Thursday, June 12, 2008

US Weekly Blind Item

New from Us Weekly - in the issue I received today but dated 6/23:

What hunky and not-so-humble movie star keeps a framed photograph of himself from his extremely successful sword-and-sandal epic on his bedside table?


blurry vice said...

I first thought Mel Gibson (Braveheart). Then I thought Russell Crowe (Gladiator). The husband thinks it is Brad Pitt (Troy). Wasn't Colin Farrell also in Troy?

Anyway, I think it's Russell Crowe. He is "not so humble".

duffgrl said...

Colin Farrell was in "Alexander" w/ Angelina...same basic story as Troy but differnt movie.
I agree w/ the Russell Crowe guess. First person who came to mind.

Anonymous said...

What about Tom Cruise?
I'm thinking of The Last Samuri and the apparent scientology way of always boosting yourself through delusional aka "positive" thinking.

Anonymous said...

What about Gerard Butler - the star from 300? He's got a reputation to be a party boy/lothario.


duffgrl said...

I like the Tom Cruise guess. I read that before he checks into a hotel, the staff must place photos of he and his family in the hotel suite. I think they actually find them in the tabloids. Don't know if it's true of course.

Anonymous said...

What about Orlando Bloom? He was in Troy too.