Saturday, October 22, 2011

Blind Vice Reveal - Kirkland Dogmatic & Teddy Big Treat

On Tuesday Oct 18 Ted did a reveal... one that we already figured out, of course!  Read on...

Blind Vice Revealed!  Kirkland Dogmatic is...

It isn't a crime to be gay and in love, so why should we keep it a secret? Which is why we're tres tickled to reveal one of our fave lovey dovey Vicers: Kirkland Dogmatic. Even tho his tale isn't exactly debauched, we're sure you remember Kirk, right?
He's one of the successful stars of that futuristic franchise Invasion From Planet OctopusTeddy Big-Treat. But since Kirk is ready to bust out of the closet, we might as well just tell you... and also happens to have a hunky out and proud BF on the side,
  It's Zachary Quinto. Duh.
Most of the savvier Vice guessers were able to peg Star Trek star Zach from the start, and we say kudos to you. The dude was never too far in the closet (i.e. he never played the beard game) but it was still nice to hear him finally—and officially—come out this weekend.
So who's his knight in rainbow armor?
Well if you didn't get it from the massive hint we gave you in the original Vice, then you deserve to have your Awful Truth membership card revoked. We tipped you off that Teddy was super tight with Ms. Lea Michele. Ya know, like BFF tight.
Yep, Teddy is none other than Glee guy Jonathan Groff. But you figured that out yourself, yes?
The twosome have been spotted on the town in the past and were even rumored to have gone on a few double dates with Lea and her now ex-boyfriend. So now that Zach is officially out and proud, will we see some PDA between the two.
Not so fast.
'Cause tho we reached out for comment from both boys' reps and have yet to hear back from either, we hear from other sources that as formerly tight as these two were, they're no longer quite as tight as they used to be. Tell us it ain't so!
Oh well, guess we'll just wait to see who Kirkland Zach links up with next...if we're forced to.

Thanks for the confirmation Ted!  Please refer to the label below for a link to our previous post on Kirkland and Teddy.

Kirkland Dogmatic = Zachary Quinto

Teddy Big-Treat = Jonathan Groff


Anonymous said...

I think Ted might be wrong about ZQ and Jonathan Groff no longer being an item, they were photographed together in NY a couple of days ago.

FrenchGirl said...

it was not a secret that Quinto was gay

Anonymous said...

The amount of time I have read on this blog via the comments,not the writers,and other blogs that Ted is a liar, a BS'er etcetc is unbelievable but where are they now that he has revealed a BV??

Ironic that the first post is again calling him a liar. Jeez, fan girls.

Rynthetyn, er, he said " not as tight", where did you pick "broken up" from that frigging paragraph?????

bookworm said...

I hope they are still together. Ellen and her wife represent for lesbian love now we need a male counterpart and NO NPH and his husband don't count. NPH has serial cheater written all over him - and there are BI items that hint to this also.

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
The hotties Zachary Quinto and Jonathan Groff…just friends or lovers? If you have the info, please give us the (really not) Awful Truth!

Dear BF or BFF:
Well, back when Zach was a Vice star by the name of Kirkland Dogmatic, he and Groff were hot and heavy. While it seemed that they cooled for a while, I'm hearing they're back on again."

Unknown said...

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