Friday, March 9, 2012

New Blind Vice: Sissi Sparkle

New BV from Ted today -

Blind Vice: Will Dazzling Sissi Sparkle's Secrets Come Out?

There's something to be said for gals—gay and straight—who have very religious upbringings. When it comes to sex, they tend to lean heavily in one direction or the other. Usually nothing vanilla or boring between the sheets with belting, church-going gals who call Jesus their BFF!
Certainly is the case with hugely talented star Sissi Sparkle, who has everybody wondering lately...

"Has she ever had a girlfriend?" many are starting to ask, since fans are just now (stupidly) waking up to the fact that Sissi never really has had much of a man in her life—apart from some silly flirtations here and there.
True, there was the one guy a long time ago, but, he was just a cover-up, people!
But recently, Sissi's been in the news in a pretty major way. She's big on the celeb radar again—very big.
So it's no wonder folks are starting to wonder—in some cases, not for the first time—where the hell is the man in this multitalented powerhouse's existence?
Answer: paid to further Sissi's fabulous-again career!
‘Cause it was always the ladies who did it for Sissi. Always.
And, damn, do the girls who lived to tell about their wild sex times have a lot to say about it!
(But they never will.)
AND IT AIN'T: Dolly Parton, Jennifer Hudson, Britney Spears
Also eliminated: Jennifer Love-Hewitt

Top suspect: Whitney Houston


blurry vice said...

A few people under the comments are guessing Whitney Houston. Not a bad guess and it kind of fits with her. But remember - Ted has said that she had a BV already in the past and it has NOT been revealed. So she can not get a new name.

I also saw a Kelly Clarkson guess... could be her. But is she really in the news a lot lately?

KaDixonLaw said...

I'm pretty sure this is Whitney Houston--very religious upbringing; her mother's name is Cissy; and her most recent movie is Sparkle.

Also, the blind is written in the past tense. Interesting.

paige said...

Whitney Houston...through a very close connection I found out that on the wedding day of her and Bobby Brown...Robyn(the long time gf) and Bonny Brown got into a physical fight! Whitney had to do some serious kissing and making up with her girlfriend, Bobby always knew the score...he needed some legitimacy and she wanted to have a "bad boy" in public...

Jennifer said...

Jessica Simpson?

lns212 said...

I know Ted has said Whitney has a BV already, but could he have meant that it hasn't been revealed because he hasn't written about it yet & she had one he already knew about? There's so much about this that screams Whitney. Sissi matching her mom's name,Sparkle being the name of her movie, the church upbringing, she's definitely been in the news in a major way (what's more major than dying?), Bobby Brown is being pursued to give an interview with ABC which would help further her now relevance (she arguably hasn't been very relevant in the last few years until her death which made her a chart topper again), "it was always the ladies"--past tense, and "lived to tell about it" all point to her. You could say too she never really had a "man" in her life since Bobby & Ray J were younger than her and could be considered immature boys there for show. The AIAs do too. I believe Dolly wrote her big hit or has some tie to it, Hudson sang it at the Grammy tribute, and Britney covered one of her ex-husband's songs.

Anonymous said...

Kristin Chenoweth? Only bf was Aaron Sorkin (about a million years ago).

Elissa said...

Definitely Kelly Clarkson. All the clues fit. She just had an interview and commented how she had a boyfriend now and was aware that people had been wondering for years if she was a lesbian. And she is just now getting population again with her new album and song, "Stronger". And they even were talking about a boyfriend she had a long time ago who inspired the song. Check out her interview and you will be convinced too!

Rita said...

I like Kelly Clarkson! She certainly fits with the BVs.

Idol graduate, Grammy Award winner (2)

I don't know if Ted will give Whitney Houston a moniker posthumous, because like Blurry had said, after Whitney's death, he did confirm that she had a blind vice moniker of her own. An old one I believe (more than 5 years old).

Rita said...

And, damn, do the girls who lived to tell about their wild sex times have a lot to say about it!
(But they never will.)

You'd think after Whitney's death, they'll be coming out of the woodwork!

jhwalker said...

This is definitely Whitney Houston. All the clues fit, and the AIAs make it certain.

blurry vice said...

I know this really seems like Whitney, but I am telling you this: Ted has said Whitney was already a BV and it has not been revealed. If he violated his own rules (which he does sometimes) it could be her. But technically this can not be Whitney bc she has a BV name already which has not been revealed.

Anonymous said...

Kristen chenowoth. Is a Christian. All over the news about this new GCB tv show. Not sure I hardly remember her dating any guy.

KaDixonLaw said...

But didn't Ted say that Whitney's old BV was *really* old? As in, BM (before monikers)? I also remember him saying that he had some information to share but that he was planning on waiting to do so out of respect for Bobbi Kristina.

I'm not seeing a clear connection with the AIAs to Kelly Clarkson. Also, who was her one big relationship?

Rita said...

Here is what Ted had said. It is open for interpretation:

Dear Ted:
I respect the fact that you are not talking about Whitney Houston's Vicey behavior at this time. This is the time to focus on her remarkable talent. But I do hope in the future you will discuss her "hidden from the public" Vice that I think made her turn to drugs. Because she was raised in the church, she may have been ashamed of who she really was. Her real story may help many. Love ya, Ted!
—Whit's Fan

Dear Remember Whitney:
I'm in total agreement we need to focus on Whitney's success and the positives in her life before addressing her demons. That being said, even though Whit is not one of our main Vice stars, her Vices will come to light eventually, but her family deserves some peace in this difficult time. Bobbi Kristina should have her mother remembered in a positive manner. After all, Whitney brought so much joy to us all.

Rita said...
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Rita said...

So this could really be Whitney. The only thing for me is her relationship with Rayjay (sp)... You know, Brandi's brother that Whitney has been on/off with for years?

I dislike the guy, just watching clips on The Soup is more than enough to judge what kind of "man" he is... But no matter my dislike, he was sleeping with Whitney before her death, right?

If we look at the blind, and it's Whitney, this means that the only relationship with a man was Bobby Brown. Anyone heard anything about Whitney not actually dating-dating Rayjay (sp?)

lns212 said...

i think Ray J might just be one of the silly flirtations, since he was much much younger than her. there was also just an article posted on E! where he discusses whitney...could that be him keeping her in the spotlight by talking about her?

kellymichelle said...

I think Whitney as well. I jumped on the Kelly C wagon momentarilly until the "Has she ever had a girlfriend?" many are starting to ask, since fans are just now (stupidly) waking up to the fact that Sissi never really has had much of a man in her life". Kelly C fans have been well aware of lesbian rumors since forever so that ruled it out for me. And the last part of the BV. The "lived" to tell sentence, is a big hint to me that this person has passed. Maybe the moniker is a dead give away as Ted "revealing" her but still being respectful.

Unknown said...

Queen latifah

KaDixonLaw said...

@Rita, There was a write-up on one of the other websites (Blind Gossip, I think) yesterday or today re: Whitney and Bobbi Kristina sharing the same drug dealer. The interesting thing was that the dealer's name is "Jay." The author was speculating that the names Ray J and Jay are suspiciously similar and I remember reading awhile back that he was a suspected dealer.

I'm inclined to agree with the poster that suggested Ray J could be one of the "silly flirtations."

KaDixonLaw said...

Also, thanks for adding that BB answer, Rita. I agree that it's very open to interpretation. I remember now that I thought it wasn't really clear in his answer whether she really had a BV at all. Didn't he also say at one point (a long time ago) that there was no need for a BV when she was so open with her vices? I wouldn't even be sure where to start trying to find that, but maybe someone else remembers or maybe I'm getting her mixed up with others open vicers.

The AIAs in reference to Whitney:

Dolly Parton - Wrote Whitney's biggest hit, "I Will Always Love You"

Jennifer Hudson - Performed the same in tribute

Britney Spears - Britney...Whitney. Sounds similar?

Cecilia00 said...

"She never really had a man in her life - just some silly flirtations" doesn't fit for Whitney with me.

Even if paid - Bobby Brown was a long term husband and they have a child together. Hardly "Never had a man in her life" and way beyond a silly flirtation.

EmEyeKay said...

I know Ted has rules, which he bends AND breaks, but wouldn't death be the ultimate reason to not adhere to them? It sure sounds like Whitney to me. In the early 90s, in my little corner of the gay community, we all believed she was gay. We were sad that she thought she had to marry asshat BB to cover up. Her posters were on many walls, girls moreso than boys.

I've been wondering when this would come up again, there have always been rumors.

I also wonder why Ted says her GFs will NEVER say anything?

Jessica said...

"church-going gals who call Jesus their bff" was also a big clue for me...Jesus Loves Me was a hit for Whitney on the Bodyguard soundtrack and I believe it was the last song she sang the night before she died.

lns212 said...

maybe this is a stretch, but he seems to emphasize the word "always" "‘Cause it was always the ladies who did it for Sissi. Always."-- 2x in one sentence, coincidence her biggest hit was "I will ALWAYS love you?"

sistah2 said...

The other night on the Rosie show, Sandra Bernhard said that Whitney had been suppressing her true sexuality, and in her opinion this was one of the reasons she was so troubled. I think its very well known in HWood that Whitney was gay, and SB apparently felt comfortable coming right out on television & saying so. In that way, this BV could fit. However, it could also fit Kristen Chenowith and Kelly C. so Ted needs to give more hints.

Rita said...


"But recently, Sissi's been in the news in a pretty major way. She's big on the celeb radar again—very big."

The same way Michael Jackson was big again in the news, and made MORE money after his death, than during the last decade of his life?

Whitney is fitting more and more. And if RayJ is the pusher, could it be that his sister Brandi is the actual Whitney girlfriend?

As for the Bobby Brown and baby, we all know that bearding is a long-standing practice in H-Town, so we can't really push on this issue as proving Whitney's heterosexual leanings.

Ted needs to clarify what he means "Big on the celeb radar again", because even dead stars, can be quite big on the celeb radar again.

@EmEyeKay - did you see my reply on the "Not a doting mother" thread to your message from all?

Anonymous said...

At first I thought maybe this is Kelly Clarkson. But Kelly Clarkson is not a "mutitalented powerhouse". Then, I looked at the AIA's. OMG, there's no one else this could be but Whitney. The AIA's made it extremely obvious as does the name "Sissi Sparkle". Whitney was a "multitalented powerhouse". The only thing is I don't understand how you could describe a 14 year marriage as a "silly flirtation", Ted. Having said that, I believe this is about her.

Unknown said...

I think this is Whitney, too. Weirdly, Kristen Chenoweth allegedly dated Rooney Mara's current "boyfriend" Charlie McDowell. I don't know how you go from Aaron Sorkin to a twenty-something year-old guy who's best known for his twitter shenanigans, but whatever. She's a bit suspect in my mind. And Aaron Sorkin pings my gaydar, but that could just be the absurd tan.

doaxaca said...

could this be Jordin Sparks? she had a purity ring for a while and has never had a public relationship until recently with Jason Derulo. Whitney had a very prominent man in her life.. Bobby Brown. I can't see this being Whitney.

Moka said...

Hi everyone. Long time lurker, first-time poster. Yes, I know that some are you are focused on the fact that Ted said Whitney already had a BV, which was yet to be revealed. If he had yet to reveal it, couldn't it be possible that THIS is the reveal? If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, what must it be? A duck. I don't know how religious Kelly C's upbringing was, but it was never a huge topic in the press. Plus, what 1 guy was she ever linked to? And was Kristin ever popular enough in the past to say that she is big on the radar AGAIN? Check out Ted's article on Whitney today. Her fam is blaming her "lifestyle" more than drugs for being the cause of her demise. From the way it was spoken, it seems she was so busy denying who she was; that that is what caused her unhealthy choices, and probably what fueled her drug habit.

KaDixonLaw said...

@Doaxaca, You can't see this being Whitney because of her marriage to Bobby? The blind clearly states:

"True, there was the one guy a long time ago, but, he was just a cover-up, people!"

Do Kelly Clarkson or Jordin Sparks fit the above statement? Are Kelly Clarkson or Jordin Sparks back in the news in a big way? Neither girl is a well-known multi-talent (yet). And this really sounds like someone who is well known for having a Christian background and who has also had a lengthy career.

blurry vice said...

blurry vice said...

Moka - No, because she had already had a BV before this one.

Rita said...

Well, there is also this in the "Soheila Stuff-It" Blind:
Dear Ted:
Just heard the sad news about Whitney Houston's death. Is she Soheila Stuff-It?

Dear Ass-uming:
Can't we focus more on her musical legacy (a fabulous one, at that) than worrying about what secrets she may have kept? Well, from all the Q's I'm getting, it appears not. So I'll tell you: No, Whit isn't Soheila. Plus, drugs weren't her only vice."

But combined with my earlier post on another Ted Mail:

Dear Ted:
I respect the fact that you are not talking about Whitney Houston's Vicey behavior at this time. This is the time to focus on her remarkable talent. But I do hope in the future you will discuss her "hidden from the public" Vice that I think made her turn to drugs. Because she was raised in the church, she may have been ashamed of who she really was. Her real story may help many. Love ya, Ted!
—Whit's Fan

Dear Remember Whitney:
I'm in total agreement we need to focus on Whitney's success and the positives in her life before addressing her demons. That being said, even though Whit is not one of our main Vice stars, her Vices will come to light eventually, but her family deserves some peace in this difficult time. Bobbi Kristina should have her mother remembered in a positive manner. After all, Whitney brought so much joy to us all.

Would that mean that yes indeed, Whitney is confirmed to have had a blind vice?

@Blurry, could you please tell me where is the other possible Whitney blind? I can'T find confirmation anywhere on your site. Thanks!

EmEyeKay said...

@Sistah2 - what? Really? Sandra said that? She's pretty open and very intuitive. I met her once (Sandra), and she had me pegged, I kid you not. Took one look at me and told me ALL about myself. I was not ready to hear what she had to say, either. (Of course, that could have been because she did it in front of a group of people, she kind of embarrassed me.)

On another site today, I read a comment that said it was common knowledge where Whitney & Bobby lived that she was gay and he hit on anything & everything. Atlanta, I think, somewhere in the south. I've been reading what this commenter says for awhile, she doesn't spew bulls@#t.

Plus, if you've read the book he wrote (I don't have it), Bobby B. mentions how he believes she needed someone, a man... I don't remember the exact words he used, but it's vague, and I think he's alluding to lesbian rumors.

I think Ted is making it so easy that we're second-guessing ourselves. I believe it's Whitney.

@Rita, check the other post, darlin'!

sistah2 said...

wow you met Sandra B? I've always been fascinated by her since "king of comedy". She's really funny.
- Yes - she did say exactly that on Rosies show & so now I think we can agree that Whit had some down low shenanigans, but we need more clarification from Ted if this partic BV is about her, or someone else..been reading all of your posts here & I still think it could be Kristen C, less likely this is Kelly C or others.

KaDixonLaw said...

@EmEyeKay, I saw tbe same thing while I was looking for confirmation of a Whitney blind earlier. I also found this old blind item from 2009 on Blind Gossip. Whitney was suspected for this:

"Which singer/actress has pretty much given up playing it straight? She and a galpal openly sucked face after splitting a bottle of tequila at NYC’s Cain Luxe on May 26."

Sounds like the same suspect to me.

Rita said...

I think we need a hint from Ted that he would still give a moniker to someone after their passing... But that'll be hard, I doubt it is something he would confirm...

Unless the Oprah interview would be confirming tomorrow night, and Ted knows, and had decided to do a blind before the interview... There are also those RayJ words, where he keeps calling her his friend...

Let's get real: If you look at the big picture, it doesn't really look good that someone made a blind on a dead woman.

EmEyeKay said...

@sistah2 - yes, several years ago, and she was so much fun to hang out with, after I got over being called out. She has a wicked tongue (as everyone already knows) and I had a blast that night. She doesn't hold back, ever! She got naked in front of a lot of people that night, I swear, she's the epitome of "I don't give a f-ck". I'm definitely a fan.

Thanks for explaining that to me, I hadn't heard, didn't see the Rosie thing. If this isn't supposed to be Whitney, Kristin fits better than Kelly, IMO.

Dena Stoll said...

I'm not a fan of Queen Latifah for this - isn't she openly out? I thought it was part of why it was a big deal when Cover Girl signed her, because she was both African American and out.

Anonymous said...

Queen Latifah is most definitely not out.

The blind does sound like Whitney, but would he really do a blind about somebody who's dead?

IDoTheRobot said...

Jordin Sparks.

Moka said...

Thanks for the clarification, Blurry. I wonder did that one mention about her lesbian tendencies? In Ted's response to the poster above, it hinted at their being more. As you stated earlier Blurry, Ted does break his own rules every now and then. Maybe we will learn sooner or later if this is her, or maybe not. It's always fun to guess though, right?

KaDixonLaw said...

According to the List of Reveals, the first confirmation of Whitney Houston's blind is 2/13/12. Here is the BB in question:

Dear Ted:
Sad that Whitney Houston died. Such a talent. However, I can't help but wonder who she was in the Blind Vice arena. Will you answer in the future?

Dear Fallen Star:
Yes, I'll answer you. And, yes, of course, Whitney had a Vice from many years ago. But, it's been a long time since I've updated that particular chapter, often because it was an unhappy one with no uplifting moments. Hell, even Morgan Mayhem finds a moment or two to laugh at her drama and self. Whitney's story was increasingly one of descent, and I never saw much that could be done. I will miss her greatly, I was a huge fan. Her talent was chillingly incomparable.

A "Vice from many years ago" could be from the time before monikers were assigned. If so, Whitney Houston is fair game for this one.

Strathmore said...

Well, not that I've made up my mind...but the last few days, I keep seeing an advertised article about Whitney's family saying "she looked for love in all the wrong places." And if you listen to these interviews with her family and friends, no one will actually come right out and call Ray J her boyfriend. They seem to dismiss the idea entirely. I find that odd.

Rita said...

@KaDixon - That was the one I was looking for! I thought I misunderstood it completely. Thank you for finding it.

This again takes Whitney off the table, IF, Ted is following his set rules.

And I agree with @Word, too many interviews lately centered on how Whitney is trying to find herself in all the wrong places. And Ray J keeps talking about his best friend, not lover.

Hope Monday brings us new hints. Anybody's written to Ted about this blind?

KaDixonLaw said...

So, Ted gave someone else Cissy Houston's (Whitney's mother) first name and uses the name of Whitney's upcoming and final movie as the blind's last name? That's either the biggest coincidence ever or one hell of a red herring.

I guess I'm out on a limb by myself. I say this is Whitney and that Ted didn't break his rules if he wasn't assigning monikers during the time the very old blind was written.

Rita said...

Today on Twitter:

Carol ‏ @caroldeane · Open
@Ted_Casablanca Did Sissi once catch the eye of Cruella St. Shackles?
Ted Casablanca ‏ @Ted_Casablanca Close
@caroldeane great guess! probably @ some point

So... Possibly at some point, Sissi caught Cruella's eye.

Cruella= Nicole Kidman...

Cee said...

Britney in the AIA's throws me off...what does she have to do with Whitney Houston?

Rita said...

Grammy Winner/Pop Princess/breakdown and comeback of the century (in the music business). Just like Whitney.

If we are still connecting Whitney to this blind...

@Blurry!!! hope you're not still shaking your head at us in frustration for keeping the Whitney guess alive!! Even if @KaDisonLaw had found confirmation that Whitney is already a Blind Vicer, but not necessarily has a moniker.

We'll hopefully know more tomorrow. Something a bit more clear that would nix Whitney for good.

KaDixonLaw said...

@Cee - Britney rhymes with Whitney.

@Rita - I did submit a question to Ted re: the relationship between Ray J and Whitney. I'm wondering if that was a just "silly flirtation."

Rita said...

woohoo, nice! Hope he answers your question @KaDixonLaw!

Savannah said...

@Cee, someone on another board said that Britney just covered a Bobby Brown song.

Savannah said...

I totally agree with @KaDixonLaw. The moniker = Whitney's mother's first name and the title of her last film. The AIA's all have direct connections to her. Most importantly, the Vice is written in a quasi-past tense, which I've never seen Ted do before. It reads like he was really struggling to keep it in the past tense without being too obvious. The last lines are what seal it for me,

‘Cause it was always the ladies who did it for Sissi. Always." That's total past tense.

"And, damn, do the girls who lived to tell about their wild sex times have a lot to say about it!" That implies that Sissi DIDN'T live to tell the tale.

I really think Sissi is Whitney but if Ted surprises us by saying Sissi is alive and well, my guesses are Julianne Hough or Kristen Chenoweth.

Brandyebee said...

Jordin Sparks is in Sparkle on the radar again with a new movie.Idk much about her . Just a guess.

Brandyebee said...

Jordin Sparks is in Sparkle on the radar again with a new movie.Idk much about her . Just a guess.

Gaylen said...

@Cee and Savannah

Yes, Britney covered 'My Perogative' which was originally one of Bobby Brown's bigger hits.

His song:

Britney's cover:

Mena said...

The other connection between Britney Spears and Whitney Houston is that both were rumoured to be approached to be an X Factor judge.

Eva said...

How about Taylor Swift?
Has dated Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner and John Mayor, all men with gay rumours surrounding them.

Rita said...

Yep, it's Whitney:

Today's p.m. mail, part of a question answered

...Or, my theory, did you mean you knew of her Vices and hadn't written her Vice yet?

Dear Stick With Your Gut:
The latter, doll.

Whomever LNS is, great job!

lns212 said...


That was my question! I'm glad he answered.

I would say it may now be safe to assume this is Whitney?

Bindi Boo said...

I am all aboard the Whitney train. I had no idea she was a lesbian, but it makes perfect sense to me for two reasons:

1. I have been wondering why everyone was so vague about Ray J and whether he was dating Whitney or not.

2. Whitney's hairdresser - a woman - said she was with her all the time and was there in the hotel when it happened and she had been with her all day prior to that and that Bobbi Kristina was comforting HER when she found out...that struck me as so odd! Not anymore!

And the whole "she was looking for love in all the wrong places" comment seals the deal for me. It was a vague comment and the whole world knows - or thought they knew - of Whitney's love of bad boys so why skirt around that?

Toot toot! :-)

Well, are at peace now. I love how Bobbi Kristina says she gets signs from her mother and hears her voice at times comforting her. What a nice thought!

Anonymous said...

Yay a basic confirmation that this is Whitney even though the clues made it really obvious=D. Now I'd like to know more about her hairdresser!

KaDixonLaw said...

YAY!! Congrats, LNS!

I really didn't think he would answer such a pointed question re: Whitney's vices. I'm glad the previous vice issue has been cleared up but it makes me sad that Whitney felt she couldn't simply be herself. How could her family think that Bobby Brown was a better option for her?!

Rita said...


Congrats! Because of you, we can now put to rest the debate on whether Whitney had a moniker or not. Brava!

So... Too many hints lead to Whitney.

As for the hairdresser, I saw the interview, and usually when a performer is on the road, the hairdresser follow, and many times the hairdresser is also the gatekeeper to all secrets. Like Jessica Simpson, Jen Aniston, to name a few.

Does not necessarily mean that the hairdresser is the secret girlfriend. But may more than probable, KNOW who the girlfriend is.

Who used to be Whitney's Bff before she married Bobby Brown? There were all these rumors and headlines back in the day, that put Oprah and Gale's relationship to shame. Anyone remembers?

sistah2 said...

So I guess its confirmed - this Vice is Whitney. Ted was uncharacteristically quick on that reveal.
As far as the girlfriend, the National enquirer has run numerous stories thru the years with photos about the supposed woman on the side.

Kim said...

Wow, you all are so right. I never would have thought that this was Whitney, it never occurred to me that it could be posthumus. Do a search on Whitney and Robyn Crawford or Whitney and gay, and there is so much info out there. Here's one example:

This is incredibly sad. Somehow it was easier to believe the good girl who got mixed up with the bad boy. So sad that it was her own demons that brought her down. I hope she is at peace.

On a side note, this does put a different light on Bobbi Kristina's recent actions against her father.

Good detective work, but hard to feel good about this one. So sad.

Rita said...

Ted answered my question in regards to Bobbi Kristina, compared to her mother. He said that Bobbi will have it much easier than Whitney, and linked me to his "Family blames death on Lifestyle, not drugs".

So this looks like Whitney...
Except I am thinking it would be Madonna... for a moment.

Will do proper research to clear any doubt. Nagging or otherwise.

Rita said...

@Blurry?? Do you write Ted under the moniker "Mike"?

JPhilly said...

Queen Latifah... only dated the guy from Naughty by Nature

Anonymous said...

Oh, for the love of...this is NOT Whitney Houston!!

KaDixonLaw said...

@marc - Surely, with such a STRONG opinion, you must have a better suggestion than the one person that fits all of the clues. ; )

blurry vice said...

blurry vice said...

Rita, No that isn't me! I have seen many letters to Ted with that name, however. It always piques my interest to see when the guys get into the BVs as much as us girls.

blurry vice said...

I am just wondering today if Whitney was eliminated for Butter Pussy or not. Going to check that out...

blurry vice said...

Hmm, yes Whitney is not Butter. Anyway, back to Sissi Sparkle. I still need to catch up and post the letters for the week.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I'm curious about Whitney Houston. When you said she had a B.V. that hadn't been revealed, did you mean she already had a moniker but you weren't saying

which one she was? Or, my theory, did you mean you knew of her Vices and hadn't written her Vice yet?

Dear Stick With Your Gut:
The latter, doll.

Dear Ted:
I call shenanigans! You said recently that Whitney Houston did not have a Blind Vice moniker from years ago, but I was so sure that she was Thelma Turnip.

Was I wrong? And, if I was, what's Thelma up to these days? Did she ever get her stalled comeback going?

Dear Hot for Houston:
Yes, you were wrong, Mike. As for Turnip? Her secrets seem to be less at risk for being revealed these days than Whitney's.

Dear Ted:
Love your blolum and think you're one cute cookie too. If you were straight, I'd seriously make a move...Is Sissi Sparkle by any chance Jennifer Love Hewitt?

Dear Making Me Blush:
I’m sure you’re not too bad yourself, Sugarsnap. And all your flattery almost makes me wish your Sissi suspicions had been accurate, but I can tell you this

much: J.Love is all about the men. That should be crystal clear by now.

Dear Ted:
Do you feel if anyone should write a book on Whitney Houston that would get both sides of the marriage, divorce and loyalty, it should be the daughter, and

do you think she will eventually later write a book?

Dear Zipped Lips:
Do I think Bobbi Kristina might someday put pen to paper about her mom? Sure. Probably, actually. But that's only a very short period of Whitney's life and

would leave out a lot of what made her her. Plus, it'd be hard for Bobbi to relive the darker moments in her mom's life with clarity. There are people better

suited for the job."

blurry vice said...

OK, first of all -

#1 - yes after reading the above, Sissi Sparkle is Whitney Houston.

#2 - Ted yet again is a liar and contradicts himself! He said that Whitney Houston was a BV and now takes it back. Says that he only meant that she had a secret that was Vice-worthy? WTF TEd? So is that what he means when he says everyone else is already a BV too? WTF! I am pissed off that Ted has yet again made a statement and then backtracked on it. This happens all the time, I am not surprised. But it still pisses me off that he does this to his readers. "Yes she wa a BV", then "No I meant she wasn't yet, but now she is". Ted, we now officially don't believe a word of your crap anymore!! Why bother??!

Rita said...

@Blurry!!1 I am as pissed off as much as you!

Here, have a beer on me! F-ck Ted!

btw... That is a not bad new blind up there today, eh?

btw#2 - So... are you the one writing Ted under the moniker "Mike"?


F-ck Ted. Drink beer. much better.

Lucy Cooper said...

Britney covered Bobby Brown's song "My Prerogative".

Anonymous said...

After re-reading this and thinking this all through, I am thinking perhaps that this may be in fact be Whitney. I had thought it was someone else but that person really has never really been away so to speak though, to me, she fit all the clues. I couldn't see where there were any drug-related clues, until Ted used the word crystal in a reply in his column....then it hit me. Well, if that isn't an illusion to drugs, I don't know what is?!

Unknown said...

Coming in a little late here but thought my two cents might add some perspective. I know who one of Whitney's past loves were..and I heard of this before she married BB. Kelly McGillis. Kelly is an out lesbian. A co-worker of mine knew someone who worked on the set of Witness. Apparently Whitney was a regular visitor on the set and it was common knowledge that Kelly and her were lovers. When Whitney later married Bobby I naively assumed that what I had heard before was totally bogus not being hip to the whole bearding thing at the time LOL! So strange how the truth always comes home to roost eventually.

Mary H said...

To all those of you talking about Kelly and Jordin Sparks, Ted just announced that no AI winners have vices.

Dear Ted:
Watching American Idol a doubt crossed my mind: Did any of the winners, star in a Blind?

Dear Off Pitch:
Nope. If you're looking for Vices, start watching The Voice, M!