Sunday, October 16, 2011

Blind Vice! Cheating Chubster Lawyers Up!

New from Ted on Friday -

Blind Vice!  Cheating Chubster Lawyers Up!

Forget Ashton Kutcher and whatever tabloid allegations have him tweeting mad today.
'Cause we've got a Vice star that we know can't keep it in his pants, much to the dismay of his poor partner and kiddos. Yep, Chubster Hunkster—who's looking less hunkster and far more chubster these days—is back and still sneaking around.

Thing is, he's starting to get nervous. Real nervous:
'Cause one of his chicks on the side is ready to blab.
So Chub did what every good stud worth his star power would do: he lawyered up. And Mr. Hunkster's legal team told that gal if she even breathed in the way of the tabloids, they'd sue her for every penny she's worth.
And trust, these are not the kind of lawyers you wanna mess with.
So the broad did what most other sensible peeps would do: she shut up and disappeared. And Chub can keep on with his cheating ways.
But for how long?
This par-tick chick wasn't the only one whispering about Chubster's inclination towards infidelity. It's only a matter of time before his extramarital bed hopping gets back to his gorgeous honey.
Or worse, the press.
Stupid P.S.: Why do men cheat with not-exactly-knockout stripper types when they've got goddesses at home?
I know, I know, stupid question.
And It Ain't: Ben Affleck, Brad Pitt, Channing Tatum

Please see the label below to read our post on the previous Chubster Hunkster BV, including a list of who has been eliminated.

Top suspect: Liev Schrieber


blurry vice said...

The top suspect for the previous Chubster Hunkster BV was Jerry O'Connell. See that post for details. he still fits for this one and has not been eliminated, so he is still the top suspect for this one.

Savannah said...

Ted makes a point of saying that Chubster is "looking less hunkster and far more chubster these days" In the most recent pictures of Jerry O'Connell that I saw he looked thin.

Liev Schreiber?

He denied the affair hours before the latest Chubster vice was posted.

Anonymous said...

I think you should reconsider your top suspect sisters! Liev Schreiber fits the clues plus Teds timing is perfect since rumours about Lievs affair just surfaced this week.

EV said...

The previous blind mentioned Comic Con in 2010. Was Liev at Comic Con last year?

Sue T. said...

Liev was at ComicCon 2010; here's a pic.

Also, I checked the last Chubster entry and there was a question to Ted: "is he better known for film or TV?" "Definitely movies these days; he's kind of a big star, ya know." I wouldn't say that Jerry is better known for movies "these days." His 2010 project was a TV show called "The Defenders."

blurry vice said...

OK I like the Liev Schriber guess! As long as he fits with the previous BV and went to Comic Con as Ted had said, I like it! Will revise the post. Of course he won't eliminate Jerry O though, bc he knows he is a suspect, LOL.

blurry vice said...

... AND here is the token Rob P elim asked for every male BV:

"Dear Ted:
Is Chubster Hunkster Robert Pattinson? The tabloids are always hinting that he fools around behind Kristen Stewart's back.

Dear Inhale Much?:
Babe, what are you smoking? If you think Robert Pattinson's a chubby hunky type, then my real name is Bella Swan. Get real. No, not even close that R.Pattz is the cheating Chubster, and besides, nothing's going on between Rob and Kris that they both don't know about. They're totally cool!"

Rita said...
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Rita said...

I'm with Liev Schrieber. Besides the fact that he fits most clues, there are also the AIAs: these are movie actors, and Jerry is mostly known for his TV shows.

blurry vice said...

Rita yes ... however the AIAs in the previous Chubster BV were from TV. I think Liev is a great guess too I am just pointing out the previous one... there was a lot of discussion and points that we shouldn't forget there!

blurry vice said...

Interesting that Ted says he is more chubby these days thank hunk. In Aug 2010 (see letter in previous post), he said that he USED to be chubby, but is "definitely not fat now", was looking good etc. So now 14 months later he is chubby again. Whatev.

Rita said...

It's a bit clearer today that in the Bitch Backs that this could not be Jerry O'Connell, for his wife, is reputed to be a bitch, and her stints on shows were written off because of her bitchiness (Betty).

Someone asked Ted if Chubby's Mrs is also known for her bitchiness in the industry, and Ted clearly states that on the contrary, she is known all over for her class act.

I think this would fit more Naomi Watts. But then again, I could be wrong.

Blurry: Liev Schrieber's weight has been dramatically fluctuating in the past few years. He gets fit for his roles, then packs on the pounds again.

Violet451 said...

Hi Rita, that was my question and I wasn't sure Ted understood it but now that I am thinking about Liev and Naomi Watts maybe his answer makes sense?

What I was trying to do in my question was link Rebecca Romijn to John Stamos in the Hildago blind. Felt like Ted willfully ignored that portion but the fact that he was so emphatic makes it seem like this can't be Jerry-or we are wrong about John Stamos? I don't know..?

Rita said...

Congrats Michelle!

And don't worry, Ted would often edit some of my BV questions: he might have had a lot of the same-type questions, and decided to use yours to answer, backhandedly, a few.
Can't take it personal, just keep at it and send away again on Hildago. Would surely like to get a clearer clue on that one!

Violet451 said...

I'm liking Liev more and more for this. The line in the first BV that always troubled me was that he'd found himself a "Hollywood Equal". With Liev and Naomi that fits better. It's just the part where he talks about high school, etc. that implies we would know about his awkward years that trips me up.

Ted is also kind of brilliant talking about "lawyering up". Totally implies that he thinks divorce proceedings are afoot but could be referring to a custody battle instead as Liev and Naomi are not married (at least I don't think they are).

Violet451 said...

Thanks Rita! Haha, not taking it personally-just wanted an answer :) I really thought I could get a two-for-one on that with virtually no risk to Ted since I didn't say which Blind I was referring to. Oh well! :) He's edited me before too. He recently answered me in regards to when we are gonna get some man on man action on True Blood and he cut one of the more racy portions of my question, I don't blame him! ;)

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
I was just wondering if Chubster Hunkster's missus has a history of hooking up with Vicers? I suspect she is an ex of one the newest members of the B.V.

club. Am I right?

Dear Way Off:
First of all, when did I ever say Chubster and his gal are married? Hmm. Are they? Also, Chubster's babe is the total opposite. She's not a player, sexually

or professionally. Ironically, she has one of the best reputations in Hollywood. It's a shame her man can't be equally cool about his own behavior, in all


Dear Ted:
Is Ryan Gosling cheater Chubster Hunkster? And is Vanessa Hudgens skanky Portia Vajazzle?

Dear Vice Try:
No and no. Closer on the latter tho."

blurry vice said...

I'm thinking more Liev for this now too. Naomi Watts is more respected than Rebecca Romijn. Ted says the wife is very respected in Hollywood. Liev fits with that better.

BlahBlahBlah said...

i remember something a few years back where Liev denied cheating on Watts with Winona Ryder....

BlahBlahBlah said...

here it is

FrenchGirl said...

@BlahBlahBlah:i'm happy not to be famous because every day i cheat my honey if i follow Page Six
NB:Winona Ryder stopped to date actors since the end of 90's:she only dates with musicians now