsmiling. Even in shoots with Jared...there is one photo where both Js are dressed in suits: Jared looks relaxed, good, and his suit fits. Jensen is stiff, unsmiling, and his suit looks BADLY fitting...too-long cuffs and too tight (makes him look fattish). In most outdoor shots, Jensen looks like the sun is painful (I presume one of the reasons he wears sunglasses a lot, cause people with blue or green eyes are often light-sensitive). A lot of these traits are evident in the 'posed' photos.

5. Guess what? Did ya know that 'stars' are paid to show up at events such as the Breeder's Cup? And at those roll-outs of perfume and cell phones and other things? It's like fan conventions...they get money for being there (gasp!). Jensen, being pretty, does it a lot it seems, but he doesn't really seem too comfortable doing it, or to be less charitable, he's not a very good model/spokesperson. (Personally I think he looks a bit stoned or drunk at these things, but maybe that's the way to get through them). At the premiere of his movie, I'd suggest it was nerves, his/Daneel's natural habit of 'posing' for the camera's, and probably her desire not to smear her makeup. Watch people walk a rope-line or the red carpet, they're all taught to strike a pose. Put 2 people who pose for the camera together (and neither one a great natural talent) and they look pretty fake.

Anonymous said...

You seem pretty intent on trying to prove J2 is not JJO/DDD, I'm just saying where the clues have led me.

As to photos of Jensen and Jared, Jensen is always more relaxed and happy around Jared. Here's one example. Jensen has a huge smile on his face that reaches his eyes and he even has a hand over Jared's heart. There are many more like it.

Compare that to any photos of Jensen and Danneel and I just don't see any genuine happiness when Jensen is with Danneel.

Yes Jensen is shy and reserved and never comfortable about revealing his private life but JJO is coy and coy means all of the above shy, reserved and conniving means to keep hidden so if Jensen is gay he will will be reluctant to reveal it because he likes to keep his private life private.

I'm not trying to prove one way or another just stating my observations.

As to Ted of course he's a gossip columnist but I just don't think he's screwing around on this one and I mean that Ted has been insinuating that JACKLES are more than friends and if they weren't wouldn't he have a court case on his hands for spreading false rumors. I just don't think that's Ted's ammo particularly when he's gay himself. As to the show, he has admitted he hasn't given the show a proper watch, I don't see Ted trying to promote a show he hardly watches so if it isn't true why bother with two actors from the CW.

So let's just wait and see where Ted's clues lead next shall we. If his clues indicate otherwise that JJO/DDD is not J2 I might consider it but until then I still think JJO/DDD is them and JJO is Jensen and if they are it's sad but even today Ted said most actors don't have the balls to come out.

By not fooled

Anonymous said...

I've seen those engagement photos - not one of them has a genuine happy smile from Jensen. Someone should tell him that fake smiles are scary. And why was he wearing sunglasses indoors?

Anonymous said...

1. If you're going to actually try to figure out who JJO/DDD are, then you have to a better observer, and/or more honest in what you see/how you assess it/what you call things.

2. Those were NOT Jensen's and Daneel's Engagement photos. They were paid, and almost all 'celebrities' are to show up and give some 'glitter' to an event, whether a sport event, the rollout of a drink/watch, etc. STOP calling them engagement photos. They were WORKING.

3. They were outdoors, not indoors. They were posed in front of the "breeders cup" logo banner outside. Check again.

Anonymous said...

They were full intents and purposes the engagement photos to show to the public. Get real.

And some of those photos were indoors and he was wearing shades.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about my grammatical mistakes - I'm hung over just like Jensen in those photos. Oops I've said it.

Anonymous said...

Try any photos of Jensen and Danneel, he never seems happy with her, give me one where he even seems vaguely in love with her. I don't care where they have been taken, you can argue all day over whether photos and videos were staged or not staged, or if Jensen is hung over or not.

Even in the photos taken from the video at Steve Carlson's Thanksgiving dinner show Jensen is not happy, in fact at one stage Jensen looks like he is going to cry and the smile doesn't even reach his eyes. There has been a lot of controversy over this video.

Actually you have just proved he could be JJO, JJO has a staged available photo op with gorgeous girlfriend and what you are saying is Jensen and Danneel had a photo op at the Breeders cup where they posed for staged photos because they were working and were paid for it.

You are so intent on trying to prove Jensen is not JJO that you are missing the clues that are right in front of you. The clues have led many people to believe JJO/DDD could be J2, not whether they want them to be JJO/DDD or not.

I like deciphering Ted's clues, not arguing with somebody who doesn't like the fact that Jensen and Jared happens to be part of the JJO/DDD discussion, if you don't like it, get off this board or if you think the clues have led you elsewhere put their names in so they can be discussed as JJO/DDD.

By not fooled

Anonymous said...

Actually, once again, I never said I knew who JJO/DDD are, nor that J2 aren't JJO/DDD...though my belief is that Ted has (as he has before) used J2 as a 'cover' for the real JJO/DDD.

My question to you is why you WANT J2 to be JJO/DDD. JJO is an ass who ackted in the interest of his career, not the 'man in love with him', to quote Ted; he's asking DDD for sex (NOT for a relationship); Ted has said that their relationship is basically okay but will never be what it was.

It's sad that you want to force J2 to be those unhappy people.

Instead of calling out someone who's asking rational questions about the two pairs...stupidly, since you only know that I don't believe JJO/DDD aren't J2, not whether I believe J2 are/were a couple in any should look at the evidence and hope to hell that J2 is NOT JJO/DDD.

Oh, and yes, I agree. Jensen's probably waering sunglasses cause of the sun, and a bit too much to drink. His little Irish eyes better watch out...I'm beginning to see a pattern of drinking (and as my family histry shows that's hard on the looks and the livelihood.

not fooled said...

Nobody want's J2 to be JJO/DDD it's the clues indicate they are. I know now where you are coming from. Nobody wants J2 to be unhappy.

It's just that Jensen never even appears happy with Danneel, well not in any photo's or videos of them together, which gives rise to the fact that Jensen could well be JJO. JJO is doesn't even pretend to be happy with beard.

As to whether Jensen is drunk or not, I think that's a side issue. I wouldn't have a clue how much he drinks or doesn't drink. Although he may very well need to be drunk at an official photo op with Danneel to go through with it if he isn't in love with her. I have nothing against Danneel, it just that Jensen's body language indicates differently from the official I am in love with my girlfriend and fiancee.

Whereas Jensen and Jared's body language always indicates that they are or were in love with each other, whether drunk or not. They are always facing each other, look at their feet, their eyes always meet, everything about them say they are or have been a couple. Although I can believe something changed or went down around the time of the first vice came out because their body language was slightly different and they didn't touch other like they used to. A lot of people noticed it. Which can also fit JJO/DDD.

Yes JJO want's sex with DDD, but read the first 2 vices and JJO wanted to marry DDD his partner and fiancee until Management interfered and influenced JJO's thinking. So JJO's relationship has been on/off since. As Ted say's they were nookie active, then they weren't and now they still have something special but not like they used to.

So DDD is left in the lurch a bit since JJO has taken up with beard and that could fit Jared. If in fact J2 do have something going on, where would it leave Jared if Jensen go's ahead and Marries Danneel. That would be an unhappy living situation, giving more reason to think they could be JJO/DDD.

Notice Jared is very quite on the girlfriend front never confirming or denying his relationship or rumored engagement with Genevieve, as if she is girlfriend in name only. Whereas Jensen is the one getting the press for his engagement and yet remaining coy (shy, reserved) about it all. That also fit's in with JJO.

So in answer to your question I do not want J2 to be JJO/DDD but the clues have led me there. I would prefer they were happy with whomever they are with but where is the happiness for Jensen and Danneel, I just don't see it.

As Ted said in the latest bitch back in the question about Toothy and all the other beard's out there as to whether the pubic/industry really care if they swing the other way: "Yes-time with the beard is to help sustain their double life. Photo ops very much help keep up appearances. Gotta look all domesticated, ya know". So it's not easy for any actor to come out and be gay and have work.

Anonymous said...

I don't want J2 to be unhappy either but I think all the pretense is making them miserable. I would still love them and support their careers as a member of the public by watching their TV programs or movies etc if they were to come out. However, it appears the homophobic hard-line conservatives have the power still. Surely there must be a way they can be themselves without damaging their careers - Alicia Silverstone kept her relationship with her boyfriend (until they wed) out of the reach from the press by simply not talking about it or answering any questions. I know it was a heterosexual relationship however they wanted it to be private and the managed it. These attempts by PR and Management to show Jensen as straight have only convinced the fans who wanted to be convinced. Until this sham event in November I was not sure in my own mind what the deal was with J2&D but now I think they have tried far too hard to give off a certain image bit which comes off as phony. In conclusion, I believe that J2 are gay/bi, are in love (despite the betrayal of the heart) and that D is the beard (whether being paid, through friendship or both). It is so sad.

Anonymous said...

The look on Jensen's face - the attempted smile that falls flat makes me want to weep for him.

Anonymous said...

The look on Jensen's face - the attempted smile that falls flat makes me want to weep for him.

Anonymous said...

I agree Jensen's attempted smile makes me makes me want to weep for him too. Danneel looks like a smug filly shaking her mane.

In this one Jensen is lying or hiding something. It's like they were coached in what to say.

If you know anything about body language, you know he's lying. He put's his hand over his mouth, licks his lips and looks down a sure sign of deceit. Later he also touches his nose and looks down a sure sign of lying and deception.

Can't see his eyes as he has sunglasses on but if somebody looks down and to the left they are also lying or making something up, whereas if somebody looks up and to the right they are recalling something and telling the truth.

In conclusion this whole engagement thing looks very staged, they definitely don't look like a newly engaged couple in love.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that was

Anonymous said...

I just saw the "happy thanksgiving" video at the School of Jensen and Jared website. (It was taken down in a few other sites, due to 'bad comments' or something.

Anway, does anyoen know what the off-camera person say after Jensen says "Happy Thanksgiving"??? I have my opinoin (though my laptop has bad sound)...but I'd like to hear what others think.

P.S. I actually think that Jensen looks less then happy in the T-Day video...he seems more 'on' being interviewed at the Breeders' Cup. He eems very uncomfortable in the T-Day video.

Anonymous said...

The Thanksgiving video was taken down due to the controversy it caused. The general consensus was that Jensen looked miserable. Here is a link on youtube.

His eyes actually look spaced out and at the finish he looks like he's going to cry. Again the smile doesn't reach his eyes. Doesn't look to be a Happy Thanksgiving for him does it?

Thanks to the school of Jensen and Jared website, Here are some photos from it.

I think at the finish the cameraman says very nice but I'm not sure. Gosh I wish he would wake up soon whether gay or not it's obvious he's not happy with Danneel. He is always very happy with Jared.

Anonymous said...

Something other than his sad face and eyes in the Thanksgiving Video I have noticed is that his hand is precariously and lightly placed on her shoulder. Note that his thumb is not making contact with her shoulder. This to me indicates that there is an emotional distance or lack of familiarity and comfort between them. It is as if he is being too polite with her - it is incongruous with a supposedly intimate relationship with the person you intend to marry.

I thought someone shouted "cut" at the end.

Anonymous said...

Hard to tell exactly what was said at the end, can anybody else make it out

Anonymous said...

Can it be "...and out" (which is a phrase used when shooting) or "Or not"? It's hard cause the camera swings which is distracting and the dog barks just before.

Also, I don't think J looks that distant from D, just less then thrilled with making the video. I find it interseting they went to friends for T-day, and not to family. ANy thoughts?

Regarding how he appears in the video...I thought two things.

1. Boy, are his fingers/hand swollen! Are they always like that. (I think that might explain the hold or lack thereof on D's shoulder.

2. He didn't seem thrilled with the videotaping. I (think?) they were at the home of his friend's mom (???) and maybe he just didn't want to deal with any video that he knew was going to go on the 'net and be scrutinized and yelled about by fangirls/guys. (Like us!!). Didn't the poster (Steve's mom) have to take down the video cause of nasty comments on her blog? Maybe J just didn't want what he knew was going to be a firestorm by too-crazy 'fans'. (I for one am not a big PDA person, so I can 'get' the lack of enthusiasm at being videotaped in a private time). (When J/J are together, at fan conventions, they are working...they are being paid and it's exciting and there's a lot of energy in the air. Would fans pay big bucks for conventions if the stars were 'lukewarm' towards each other? I 'may'/may not have more experience in the acting/production field then most people here, so believe me I can tell you that actors, once they come off-stage from a filmng, a ive performance, or a live appearance, QUICKLY lose their "happy" "excited" "sad"/ whatever faces and get really quiet, or whatever their real personaliities are.

Anonymous said...

It was a private video that Steve Carlson's mother put up because, it showed Steve cutting up a Turkey for Thanksgiving, she took it down due to the controversy it caused, as Jensen and Danneel were in it for about 3 seconds of a 4min video and are you on crack or something, When does Jensen ever look happy with Danneel. A little enthusiasm in front of friends would have gone a long way.

Anonymous said...

Who are you asking about being on crack?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, just a figure of speech. I didn't mean literally.

It's just that when somebody says Jensen is not happy in his engagement photos the excuse is they are posing officially for photos, whether paid or not, so of course their uncomfortable. Then when it's said Jensen is not happy in the thanksgiving video, the excuse is their is a lack of enthusiasm is due being in front of the camera in private time.

To me Jensen is not happy with Danneel period.

Anonymous said...

Okay that is clearer now and I totally agree.

The common denominator (whether public or private photos/videos) when Jensen looks miserable is Danneel.

Anonymous said...

I just had to say I agree with you guys- people will give the excuse like you said he is in front of the camera because he has to do it, but come on look at past pictures/videos of him in front of a camera and its clear the guy is comfortable in that setting- smiling with past girlfriends and of course Jared. Maybe at times he is annoyed at having to be filmed, but there are to many times, well heck almost every time he is with his fiancé (cringe) he looks pretty down or on something to get through it. I mean really- he should just give her a big hug or smooch or SOMETHING to make us believe he is happy! Hey that's just my opinion!

Anonymous said...

I don't think that he needs to give her a big smooch - I accept that that is private. What concerns me is that he ALWAYS looks uncomfortable and stiff around her- ie lack of chemistry. If either Jensen or Jared were female nobody would think twice that they were a couple/happy newly weds.

not fooled said...

Ted's latest

"Dear Ted: Love Judas-Jack-off and DDD(whoever they turn out to be). Question though, is Kris Allen really as straight as his roommate Adam Lambert says he is, i.e. 100 percent straight? The chemistry between the two sizzling, and those pecs on Allen could make a straight man bisexual, so no telling what they did to Lambert. Am I warm here or totally kooky on this one?

"Dear Love, Lost and Everything in Between:I think Judas and Dashed have way more sexual chemistry than Kris and Adam. However, the American Idol guys have a better relationship than Judas and Dashed right now.

I always thought J2 have sizzling sexual chemistry and given that Jensen is now engaged to Danneel it's plausible that the relationship is not what what it used to be, particularly if J2 have been together, it would still leave Jared in the lurch and could cause some tension in the relationship.

Also what straight man stares at another mans sweat on his chest and then proceeds to comfortably tell everyone how he mops the sweat up off Jared's chest during takes.(no straight man that I now of) Talk about sexual tension and this coming from a man who is reserved about revealing things about himself and looks uncomfortable and unhappy with his fiance in any photo/video of them.

To me Ted's saying JJO/DDD still have a sexual element to their relationship given they have a great sexual chemistry but keep in mind since JJO took up with beard the relationship has been on/off, they were nookie active, then they weren't then they still have something special but not like they used to, given JJO was initially going to Marry DDD his partner and fiance, the relationship won't be like it used to be with Marriage on the cards, poor DDD is still left in the lurch, could well put some strain on the relationship. Thoughts anyone.

Bungles said...

Now..... I think that JJJ/DDD are almost certainly these two..... but I think this "analysis" of random photos is utterly bizarre and says nothing.

It says "Very niiiice" at the end of the video, as in "Say something to camera...Happy thanksgiving..very nice". Nothing sinister at all. And he's probably a little drunk, hence the eyes. It's Thanksgiving!

None of this, the photos or the video, say anything at all about the relationships of anyone....

Bungles said...

(PS I would argue that the videos of the two boys suggest a deep bond....but I don't think this Danneel stuff tells us anything, one way or another)

Anonymous said...

Gotta disagree with you about the photo's/videos. Remember JJO is not even pretending to be happy with beard so we can expect snaps of them with JJO looking glum. Jensen looks glum and unhappy with Danneel period. Something is just off with Jensen & Danneel, something does not sit right with their relationship.

Compare any of Jensen's photos with Danneel to any photo with Jensen & his previous girlfriends, say Joanna Krupa & they show they that Jensen & Joanna had more chemistry than any of Jensen & Danneel's photo's put together. Jensen pulls her close and gives her a kiss on the cheek.

Also compare the photos/videos to Jensen and Jared & the chemistry between them is undeniable. So I agree with you there that J2 have a deep bond.

Bungles said...

You could grab a handful of photos of me from facebook and decide I'm always glum when wearing green, or always seem to have a twinkle in my eye when wearing a hat.

Photos are tiny moment, and I think there's a lot of selective editing here (there are probably thousands of photos of them together, and the same ones, where he looks "sad", just het repeated over and over.

Zane said...

Bungles, I think it's a lost cause trying to get some people to understand that photos are edited and selected by editors, magazines, web sites, fans etc. This is true of every publication, whether gossip about stars or hard news in the NY Times.

On another note, anyone have comments on Ted's column yesterday (12/10) re: JJO/DDD. That they have more sexual chemistry then Adam Labmbert and his straight roomate? BUT That Adam and his roomate get along better then JJO/DDD? My thinking is that this further confrims that JJO/DDD do NOT equal J2 (unless, gasp! I'm being mislead by the photos, fan reports and other stuff on the web and Jensen and Jared AREN'T getting along these days?). !!


Anonymous said...

Except that ALL the photos with Danneel be is miserable looking! (this is including private home videos!) And ALL of the photos with Jared he either looks ecstatic or very comfortable. People who cannot see that Danneel is a beard are in denial.

Bungles said...

Zane, I'm 100% with you on the photos, but from the random convention videos, the too guys do seem to have an *enormous* amount of chemistry (even if, in the end, it's a soul-mate bromance sort of thing, and nothing sexual)

not fooled said...

Teds latest

"I have another guess for Judas Jack- Off and Dashed Dingle Dream: Jared Leto and Colin Farrell. Warm or ice-cold? Also, I'd like to know if the gorgeous and camera-shy Gale Harold has already been the subject of one of your Blind Vices." -A

"Dear throwin" Out Names: Jared and Colin. It's no secret that Colin loves the ladies. And Jared is too douchey. As for Gale, never. He's really not an operator, which is sort of required to be a Blind Vice alum."

Just more people to add to the Not list.

To Zane I don't see that it's a not for J2. Remember Jared and Jensen are already Blind Vice Candidates so there is the little problem of finding out out which vices they belong to if they are not JJO/DDD and J2 do have great sexual chemistry.

Sure there not as showy as Adam Lambert who is obviously very out and proud and would attach himself to any body who he had a crush on including his roommate and show it in no uncertain terms all the while remain great friends but what their relationship lacks is the sexual tension, which J2 has.

Also wouldn't you think that if J2 have or are together, the little problem of Jensen's engagement to Danneel would cause some tension in the relationship regardless how close J2 are. I know if I was in that position it would cause some tension but that doesn't mean the sexual tension would go away.

I think the clue is in the "Dear Love, Lost and in Between" With JJO/DDD There was Love (they were going to Marry) Lost (they lost their Love and JJO took up with beard) and In Between (I think they're love/relationship/friendship is somewhere in the middle)

Notice at Van Con there was a lot more tension with J2 and Jensen was putting his relationship forward with Danneel (rather uncomfortably so I must say so) but at Chi Con the sexual tension was back ie Lingering glances, Jensen staring at Jared's sweat on his chest and then proceeding to comfortably tell everyone how he mops up Jared's sweat during takes(no straight man would do that, that I know of). So to me J2 could still be JJO/DDD.

Zane said...

1. Today in Ted's column he was ALSO asked if Mario Lopez was JJO (a few questions below the Jared Leto/Colin Firth Question). He said that Mario was not JJO, who Ted said was a lot less grossly pumped then Mario (sorry, don't have exact quote).

2. Since one of the earlier BV clues that led many to believe JJO was Jared (and not the less pumped up Jensen) was that JJO was well-built....what do you all think of that now? Again, means to me that JJO is not Jared (or Jensen); and that Ted, once he found out that many readers had jumped to the J2 connection, began to play on that to increase readership.

3. To Not Fooled. I have no idea if J2 are together. Really don't care at this point, just find the whole 'chase' interesting. Now that my lack of bias is more or less established...believe me when I tell you that actors do a lot of strange things during a shoot. Also, that actors at fan conventions tell stories that will interest and excite and even titillate their fans--in this case, to prove how close they are and to say to the want to touch his chest, and I can (even if he never did, and it's only a 'cute' story). A little less wide-eyed naivete would be helpful in figuring out the JJO/DDD question, cause though I believe it's not J2, I want to know.

not fooled said...

That whole question was this:

"Dear Ted:Just throwing some ideas around in my head and wondered if Mario Lopez is JJO. The guy sure comes off as douchey enough to me." Sarah

"Dear Nooo: Judas is definitely not as grossly buff as Lopez"

I would describe Jensen as not as grossly Buff as Lopez, see what some people don't realize is up until a while ago Jensen didn't work out a lot, he wasn't as muscularly as he is now but Jensen is well built. Whereas Jared works out a lot he at times is built more like a body builder. Jensen is also impossibly sexy and stunningly beautiful, with gorgeous muscles like JJO is.

To Zane I get that you don't think J2 is JJO/DDD while I do and your lack of bias so you put it and that's cool as I love the debate, but I would like to know who you think they are or what your ideas are.

As to me being naive, believe me I'm far from naive. I think people who believe that there is nothing going on between J2 are naive and that it's normal for straight men to stare at and comment on another mans sweat on his chest are naive. I'm also not naive to consider others who might be JJO/DDD but nobody has come up with another paring that fits JJO/DDD better then J2.

Anonymous said...

Very long-time Jensen fan here. FWIW... going back to the video of Jensen & Danneel being interviewed at the Breeders Cup. You have one classic example of the man telling a HUGE lie, right there. He states he didn't know anything [about horses or betting] until "two days ago," when he is a fixture at times at the racing tracks in BC, and in fact grew up around horses and worked on his uncles' farm. Yes, I have pics and it did happen - but sorry, they're private so not sharing here. However, all of these pics have been posted before on the internet and someone will come up with links to them - just not me.

So - why the lie? It's the "two days ago" thing I keep wondering about. Because if you go back & look, just a week prior, the entire SPN fandom was apparently flipping out over IMDB-based rumors that Jared and Genevieve Cortese had gotten engaged, and were upset about it; saying that it was too soon, blah blah blah. The PR team must have wanted to pull back from that not-announcement. So true to form, just like he's done before, Jensen stepped out with Danneel on his arm and people looked the other way, away from Jared, "the other one," as Danneel calls him. People think about that for just a minute: why would JA's beard call Jared "the other one"? THINK.

Another observation: a lot of pictures of Jared & Jensen in the happier days of 2008 (and earlier) contrast strongly with their more subdued closeness that they do still exhibit at the cons (among fans & familiar faces) and in videos & more recent pictures. It's no doubt they're together and they remain close; the fond, loving looks at one another have only grown deeper and more connected. You simply can't miss that. But it doesn't look like they're as happy, carefree, and centered on one another as they were before the movie franchises and the CW made them step up with the bearding. Things have gotten more complicated,there are more things to consider now. Careers, for instance. Maybe even their families and what it might do to them if it came out that their darling golden boys are a couple. Contrasted to the J2 appearance last year at the Red Bull races? They're positively meek, even if we can tell they're still together.

I think this is what Ted meant by the "they're not as happy as they once were" line of observations/comments.

JJO is Jensen. I've thought this since the 2nd BV; for me it's always fit once I started reading (about a month ago, sorry I wasn't around on the boards when all the excitement started). He's been closeted for years, probably longer than most people think. For me, it's always made more sense, but then I've been a Jensen fan for a lot longer than SPN, and I'd seen him before in photo ops. He's always been kind of douchey and downright coy. It's part of his charm.

Also, from what I've seen, being with Jared made him a nicer person as long as Jared was around. When Jensen's with his buddies in LA, and when he's alone or away from his comfort zone, he can be SUPER douchey. So - put that in the bucket with the things Ted mentioned about JJO being a jerk. He can be. I just also believe that Jared makes him happy so maybe he isn't so much of a jerk to Jared as he can be to other people. Before you ask, trying to weigh out what I can say because I do have behind-the-scenes contacts and reports so I'm not just basing this on what I've observed myself as a fan over the years.

--t. anon

Anonymous said...

RE: Breeders Cup

DO you think that it was his 'tell' when he stuck his tongue out and the covered his mouth (at the beginning: )

Tell me more about what you know about Jensen from your behind the scene contacts. I cant imagine him being douchey though.

Anonymous said...

Is these private?

Bungles said...

How exciting, do we have a new contact-of-a-contact on the board?

Can you comment on their current living arrangements? It was widely suggested, thanks to come crazy fangirl nutjob trawling Canadian public loan records, that they actually have a joint mortgage. This would fit into the "planning to marry" thoughts of a few years ago (and would be rather odd for two so rich friends to do otherwise... joint friendship mortgages are 99% through fancial necessity, and their $2.5 m/year would sort of not tick with that.)

not fooled said...

I think everyone is right about J2 not being as happy as they once were. Take the red bull races, they were so happy and so in tune with each other, they walked in step together and their body language mirrored each others exactly. If you know anything about body language only very close couples in love do that.

Then things changed, many people noticed it around the time the first vice came out,they started carting Danneel/Genevieve around more to conventions. Jensen/Danneel being photographed more together ie Sydney con. J2 didn't touch as much but the lingering glances were always there, they just didn't seem as happy. In fact a few times Jensen looks at Jared, he is clearly angry, pissed off or annoyed at something and shakes his head at Jared and that could fit in with the doucheness and being a jerk to DDD.(crazy fan girls are going to have my head at that suggestion, that is why many can't believe Jensen is JJO as they don't believe he could be a jerk to Jared.)So I can believe something went down and that fits in with JJO/DDD.

As to Jensen lying, he is clearly lying about knowing about horse racing until two days ago.I'm the one who initially brought that up, kept forgetting to put my name on a couple of anon. posts. I am no expert on body language but I have an interest in body language and read a lot of books on it, I find it fascinating and it doesn't matter if you are posing for an official photo/video or you think you are an expert at lying, your body always betrays you subconsciously somehow. Take Bill Clinton he kept touching his nose about the not having sexual relations, he was lying.

Jensen is lying in the video, covers his mouth with hand and looks down, and later touches his nose and looks down, clearly lying.

Jensen grew up with horses and he knows a lot about horses, he's actually bow legged from riding a lot and he said himself one of his favorite pastimes was riding ponies.

An insider of a sorts, that's exiting we need somebody who knows something, and not somebody, who knows somebody, who knows somebody, who knows somebody. Please tell us more or as much as you are able.

As to Jensen being gay, there have been gay rumors about him for years even before Days of Our Lives. As to Danneel calling Jared the other one, I've thought about that, I thought that was strange like she doesn't like him or Jared's the competition. I've only heard people refer to somebody as the other one when there is another person involved in the relationship.(like the wife, will call the mistress to her husband, the other one.)

It's not just widely suggested about the mortgage. That was supposedly fact checked and proven but crazy fan girls say Jensen was just helping Jared out, I beg to differ nobody has a joint mortgage unless you are a couple or need a guarantor for financial reasons and I can't believe Jared would need help financially and it would fit in with marriage plans of JJO/DDD.

not fooled said...

PS. Given that Jensen seems to be clearly lying in the video about talking to the Jockey etc. 2 days before, This whole thing appearance at Breeders cup, engagement could well have been cooked up 2 days before as I said before it's like they were coached in the whole thing.

As to Jared being engaged, he could well be but he is being very quiet on the matter, in fact never confirming nor denying he is even with Guenevere like she is Girlfriend/Fiance` in name only,or he just want's to keep it super private, something I could see DDD doing seeing DDD heart was broken and Jensen being Jensen would've stepped up for Jared as you say because despite the doucheness or being a jerk bit Jensen has always appeared to look out out for Jared and step in to help Jared with something and take the heat away from Jared.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Love Judas-Jack-off and DDD (whoever they turn it out to be). Question though, is Kris Allen really as straight as his roommate Adam Lambert says he is, i.e. 100 percent straight? The chemistry between the two is sizzling, and those pecs on Allen could make a straight man bisexual, so no telling what they did to Lambert. Am I warm here or totally kooky on this one?

Dear Love, Lost and Everything in Between:
I think that Judas and Dashed have way more sexual chemistry than Kris and Adam. However, the American Idol guys have a better relationship than Judas and Dashed right now."

Bungles said...

I think this might be edging towards fan fiction....

Confused said...


Re: your question about the joint marriage, I thought that came up via an article in American Way magazine.

The article:

The author says the joint mortgage thing came up during fact-checking (look in the comments):

Just to throw out there, in looking for the above links (like Bungles, I wanted confirmation about that rumor, if possible) I stumbled onto a page full of quotes from the J's about their relationship. The author of the page also links quotes back to the original source material. I won't editorialize, but there are some interesting quotes for anyone who suspects J2 as JJO/DDD or even just J2 separate from JJO/DDD.

Bungles said...

I've seen a lot of those comments live in the one or two convention videos I watched.

The thing is..... do you think that just as much *proves* it's a buddy-buddy jocular bromance more than anything? I mean, these two are professional actors. You don't just "casually" out yourself as an actor in Hollywood. It's a planned,staggered event, micro-managed by PR.

There way of comedy homoerotic chat makes me think they're *not* going out more than anything....

Bungles said...

PS. Although the mortgage thing does sound solid, and not just the rumour I presumed.

Bungles said...

I also apologise for my grammar collapse: I was too excited by your super sleuthing.

Confused said...

Bungles, by the "homoerotic comedy" thing, do you mean you think they're saying, "Hey, let's play up the gay just to rile up the fanbase"?

Anonymous said...

Bungles...your point about the 'comedy homoerotic chat" is one that I've always considered. I'm not sure (who is about this, except the main players, but):

If you are gay, and closeted and your livelihood depends on appearing straight, then it's dangerous to even 'joke' about being gay.

But if you're straight and rather emotionally and commedically immature (like many actors, and most 20-smething men), then it's an obvious, easy way to play it.

Especially when you're surrounded by a crew and writers and fans who support it and even push it on the show and on the fansites. It's a way to keep people interested. (Witness the Dean/Sam being gay references. Do you think the show would push that angle if j and j were gay? I wonder, since that's a big risk).

Anonymous said...

To the anon. above I've often thought about that with the show acknowledging the slash fanbase but if J2 are JJO/DDD given that JJO/DDD were going to marry and possibly come out and proud maybe they thought they would test the fanbase to see how receptive fans might be to J2 being gay but things changed. Between the slash fanbase things are slightly divided there's a few that think Kripke went too far but the majority think that it's good he acknowledged that side of the fanbase as long as Kripke doesn't make fun of it. That's a good point to debate.

not fooled said...

I posted the above comment sorry forgot to put my name on it.

Zane said...


Don't accept the 'shared mortgage' concept too readily.

1. First, American Way Magazine is, to quote Wikipedia: "a free in-flight magazine available in American Airlines and American Eagle Airlines. ...The twice-monthly variety magazine features celebrity lifestyles, hotel, restaurants, pop culture and tech reviews."

This is NOT a paragon of journalism. If I was writing an article or paper, I would NOT quote "American Way Magazine" and I don't think any publisher would accept such a 'source'.

2. The rumour cropped up only recently and seems to be repeated by the same one or two fans on various sites. I have noted the slightly odd wording they use pertaining to the issue on at least 4 different sites, which clues me in that it's just a few people (who don't understand the correct terms) repeating the rumor over and over. The incorrect (non-standard) way they phrase it is that J2 "own a mortgage". The correct (usual) terms are "have a mortgage" or "hold a mortgage".

3. The rumor flies in the face of all that has been said by Jared and Jensen themselves. Jared has said at cons (unless all the fans reporting it are wrong or liars) that it's his house. (I think the last time was this summer, when Jared seemed a bit non-plussed that someone thought they had held a mortgage together.

4. I find it odd that American Way Magazine would bother to fact-check such an issue as who owns a house. It's an in-flight magazine for heavens sake.

5. MOST successful actors have managers who handle business and personal issues for them. Cause they're too busy; actors are children (hey, I didn't say it first) and MOST IMPORTANTLY, for reason of privacy. If anyone thinks that 'known' actors have their phone, credit card, cell phone or other bills, or even their car papers or mortgages in their own name, then they are very very wrong. Most houses, cars, phone bills are a). in the names of third-parties (managers) or in 'corporate names' set up especally to hide identities. Phone companies have a division that handles such things. So do mortgage companise and banks.

Confused said...

Zane, I think you're being way too hard on American Way Magazine. No, it's not Newsweek. But neither is it a tabloid. I also disagree with your assertion #2 (Having worked at a mortgage company for five years, all three variations "own / have / hold" are used. Based on your spelling of "rumour," maybe you're British or Canadian? In which case, maybe it's a linguistic difference between countries.) and #4. I think #5 is definitely possible, maybe even likely, but not a given.

I think you're also trusting a source that is little more reliable than a magazine: the J's themselves. Ultimately, anything the public knows about a public figure is what they want us to know. And if they have an incentive to mislead or lie, they will. As they so very often do. I'm not saying I'm convinced the J's are lying about their relationship or house-owning status or whatever. I'm not - I don't know one way or the other. I'm just saying until they say it under oath, I'm not taking it as gospel. What they say just gets thrown into the jumble of information to be considered along with everything else.

not fooled said...

To Zane you are like the cat amongst the pigeons always putting doubt on everything, oh well that keeps us all in check. I understood they have a mortgage together and that it was fact checked, how fact checked I don't know. As to Jared saying it's his house, there was some little internal argument between Jared and Jensen over that so I don't think we can rely on J2 to tell us exactly who owns the house. I think they like to keep the fandom guessing. Once in response to a fan's questions if they will remain friends after the series Jensen joked how he will change the Locks on the house and not take Jared's calls and Jared gave him a look and said it's my house. So exactly who owns the owns the house could be a matter up for contention.

Bungles said...

And the entire saga comes down the journalistic ethics of an obscure inflight magazine...

Anonymous said...

I don't think the ENTIRE saga rests on the mortgage issue. It is all based on individuals' opinions formed from a variety of elements: body language and other non-verbal cues,J2's actions and decisions, discrepancies between what they say and do, consistencies or inconsistencies in their accounts, rumour, cultural expectations on gender behaviour, views on the Hollywood game and PR (cynical, neutral or naive view of PR), knowledge that many parts of America (Red States) are deeply conservative and intolerant of people who deviate from heterosexual (I hear bad things about the Dallas FT, Texas police response to homophobic attacks), the individual's view on homosexuality (accepting, or intolerant) and a sprinkling of je ne sais quoi.

In modern Britain there is a more accepting culture towards gay people (especially in the entertainment industry) and they are protected by the law and its criminal justice agencies. If you come from a country or State which is not accepting, belong to an Industry which does not allow openly gay men to take on heterosexual 'leading man' roles, and there is a high likelihood that your family may reject you if you came out - then I can understand why someone would not come out of the closet under those circumstances.

Bungles said...

Of course they may well be "out of the closet" (which I thinks a pretty rough phrase: keeping one's business one's business is not "hiding") to everyone who matters (family friends etc).

A public persona is a whole other ball-game. It's a marketing screen, nothing more. It's like old Toothy: who knows what's really going on, he might just be rather good at building a marketing persona (the story is an internet success, but 95% of the public would have no idea; the controversy of bearding keeps him in the online news; the rumour of a secret, equally attractive male partner keeps the fan girls giggling)

In terms of mortgages and bills through third parties I have no doubt that the case for A and major B listers: these guys are only 4 years away from the D-list, and I very much doubt the have gone to the rigmarole of fake billing ids. THe most I would expect is using their mother's or grandmother's maiden name ( a la Natalie Portman, who is 10 times the star.)

Anonymous said...

You're getting into semantics now. 'Coming out' is a perfectly okay term to use, and it means being proud of who you are and improving things for other people in the longer term to be out and proud. This "Marketing" as you call it is still about all deception and manipulation - there is nothing benign about that. Jake G - I've always been indifferent to him regardless of sexuality and I'm not sure why he is supposed to be a star - he is fugly! J2 are at least C list and on the rise - while doing SPN they have limited opportunity to go for the big roles. Natalie Portman is still riding on the success of Leon (aka The Professional) however with the exception of Leon she has proven herself to be a VERY ordinary actor and she will not last once her looks fade/gets older.

Anonymous said...

You're getting into semantics now. 'Coming out' is a perfectly okay term to use, and it means being proud of who you are and improving things for other people in the longer term to be out and proud. This "Marketing" as you call it is still about all deception and manipulation - there is nothing benign about that. Jake G - I've always been indifferent to him regardless of sexuality and I'm not sure why he is supposed to be a star - he is fugly! J2 are at least C list and on the rise - while doing SPN they have limited opportunity to go for the big roles. Natalie Portman is still riding on the success of Leon (aka The Professional) however with the exception of Leon she has proven herself to be a VERY ordinary actor and she will not last once her looks fade/gets older.

Bungles said...

In the office, I'm a whirling dynamo of professionalism and rigour, and charge people 4 figures an hour for that expertise.

At home, I like to watch repeats of The Amazing Race in nothing but my socks with a beer.

It's all just public/private image.

It's not "deception and manipulation". The public doesn't own a celebrity. One's sexuality is such a tiny sliver of who one is, but makes such a massive impact one's career in Hollywood, why the hell not disguise it.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe that analogy applies to sexuality which I, and many people view, as a central part of one's identity and not a tiny sliver. People in my office can and are openly gay/bi/straight and professional all at the same time. They are not hiding who they are but being professional as they are doing their job like everyone else.

BTW If you charge/earn a 4 figure per session in whatever it is you do the why o why are you on a forum like this and not skying in Aspen?!

Anonymous said...

Oops I meant skiing.

Anonymous said...

Plus - there should come a time when someone's sexuality should NOT have an impact on their standing in Hollywood. Discrimination should end.

Anonymous said...

Oh please - re: question about Jensen not being a douche? Are you serious? There are plenty of complaints on the internet about him dissing people and fans, or not talking at all or not even looking up when signing autographs at fan conventions. Of course, if you catch him on a good day he can be quite charming and he usually can manage one or two winning smiles during red carpet events, even if he does look as if he has a poker up his ass or just reserved in other photos at the same event. What I find interesting is, and this has been true for years: when he's with Jared, he's almost ALWAYS kind/sweet/charming, even affable and talky. This is not the Jensen of yore, people.

Guess I thought people knew or remember Jensen from before SPN (and meeting Jared), or how Jensen is when Jared isn't around. He does seem less of a jerk/stuck up now, he even seemed fine with signing autographs for fans who met up with him coming back from somewhere at the Vancouver airport recently. I was really surprised to see that because before he'd have run away or ignored them. I've seen him do that, pointedly ignoring people who were trying to take his picture, even turning his back and just walking away.

But now, since Supernatural, especially in the past year or so? It may be a PR move or it may be he's maturing, I don't know, but it does seem as if he's trying to be less douchey now than in the past. And still there are SPN fans who've written about him being stand-offish at cons up to even the past year.

Do people really not remember that? *shaking my head*

Sorry to bring this up again if you all have moved on; reading the rest of the comments now.

--t. anon

Bungles said...

(how do you not know I'm in a bar in Aspen? :P )

Sexuality *isn't* a huge part of one's life, any more than being black or being Jewish or being allergic to carrots is.

Sure, some people *choose* to make it an enormous part of their identity, but most do not (in the same way some people view everything through the prism of their politics, or race-hate, or religion, or love of ballroom dancing).

Most of us just put it in the back-box of all the millions of things that make us who we are.

I'm not sure how who you find attractive has any place in an office environment. You're treating sexuality like something have a duty to declare, as if it's an infectious disease or something. People in my office have no idea that if I wipe my ass back-to-front or front-to-back....... because it's totally irrelevant to the office environment.

It's nothing to do with discrimination. To say "openly gay in the office" makes as little sense to me as saying "being an open front-to-back ass wiper in the office". It's a total non sequitor to office life.

(PS I'm actually in a rooftop bar in central London, waiting for the drinks menu :P )

Anonymous said...

Keepng people "in check" on this board? Ha! As long as there are fangirl types who use sweeping generalizations, THAT won't happen. Their weak statements undercuts any argument they make and also doesn't move the search for truth (about J2 or JJO/DDD) at all.

Some examples of poor logic and massive generalizing from an often imagnary point to definite "fact":

Someone said ONLY couples in love walk in step. NO, otherwise my dad and I are in love, and my best friend and I must be sleeping together.

And that Jensen was looking down and to the left during the Breeder's Cup interview, thus was lying. First, he was wearing shades, and the 'truth-telling' of looking down or up or sideways refers to the EYES, not the body language. Plus, probably the commentor doesn't realize, the camera reverses evertying. So body(or eyes) that appear to 'us' to be looking right are really looking left, and vice versa. (NOTE: I do think that Jensen was kinda making up the 'jockey friend' story, it was lame).

And that Jensen 'knew all about horses' cause he grew up with them and with his uncle's horses. Though he grew up in more city/suburban environment, there's nothing to say he doesn't know about horses. But that doesn't mean he knows about RACING. Vast difference between mucking out a stall and making an informed bet.

Someone actually wrote that (to paraphrase) that they'd take American Way's statement over Jerads!! Are you crazy. A basic tenet in journalism is "First Source"...which is the person who actually knows/had the experience.
Rent "All the President's Men" for a good look at attributions and sources.

Bungles, you are wrong about "C" listers not having managers. Agents (who get the jobs) and managers (who manage their lives) are ubiquitous once someone has a recurring role. Sometimes though Agents and managers are the same person (or same firm). They need one, especially if they live in two places (LA, Canada) and travel and have a RAPID fanbase. Plus, you yourself said they make 2.5 million a year...even if the didn't start out at that the first year, they've earned close to $10 million just from thing they don't need someone to manage the money and the investments?

To mortgage worker: nope, never heard 'owned' a mortgage. And I worked in the banking industry for 7 years. In America. NO ONE I know 'owns' a mortgage. You own a house, and have/hold a mortgage.

P.S. I won't believe about the mortgage till someone shows me the document. Sorry. One of you fangirls up in Vancouver should find out how to get info abuot land/homeownership. Of course you usually have to know the address, locality, county or whatever other info. I presume Vancouver is a big city, with many suburbs. But I bet one you crazy kids know EXACTLY where they live!!

Anonymous said...

LOL, those pictures you linked to of Jensen & horses are just modeling pics.

There are private pictures floating around that used to be on one of the websites back from when he was on Days of Our Lives of him riding horses with his Dad and I think his sister or cousin, at his uncles' farm. They appear to be scanned copies of paper photos. Also there are much more recent black & white photographs some journalist took at a racetrack in BC, when she visited to do a story (I think) and realized Jensen was sitting with friends nearby, heavily engaged in betting. She also got his autograph and there's a picture of that too. Jensen was decked out all dapper and tbqh looked as if he was tied to one of the other guys (not Jared) in the pictures. The only other thing I'll say about that is, these pictures surfaced in the past two years and are less than five years old.

You could say I'm a friend of direct contacts. If I say too much and it gets back to them, it could be traced to me, and I'd then be no-name Marcie (meaning no one might talk to me ever again). You'd think people would be able to understand this. As long as I keep it vague, hopefully there's no harm in that. So, for my own sanity, I'm going to be keeping it vague and admitting far less than I know. But maybe confirming things people elsewhere have found out already. And I really don't mind pointing out where Jensen is obviously lying, because yes, it irritates me. Maybe people will start to pick up on that.

Bearing in mind that nothing anyone says on a board like this has any bearing on real life, anyway, right? I could be anyone out there, for pete's sake.

It's interesting to read what people think, is all.

Bungles said...

I wasn't saying they don't have managers and agents: of course they do. I was saying they're not....successful require third party registration of their property and bills (ie in someone else's name).

And as for the fangirl comments.... I think there's possibly one person on this board who is what you'd call a "fan girl". Most of us probably don't even watch Supernatural.

What most of us like is a good mystery, and acting like we're Poirot or Miss Marple.

Bungles said...

Could the various Anonymous people who regularly comment at least sign-off with a random name? This conversation is becoming very hard to keep track of who is who!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Bungles and this Anonymous person right above me? You guys need to take it easy. The truth to all of your questions is out there and it looks like you two haven't done as much research as you claim. SPN fans are scary-good investigators as a whole and have uncovered all of what you ask about. Some really over-the-top fans know exactly where the LA and Vancouver houses are. They even staked out J2's house during the convention in Vancouver. The guys, however, were two steps ahead of them and stayed in a hotel most of that week.

JSYK, there were on-set tours offered for some high-paying fans, and just in case any of those fans got the bright idea of following the JJs home, they didn't actually go home. And this was well-known during the fan convention, a lot of fans were upset that they felt like they had to do it, couldn't go to their own home after work. But it wasn't such a big deal; in fact, I think it was more of a game to them. But the point is, people do know where they live and it's been posted on the internet and some even probably have pictures of the house because supposedly those were posted too although I haven't seen them. And it's no big deal to research who is on the mortgage or on the property records in a courthouse, for pet's sake.

I start to wonder at the general age of people in this particular board, tbqh. Adults would already know how to look this stuff up.

I mean, it's funny to be so high-and-mightily questioning something when it's already been established as fact elsewhere on the internet, you know? I mean, aside from the American Way article.

I'll go back to sipping my tea now. This has been fun.

Anonymous said...

Okay, sorry, this comment is mine:

and this one:

--t. anon

Bungles said...

Haha... I think there's a world of difference to a few folks chatting about a celebrity mystery on a random board...... and to going to the court house to check records and stalking people's houses!

As I said, this is not a fangirl site (nor one for children.... are you suggesting we're not adults because we're not stalking and making court requests?)

Anonymous said...

Wow, Bungles. It explains a lot that you don't know that yes, Jared did use a third-party name that was obviously himself to purchase his last house in Los Angeles, again something a lot of fans already know, obvious when you know the names of two living mammals who are quite close to him (and to Jensen). Before you question it, understand I'm not going to say on this board what it is but that this info was passed around on the 'net enough to catch the attention of one of their friends and bodyguards who got it either screened or deleted, I forgot which. But if you're an SPN fan you'd have known about it, because it was a huge embarrassment to most fans that not only his address but pictures of the house were published. People were so angry it made the Fandom Wank pages a few months ago.

And I guess it's interesting the J2 BV thing goes beyond their fans now. I'd assumed you were fans because I didn't think anyone else was discussing this J2 BV.

Can I ask, why are you interested? The general feeling among the fans is, no one outside of the fandom even questions their heterosexuality. Maybe I'm the ignorant now, but is this not a correct assumption? Do people in general think they're together either now or in the past? Forgive me if the question's too provocative. I only wanted to know for purely curiosity's sake.

--t. anon

Anonymous said...

Well, no - but you seemed to be asking for proof that would only come from checking courthouse records. Or someone upthread did.


--t. anon

Bungles said...

Nope not really a fan. I think the show is a poor man's X-files.... I've seen the odd episode that was pretty funny, but I know virtually nothing about it.

The reason I'm interested is because I rather like the whole blind vice world of mystery. To me, it's no different than trying to work out what the statue means on Lost, or how Kara Thrace came back from the dead on BSG, or who shot Laura Palmer....

I didn't even know their real names until this BV came up. I know little of the "secret fan knowledge" of which you speak. I'm just using a bit of common sense and a bit of fun.

I'd also think it would be rather nice if they were together, as they appear to have a very wholesome, very normal, very pleasant relationship. The world of celebrity doesn't really have many role models of non-camp "normal" gay couples (I can only think of Ellen and Portia).

I don't mean any offence by "normal", it's just that the majority of gay guys I've ever known are in everyway identical to everyone else, and the world of celebrity tends to only have the figures of arch-campiness.

It would be good for the world to show that most gay guys are not of this world-apart of screaming queens. Because the gay non-camp football captain at Random Highschool USA really doesn't have a role model.

Confused said...

I'm with Bungles, it's a good mystery. I'm fan enough that I watch the show regularly, not fan enough to have attended or even considered attending a convention. So, somewhere in the middle there.

For those who think it unlikely J2 are JJO/DDD or even together as a separate question from JJO/DDD, I'd be curious to hear more constructive comments about other theories who JJO/DDD could be?

Anonymous said...

Bungle, thanks for the clarification. I am 100% in agreement with you about the fact that most gays are not any different from anyone else. But sadly, I don't believe that Jensen and Jared are planning to be poster-boys for gay-normal USA. They're actors and it seems pretty clear they just want to try to stay below the radar and make a living. They support their respective charities and they try to do a good job. But gay rights are not their primary motivation, nor do either of them feel it is their mission in life to prove themselves or come out to anyone. Their private life is their business. In fact, they're just a couple of hard-working people who alternate between having a great sense of humor about the speculation and wanting to be completely left alone - as just about any other human beings in a similar situation would do.

That being said, personally I do hope their relationship survives the slings & arrows of Hollywood and the creepy-stalkerishness of their fandom. Because together they're pretty awesome, and I think all in all they are, and have been, very good for one another, in spite of whatever mistakes the two of them have made either out of fear or manipulation by the poor advice of their representation.

--t. anon

Bungles said...


I think that's almost the give away. A few months before the first blind vice, he doesn't seem to know who they are. There's then first BV. Then they are mentioned in the non-BV items *all the time*. Then they are confirmed as a blind vice.

There aren't any other candidate BVs in that time for them to be in the same one, and it would mean they are in two different items.

I don't think there are are many of those either....

Bungles said...

t anon,

While I said they'd be great role models.... I also totally respect their choice not to be such. So I think we sort of agree.

Anonymous said...

Bungles, I'm glad we agree on many things. In fact, I do think they're great role models already, and this picture shows part of the reason why:

Their sense of humor is epic. They did this when they were asked to pose at the convention in Vancouver with a fan's child's favorite toy. The two of them looked at the toy and then each other, then backed up against one another like this fearsome badass duo, and I forget which one pushed the toy into place but I remember Jensen frowning because it kept falling forward. He was like, "You stay there, dammit." Chris snapped the photo and then they started cracking up.

I can't really describe their interaction now without getting a little choked up. There's definitely something very special about it, and they are markedly better people since they met one another. Jensen's just not as remote or reserved/douchey as he was, period, and Jared seems more mature, more confident and I don't know - it's something. I think the way they take time with their fans now in spite of all the internet rumors is just amazing - even hugging and talking closely with so many of them, listening to stories, posing with outrageous requests, and really acting as if they care. They have a great time and it shows.

Anyway, just thought you might like to see that picture because it illustrates that no matter what, they're still best friends who take time with the smallest, and perhaps the most important things.

--t. anon

Bungles said...

Given your tentacles dig deep into the sinister world of fandom, could you give us a list of the clues that have been confirmed by the screeching masses as to their relationship?

Anonymous said...

*blinks at question*

What? You mean, other than the fact that neither seems to know anyone else is in the room most of the time when they're together, including when they're up on stage and supposed to be answering questions?

Oh wait. Did you mean about their living arrangements? As far as anyone's been able to determine, they still live together no matter whether in LA or Van, and the girls pop up from time to time. The JJs don't seem to go out together in public as much as they used to because they used to be seen together nearly all the time before the BVs started. But the reason for all of it is pure speculation.

Or do you mean a list of the BV clues? Sit down, you might as well share this pot of tea with me.

--t. anon

Anonymous said...

Bungles you're not one of those arse wipe city bankers that has wrecked the British economy are you?

Anonymous said...

Yes Bungles, I need to know this as well. If so I'm not sharing any more J2 news with you.


--t. anon

Bungles said...

We have all the tea drinking time in the world....

PS. No, my job is rather noble and lovely, and I tithe 10% of my gross income to local charities, so get off my back!

Bungles said...

PS. Things I organised the development of may well mean you use 70% less plastic in next ten years, your heart will keep ticking an extra 30, and you electricity bill is going to half.

I'm like the Mother Theresa of the blind vice mob...

Anonymous said...

LOL Bungles, good to know.

Where were we? Oh yes, espousing the virtues of two guys who don't deserve the snark and b.s. that's been directed at them by their own fandom, no matter what their supposed vices may be.

One lump or two?

--t. anon

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

This is worse than that photo of Jensen in the brick pants of the superman t-shirt exposing his mid-drift:

Bungles said...

Someone has spent quite a lot of time building a collection.... lol.

I thought that superman photo was quit cool, in a cover-of-Details-Magazine sort of way.

Anonymous said...

Bungles said...

While I have little doubt the two are probably dating, I don't think these videos/photos say much.

Else I'm dating half of my male and female friends on Facebook, and also my siblings, grandparents, random-drunks-in-party-photos.

And all my friends appear to be equally promiscuous, judging by their photos.

Anonymous said...

What type of Magazine is 'Details'?

Bungles said...

They do these sort of covers:

(and if you're thinking what I think you're thinking, no it's not a gay magazine. I'd say it was aimed at a male, vaguely artsy, reasonably educated, rich sort of crowd. Sort of a little more risque version of Esquire or GQ)

Bungles said...

Metrosexual is probably the word.

Anonymous said...

I tell you the photo of Jensen in a short superman t-shirt showing his mid-drift is not a turn on for females.

I am not saying this photos/videos (and these are a tip of an iceberg) are proof of J2 having an intimate relationship - it is just part of wider picture. The only proof there would be is them either or announcing that they are gay and in a relationship together and or snogging. That ain't going to happen.

Bungles said...

To be honest, having a joint mortgage - and trying to hide the fact with stories of "helping out the rent" and not saying "yeah, we are great friends, don't live in the area, so decided to buy a house together" (totally reasonable) - seems like the most proof we'll get.

Also, while Ted can mislead, I don't think he would lie. I think the whole timing of the BV's and then suddenly becoming eonline regulars in non-BVs is also proof.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Is he wearing eyeliner here?:

not fooled said...

To Bungles Exactly. Sorry for butting into the conversation. While Ted's a gossip columnist I don't think Ted would lie either. I mean Ted is gay himself he knows how hard it is to be gay himself and he does seem to like J2. Also if there is no truth in it why would Ted bother about 2 TV actors from the CW, when he has many other A list actors to choose from. Jensen is always wearing eyeliner.

Anonymous said...

Jensen is always wearing eyeliner.

Is he? When?

Anonymous said...

Do you think that people within the industry know about them or is it something they try to keep quiet even within those circles?

Anonymous said...


A question. Since you claim to not be a fan of SPN, and here cause you like the mystery:

Why do you so readily believe they 'share' a mortgage? Cause it was in what sounds like a pretty low-rent magazine and has been repeated by some fans?

I don't think that's good detective work at all. In fact pretty lame.

Someone a bit further up the blog today TOLD you that Jared has a mortgage in LA that's NOT under his name. So that shows that he's 'well-known' enough NOT to have his own name on such a document. (If any fan or poster here can be believed, that is).

If he does that in LA, do you REALLY REALLY think that Jared and Jensen would put their names on a mortgage in Candad? One that can be viewed (if one knows the address, which some fans do) by the public (and often public records like that are online, one doesn't have to go to an office.

Don't be too credulous. It weakens your claim on impartiality and also means that you're not really looking at the mystery.

By the way, loads of peope have other suggestions for JJO/DDD. Hayden Christensen on down. One thing that seems interesting to me is that Ted keeps 'notting' movie stars (not tv people or those that do both). To my devious mind, that reinforces that it's someone a bit higher up the food chain.

Plus, though in the past Ted has often posted BVs about DDD/JJO in the same column as ones about J2, he has NOT done that recently. There is no double-reference. But fans who 'know' the two sets of me are the same sseem to be ignoring that fact.


A logical person, who has a BIG streak of scepticism.

Bungles said...

I imagine that there are hundreds of people in a similar position in the industry, a few hundred more having affairs, more with secret children.

It's also a massively closed sector: rock the boat and you're in the water, and not getting back on board. That's why little gossip leaves West Hollywood.

not fooled said...

There are quiet a few photos of Jensen wearing eyeliner or some sort of eye makeup except for the few times were he doesn't wear make up at all. He never seems afraid to wear it in fact it accentuates his already sexy eyes. He seems to being wearing less makeup lately, prob. since he took up with Danneel. I think there would be people in the industry who know about them certainly those on supernatural, they are fiercely protective of them.

Bungles said...

Guy-liner was all the rage in 2006-2007. Maybe he just moved on?

not fooled said...

Have you seen the near kiss at the 2006 Critics Choice Awards, it might be closest that anyone might see them kiss, unless they come out. This video remained hidden till mid this year.

Note the tone of voice, how Jensen holds Jared's hand close to his chest, the look in his eyes like he wants to kiss back how they both turn around to catch each others eyes and how Jensen looks back again and says awesome. And he is happy, compare that to how glum he looks with Danneel. You can interpret this however you like but where there is smoke there is fire. Jensen doesn't even seem too surprised by it. Also note where Jared puts his hands. And why was this hidden till mid this year, particularly with this fandom with crazy fangirls who seem to uncover everything including mortgages?

Would like your interpretations/opinions of this video.

Anonymous said...

What makes me suspicious about this video is that it was hidden for a few years. If it had shown to the masses at the time it would have been just one of many videos of J2 (especially Jared) pranking around. What had they got to hide? Hum?! Whose decision was it to hide it - PR or the network? Jensen looks a little worried at the end as if he is concerned that Jared almost outted them.

Bungles said...

How do we know it was hidden? There could be thousands of red carpet tidbits littering the floors of tv companies across the world.

Bungles said...

This also hits the whole "if they were actually together, they wouldn't do this" issue.

not fooled said...

Well no matter how you look at it, it never saw the light of day until recently and you have to wonder why and believe me with this crazy fandom if it was there to be found somebody would have uncovered it before now.

What makes you sure they wouldn't do this if they were together. I know that Jensen wouldn't have but Jared he's known to put his foot in it from time to time without thinking of the consequences.

Like the time he said "I don't kiss Jensen in Public" then he realized what he said and went all embarrassed. Besides tell me would 2 straight men joke about this in public. Some fan's have put this down to them acting like brothers but if my brothers did that I would kick their asses.

Bungles said...

I have many straight mates who act *exactly* like that.

Maybe it's a European thing.

Bungles said...

What what what! I lived in Melbourne for 4 years, and Sydney for 2.... I found Australians *very* tactile and bromancy.

not fooled said...

I guess it's just the country then, I'm a country girl and grew up in conservative northern NSW,and I live in far North qld, Don't go to the cities that often. I know things are changing and we Aussies are very down to earth and accommodating.

Bungles said...

Country *anywhere* tends to be pretty unforgiving of anything out of the mainstream..

Editor's Choice said...

Re the 'hidden' video. Good heavens, how old ARE you?

Doubt it was hidden. They did it on-camera for heavens sake, during a cw promo event (or wp at the time). For all to see, who were there. Just not for your silly little eyes. Just wasn't used by the show Jensen was being interviewed for at the time probably.

I'm a commercial video editor (corporate, commercials, and VNRs.which are video news release that are promos of events and or products that are distributed to news stations far away or w/out budget to cover it, who then replace the voice-over with the one of their on-camera people's voices.

I have to make a quick decision a lot of times about what's in and out. Not sure what the angle of the story was of the film crew there, but if the fake kiss (and it was 'fake' and Jensen obviously wasn't in on the joke) wasn't part of the story, I wouldn't put it in. Doesn't mean it's being 'hidden'

Plus if it was a network event, why would they put it in? Was it relevant? Not at the time.
But now that the show is doing well, the men are better known, and the fans are interested in all aspects of the two they probably went back trhough the files to look for more material to picque interest. It's what I'd do in a promo/pr shop.

By the bye, since my JOB is to make decisions based on sound, picture, the tilt of a head, a glance, etc. I'd say Jensen was startled, then appalled by Jared, then very briefly really angry, then he got himself under control and laughed, cause you know, that's Jared! That's what the 'awesome' is, though I'm not certain that's what he says. Jared runs off-camera quickly, so he's probably there waving or holding a thumbs up to Jensen, who qickly recovers his cool and laughs.

THe 'hand-holding' is very quick, as is the whole thing, but it looks to me (again from an editor's point of view) that he's just trying to calm jared down and get him under control, mixed in with a bit of indicating he's not really angry, despite the look he gave Jared (and I'd say if looks could kill, Jared would have dropped then and there).

It's pretty par for the course of how Jared acts at such events. Isn't he always wrapped around Jensen, or hanging on him or hugging him (at least in the old days: they're both a touch more mature now, edging or over 30). I'd say it's their 'thing' to separate them from other shows.

Wake up and smell the "pr" child dear.

Bungles said...

Editor's Choice,

I think most of of us here agree with you.

If anything's going on, the photos and videos say nothing either way.

not fooled said...

Ha that's funny, Seems like there has to be a full on sex tape to come out before some people are convinced J2 may have a relationship. And who are you calling a child, considering I'm married (9yrs) been with my husband 12yrs, lost a baby (5mths preg.) and going through IVF,in my mid 30's and very mature, been an aged carer (believe me those lovely old grandparents with the wonderful marriages are not the nice old grandparents they make out to be, many have mistresses/ or are gay, so I'm not naive)and I'm open minded but while I'm a fan I'm not a crazy.

As to what he says,A girl behind the camera says "Oh he's your brother", Jensen says "I wish he was a critic and not my brother", then he looks back and says "Ah no, that's awesome"

PR stunt or not, fake or not, whether they are in a relationship or not the fact it happened at all says something.

As to Jared supposedly goofing around, why do you think he has changed in recent times? He doesn't act as goofy or carefree as he used to and that change came this year.

While I make it no secret that I think they are or have been together.I don't know if they are in a relationship or not but there are many instances which make you question if they are. Do you really think that if they want the gay rumors or speculation to go away that they would add to it by doing so called PR stunts or by acting goofy? I know at the same time people would ask Do you think they would do that if they were gay? I just think that under those circumstance Jared just doesn't think he just does and the consequences be damned, but Jensen he is always reserved except when he lets his guard down with Jared.

As to Jensen supposedly looking angry, look at it in slow mo, doesn't look angry to me, his eyes go to Jared's mouth as if he want's to kiss him and then he realizes where he is but I guess you would say that is a matter of perception.

Ted even called our attention to this video and called it "a drive by lick".

So in conclusion gay or not gay there is enough evidence to at least question whether J2 are in a relationship or not.

Editor's Choice said...

Didn't say you were a child, but that your statements are of a childish -- i.e. naive and very personal, rather than based on a detached intellectual approach to the evidence.

Marital status, age and parental status doesn't guarantee the necessary emotional detachment on THIS issue. It would be a better search for the 'truth' if people didn't throw around statements based on feelings instead of facts.

You wrote: ...whether they are in a relationship or not the fact it happened at all says something."

Actually it doesn't say anything about J2 as a couple; it says that Jared behaved that way and Jensen reacted a certain way. End of story. It's probably a publicity stunt, or spur of the moment thing. It doesn't 'signal' anything necessarily.

To discern who JJO/DDD are (which started this whole blog segment), one needs intellectual maturity about the issue and the clues, otherwise one will always come to the same biased conclusion based on personal interprtations of events and pictures, instead of facts.

Not fooled also wrote:
"As to Jared supposedly goofing around, why do you think he has changed in recent times? He doesn't act as goofy or carefree as he used to and that change came this year."

This is a very weak 'argument' and actually underscores the problem when fans 'interpret' events or still photos with their feelings, instead of with their intellect.

Fact one. Most people who attended conventions said that Jared continud to be fun, goofy, etc., especially during the photo sessions. Do you have facts that back up your argument versus eye-witness accounts?

Fact two: I haven't seen any footage of CW events with them, so I don't know if he's acted differently at a simlar event this year as in previous years. Have you seen footage of a fall 2009 CW event where they are behaving 'distantly'?? (Has anyone?)

Fact Three: BOTH men are now nearly 5 years older then when they were starting out. Most people get a little less 'goofy' as they mature. They are no longer 'boys', but men. Both have careers to consider, images to polish, and their future to chart: I'm NOT talking about their sexuality, but how they want to be perceived in the industry, as responsible actors who can be trusted with a production, which despite the wishes of fans, is correctly paramount to a working actor, if they want to keep working.

How about we all agree to explore the issues with facts, not feelings or 'hopes'.