Friday, March 9, 2012

Bonus Blind - Stealth Stud-Poof returns

This was a bonus BV from Ted on Monday March 5 -

Bonus Blind!  Stealth Stud-Poof Slips Up on Sneaky Ways

It's been awhile since we've heard from beefcake boy-lovah Stealth Stud-Poof.
See, SS-P knows expertly how to play the Hollywood closeted-star game and he's been busy maintaining his A-list status, landing super-sexy roles, buffing up his stellar bod, and ya know, banging his über-hot BF on the side!
Sounds like the perfect life, no? Heck, he didn't even have to hide his same-sex shenanigans: Everyone in Poof's camp was in on the sitch (even the Mrs.). He just had to keep things under wraps from the public, which, of course, he always has.

Until now.
Mr. Poof seems to have developed a habit of forgetting to close the shades on those big ol' windows at his place (which he pretty much keeps separate from the pad with the wife), giving many passing looky-loos quite the shocking show!
See, Stealth purchased a swanky apartment for his loverboy where the two dudes can get it on for days on end without any prying paps trying to home in on their love nest.
But on one of the recent visits with the BF (one of Stealth's favorite ways to relax and indulge), he seemed not to notice the exclusive complex has turned into quite the celebrity hot spot.
Which means fans. Lots of 'em, all hoping to catch a sighting of one of the many stars living in this A-list building.

But here's what they weren't expecting to see:
Stealth and his pal getting it on. Not in the entirely raunchy way you might think (or want). But sure enough, Stealth was hugging and kissing his man with years of affection behind those sparkling eyes. You know, the kind of open-mouth kisses that take you straight to the bedroom—which is precisely what happened.
Adorable…but homo-licious, none the less. And oozing with passion that could destroy Stealth's career of playing badass ladies' men—at least, that's what his people tell him.
So tread carefully, Stud-Poof, and get some damn curtains—or we may soon be removing the Stealth from your moniker. Unless, of course, you're just waiting for someone to snitch so you can turn your fab domestic life with your dude into a full-time sitch?
AND IT AIN'T: Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom, Matthew McConaughey

Please refer to the label below for the previous Stealth Stud Poof BVs, including a full list of who has been eliminated.

Top suspect: Hugh Jackman


Rita said...

Huh... I thought Jackman broke-up with his boyfriend/manager type because he wanted too much, and made the Mrs feel bad??

Well, it seems that once they start nearing their 50's, they start wanting living their true life more freely: Travolta, Will Smith... The only one with no steady still is Cruise.

Anonymous said...

It can't be Hugh. He adopted his kids.

I think its Russell Crowe.

blurry vice said...

What? No, this is still Hugh.

Rita said...


If you read the previous blinds and comments, you will know that this is Hugh as proven by timeline. As well as really strong hints during the Wolverine era.

Anonymous said...

But doesn't Stud Proof's first blind refer to a 'procreating' wife?

Hugh's kids are adopted. Unless there are other things that add up.

I think its Russell because this blind is obviously about an Aussie (the use of Poof - a gay slur used in Australia a lot), and he's got two sons...

Rita said...

The "procreating" wife did stir up a heated debate on this site. I think some were pointing at Eddie Murphy, but at that time, Murphy was rather fading into the background, when the blind was clearly indicating a very thriving career. Also, it seems to me that Eddie has a blind, one with Bratt Ratner, but I don't see it on this site.

The thing is, with the timeline confirmation of having, and not having a BV moniker, Hugh fits completely. The only contention is his wife procreating.

There was an interview with her not long ago where she admitted getting often pregnant, but then losing the fetus along the way. After a while they decided to adopt.

We should ask Ted to clarify on the wife unit and kids.

Carter said...

I don't think this is Hugh Jackman either for a lot of reasons.

. I think the "procreating" wife was deliberate on Ted's part. If you ask and he says no well- there's one reason crossed off.

. It sounds pretty recent and HJ has been in England since the very end of Jan-beginning of Feb.

. His partner- ex partner lives in LA and has done fairly well from the looks of things since the presumed breakup.

. The biggest thing is the lovenest sounds fairly close to his home. aka NYC. That being the case there is no way someone with HJ's bank account would buy a pad on floors low enough so celebrity hounds could see inside (which is really just the 1st fl. given ceiling heights in celebrity favored buildings). Which is what he's talking about here.

I think the one where he said "think less Lance Bass, more NPH" was him. No moniker given however but I think he has one.

Carter said...

FYI. I forgot to add - the word "poof" is also used in England, Ireland, Scotland.... But maybe TC is just being creative since he does so many of these things.

Jennifer said...

What about Eric Bana?? He has two kids with his wife and he's Australian.

Rita said...

Today on Afternoon Mail:

Dear Home Cooking:
Only that Hugh's wife—not to mention his very hands-on business partner who controls every part of Hugh's life that the wife doesn't already cover—might have a problem with your plan.

If this is not an admission, I don'T what is!

EV said...

@Rita- totally agree with you about Ted giving us a major hint today about Hugh and his controlling business partner. For those of us that follow these vices closely, it is quite revealing.

secretinsider said...

Doesnt stealth realte to the film leading me to believe its Josh Lucas. His wife was pregnant....

secretinsider said...


blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Hey old friend! Love that Blind Vice about that beef-cakey, super-talented Mr. Stealth Stud-Poof. It is time for him to make a comeback. Wonder if the BF is

the same legendary BF in the old Vice or a different one. He must have been really hot and loving either way…to deserve such affection! Reminds me of Toothy

Tile and Grey Goose!

Dear Lover's Leap:
Now, that would really be something if it was the same man, huh? Like, totally extraordinary, ‘cause who actually stays together these days? Apparently, the

gays do, including Stealth and his man.

Dear Ted:
At a wonderful dinner last night with a great friend we realized we both find Hugh Jackman a damn handsome man. I'm happily married, but I was wondering,

might Hugh ever be interested in my friend? She's a lovely, highly intelligent redhead with a great sense of fun. What does your insider sense tell you? One

can hope.

Dear Home Cooking:
Only that Hugh's wife—not to mention his very hands-on business partner who controls every part of Hugh's life that the wife doesn't already cover—might have

a problem with your plan."

Unknown said...

Ted wrote about his business partner before while calling Hugh Jackman by name a few years ago. This was YEARS after Stud-Poof had a moniker. At least now we know that HJ kept the same partner aka lover, even though the business broke up "officially".

I remember some gossips who were probably guessing reported the partner was cheating, one said the "star" was cheating. But everyone assumed that they split up when the business folded.

pikespeak said...

I agree, Unknown.

Unknown said...

I agree whatever you said guys!!!!

blurry vice said...

from twitter -

"GossipGirlinTX ‏@GossipGirlinTx 18h

@Ted_Casablanca Ted I miss ur blinds so much! 2?s 4 u Has Stealth SP dumped his BF? Do u think Gwyneth P can weather the VF exposé ?


Ted Casablanca ‏@Ted_Casablanca 14h

@GossipGirlinTx u will be happy soon, no and absolutely yes!"