Saturday, March 31, 2012

Blind Vice! TV Crew Wants Demanding Diva Killed Off!

New BV from Ted yesterday, Friday March 30 -

Blind Vice! TV Crew Wants Demanding Diva Killed Off!

Are you all ready for some end-of-the-week coworker catfighting?!
Have you ever despised another employee so dearly that you hoped against hope that one day they'd be canned, allowing you to lay claim to their cubicle and freeing you from the burden of their watercooler blabber?
Meet Harriet Talons—and rest easy knowing she won't be occupying your office anytime soon. She's a popular boob-tube babe on one of those hit series that's always being talked about…which would so not be the case if her coworkers had a say in it:
Because they want her character killed.
Dead. Six feet under. Never to be heard from again. And they want Harriet banished from set, thrown out on her perfectly toned toosh to fend for herself in cold, cruel Hollywood. Yep, Harriet's entire crew wants her fired.
And badly.
In fact, it's all pretty much anyone ever talks about anymore. The problem is, Ms. Talon's safety is all but secured—while another character's life hangs in the balance, Harriet knows her onscreen alter ego won't bite it anytime soon.
Probably not ever, actually.
Sorry, crew folk, looks like the wrath of Harriet will live on. I would normally suggest the people who truly despise her quit…but then there'd be no one left to work on the show (and some of H.T.'s castmates are pretty sweet, I wouldn't want them to be punished).
If it makes you feel better, know that it's not just at work that she's a total nightmare.
Heck, even Harriet's neighbor—who's a big-screen heartthrob as well as a juicy Vice star—can't stand the chick. Maybe it's because she's always begging for him to date her, which, FYI, he wouldn't do in a billion years.
AND IT AIN'T: Ellen Pompeo, Emily VanCamp, Jessica Lange

Update: As of 6/8/12, Ted has eliminated: Ellen Pompeo, Emily VanCamp, Jessica Lange, January Jones, Christina Hendricks, Anna Paquin, Candice Accola, Juliana Marguiles, Madeline Stowe, Naya Rivera, Eva Longoria, Kristin Bauer, Elisabeth Moss, anyone from Pretty Little Liars, Mindy Kaling, Katherine Heigl, Jane Lynch, Nina Dobrev, Jennifer Morrison, Felicity Huffman, Joan Rivers, Betty White, Julie Bowen, Claire Danes, anyone from Grey's Anatomy, Kate Walsh, Amy Brenneman

Top suspect: Teri Hatcher


blurry vice said...

From the AIAs I was thinking Madeline Stowe from Revenge. But I'm not sure she would be so hated.

Alot of people on the E comments were guessing January Jones. I don't watch Mad Men. Thoughts?

Anonymous said...

sounds like Elisabeth Moss from Mad Men.

keelyrae said...

Katherine McPhee?

KaDixonLaw said...

I thought this line may be a clue about the show:

"...Harriet knows her onscreen alter ego won't bite it anytime soon."

True Blood or Vampire Diaries? This can't be Sookie (married) or Nina Dobrev (already has a BV) so I don't have any solid suggestions other than the possible vampire clue.

KaDixonLaw said...

I thought this line may be a clue about the show:

"...Harriet knows her onscreen alter ego won't bite it anytime soon."

True Blood or Vampire Diaries? This can't be Sookie (married) or Nina Dobrev (already has a BV) so I don't have any solid suggestions other than the possible vampire clue.

sistah2 said...

I think it has to be a show where people die on a semi regular basis. No one gets 'killed off' on MadMen.
I think this is Madeline Stowe.

Angela said...

The AIAs are all blondes... Clue?

FrenchGirl said...

A blond actress but not january Jones(her character isn't so important and she lives at Los Feliz ,Ambrose Avenue and her neighbours are some peoples like David Fincher ,john Hamm and Laura Prepon)

NYCGirl said...

Not enough clues.

Unknown said...

I think Six Feet Under is a clue... I checked IMDb but I didn't see anyone who was on the show that would fit- maybe someone from Dexter? Michael C Hall was on six feet under. Boob-tube could be a clue as well... Jeniffer Carpenter maybe?

Shit You Can't Buy said...

Six feet under reference means Alan Ball: creator of True Blood.

Shit You Can't Buy said...

Also: "...Harriet knows her onscreen alter ego won't bite it anytime soon."
Bite: vampires..
Other character who's life hangs in the balance: Tara (Sookie's BF on TB)

I think its Anna Paquin but its highly unlikely, since she is married. But the 'probably will never be killed off' goes hand in hand with her being the showrunner: True Blood IS basically about Sookie, her character, so they can't kill her off..
Other female chars also don't really fit..Pam/Jessica are also in a relationship in real life and eventhough I don't know much about the actress who plays Jessica, the one that plays Pam is a sweetheart and close with most castmembers.
Can't really think of other important TB chars.

Rita said...

I think the most important hint is that Harriet Talons is a primary character on her show, not secondary, and cannot be killed off, or the series will end.

The AIA are all extremely valuable players for their show, well, at least the first 2, their shows would not exist without them: Grey's Anatomy without Dr. Grey, Revenge without Emily's wanting revenge... As for Jessica Lange..? Was she that irreplaceable in her Horror show? She won a Golden Globe for her role. And the cast apparently adores her. She had apparently installed a drinking game of Fridays while shooting Season 1. She is coming back for season 2.

Doctor Drama, Rich girl Drama, Horror Drama.

And Talons means very long nails... I don't know if that is another hint.

Could it be that Gossip Girl's Blair, Leighton Meister (sp) who up to now has had no blind vices?

Or someone from the Grey's Anatomy spin off... Private Practice star Kate Walsh.

Mikayla Marie said...

I'm not sure if either of them are big enough to be on Ted's radar but I came up with two guesses which might work Jennifer Morrison on Once Upon a Time. She's central to the storyline (built up a the savior), another characters life hang's in the balance (Mad Hatter, that missing blonde, and kind of Mary Margret.) She's also a blonde now like the rest of AIAs and she used to be on House where I vaguely remember people saying she was difficult to work with. The other is Emilia Clarke on Game of Thrones which is everywhere right now as the second season returns. People are always being killed off in that show. Also, her character raised a dragon which could be a hint at Talons nickname. Not sure about either actresses much personally.

ea3232 said...

How about someone on Glee? In the end of the last episode Quinn got in a car accident while texting. That could be the costar whose life is hanging in the balance.

Katie said...

Off topic, sorry.
Intriguing inside peek today into the anonymous blind site, Crazy Days and Nights. Ny Post:

Unlike Ted and Lainey, most of the other blind sites are anonymous and quite possibly made up, entirely. I think some stuff on CDAN is probably true, and most of it is total BS.

Lainey is an indie blogger and not anonymous. That means her blinds are probably real (and she's legit and lawyered up in case she gets sued). But she is also very PR-friendly to certain stars, and I suspect there are a few publicists or agencies that pay her well. Notice there are stars that she NEVER speaks ill of, topics she won't touch, and by keeping comments of her site she is able to control the message. She's a smart business woman.

Ted is on salary. His salary doesn't go up or down depending on who he does or doesn't talk about, and I'm sure E mandates that he not accept payoffs. They also require he check his facts and I'll bet all his blinds get vetted by the legal team. This is probably why his blind vices are relatively infrequent (once a week, CDAN is every day) and almost never get revealed.

I know a lot of gossip followers on this site have gotten tired of Ted because he is so coy and because he seems out of the loop compared to Blind Gossip or CDAN, but when you realize those sites are probably made-up, things look a little different.

Unknown said...

Thanks, that was a very good read, Lila. For everyone wondering, I recommend you read the article Lila posted about how CDAN is fake. Very informative. And I agree, I think Ted is more credible than the others and probably Lainey too. That's why they don't post as many blind items as other sites, because theirs might actually be real. What does CDAN post like 5 blind items a day? LMAO, he must really be "in the know"!

KaDixonLaw said...

@Lila - Thanks for providing that link. It was a great read! I meant to comment on the "Himmm" thread that I had noticed a lot of his comments seemed to indicate that he is from VA and has some connection to NASCAR. Random. But I can find no connection between either of those things and RDJ.

The whole thing has certainly made for some interesting conversation amongst us smut hounds, though.

ForSure said...

The article in the NY Post was written with Enty's full co-operation and published on April 1st. Just so you know.

For this blind, I've tried to make every female in the Glee cast fit, and I just can't. I think it's pretty much accepted that Dianna Agron makes it out of the car accident even though the entire cast has done a very good job of not mentioning her on twitter or posting photos of her.

Once Upon a Time is a good guess. Ginnifer Goodwin's life is hanging right now, she's been framed for murder. There have been 2 character deaths on that show already this season. But Jennifer Morrison is the central key that drives the whole plot so she really can't be killed off. Where does she live?

Savannah said...

At the beginning of the blind there's a lot of use of office lingo like "coworker catfighting", "employee", "cubicle". As it goes on there are a lot death words, "dead", "six feet under" etc. I think either someone from a show about an office like Mad Men or The Office like Elizabeth Moss or January Jones. Or a show about death or vampires ("bite it") like True Blood or Vampire Diaries. Since "Six feet under" could point to Alan Ball's show, Six Feet Under, I think Anna Paquin or Deborah Ann Woll.

On the E boards someone mentioned that Lea Michele because Dianna Agron's character's life was hanging in the balance during the last episode.

Or maybe the woman from "The Killing," since she can't be killed off because she's the star of the show?

Rita said...

@FS, Hey!!!! How've you been?

Diana Agron has already been confirmed as having a moniker, she's the top runner for a blind with her ex Alex Pettyfer.

As for the other Glee kids, I doubt any of them would dare breath lately, their show Producer... That little Napoleon, forgot his name... Keeps them on a tight leash and threatens to not renew their contracts constantly. And only Lea and Corey have been renewed for next year. Only one more year. Most of the Glee kids are supposedly graduating, making way for the new generation.

I like @Savannah's deductions as to office hints. I tend to take those kinds of words for granted, such as colleagues, and sharing office space. But it could truly be in relation to the show.

That being said, I don't think The Office is a front runner... Isn't there talk for next year being the last season? I know the show had tremendously dropped in the ratings, and even more so since Steve Carell's departure. So this leaves Mad Men.

January Jones would not count as a primary, although I do not watch the show, I read that she and the primary on that show Don Draper have divorced. So, minimizing her presence on the screen might not be so difficult.

Maybe the one who plays Don's assistant? Or the super-luscious redhead?

sashie said...

The thing about Mad Men is its just not the type of show people get "killed off" in frequently. I don't Watch the show, but is any character's life hanging in the air?

DC said...

I don't think anyone would describe Elizabeth Moss or Christina Hendricks as having a "perfectly toned toosh." January Jones maybe, but her character has practically been reduced to special guest star status.

I agree the "six feet under" line sounds like a hint (True Blood, Dexter and Parenthood are all possibilities). But what about The Walking Dead? They don't just want the person dead, but gone for good, as in not back as a zombie?

medusa said...

I immediately thought of Lea Michele when I read this - with the other character whose "life hangs in the balance" being Quinn. The line "Harriet knows her onscreen alter ego won't bite it anytime soon" I think is just a confirmation that she's signed a new contract so is safe, at least for the next year.

It can't be "Mad Men" or "The Office" since no character's life is hanging in the balance. I think that's a pretty good indication that the show referenced is in between seasons or on a short hiatus.

If it's "The Walking Dead" it could be Sarah Wayne Callies, who plays Lori. The other character whose life hangs in the balance is Andrea - viewers saw her "saved" by a black hooded figure, but who's to say that's actually a good thing? And it's unlikely Lori is going anywhere, as her character is pretty central to the show.

Trouble is, I can't find anything online that confirms that any of these women have a famous heartthrob neighbor!

Giglnbreez said...

What about one of the Desperate House Wives? Felicity Huffman maybe? He did the story on Kathryn Joosten maybe dying and another character was just killed off and they said it's possible by the end they could all be dead. Just an outside of what I have read idea.

DC said...

Desperate Housewives is ending this year, so it would be a moot point on that show.

Medusa, that was my thinking about The Walking Dead. There's also the possible angle of which characters live and die in the comics, and whether the show will choose to follow the source material or go its own way -- another way a character's life might hang in the balance.

Not that I'm trying to force it to fit the blind. That show is a huge hit by cable standards, but is it really on Ted's radar?

Rita said...

DC, there is word that Lori will die in the beginning of next season. I think I saw somewhere based on contract renewal discussions.

So Lori as a guess would not fit either. From my POV, the sheriff is the lead role for that series anyways, and Lori's character doesn't have many fans. She is rather hated.

DC said...

Rita, I didn't know that! But I'm glad I do. . . I'm one of the fans who hate her. It's also in line with the character's fate in the comics.

Anonymous said...

I believe that this is Anna Paquin, despite the fact that she is married, she can be having an affair - she might be interested in this neighbor and want him or her over Stephen, who I have to admit is attractive however almost twenty years older than her.

Today Ted eliminated January Jones and Christian Hendrix.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm thinking (besides Elisabeth Moss, my #1 choice for this BV) it might be one of the ladies from Desperate Housewives or Glee

doesn't January Jones already have a BV?

Dr.DuckyDuck said...

I kind of think that for most shows with a lot of death (e.g. The Walking Dead), ANY character could die, so there isn't necessarily guaranteed job security. With The Walking Dead specifically, the main character is a man. Same with Dexter. I think Mad Men is out because no one's fate really "hangs in the balance" currently.

I liked the suggestion of Jennifer Morrison on OUAT or Anna Paquin on True Blood. Both are essential to their shows, though Jennifer Morrison isn't really in a lot of scenes currently. Can people have gotten sick of her so quickly?

I think the "six feet under" line is an obvious clue, and I am leaning toward Anna Paquin for this one.

Pseudonym789 said...

Why Elisabeth Moss? Just curious, I haven't heard much about her.

Pseudonym789 said...

I like the Jennifer Morrison guess!

Rita said...

Ted notted Anna Paquin today.

Pseudo - Because she is necessary for the show. If she goes, Don Draper will lack... mojo and drive. Again, I don't watch the show religiously, but from what I've read so far on E! and Lainey in regards to Moss's character, she is necessary to the show.

And Ted confirmed today that yes, Talons is a primary character, the driver for her show. But on her show, ANYTHING can happen.

I'm wondering now if her show is more reality TV rather than say drama.

PrincessTiff said...

I hate the thought of it, but I'm thinking Jennifer Morrison. I just asked Ted if this is a new or older show. Hopefully, he'll throw us a bone.

Audra said...

Hello all.
I would swear this was from True Blood, because of the references (Six Feet Under--Alan Ball created it, too, another's life in the balance--Tara), but there's really not a key female character in that show left other than Anna Paquin. My next thought is Game of Thrones. "Talon" reference (dragons play a key role in series), his emphasis that anyone can be killed (main character played by Sean Bean killed last season). Leana Heady (Cersei Lannister) or Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen, who is the leader with dragons), maybe?

KaDixonLaw said...

But did anyone else notice the "dear" line in Ted's answer to the Anna Paquin guess?

"Talons on True Blood"

It's my understanding that Anna Paquin isn't the only primary female on True Blood.

Rita said...

@KaDixon, noticed that too... Would it be the one who plays Pam? Because the other one, Tara, really, I could so do without. And doubt she is a favorite character on the TV series (unlike Pam, who most love to watch).

PrincessTiff said...

@Rita. I'm with you. I'm fine when Tara's life hangs in the balance. I don't think I've seen an actress overacr more than her!

Rita said...

@Princess, Tara can drop dead, and not the undead kind, for all I care. She doesn't bring much to the table.

I cheered when all those characters got killed off in last-season's finale. There was just too much going on, which ended up with no one having a worthy story line.

But I'll miss Jesus...

Gotta get Ted to spill if it's reality or scripted drama.

KaDixonLaw said...

@Rita - I wish I knew! I'll have to defer to you and PrincessTiff on this one. I need to buy the dvds and go into seclusion one weekend so I can catch up. I remember that you're a big fan, though. Specifically of A.Skars!

I think "Talons on True Blood" paired with the Alan Ball reference and the "bite it" clues are pretty telling. Even for someone who doesn't watch the show. LOL!

PrincessTiff said...

Oh I love me some ASkars too! Yummers!

Rita said...

Meh, I'm quite over it. His cross-eyed look and buck teeth are now forefront and shadowing his tall blondness.

Yes, I'm dumping it.

Back to my Ryan Gosling crush.... aaaaaaaaaaah.

Rita said...

Ted answered my question today: Harriet Talons is definitely on Network Drama (I also asked if she were on Cable, which he nixed).

So no HBO divas, just Network, and no reality show either.

So back to Jennifer Morrison as top guess, I think Mikayla Marie suggested it first!

Savannah said...

Since Ted we know she's on a network show and Ted has said the show is very dramatic, I am going with Madeline Stowe from Revenge.

I don't know how Ellen Pompeo fits in but she's obviously on Revenge with Emily VanCamp and she was nominated for a Best SUpporting Actress Golden Globe this year like Jessica Lange.

Empress said...

I'm thinking this may be someone from that fairytale show starring Ginnifer Goodwin. I don't remember if it is on ABC or CBS. Are there dragons on that show?

Violet451 said...

My first thought on this was Kate Walsh, simply because of Ellen Pompeo being included in the AIA's. I think someone already mentioned her. This one still seems so open. We need more clues. There are still tons of possibilities. Thanks to the person who narrowed it down to a network show, though-that's a big clue! Maybe we need to find out more about her sweet castmates or the hot neighbor? Jennifer Morrison seems like a possibility but I never hear anything about her these days.

And off topic but, Rita, when it comes to Askars, I'm with you! Well, sort of. I do still love him but his hookup with Sookie on True Blood kinda killed it for me. I remember you writing in to Ted about it and you were 100% right at the time!!! Here's hoping they give him his edge back this upcoming season!

DC said...

More clues? I don't remember Ted ever giving so many clues. A woman on a network drama who's been nominated for (or won) a Golden Globe. That describes maybe half a dozen people, and three of them have been eliminated (Pompeo, Stowe and Margulies).

My guess is Lauren Graham.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Harriet Talons from your recent B.V. just has to be Mad Men's January Jones. Who else could it be? We've all heard the rumors about the lady who brings Betty
Draper to life. So, am I right?

Dear Bye-Bye Betty:
Sorry, W, but the former Mrs. Draper is not our detested small screen queen. While it's no secret that Jan has ruffled a few feathers on her AMC hit—just ask
her alter ego's former kiddo, for one—she provides a much needed flair of drama on and off screen. She's far too valuable to kill off.

Dear Ted:
When I read about Harriet Talons and saw you referenced the phrase "Boob Tube" Christina Hendricks came to mind.

Dear Off My Chest:
Is that a guess, babe? Or you're just sharing a thought you had. Guess I'll throw you a bone and tell you that Christina is not Harriet either. Puh-leeze,
Xtina has one of the most bangin' bods on the boob tube and no one works those retro threads better.

Dear Ted:
From the Harriet Talons Blind Vice I got the impression that her character can't be killed off, meaning she's the (female) lead. From your recent mail reply,
however, I got the impression that January Jones differs from Harriet in that Ms. Jones is too valuable to be killed off. So, can you clarify how indispensable Harriet's character is?

Dear Indispensable:
Harriet may be hated by her costars but her character is crucial to the show's success. But, that doesn't mean she's safe from the KO'd fate—I will say this is the kind of show where anything can happen."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I have an obvious hunch of who Harriet Talons may be. How about this, is she friends with diva Chiquita?

Dear Diva BFFs:
Unfortunately no, the two don't run in the same TV circle. But, that would be a match made in bitchy heaven.

Dear Ted:
I would be very disappointed if Harriet Talons was Anna Paquin. Please say it aint so.

Dear Talons on True Blood:
It ain't so.

Dear Ted:
I find it sad when a lead on a series makes it absolutely awful for the rest of the cast and crew to enjoy the experience. So many shows get canceled nowadays—you'd think one would appreciate the chance of getting regularly paid for acting! And as if long hours on a set are not hard at times on people's morale. That being said, tell us Oh Sexy Beast, is Harriet Talons on a reality-scripted show or a drama-scripted show? And is it cable dirty? Much love to your four-legged fam.

Dear Silver Screen Satan:
You'd think, wouldn't ya. But some actors are so self-centered they don't realize how miserable they're making the experience for those lowly crew folk. As for nasty ol' Talons, she works on network drama, Rita. With an emphasis on drama.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I'm really hoping that Harriet Talons is not Candice Accola. She's certainly on a show where all bets are off when it comes to job security. I can't imagine Candice being any trouble to work with, though.

Dear Clawing Away:
Rest assured, M, Candice is safe from Harriet Talons' fate. Next guess, please!

Dear Ted:
Thanks for all the great gossip! I'm a longtime reader, but I've never written to you before. I'm trying to figure out the identity of Harriet Talons and I'm
really hoping it's not Julianna Margulies. I love her! Can you please confirm that she's not the actress making everyone around her miserable? Thanks!

Dear Only Because You Asked Nicely:
I can confirm it's not Ms. Margulies."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Back in college a famous actress came and spoke to my senior class (theater majors) and, instead of giving advice on our futures, she dished on all of her costars the whole time. It was hilarious and amaze. Anyhoo, she said that Madeleine Stowe was basically the worst person on earth. That said, she has to be
Harriet Talons, yes? Tell me I'm right!

Dear Stowe Away:
Victoria Grayson would serve your head on a silver platter for even thinking that, Princess (I assume that title is not Hamptons royalty). The maniacal Ms.
Talons plays nice on the small screen and mean behind the scenes…the opposite of Madeleine. They're both Golden Globe babes, though.

Dear Ted:
Has Harriet Talons worked with Drew Smolder 'n' Such?

Dear Nope:
Not on TV or the big screen."

mk said...

I think it's Sarah Michelle Gellar. It has to be her.

Dr.DuckyDuck said...

Doesn't SMG already have a BV? I think she's popularly thought to be Botox Bang Slasher or Sheila Slap-You-Silly. I also don't think Ringer has been renewed, so she wouldn't be so comfortable about keeping her job.

Tracie said...

Anyone else ever notice how Ted sometimes follows up a Vice question with a seemingly random question that hints to the aforementioned Vice? The Madaline Stowe guess just before something mentioning Kristin Chenoweth.
Don't get me wrong... I SOO don't want it to be her, but I've been stewing on this all weekend & I can't rule her out completely. "They're both Golden Globes babes"... That doesn't necessarily mean winner. KC has been nominated.
Somebody poke holes all in my theory so I can enjoy GCB without obsessing about this!

Tracie said...

Anyone else ever notice how Ted sometimes follows up a Vice question with a seemingly random question that hints to the aforementioned Vice? The Madaline Stowe guess just before something mentioning Kristin Chenoweth.
Don't get me wrong... I SOO don't want it to be her, but I've been stewing on this all weekend & I can't rule her out completely. "They're both Golden Globes babes"... That doesn't necessarily mean winner. KC has been nominated.
Somebody poke holes all in my theory so I can enjoy GCB without obsessing about this!

DC said...

If you want a hole poked, I'd use the same one Dr.DuckyDuck used for SMG. This person is clearly on an established show that's certain to be renewed (or already has been), otherwise the whole discussion is pointless. GCB's ratings are such that the crew would be more worried about keeping their jobs.

Tracie said...

Makes sense! So their one Vice isn't this one. Probably something on Annie Potts from a gazillion years ago! =.}

Michelle said...

A Network (ABC, NBC, CBS or Fox) drama, female lead or co-lead who has been nomed or won a golden globe. how big can that pool be?

Michelle said...

Jennifer Morrison was never nomed for GG so I think that eliminates her. Laureb Graham has been nom'd but is Parenthood definitely coming back

Unknown said...

Lea Michele. Glee.

DC said...

Parenthood's ratings aren't great by normal standards, but with NBC as desperate as it is, it's pretty much guaranteed to come back. I've never seen the show. Does her character fit the clue about nice onscreen but bitchy off?

Dr.DuckyDuck said...

Parenthood is very likely to be renewed.

I don't know about Lauren Graham's character in Parenthood because I stopped watching after the first few episodes, but she was supposed to be super likable in Gilmore Girls, and she has that likable, "girl next door" persona. But is there another character whose life hangs in the balance?

I could so see this being Lauren Graham.

PrincessTiff said...

Would you say Parenthood is a show everything is talking about? Also, I don't remember where, but I feel like Ted said the show is one where anything can happen. I have never watched Parenthood, but it doesn't strike me as that type of show.

NF said...

One name that came to mind is Tina Fey. She's been nominated several times for a Golden Globe and won. The success of 30 Rock is dependent on her as she is the creative force behind the show (airs on network TV). Certainly, ANYTHING can happen on 30 Rock and when Ted says drama he may be hinting at the drama that goes on behind the scenes of the SNL-like TV show it's based on.

Karen said...

What about Kyra Sedgewick?

Michelle said...

Sedgewick isn't on network tv - Its a Network dramam

Empress said...

@Dr. DD Her character's daughter was in the hospital. I don't watch the show, but I saw it in a magazine.

Anonymous said...

Debra Messing :-)

Pseudonym789 said...

Ted notted her

Zara said...

Lea Michele? She was revealed as Pat Poisonpuss, so is eligible for another blind.

Anonymous said...

What about Dana Delaney from Body of Proof? She won emmys and was nominated for Golden Globes in the 80s for China Beach. She is the main character on that show and would be difficult to kill off. I don't know the show, so I don't know if anyone's life hangs in the balance??

Michelle said...

Body of Proof hasn't been renewed yet, I think it has to be an established show

Leslie Smith said...

Here are my guesses, but I must admit that I don't watch any of these shows:

* Emily Deschanel (fits the description of seeming nice)
* Courtney Cox (although her show isn't safe)
* Someone from Grey's? (Seems more of an ensemble show)
* Patricia Heaton (I am wishing it is her)

Since another character might be dying, comedies might be a stretch.

Anonymous said...

TC has just notted Elisabeth Moss as Harriet Talons

Meggo said...

Has anyone considered Ginnifer Goodwin? I always thought she was supposed to be sweet... But isn't that the point of Harriet Talons? And she was on Big Love when it was nominated for a Golden Globe...

For that matter... Jennifer Morrison was on House when the show was nominated for a Golden Globe...

Karen said...

Could this be someone who was nominated for a Golden Globe for a movie that is now on a television show?

Unknown said...

I think whoever guessed Dana Delaney might be on to something. It seems to fit with Ted's hints about Harriet Talons:

1. She is on a Network Drama - Body of Proof is on ABC.

2. She is an important character on the show - Delaney is the star.

3. She has been nominated for Golden Globe in the past - Delaney has been nominated for two Golden Globes.

4. Another character's life hangs in the balance. The season finale just aired and in the final scene the character Peter was stabbed. It was not known if he survived.

paige said...

I think the above poster is right about Dana Delaney....the clue..."Dead. Six feet under. "...dosent her character work in a morgue as a medical examiner?

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
You already said that both January Jones and Christina Hendricks are not Harriet Talons. How about their Mad Men costar Elisabeth Moss?

Dear Death Becomes Her:
Nope, while Harriet's series certainly has as much (if not oodles more!) drama as Mad Men, she is not one of those AMC minxes. She's a bit more glamorous
than Ms. Moss—at least, Harriet certainly thinks so.

Dear Ted:
Harriet Talons has me stumped. Is she on Pretty Little Liars, by any chance? If not, are there any Blind Vicers on the show?

Dear Half Right:
No, but so yes! How could there not be, huh?"

mk said...

He hasn't eliminated Sarah Michelle Gellar yet. It's so her.

Unknown said...

brooke elliot/brooke d'orsay from drop dead diva?
previous posts from ted state/hint at:

it's set in an office, crew wants her killed off/dead - main character

six feet under. never to be heard from again - premise is that she was sent back in someone else's body

another character's life hangs in the balance - grayson was hit by a car and in a coma

her job is all but secure - no diva, no show

her alter ego - jane/deb same person

perfectly toned tush - could be sarcasm because main character is big

no one wants harriet released on their set, heaven forbid - could be referencing the whole heaven sending her back.

just a guess!

PrincessTiff said...

@Unknown, Drop Dead Diva is, I believe, on Lifetime which I don't think is network :(

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Is Harriet Talons the witty Mindy Kaling? Works in The Office, loves drama and is also a writer in the show? If not, am I close?

Dear Heavens No!
Doesn't everyone love Mindy?!

Dear Ted:
Smooches from my calico, Sadie Belle. You said that Harriet Talons was on a show that fostered a lot of water cooler talk. My question is if her show is

relatively new (less than 2 seasons), or if it's a long-running affair. And do we ever actually see Harriet sitting at a desk on TV?

Dear Sink Your Teeth In:
Harriet and her series are well established—so to answer your question specifically, yes, there are more than two seasons. The first season was definitely

the best though, at least in my humble opinion—though surely you'd agree. As for your second question, very rarely…but she has before, yes.

Dear Ted:
Every time I go back over the Harriet Talons B.V. all I can think about is Katherine Heigl if she were still on the boob tube. That said, would Ms. Talons

have ever been caught dead hanging out with her? If not, maybe they have something like killer curves in common?

Dear Takes 'Tude to Tango:
Actually, I'm sure they've probably rubbed elbows a time or two. But their curves are nothing alike. Mostly because Harriet doesn't have any."

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
I love reading your column, but have to admit that I am not very good at guessing the Blind Vices. I'm going to take a quick stab at a guess, though. Is Harriet Talons Jane Lynch from Glee? I so desperately hope not because I absolutely adore her.
—First Time Guesser

Dear Real-Life Sue Sylvester:
Hardly! Jane is a doll. And the patience on that woman?! She should be considered for sainthood."

XCentric said...
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XCentric said...

I think it's Felicity Huffman. She won a Golden Globe for Desperate Housewives, which is on ABC and has been on forever. That show has no problem killing off characters, including main ones. Plus, she's blonde, like the other AIAs. And yeah, she's married, but it doesn't mean she can't still bug the heck out of her hunky neightbor by asking him if she'd date her were she not married.

BlahBlahBlah said...

Bit strange Ted has said 'heavens no' and 'heaven forbid' in his replies...potential clue?

BlahBlahBlah said...

and sainthood...might be reading too far into it. Are there any programs with religious characters?

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Please tell me that Harriet Talons is not Nina Dobrev. I absolutely adore her and would hate to think she isn't as lovable as Elena Gilbert.

Dear Unemployment Sucks:
Fine, Handy, I'll tell ya: Nina is not Harriet. Nina is a different Vice though, so start your sleuthing now!"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Just a quick question, is Harriet Talons Julie Bowen?

Dear Wrong Everything:
Nope, not even close. Diff hair color, personality, cleavage and most importantly: circle of friends (Julie actually has one, unlike Harriet).

Dear Ted:
A while back you stated that while Madeline Stowe was not Harriet Talons, they were both Golden Globes babes. Pretty please, can you clarify whether you meant nominated or winners? That makes a huge difference in my BV sleuthing. Lots of love,

Dear Love Ya Back:

Dear Ted:
I have to ask, is Claire Danes our dear Harriet Talons?

Dear You Can Never Go Home(land):
Nope! Harriet's show is far less critically acclaimed—at least these days."