Monday, June 9, 2008

Page Six- Just Asking: 6.9.08

June 9, 2008 -- WHICH star of a new TV hit has Hollywood scrambling to the pharmacy? He's spreading herpes around town like wildfire . . . WHICH gorgeous socialite has a secret side to her sex life? While she's often on the arm of a guy at social functions, we hear she prefers to go home with a lady . . . WHICH hit TV show's cast members are as bad in real life as the characters in the plotline? At a recent party, two of the hot actors held up the bathroom line while cutting their own lines in the stalls.


duffgrl said...

THESE are good!
# and #3 to me are screaming Gossip Girl to me... probably not Penn Badgley but Chase Crawford and Ed Westwick; definitely. At least for #3!

blurry vice said...

#1 chace crawford. #3 I was thinking entourage?

duffgrl said...

Entourage is a good guess! All of those guys-except Kevin Dillon I think- are partiers I've heard.
#1 Chase Crawford or even Ed Westwick.