Friday, October 23, 2009

Blind Vice: Meet Another Bisexual Twilight Star!

New from Ted today:

Blind Vice: Meet Another Bisexual Twilight Star!

Good news! Terry Tush-Trade has a sexually uninhibited companion on the Twilight set—and how.
No, not in that way, you dirty-minded A.T. readers (for the record, Terry seems to have calmed down from when we last checked in). What we mean is that another member of the Twilight franchise is getting all kinds of frisky across the gender borders.
Meet Rocky Trailer, a good-lookin' young thing who really embraces the sex card, and deliciously (and loudly) so!
Oh, except there's one huge difference between Rocky and Terry:
Rocky doesn't give a s--t about keeping this bisexuality thing a secret.
See, R.T. is a free-loving, we're-all-young-and-horny-let's-have-fun-while-we-can kinda person (cast loves Rocky, big-time). Think more like Angelina Jolienot Toothy Tile, Crotch Uh-Lastic or Nevis Divine (nowadays, that is).
Rocky finds sexuality empowering. Although Roc may not have a gay partner now, or who knows if there was actually a really, really serious one in the past, Trailer's unapologetic about the au naturel horny feelings felt for both men and women.
And guess what? This person's identity is going to be revealed sooner rather than later!
That's right: revealed. We're told Rocky T.'s going to talk freely about it all, possibly during press for New Moon, although in the end, that's really Rock's decision, isn't it?
For the record, this isn't some gimmick publicity stunt (like New Moon really needs it). We hear that it's really because Trailer doesn't give an ef who knows the score. Labels are so overrated.
So, reporters, ya ready to ask the right questions? Sure know we are.
And it ain't: Jackson Rathbone, Anna Kendrick, Dakota Fanning

Update Dec 17 - Ted has eliminated Jackson Rathbone, Anna Kendrick, Dakota Fanning, Nikki Reed, Christian Serratos, Michael Sheen, Ashley Greene, Elizabeth Reaser, Kellan Lutz.

Here is the link to the more recent Rocky Trailer BV from Nov 23.


The Spie said...

Let's go back to our old friend Nevis Divine, since Ted so nicely mentioned him. This is a big tipoff that Nevis is part of the Twilight cast, and our two big candidates for Nevis are both Twilighters (Ted never explicitly said that Nevis was a Twilight cast member; Nevis just appeared during Ted's mammoth Twilight phase and people put two and two together). So, I'm going for the obvious guess: whichever of Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner isn't Nevis, and since I'm convinced that RPattz is Nevis, I'm going to say that this one's Lautner.

Andy said...

Nikki Reed. Hell, look what she owned up to in '13'.

Brittany said...

This to me sounds like a female since Ted didn't specify a gender. There's no way a guy looking to have a successful career would make this announcement but a girl on the other hand really wouldn't see much backlash.

Gemini850 said...

This can't be Nikki Reed y'all. Because she was featured in the blind vice superstar catergory a while back. She already has a blind vice. So this is someone else.

Unknown said...

I am always doubtful on all of these Twilight BV'S! When I swear up and down its one of them, it always goes backwards!

So onto this new one - when I first read it, immediately I pictured it being the new Aussie guy, Xavier Samuel. Something about being young, and everyone liking him (he hangs with Jackson's band, out with Ashely and the new Victoria alot). But when I reread it, the Angelina Jolie part made it seem like it is a female, and I thought about Ashley Greene. Ted is constantly talking about how she is loving life, playing the field, always with a new guy. She seems to embrace sexuality very well.

I dont like Nikki Reid for this one. Its so redundant to bring up the whole "13" again, which everyone knows about, if she is going to use that as a new way to get attention - really lame on her part. And why would that be a blind vice when she has a movie about it!

blurry vice said...

But Ted could have put her in the BV superstar gallery meaning that she was a subject of one soon to come?

Miss X said...

Very easy ... Kristen Stewart

The Spie said...

Nope, KStew's already been a blind. There's about an 80% chance she's Twyla Babe-Sucker and a 20% chance she's Terry Tush-Trade. I'm still going with Lautner.

Miss Cruickshanks said...

No, this one is one of the newer twilight members. Not one of the originals, I'm sure or it would have been done before.

Anonymous said...

ITA with blurry vice above opinion on NikkiR.

TTT my bet is still on Kristen and
RPattinson as NevisD

Anonymous said...

Honestly people.Taylor Lautner is 17.17!!!!he cant be so into the homo suff that young thats crazy!Rpattz for nevis divine sounds reasonable-23 years old.But Taylor Lautner is still a kid.

The best guess would be a new member-the volturi cast or the werewolves.

.grad student by day. said...

wow - that's quite a comment. so people can only be straight before 18?!

Of course it could be Taylor. although i agree that the clue is hinting towards a female.

Unknown said...

I agree with M_and_D, both on the BV sounding like a female and on the fact that it's stupid to think a 17 yo can be too young to be bi. I know people who knew they weren't straight since they were 10.

duffgrl said...

I agree w/ anonymous that TTT is KStew and Nevis is RP. Agree w/ blurry that this could be Nikki. Or it could be Xavier Samuel as someone else guessed.

Anonymous said...

Just want to put this out there not. It's not Kellan because Ted out of his own mouth here ( Kellan is straight.

ChaosThierry said...

Am agreed, Lautner is too young to have a 'past' and his currents - Gomez and Swift have a naivete and earnest about them, he's not about to talk. And seriously that's str8 vibe. Nevis as RP :) we like. Using basic human instinct compare the RP KS photos with the RP Tom Sturridge photos and tell me where you see chemistry. This one's a girl or a nubie wereperson.

Unknown said...

Does anyone else get the free spirit vibe from Jamie Campbell-Bower? I think it's him. He seems like he would out himself without much concern.

Anonymous said...

My first thought was Jamie, too, although I get more of a gay vibe from him. Or perhaps Charlie Bewley (Demetri of the Volturi). Both seem like they wouldn't really care if they got outed.

Anonymous said...

Jamie Campbell-Bower was my first guess also

Anonymous said...

I am going with Jamie as well... Taylor has listened to his publicists advice on the persona he puts out there and I doubt he'd blurt that out! Not to say it's impossible just my opinion.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Remember how a few weeks ago you spoke about a certain Twi castmember that would be talking about going gay? Did you happen to catch Nikki Reed's line in U.K. Glamour? If not, allow me to refresh your memory. When asked if she believes in soul mates she said: "I believe in multiple people. People are born with this desire to connect, that's why with girls the line is blurry. Is it a friendship? Is it a relationship?" Was she saying girls are a bunch of teases, or was she finally confessing to swaying the other way?

Dear Niksten:
Hey, she was close with Kristen; then that kinda died when Rob came into the picture. I'm saying it means something other than what we all think. There's definitely a story coming up for sure! But no, Nikki is neither Terry Tush-Trade or Rocky Trailer. "

jittacatgirl said...

What about Christian Serratos? Her nude PETA shoot just came out. That implies that she finds sexuality "empowering."


blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
If Rocky Trailer is who I think it is, then this person is brave for coming out as bi. It's kinda lonely out there for that particular demographic just yet. People can be judgmental, even when bisexuals (like this one) are in opposite-sex relationships. Rocky, though, seems able to brush things off with a great sense of humor. I just want to say thank you, Ted, for your positive coverage of bisexuals and sensitivity about (especially young) people coming out. Not gonna name names, but there are some gossip columnists who aren't as thoughtful as you about those two things.
—Guessed Who, Don't Sue

Dear Rocky Road:
Of course, babe. Always a pleasure. Now, who do you think Rocky Trailer is?"

Anonymous said...

Gotta be Elizabeth Reaser. She pings pretty high on the gaydar and not just because she was in "Puccini for Beginners". She also has the gay voice. If she isn't Rocky, then she is yet another twilight star with an alternative lifestyle(better lifestyle)

Jitta said...

Not Christian Serratos, judging by the answer to my question in today's BB.

Kelly Ann said...

Come on, guys! KS is Twyla Babe Sucker, RP is Nevis Divine, NR is TTT (i think).

This is someone newer to the cast. Perhaps one of the wolves or volturi.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
When you say that Rocky Trailer finds sexuality "empowering," are you implying that he or she might do such things as...oh, employ their radiant comeliness in a campaign for the benefit of the less fortunate on our planet? Or simply get lots of nookie?

Dear Wonderin' about R.T.:
Nothing nearly as designing as the former, it's all about the latter for randy Rocky."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
As far as I've heard, Rocky Trailer hasn't come out yet while doing New Moon press. Do you know if Rocky is still planning on talking?
—Robsten Fan

Dear Anxiously Waiting:
We didn't get a chance to talk with Rocky exclusively, or we would've asked the right questions. Don't think anybody knows to. Yet."

Jitta said...

what about Noot Seear or Tinsel Korey?

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
You said a while back that one member of the Twilight cast is bisexual and that he/she embraces it and doesn't care who knows it. You also said that he/she was gonna reveal it soon. So since he/she doesn't care who knows you might as well spill the name.

Dear Yes, But...:
Then it wouldn't be on his or her time. We're surprised it hasn't come out—no pun intended."

blurry vice said...

This is not a clear elim

"Dear Ted:
Is Rocky Trailer none other than Jamie Campbell Bower?

Dear Try, Try Again:
Whatever makes you ask about him, darling?"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Is Twilight's Rocky Trailer Elizabeth Reaser?

Dear Mother May I:
Nope. Definitely not. Not even close."

Anonymous said...

Charlie Bewley?

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I don't know if you've answered this question already, but is Rocky Trailer, oh, I don't know...Elizabeth Reaser?

Dear Can't Let It Go:
Sorry, that's a no sweetheart! Totally wrong...age bracket."

Gabby said...

I'm pretty sure Taylor Lautner is gay, but maybe he likes girls too??

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
With June fast approaching, and press for Eclipse coming with it, could you give us a little something on Rocky Trailer?

Dear Solid Memory:
There's nothing new to report here! Rocky's been pretty under the radar. Which is very strange. Did somebody tell him to shut the hell up?"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
How are your pooches? I am an adopted mom of a 2 y/o shepherd mix. He is awesome. Can you please tell me if Rocky Trailer is in all of the Twilight movies filmed so far? Thanks for always getting the word out about adoption! Adopt Don't Shop!
—Dog Lover

Dear Rocked:
Charlie and Margo, who are currently eating something they're not supposed to, are quite well, thank you very much. As to your query, mom, let's just say this: Rocky's an integral part of the whole Twi-tease."

Marie Lexingdale said...

Dear Ted:
With Twilight promotions coming up, can you let me know if Rocky Trailer and TTT are up to anything naughty? Will their secrets be revealed?

Dear Twi-Tastic:
No and yes! Surprisingly, Rocky's seen how much the spotlight can sometimes burn his fellow Twi actors, and he's been unusually shy, as of late. Totally unlike T. Tush-Trade, who's more rebellious and daring than ever!

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
With Twilight promotions coming up, can you let me know if Rocky Trailer and TTT are up to anything naughty? Will their secrets be revealed?

Dear Twi-Tastic:
No and yes! Surprisingly, Rocky's seen how much the spotlight can sometimes burn his fellow Twi actors, and he's been unusually shy, as of late. Totally unlike T. Tush-Trade, who's more rebellious and daring than ever!"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
You said around the time of New Moon that one of the castmembers would come out of the closet during Eclipse promotion time. Any clue if this is happening soon?

Dear Out of the Coffin:
You know how it is in H'wood: Star wants to burst out of the closet, but their people can talk them back into it in a second. Especially these megahuge Twi actors who have "their whole career" to think about. Perhaps once the Breaking Dawn flicks are in the can?"

Amy said...

So it seems Rocky is male and has appeared in at least New Moon and Eclipse. So, some of the possibilites left would include:
Robert Pattinson (doubtful)
Taylor Lautner
Cameron Bright
Charlie Bewley
Daniel Cudmore
Tyson Houseman
Kiowa Gordon
Alex Meraz (he's married though)
Bronson Pelletier
Michael Welch
(Chaske Spencer was born the same year as Elizabeth Reaser, and since Ted said that Rocky is younger, he is eliminated.)
And I may be going out on a limb here, but Rocky makes me think of the Rocky Mountains. The Canadian Rockies extend to British Columbia, where both Daniel Cudmore and Cameron Bright are from.