Sunday, June 26, 2011

Blind Vice! Morgan, You have One More (A-List) Chance!

This was new from Ted on Friday -

Blind Vice!  Morgan, You Have One More (A-List) Chance!

Delusional and drug-addled Morgan Mayhem has really got to be the most pitiful of all our Blind Vice Superstars. It's getting boring reporting on her, so we've basically stopped.
I Know Who Killed MeExcept, recently we were talking to one of our A-List sources (we adore all types here at AT, just so you know, all the way down to Z-list!), who told us Morgan is in for a shock soon:
She's going to be offered an A-list job again! And, trust us, this is no sleazy project like those the once-top actress is used to doing these days.
Academy-Award winning director. Academy-Award-nominated co-talent. Very cool, hip up-and-coming costars.
And the part itself?
"A complete whack-job girlfriend, Morgan would be perfect."
And how. The only problem being that the director is busy fighting with the costars, who are adamant they will not work with M2, who they consider "a total asshole."
However, the director, who is not to be deterred, is busy telling his actors they will be meeting with Ms. Mayhem, just the same, as soon as the meeting's finalized—and that he fully expects Morgan to come to the meeting "fully contrite, asking for the job."
You hear that, Morgan-doll? Through all your coked-out, boo-hoo scrapes in life, can you even remember how to act anymore? Because if you can, you might want to start with the audition process.
They're expecting somebody who you know doesn't exist anymore (and probably never did), so see if you can pull if off, sweetheart!
If you ever want to work in this town again, that is.
It Ain't: Katy Perry, AnnaLynne McCord, Demi Lovato

Please see the label below for a link to our other many posts on Morgan Mayhem BVs over several years.
Top suspect: Lindsay Lohan

(film Magic Mike; Steven Soderbergh)


Rita said...

I hope Ted is not talking about that mafio biopic... what's it called? Cause the way he's presenting this, I would expect a more credible movie.

That being said, Lohan bores me to tears.

Cecilia00 said...

Just wanted to note that Ted once again connects MM to LL in this new post:

Where he mentions the "sleazy flicks" as not counting.

Andrew said...

She's already confirmed to be in the Gotti film. So I suspect this is another movie. But who knows with Ted. I feel like he gets less and less credible every day.

FrenchGirl said...

i guess the next Tarantino movie but my main trouble is that Dicaprio yet knows her and he partied with her 2 years ago

blurry vice said...

blurry vice said...

No, it's not the Gotti movie he's talking about. That's old news. Something new.

MISCH said...

Sorry, but I doubt greatly she can control her impulses for too long. She would have to be under house arrest and we know how well that went.

Cecilia00 said...

I don't think so either MISCH.
She really needs to take charge of her life - but she is so caught up in the scene L.A. and the lifestyle.

Kirby said...

Sisters, are we still posting blinds from hollywood lawyer, gossip boy, etc.? Because Ted is kind of bad now; we need some other options. I'm not sure he has truly made a celebrity breakthrough in the past years, and more often now, we figure out his blinds as unreliable or rehashed from other writers.

Unknown said...

Mob Street is on her IMDB now, it was written by Chaz Palminteri who is an AA nominated actor for Bullets over Broadway

Unknown said...

so that could be it

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Wait, did you just out Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as Morgan Mayhem last week? I've never even heard of her before now. I was thinking M.M. would be someone

more talented...or famous. Maybe I should go back under my rock..

Dear A Rosie by Any Other Name:
Talented? Debatable. But the real Morgan is certainly more famous than RHW, which means that, no, babe, I didn't spill the Morgan Mayhem beans. Rosie has a

Vice all right, but Rosie's monikered mania isn't as infamous as M2's. Kinda funny how Vice imitates life, huh?"

blurry vice said...

Kirby -
We don't do CDAN anymore. Feel free to read comments under a separate post about that. He sucks and is fake anyway.
As for other sites, basically we don't have time to post them. Sorry. We read Lainey all the time and don't miss hers. As for Ted, I personally like to read his opinions on stuff so I read it. Also it's a thing where I started keeping track of stuff so I might as well keep track of stuff if I have time once a week. One of us reads NY Post and she puts the interesting ones here.
The four of us all have jobs outside of this, two have kids too, and lives we are livin'. Would love to run a gossip blog full time. But can't. We started this for fun, and it would be great for everyone to discuss other blinds, but if we aren't reading it or interested in it, we aren't going out of our way to hunt for random blinds for other people to discuss. Sorry, hope you don't hate us.

Kirby said...

@blurry, It's OK. :) I myself am very much appreciative of the effort the sisters are all doing. There aren't too many sites for gossip-guessing out there that are nearly as organized, credible and warm as this one. I just wanted to know how the sisters review other options for sources of gossip. Anyway I can help through the arduousness. :)

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
A couple of weeks ago you mentioned that somehow a director still wanted to cast Morgan Mayhem in a major role. I was just wondering if she has managed to

blow her billionth opportunity yet.

Dear Box-Office Blow-Out:
She hasn't blown it...yet. But she's certainly not cleaning up her act in the way the A-list director had hoped for. It's not looking good on this one, which

is a damn shame ‘cause it's exactly the type of big-screen pic that could put Morg back on the map."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Does Robert Pattinson think Kristen Stewart's Blind Vice is sexy or badass? I'm thinking Kristen is Morgan Mayhem.
—Sexy Legs

Dear Morgan Wishes:
Oh, doll, K.Stew's got her shiz together much more than Morgan does. Case in point: M's career is nil right now (thanks in large part to her shenanigans and

in little part to her debatable acting skills), whereas Kristen's is booming. As for whether Rob digs the Vice or not? Sure. It definitely doesn't bother


Dear Ted:
Has Lindsay Lohan lost her role in the upcoming Gotti movie? On a completely different note, has Morgan Mayhem been offered that A-list job you mentioned? If

not, is she still being considered?

Dear LiLo in Stiches:
Producers for the picture are staying mum when it comes to Linds, but I wouldn't be surprised if the whole sitch doesn't work out. Movie deals have a way of

coming and going as frequently as L falls out of T-town clubs, which is, uh, a lot. As for Morgs, she's still in the running for her pic, but it's not

looking great either. Totally different big screen projects, BTW."

--- We knew it was 2 separate projects.

Cecilia00 said...

This was posted by Ted today:

Absolutely no shocker.

blurry vice said...

Steven Soderbergh
Magic Mike