Friday, June 5, 2009

Blind Vice: Not-So-Secret Bisexual Twilight Star

Twilight (Two-Disc Special Edition)From Ted today:

Blind Vice: No-So-Secret Bisexual Twilight Star
The funny thing about the uproar over whether or not Robsten exists (they "so" do, as sources from Summit have even told us) is this: There's an equally sex-a-licious member of the Twilight team who's making tongues wiggle, wag and gossip in overdrive!
Meet Terry Tush-Trade, who likes both boys and girls. I mean, why limit yourself to just one sex, isn't that every bisexual's mantra? It certainly is that of Triple-T, who's as smooth about hooking up with members of both sexes as Ashley Greene is about finagling photo ops.
One question, though: Does Terry's also-famous partner know about Tush-Trade's predilection for both sexes?
That's precisely why they work so well together. See, Terry's other half also likes to swing both ways. Uh, are you getting absolutely dingbat dizzy at this point?
Well, hang on, because it's just begun: Terry, so slim, so hot, so breathtakingly badass, and said partner were brought together in the first place because somebody else who possesses major power in the Twilight franchise also likes to get it on, bisexual-style. And there's even more!
Terry's gotten it on up in Vancouver, and elsewhere, with somebody besides the significant other everybody's always photographing TTT with. And it's created a messy, sticky sitch within the cast. So much so, the upcoming filming of Eclipse is going to make The Hills seem like a Golden Girls rerun.
Cannot wait.
And it ain't: Dakota Fanning, Elizabeth Reiser, Chris Weitz

* Update 6/9/11 - Ted has eliminated Dakota Fanning, Elizabeth Reiser, Chris Weitz, Justin Chon, Nikki Reed, Catherine Hardwick, Rachelle Lafevre, Taylor Lautner, Sarah Clarke, Jackson Rathbone, Anna Kendrick, Rob Pattinson, Ashley Greene, Billy Burke, Kellan Lutz, Christian Serratos, Michael Welch, Megan Fox, Chaz Bono, Xavier Samuel, Wyck Godfrey, Stephenie Meyer, Reese Witherspoon.

Here is the link to the 7/31/09 TTT BV.  And here is the link to the 7/9/10 TTT BV.

* Our top suspect: ??? Although Kristen Stewart is one of the only ones left for this... but we think she may be Twyla Babe Sucker from a different BV.


margo said...

peter facinelli and jennie garth?

Shannel said...

I dont think it's Peter and Jennie b/c Ted says "and said partner were brought together in the first place"- he was already with Jennie way before Twilight. I originally was thinknig Kellan b/c he's rumored to be with Anna Lynn Mccord from 90210- but then Ted says "Terry, so slim" and Kellan is a big guy- so then I thought Jackson b/c he would fit the "so, slim" but I don't think that he has a famous g/f that he's frequently photographed with. What the hell is Ted saying???????

margo said...

taylor lautner and selena gomez?

PrettyTarheelFan said...

Actually, I believe it could be Peter & Jennie. It says, specifically, that they were brought together because "somebody else who possesses major power in the Twilight franchise also likes to get it on, bisexual-style." This could simply mean someone at Summit films, a green-lighter per se, used to sleep with one and/or both. He also fits the slim description far better than Kellan Lutz or Taylor Lautner, and Jennie Garth is much more famous (apart from the 18-21 demographic) than Anna Lynn McCord. She & Peter have at least similar fame status.

Kevin said...

Stop! Jennie Garth?! She is about as sexy as a box of crackers with no salt. Her husband is pretty sexy though.

Anonymous said...

This is Rachelle Lefevre, she's dating The Tudors' Jamie Thomas King. Ted had a clue that points to her on his twitter... I'm searching for it.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Is Terry Tush-Trade Justin Chon?

Dear Wrong Tush:
Sorry, Triple T is more recognizable than Mr. Chon."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
First, let me say that I love you and your Truth, Lies & Ted segment. I am also a huge fan of your Blind Vice articles, and I am hoping you will give us another hint at who Terry Tush-Trade is. My guess is that TTT is Nikki Reed and the significant other is Sage Dill, who she is always photographed with. Can you please give us loyal readers another hint or two?

Dear Scary Close:
Not Nik, sorry! (Good guess, though)"

Anonymous said...

"Terry Tush-Trade has such big and gorgeous hair by the way" -Ted VIA Twitter

My money is on Rachelle still.

PrettyTarheelFan said...

I stand by my earlier Peter Facinelli's hair is pretty darn tall for a guy.

Oui said...

Ted has already eliminated Peter Facinelli and today, he eliminated Rachelle LeFevre.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Is Terry Tush-Trade Rachelle Lefevre? Everyone believes so. Can you confirm this?

Dear Twi Bi:
Not Rach. Keep guessin'! (Diff fame level.)"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I'm wracking my brain about Terry Tush-Trade and am really confused. The only Twi actor I can think of with a famous partner is Peter Facinelli. That can't be right, can it? If I'm wrong (and I hope I am), could you give us a few more details on either TTT or the partner in question?

Dear Desperately Seeking Terry:
When did I say married?"

--- Ted did not actually eliminate Peter Facinelli here. Although that was insinuated... by insinuating that TTT is not married. This is no clear answer however.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Is Terry Tush-Trade Catherine Hardwick? Just curious.

Dear Also Seeking Terry:
Nope, Terry is most definitely in the films."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Come on, Ted, give us more info on Terry Tush-Trade. It's Jackson Rathbone, right? Please give use something to work with. It is driving me insane.

Dear Jack Attack:
Precious little Jackson? Never! But you're thinking in the right circle now."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Is Terry Tush-Trade Taylor Lautner? Just wondering.

Dear So Many T's:
Cutie Taylor? Never! He may not be as innocent as he appears, but TTT Taylor is not."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Is Terry Tush-Trade Sarah Clarke?

Dear Right to the Point:
Nope. Totally wrong age-group."

Anonymous said...

Probably an unpopular guess, but perhaps Rob? Slim, big hair.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I'm dying of curiosity about Terry Tush-Trade! So let me recap who you've nayed on that. It's not Jackson Rathbone, Nikki Reed, Rachelle Lefevre, Catherine Hardwicke or Taylor Lautner. When someone guessed Peter Facinelli, the only response you gave was that you never said TTT was married. Kind of vague, but I think that's a no, too. So I think I've narrowed it down to Kellan Lutz or Kristen Stewart? Am I close?
—Bi-Curious, San Antonio

Dear Twi-cyclopedia:
If by close you mean "absently guessing every person in the Twilight cast," then you're hot as hell. "

Anonymous said...

Triple T

roberT paTTinson

Entranced By Twilight said...

When Ted first introduced Terry Tush-Trade he said there was 'a equally sex-a-licious member of the Twilight team' not getting attention from Robsten. BUT never said it wasn't ONE of the people in Robsten.
TTT could mean 3 T's in the name.
roberT paTTinson
krisTen sTewarT

Both have 3 T's.
Both slim, badass, big hair, shot to a different level of fame than the rest of the cast.

Rob/Kristen are eachothers significant others now, and the person they fooled around with that's in the cast that will make it all sticky for Eclipse is Nikki Reed. Question though: Which one is TTT?

Anonymous said...

can anybody please confirm if TTT is anna kendrick aka jessica? the clues are: slim, hot, breathtakingly badass, gorgeous hair, different fame level compared with rachelle, in the right circle with jackson, and younger than sarah. well, anna is slim, hot, her role jessica is badass, gorgeous hair, indeed different fame level with rachelle, same circle with jackson (they can sing), and younger than sarah. who ever said the partner is a boyfriend or girlfriend? it's possible that the so-called partner is mike welsch or christian serratos. anna is the last badass left so it's her. can somebody confirm this please?

Jillian said...

I'm going to guess Kristen Stewart for this one, because I think Rob Pattinson is Nevis Devine.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jillian--Kristen Stewart is TTT--and her current partner Rob Pattinson knew about her affinity to both sexes

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Terry Tush-Trade is Robert Pattinson. Correct? Kristen is his lover and they were set up by [Twilight director] Catherine Hardwicke. Kristen has been in pictures with Michael Angarano, who everyone thought she was really with to begin with. My bet is Rob, sadly.

Dear Scorching Hot:
T3 ain't Rob, but you have no idea how close you are!"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Is Terry Tush-Trade none other than Anna Kendrick? Please, please confirm. She's the last badass left.

Dear Tricks for Terry:
Oh, she's hardly the only badass left. But you're getting closer now."

Jillian said...

I think it's Kristen with Nikki. Kristen just... seems to fit under that scenario.

Anime said...

LOL! OMG! Kellan Lutz/AnnaLynne McCord! This is SO obvious!

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Terry Tush-Trade is Ashley Greene—slim, hot and badass. Her bisexual lover is Jackson Rathbone and they were brought together by Catherine Hardwicke. Right?

Dear Wishful Thinking:
Wrong! Close, though.

Dear Ted:
WhA.T.'s with your overwhelming hA.T.e for Nikki Reed? I've seen no proof for her doing anything for the amount of hA.T.e.

Dear Nikki Knocking:
Obviously you're new to this site. "

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Can you please help a bit more by answering this question: Is Terry Tush-Trade a male?

Dear Sex Searcher:
Male tendencies, yes. "

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I've heard speculation that the real reason we haven't seen Nikki Reed is because she was feeding info to the media and paparazzi. Summit found out and now has her on lockdown. Do you think this is true? Also, I totally thought Terry Tush-Trade was Kellan Lutz, but you said something in response to another guess that made me think it could be one of the human castmembers...any clues?
—20-something and Twi obsessed.

Dear Close for Comfort:
If you remember my Truth, Lies & Ted a while back, you'll know that the cast suspected Nik of selling them out. I think that's what got her ousted by the Twi in-crowd. But she'll be back in with them, trust me on this one."

- No clear answer on the Kellan Lutz question.

Entranced By Twilight said...

It's Kristen Stewart.

Ted's always saying how she has male characteristics and what not.

The clues:
- TTT: krisTen sTewarT (3 T's)
- Famous said-partner: Rob Pattinson (Nevis Divine)
- Behind-the-camera power: WAS Catherine Hardwicke

- Somebody besides significant other: Rob Pattinson
- Significant other PHOTOGRAPHED with in Vancouver: Michael A. (staged photos?!?!)
- Sticky situation: Nikki Reed

Ted's just wording it all so it sounds WORSE than it is... and so it's sounds like stuff we DON'T know yet, but in fact we DO.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I've been doing a lot of research on Robsten, being a latecomer to the whole Twilight explosion thing, and I've found that far from being excited to be together on sets and red carpets, they look uncomfortable. When Kristen Stewart is with Nikki Reed, however, Kreed (like that one?) cannot keep their hands off each other. I think that's the real relationship Summit's trying to hide. I think you are engaged in spreading disinformation.

Dear Female Trouble:
Oh do you? Or perhaps I'm the only one who's helping to get at least an iota of the real truth out there? The latter's correct, not the former."

peppermint p said...

doesnt it have to be K Stewart because she is starring in a movie with dakota?

Anonymous said...

I thought Kristen Stewart was Twyla Babe-Sucker?... and if she is, she couldn't be TTT because Ted never uses two names for one person.

blurry vice said...

- Ted hints that Kellan Lutz is Terry Tush Trade!!!

Christie said...

It's Kellan - the term butch is slang for a masculine gay man.

blurry vice said...

Christie - FYI "butch" can also describe a lesbian who is masculine. :)

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Is Kellan Lutz Terry Tush-Trade? I know you said he isn't Toothy Tile, but I haven't seen you say he wasn't TTT. If not him, is it Christian Serratos? She made a comment about Saint Angelina Jolie at a convention and there's a TTT blind item description with a big chunk mentioning Angie. I personally think it's a female, and I could see either one, but the Kellan debate is more urgent since it gets heated by the moment. Please shed some light and put those flames out (no pun intented).

Dear Trade-off:
Kellan's currently only pining over his ex AnnaLynne—not a dude. T3's not C.S., either, better keep poking your cranium for another guess!"

nissivm said...

This is confusing. It seems like there´s only Kristen left, so it should be her. But then, she´s Twilla Babe-Sucker, isn´t she? Ted is messing with us again.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Is Terry Tush-Trade still dating his/her significant other? Or have they broken up?

Dear So Many Blinds!
Trust, TTT and his/her honey/boy-toy are still very, very much an item."

Anonymous said...

Ted's 2 tweets from 8/1. First, he denies it's Kristen. ******* @theawfultruth C'mon, Ted! That Last sentence in the "Girlfight" piece pretty obviously outs our little Terry! @twiphreak67 not really, #Terry's not exactly an obvious one ****** @theawfultruth could Kellan be TTT? @ontd09 That is the smartest guess I've heard yet!****But in a recent BB, Ted says it's not Kellan. So it's neither Kristen nor Kellan. Kristen is Twyla.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Awful Truth:
I am going crazy trying to figure out who Terry Tush-Trade is! Is TTT still working for the Twilight franchise?

Dear Summit Salary:
Of course. TTT's not getting the Rachelle Lefevre treatment any time soon...we think."

"Dear Awful Truth:
Blind vice guesses: Hugh Jackman is Nevis Divine, Rob Pattinson is Bart Farts-a-Lot and Kellan Lutz is Terry Tush-Trade. Am I close of any of these?
—Corn Nugget

Dear Ménage à Trois:
What, just because Ted's gone you think I'll give up the goods on three of the most wanted B.V.'s? Sure, you're very close on some of them."

"Dear Awful Truth:
I had a hard time believing it, but the more I read about Terry Tush-Trade, I am more convinced it's Robert Pattinson. Please let me know if I am getting warmer. Thanks!

Dear Say It Ain't So:
What about Rob gives you the bisexual vibe? The hair?"

"Dear Awful Truth:
Love your column. Does TTT first show up in New Moon? Is TTT a member of the Volturi or one of the Wolves?

Dear Nice Try:
TTT has been around from the beginning."

blurry vice said...

Dear Awful Truth:
How can Kristen Stewart be both Twyla Babe-Sucker and Terry Tush-Trade Blind Vices as you've been insinuating lately? I thought each person was limited to only once Blind Vice. What gives?
—Corn Nugget

Dear Bella-Squared:
How can she be both? Well, I'll clear it up for you then, buddy—she's not! Oh, hey, look at that, problem solved!"


blurry vice said...

"Dear Awful Truth:
I love your Twilight Blind Vices. They are very amusing. Is Terry Tush Trade Catherine Hardwicke?
—Another Twilight Fan

Dear Director Doings:
I love you thinking outside the box and picking a non-actor! But wrong guess all the same, sorry."

"Dear Awful Truth:
Has Terry Tush-Trade ever worked with Luke Grimes?

Dear Grime Time:
If that's a veiled attempt at guessing that Michael Welch is T3, then you, sir, should be coyer next time. And nope, it's not Mikey. (Haven't we already told you that?)"

"Dear Awful Truth:
Is Terry Tush-Trade Christian Serratos?

Dear Kinky Christian:
Nope. Although I totally got that vibe from her."

"Dear Awful Truth:
Terry Tush-Trade...Megan Fox? She is bisexual.

Dear Bi Blind:
One of the only Twilight-centric Blind Vices and you blaspheme its name with mention of Megan?! Twi-hards, attack!"

blurry vice said...


"Dear Ted:
There are only 11 comments on the Bitch-Back with LeAnn and Eddie, and I already know that with that one answer you gave regarding Twyla Babe-Sucker's problems not really being over you have started a massive disturbance. Now everyone will say Twyla can't be Kristen, and everyone will think she is TTT and bisexual. As if this girl (and I mean girl) needs any more s—t right now. I love you, Ted, but you were so wrong this time. So wrong. Wait until you see the boards explode. They are waiting to destroy her.

Dear Ticking Twyla:
I hardly think the Bitch-back was a giveaway either way. You sound as cranky-certain as Reese Witherspoon is with her damn whip, already."

Christie said...

Ted says:
Dear Trade-off:
Kellan's "currently" only pining over his ex AnnaLynne—not a dude. T3's not C.S., either, better keep poking your cranium for another guess!"

"Currently" is the key word.....he is always being photographed with Nikki "partner" in Twilight who is also bi-sexual.

odswife said...

could TTT be Eddie? Do not see that one on here.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
How's Terry Tush-Trade going in the media? Big on attending all the awards shows and benefits? Or usually keeping it low-key?

Dear Dog and Pony Show:
She keeps it pretty low-key while still making the T-town rounds, which means she isn't truly a look-at-me Paris Hilton type. Thank god for that."


blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
You've said that not all the Twi-cast are BFFs. So, tell us (please, please tell us), is TTT particularly close to Robert Pattinson? And before you ask me "What do you mean by close?" with your usual sly wink, I'll elaborate: I mean dating or friendship beyond ordinary coworker chumminess. Come on, Ted. You know you want to answer this one. We love you! We're loyal! We'd spill a drink on Perez if we ever saw him at a party! Throw us a bone!

Dear Letter of the Day:
Fine then—what do you mean by "particularly" close?"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I'm sorry to hear about your recent struggles. I've become a devout fan of A.T. ever since you started dishing on all things Twilight. I'm glad readers are showing more love for Kristen Stewart now. I was lucky enough to see her at the Adventureland premiere at Sundance. She was shy, humble and completely adorable! Has she ever been the subject of one of your Twilight Blind Vices?
—Twi & Ted Lover

Dear Double-T Kisser:
Ah, flattery, very smart tool for getting what you want, darling. Just ain't gonna work. But you're detective radar is as warm as your heart, I'll say that much."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
A while back you said that Nikki Reed was sneaking someone into her trailer. Could that someone be Terry Tush-Trade?

Dear Way Off:
Terry Tush-Trade would not be sneaking into Nikki's trailer, for a multitude of reasons."

jittacatgirl said...

Probably because that's HER trailer, so sneaking in would be weird...?

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
We saw the great pictures of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart on Eclipse set. She always looks great and they look great and happy together, but why is she keeping her hair in Joan Jett style? It must be growing out and yet she keeps it in shag and dyes it black. I read that she is keeping it this way because she may need to do some more Runaways shooting. Is this true? Any other theories?
—KStew Fan

Dear Hairy Matters:
Reshoots is most likely the answer, but I can smell you want something far fishier. Maybe she likes looking as unfeminine as possible?"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Were Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed ever dating? Maybe that's why they broke up. Kristen swung the other way and ditched Nikki.

Dear K.Stew Brew:
Is this some fanfiction accidentally sent to me? Nik's outright denying her past with Robert Pattinson, does she have to start fielding K.Stew questions, too?"

Gemini850 said...

This is my theory. Kristen is TTT and NIKKI REED was her significant other. Remember how they were always holding hands and kissing on the lips all the time. They were always photograph together. Also I believe Catherine Hardrick got them together.

Also I believe Nikki Reed is Twayla with her kissing Rob. I know she denied it but come on can you blame her. Summit will jump down her thoart if she admitted that.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Remember how a few weeks ago you spoke about a certain Twi castmember that would be talking about going gay? Did you happen to catch Nikki Reed's line in U.K. Glamour? If not, allow me to refresh your memory. When asked if she believes in soul mates she said: "I believe in multiple people. People are born with this desire to connect, that's why with girls the line is blurry. Is it a friendship? Is it a relationship?" Was she saying girls are a bunch of teases, or was she finally confessing to swaying the other way?

Dear Niksten:
Hey, she was close with Kristen; then that kinda died when Rob came into the picture. I'm saying it means something other than what we all think. There's definitely a story coming up for sure! But no, Nikki is neither Terry Tush-Trade or Rocky Trailer. "

blurry vice said...

repeat elim

"Dear Ted:
Thanks for using my Nicole Kidman comment. You could bounce a quarter off that forehead of hers! Anyway, you know this Terry Tush-Trade Blind Vice is causing people to lose sleep, right? I know you do, because you are the devil and we're your helpless minions! Aaagh! So, TTT=Jackson Rathbone? A simple yes or no will do. Yeah, right!

Dear Curious About Terry:
No. And, contrary to popular belief, Lucifer is not my real name."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
To begin with, I thought Nikki Reed was OK considering she had to work through some difficult things in her past. And it seemed that she was a friend, or whatever, to Rob during and after the Twilight stuff. But now, whenever she is asked something that has to do with Rob, wow, she sounds a little bitter and nasty—in between the lines, mind you. Is it all about not getting Rob? If so, why does she still seem to love Kristen Stewart so much? (She said she would pick Kristen to be with on a desert island). Can you give us some more insight on this subject, please?

Dear Nikki Gone Wrong:
Maybe she sounds a little bitter because she gets the same questions asked like everyday? Maybe she's sad Rob snatched her precious K.Stew away? Of course, she is."

Anonymous said...

TTT is Kristen Stewart!
She and Micheal are both very bi and have an understanding.
Micheal and Nikki are old pals with a common interest in swinging both ways.
Nikki Reed had the connections with Kathryn Hardwick and BOOOM the bisexual Twilight cluster f*** was born. A hot triangle of bi-sexual sexcapades ensued, and they all got caught doing it in the conservatory with the candlestick. CASE CLOSED!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ted:
I posted the previous comment. How right am I?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Look at blurry vice's post from October 17th.

Anonymous said...

The response to Blurry Vice isn't exactly a denial. I KNOW I'm close if not right on. I'm anxious for a response.

Anonymous said...

Okay, he flat-out said today, no evasions, that Terry's male.

Patricia said...

He's flip flopping on purpose. TTT was said to be female, now male. He's leaving it up in the air to frustrate everyone :)

Anonymous said...

But it was ambiguous until now ("male tendencies" and so on), and this time he made it unambiguous ("he").

Anonymous said...

you dont think that he's doing this to avoid legal s***?I mean if he really wanted to mess everyone's heads he wouldnt have made so clear who Toothy Tile was,even though he is a major movie star.The whole Twilight franchise is the biggest moneymaking jackport they have and anything spoiling its reputation would make Summit go beserk.he did mention getting threatened or whatever by publicists a while back.We just need more tactful ways of asking the questions.

any ideas?

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Terry Tush-Trade is Chaz Bono, right? You just said that you don't intentionally mislead readers in your Bitch-Backs, but then you suddenly pulled a pronoun switch on TTT. I can't think of any other "she's" that have recently turned into "he's."

Dear Simple Mistake:
Chaz Bono has nothing to do with Twilight, sorry! Easy mistake, though, with all the sexual crossed-wires on in that cast."

Anonymous said...

Maybe I didn't read carefully, but there was no mention of TTT's gender

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
You once said that in a catfight between Terry Tush-Trade and Twyla Babe-Sucker, TTT would win hands down. Since we're comparing the two, mind telling me which one of them is more famous?

Dear Scratching for Clues:
The former, by far."

Heather said...

I feel like Ted is dropping major hints lately that this is K.Stew. But, then, who is Twyla?! NO ONE in Twilight is more famous than K.Stew and RPattz, so if TTT > Twyla, K.Stew CAN'T be Twyla. What the heck?

blurry vice said...

Bailey - your comment has been deleted. In the future, please do not copy and paste an ENTIRE blind vice into a comment. That is why we have a post for them.

Yes Ted has an email address - you can email him at

Heather said...

Heather, another theory (a little out there but it's good to look at every option) is that TTT could be not just Kristen but "Robsten". That would explain the flip flopping between TTT being a guy and a girl. It fits kind of weirdly into the blind if you read it, but it still could fit. That way Kristen could still be Twyla without Ted breaking his one moniker rule. The phenomenon that is "Robsten" is, after all, the only thing more famous than either Rob or Kristen in those movies.

One problem though...

Dear Ted:
The press loves to give nicknames to high-profile couples (Brangelina, TomKat, Gyllenspoon, etc.), almost making the two people into one identity. I would love to know...have you ever given one Blind Vice nickname to a celebrity couple?

Dear Cute Couples:
You mean like Ohio-Off or Markella? Nothing has stuck yet, but most of these skanky stars are swapping partners so much it seems silly to waste time making up nicknames. Although Ohio-Off sure is growing on me.

He seems to say no but you could argue he didn't really understand the question or answer it right.

Anyways, just trying to throw out a possibility for how TTT could be more famous than Twyla if it is indeed Kristen.

-(the other) Heather ;)

Heather said...

well, this blows my "theory" out of the water LOL

Dear Ted:
Are "Terry" and "Tush-Trade" two different people? How's that for thinking out of the box? Smooches!

Dear Boxed In:
Nice try, K, but it's definitely only one person. Though Terry does have enough Vices for multiple people, that much is true.

atpm23 said...

Sorry about my english. I'm from Costa Rica.

I think twyla is Ashley Greene.
I mean, she's a little slutty... She admitted on chelsie lately that she hooked up with kellan. And before that she said she dated Jackson for a while... She also dated Chace crawford and recently joe jonas...

And I'm sure T3 is Elizabeth.
She's everything ted described.
Thin, big head, bi...

Btw, here's a gif image that proves it ;) LOL

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Recently someone asked if you would ever "not" someone for a B.V. when they were, in fact, the answer to the B.V. You replied, "I would never". As a loyal A.T. reader, I believe you. But there are some doubters out there. Can you do me a solid and reiterate what you've already said...that Nikki Reed and Kellan Lutz are not Terry Tush-Trade?

Dear Repeat Offender:
Why can't anyone seem to keep track of who's not a Vice these days? Too busy obsessing about Robsten I guess, huh? Here's a little bisexual cherry with yummy whipped cream on top: It ain't Nikki."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
In the first Terry Tush-Trade Vice, you talked about how Terry had an "also-famous partner" that also likes to swing both ways. Is TTT still romantically involved with said famous partner?

Dear Swing-and-Miss:
Which one?"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Please don't laugh, but I have a guess for Terry Tush-Trade: Stephenie Meyer? If not, can you give me a clue? I love this Vice!

Dear Ha!
Sorry babe, couldn't help it. That's probably my favorite Vice guess...ever. Couldn't you just imagine Ms. Mormon Meyer getting all Blind Vice freaky on set? Yuck!"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Can we do a little more comparing between Terry Tush-Trade and Twyla Babe-Sucker? You've already told us TTT would win in a catfight, and that TTT is far more famous than TBS so, my question is: Is there anything that Twyla would win at when compared to Terry?

Dear Sucks to Be Terry:
Twyla is definitely happier than tragic Terr, if that's a competition."