Friday, June 17, 2011

Blind Vice: Did Sally Make Her Choice to Keep Hollywood Happy?

Still getting caught up ... slowly.  Here is Monday's Blind Vice from Ted.

Blind Vice: Did Sally Make Her Choice to Keep Hollywood Happy?

It was upsetting enough in itself, the surprising break-up of Sally Pearlsmyth and Percy DuBois. The beautiful young couple was so in love! So tantalizing in their passionate and real-life love story!

But, that was before things went awry and Sally found she was pregnant...

And after consulting with her myriad advisors decided she would end the pregnancy. This we revealed last time we told you about Sally's unfortunate bust-up, and one reason why Percy was so very upset afterwards—because he wanted her to keep the kid.

But this we have just discovered:
During all those meetings Sally had with her advisors, agents and employers (she told them all about the pregnancy, asking everybody what she should do), Sally actually talked to her bosses about having a pregnancy theme written into her acting project at the time.

The producers were not against considering the concept, but, they ultimately rejected it—as they didn't really care for that storyline.
And then Sally decided to end her pregnancy.
Now, we're all about women's rights at A.T. Just not sure everybody in Hollywood agrees with us? I don't know, you get time off to have a kid if you work at the post office, shouldn't you get that, also, if you work at the studio? Without having to worry about losing your job?

Just a thought.

AND IT AIN'T: Selena Gomez, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Lawrence

Please refer to our the label below for a link to the post on the previous Sally/Percy BV.

Top suspects: Dianna Agron & Alex Pettyfer


Yoda Man said...

This doesn't seem to match when Dianna Agron had the pregnancy storyline in Glee.

Dr.DuckyDuck said...

I agree with Yoda Man, except that her pregnancy was probably after the season one finale, which means that her character would have gotten pregnant *twice* in two seasons. So, in that case, it makes a lot of sense.

Cecilia00 said...

OT but I have a question...

Ted confirmed just the other day that N'Sync's J.C. Chasez has a BV. But not one we might be thinking.

Any thoughts on which one it could be?

Anonymous said...

Weren't Agron and Pettyfer confirmed by other sources to be a fake PR romance? That sounds more likely to me than this blind. Also, Ted said earlier that Sally didn't share her news with many people, and now she's telling EVERYONE before making her decision. I think Ted's just keeps hinting that it's Agron for the drama of it all...not sure who else it could be but something just isn't adding up here.

Kirby said...

@Cecilia00 - It has to be one of the gay vices, since it's widely speculated that it's not only Lance who is fey in N'Sync.

The thing about Ted and his vices: they always find a market! Blogs like these trump trashy ones like DListed and CDAN any day.

FrenchGirl said...

it's who wrote Pettyfer/Agron was a fake RP romance but some reports said the break-up was nasty

the major trouble with blind items is that the BI are rumors

MISCH said...

I read this blind a month ago...

blurry vice said...

Misch - so did we. See the previous sally/percy bv. this is their 2nd.

blurry vice said...

Misch - so did we. See the previous sally/percy bv. this is their 2nd.

blurry vice said...


Dear Ted:
I don't know why but Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling popped into my head after reading the Sally and Percy B.V. I can't imagine Rachel would allow others around her to influence such a major decision. Please tell me I'm wrong!

Dear Notebook Notice:
Don't worry your little head, babe, cause you are indeed wrong. Rach and Ry ended on far better terms than poor Sally and Percy did—maybe that's cause Rachel is far more in tune with the ways of T-town.

Dear Ted:
In your article about Dianna Agron's gay rights blog, are you implying that Lea and her outstanding heterosexual of a boyfriend might be a sham?

Dear Gaydar:
Why do you have to be gay to fight for gay rights, babe? No, Lea may have plenty of Vices stuffed up her argyle sleeve, but this is one gal who loves guys and isn't afraid to show it. In public. All the time.

Dear Ted:
Is Sally Pearlsmyth dating someone or still in the market looking for Mr. Right.
—Your Latin Fan

Dear Sally Says:
No, Sally is not dating currently. At least, not seriously. How about we give the girl a bit of a boy break before she has to hit the tabloid scene again, OK?

duffgrl said...

NOT Rachel/Ryan. Please...get over that already it was years ago.

My guess is Scarlett and Ryan R. Have heard this gossip about them...very sad if it is true.

Have heard that Alex P was just a total a-hole in that relationship.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I Am Number Four was not a mega hit but it wasn't a flop either. My sweet rescue terrier, Cupcake, and I would like to know if the producers of the movie decided to make a sequel (there are more books in that series), would exes Alex Pettyfer and Dianna Agron be legally obligated to star in it. I know most of the Twilight crew signed on in the beginning for at least three films. Just curious. And frankly, Cupcake and I thought their chemistry was great in Number Four.
—Cupcake and Liz

Dear I Am Number Five:
The studio definitely had these par-tick hotties sign on for multiple flicks, in hopes that alien adventure would be the next big box office hit—which it wasn't. So, yes, the cast is locked in whether they like it or not (most likely the latter, doll), but the likelihood of a sequel is slim. You're right about the hot chemistry tho, C—probably too hot though, right?"

Whitney said...

zach efron and vanessa hudgins?

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
Does Sally Pearlsmyth know that she is a Blind Vice? Does she regret her decision at all? How is Percy handling the situation now? I felt so bad for him. The

whole situation is still so sad.

Dear Sad Sally:
Sally knows that there's chatter about town concering her unfortunately timed pregnancy (which, sadly, there is a lot of), but I can't say whether she

regrets her choice or not. Percy, on the other hand, decided to get busy post-split and focus on his work instead of the sad state of his relaysh.

Dear Ted:
Is Olivia Wilde Sally Pearlsmyth? That would make me kinda sad; I think she'd be a great mom.

Dear Mama Drama:
Nice try, Ry, but that's a big, fat no. While O may be enjoying her time with a bunch of Blind Vice bachelors, none of them is Percy. Olivia's Vice is a lot

sexier (and a lot less sad) than poor Sally's.

Dear Ted:
Are Sally Pearlsmyth and Percy DuBois a past or present Disney couple?

Dear Parental Control:
While neither Sall nor Per are strangers to the Mouse House fam, I wouldn't consider them a "Disney couple" by any means. Know what I mean?"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
It's been pretty dry out there, so I thought we should play a game. So far this summer, which of our Blind Vices has been the most scandalous? Most

surprising? Most annoying? Sexiest?

Dear Summer Entertainment:
Hmmm, after much deliberation, here's my Vicer vote:
Most Scandalous: Sally Pearlsmyth
Most Surprising: Toothy Tile
Most Annoying: Shafterella Shoshstein
Sexiest: Crotch Uh-Lastic

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
What can you tell us about the news that Dianna Agron is dating Sebastian Stan? It's true or just a rumor? And what about Alex Pettyfer? Is he seeing someone

else, or is he still thinking of Ms. Agron (who looks like she moves fast in that department)?

Dear Stagron:
As of now, the rumors surrounding the Agron and Stan dating business are proving to be true. Mr. Pettyfer, on the other hand, remains aloof. Can't say I'm

surprised; he seems like more a play-the-field kind of d-bag. Oops, pardon my bad French."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
So how is Sally Pearlsmyth doing after her difficult year? Has she rebounded with success in her career and maybe new love?

Dear Happy Ending:
Yes and yes, though I'm wondering if some of it's not a tad forced. Babe was determined to move on, and who can really blame her?"

blurry vice said...

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I was wondering how Sally Pearl-Smythe is doing now. Has she moved on in a healthy way from her ordeal or has it pushed her into a form of self-medication? I

only hope the best for her.

Dear One Day at a Time:
Yes, as healthy as you can move on from that kinda sad stuff. But I'm happy to report she's doing much better these days. And not just because she's got a

smile plastered across her cutesy mug, ‘cause she sports that all the time."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Are Sebastian Stan and Dianna Agron the real deal, because we all know what happened with Dianna's previous relationship. And what's up with her newly found

circle of friends? She hangs out with lots of party people and is becoming hippier instead of that angelic persona that we all love. Is she still the sweet,

innocent Dianna that I fell in love with or has she changed?

Dear Fame Game:
Yeah, she's changed a little—how can you not with that degree of fame? But Dianna's still pretty cool, from what I hear, and Sebastian is a huge improvement

over Alex Pettyfer."

"Dear Ted:
Why is there so much hate out there for Dianna Agron? With all the causes and groups she stands up for, she seems like a pretty tolerant, sweet girl. She

obviously can't be too bad of an actress since she made us all hate Quinn. I understand Chord Overstreet's lack of screen time in the Glee movie, but why was

Dianna featured so little?

Dear Blonde Ambition:
Because she's never been used that much, period. Nothing new here. And I guess she's just seen as a little chilly, a little too perfectly blonde? Funny.

Couldn't be further from the truth."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Any updates on Sally Pearlsmyth? This story just blows my mind; she looks so wholesome in my opinion.

Dear Look Again:
She's not. But she sure is doin' great, sweetheart!

Dear Ted:
I know Dianna Agron has been busy with Glee, but with her budding film career, what is the interest from Hollywood producers for her in future movies? I

thought she did quite well in her first starring role with I Am Number Four! I was wondering what the backstage buzz was for this beautiful and talented

young actress? Does she have a good shot for a movie career in the post-Glee world?

Dear Film Future:
Di is guaranteed for movie stardom, Cindy, which is why she's not sweating her inevitable split from the show-tune-happy series. If I were a betting man

(which I am), I'd place some serious moolah on Dianna being the first Glee alumna to race to the big screen."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
We've had lots of updates about Sally Pearlsmyth, but I'd love to hear more about delicious Percy DuBois. Any recent Vicey behavior? Is his prickly exterior

simply a cover for his heartache? Can he recover from his diva attitude? Kisses from me and my pups Shadow and Buddy!

Dear Poor Percy:
Percy went through a lot of crap after his very sad saga with Sally, and that may be why he somewhat changed his formerly wild ways. I don't think he's a

completely reformed dude, but he's a little older and a little wiser these days.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Dianna Agron's pink hair…like it? My pink poodles want to know!

Dear Blonde at Heart:
Loved it. And it actually suited her personality better than her blonde locks. Speaking of Di, I'm kinda digging her baby-mama drama storylines on Glee

lately. Who knew the show could get back on track?"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I am wondering if there is any chance of Dianna Agron and Alex Pettyfer ever getting back together? Or if there is any chance that Dianna could maybe hookup

with Cory Monteith or Mark Salling on the Glee set?

Dear No and No and No:
Di and Alex are way over, babe. I don't even think seeing him sashay his stuff in a teeny tiny g-string (in Magic Mike, of course) could win the Glee gal

over again. As for her show tunes singing cohorts, there's zilch chemistry off set between any of 'em. Plus, she's already having fun with another H'wood


blurry vice said...

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I was trying to get a read on Dianna Agron. She is obviously a beautiful talent whom I look forward to seeing do other acting projects. So can you describe

the "real" Dianna Agron? She projects a good image toward the audience and press with her gracious demeanor and seems to be bubbly, sweet and intelligent. Is

that image truthful or is she more like the Glee character she portrays? Does she have any new Blind Vices?

Dear The Dish on Di:
Well, babe, she's sweet and intelligent in real life too. I love Di and tho she's definitely made it into my Vice vault (not for anything lately though),

she's a good gal. One of the best in the town, methinks.

Dear Ted:
I am really happy to see Glee writers give Dianna Agron a meaty story this season with messed up Quinn, especially if this is her last year. I was curious on

who the "real" Dianna is. Her public appearances and interviews show a bright, bubbly, and beautiful young lady who cares deeply for her friends, fans and

causes-plus, she can act! Is this just a fake image or the real deal? I'm hoping for the later as we need celebrities like her instead of the attention

seeking phony ones who are always in the headlines!

Dear Quintessentially Real:
Dianna's the real deal, and that's why we love the blonde bombshell. But trust, even though she's a class act on the red carpet, Dianna's had her share of

Vicey experience. Why the hell do you think she seems so relatable to everybody?"

anony_2 said...

Did anyone see Ted's comment on Dianna's vice being sad and involving another? Almost a reveal if you ask me.

Zara said...

I think so too, anony_2. Ted's been answering a lot of questions about Dianna lately, all pointing to her being Sally. I personally find it a little disturbing that he's so obviously trying to out her for this vice because it would have been a really painful situation for Sally/Percy, not something to joke or gossip about really.

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
So I noticed that you mentioned Glee's Dianna Agron has a Vice from the past. Can you say if it is a really shocking one for this sweet girl or just

something that happened once, and now over and done, never to worry about again? Was the Vice all Di's or was another individual part of it as well?

Dear Very Vicey:
It's a shocker and there was another individual involved. That's all I'm sayin'.

Dear Ted:
We've played the who will-win-the-first-Oscar game with Twilight before. Now I have two similar questions about another cast. Out of the Glee guys and gals,

who will win the first Oscar? (Or at least get nominated.) And who will have the best or longest Hollywood career?

Dear Destined for the Big Screen:
Duh, Ms. Lea Michele has definitely got the chops to go far in this business, but I'm thinking maybe she's more of a Tony kind of gal? Which, perhaps, leaves

Dianna Agron to be our first Glee awardee—the girl can act, and she's definitely got those movie-star looks. Plus, she plays the game far better than people


Dear Ted:
You've been mentioning Dianna Agron in almost all your mail batches, and I can't lie, I find this suspicious. Is there a reason for this? Are her Vicey ways

resurfacing, or is she starting to develop a new Vice?

Dear Blonde Ambition:
Nope, Di has retired her Vice days...for now. She's on to bigger and better and far sexier things, thankfully. Just heart the girl!"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I saw a gossip article about Taylor Lautner and Dianna Agron having dinner together. Was it for business or pleasure? They sure are two gorgeous persons—can

you imagine what their babies would look like with those genes? Of course, I'd rather be the momma as Taylor is nice eye candy! Any romance brewing?

Dear Mix and Match:
Why can't it be for both, babe? And while these two would make fairly decent eye candy together, I'm sure you know that nothing hot and heavy will transpire

between these two. Dianna is hardly a Taylor Swift redux.

Dear Ted:
What are you saying, Dianna Agron is a beard?

Dear Beard Today, Gone Tomorrow:
Hardly, although the gal's choice in men is very questionable.

Dear Ted:
I live all the way here in Malaysia, but am an ardent follower of your column. I love Dianna Agron and was wondering, if we live in an ideal world, whom

would you pick as her special guy, and why would you choose that person, since you have stated that she has dubious taste in men.

Dear Dianna Dyin':
You're going to kill me. But I happen to know Alex Pettfyer really loved Dianna and might—just might—be worth considering for a second chance. If he's gotten

his temper together.

Dear Ted:
You mentioned Dianna Agron's Vice being shocking and involving someone else. Is it more on the tragic side of the Vice spectrum? The girl seems like she's

got a good head on her shoulders, and it'd be a shame if her Vice contradicted her genuinely sweet image. Personally, I'm hoping her Vice is out of the

picture now and she can move on with her life. If it is what I think it is, it's extremely sad and both she and the other person involved were very hurt by

what happened. Am I way off track, here?

Dear Sweet Girl, Sweeter Vice:
You're correct in guessing that her Vice is behind her. "

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Maybe you answered this previously, but what is the scoop with Dianna Agron and Lea Michele's friendship? I keep hearing how they are both at the very least

bisexual. Then, of course there are the rumors that Dianna and Alex Pettyfer's relationship was only PR and that both ladies' boyfriends were just beards. I

do remember Dianna writing on her tumblr after the "likes girls" T-shirt incident that she was not a lesbian so why do people not take her word? She seems

like a girl who loves the boys, although probably too much with the "bad boys." So confused and wondered if you could set the record straight.

Dear Loving the Ladies?
You're right in saying both of these Glee gals love their men. And trust, both Dianna's relaysh with Alex Pettyfer and Lea's with her ex Theo Stockman were

very real. As for why people love to goss these two are together? Perhaps it's the Ryan Murphy factor, or the sexy onscreen relaysh between Naya Rivera and

Heather Morris. Either way, it's just dudes for these two hotties. For now."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
You're the only person I can turn to for believable info and to put my mind at peace. I just read a piece of gossip that Dianna Agron and Sebastian Stan have

called things off. Is this true? I'm so sad if it's true because I love Dianna and she seemed happy with him. Please do let us know.

Dear Di-ng Relaysh:
While it has neither been confirmed nor denied by Ms. Agron herself, the two certainly haven't been spotted together, and we wouldn't be surprised if the

rumor turns out to be true. So, doll, whom do you think Dianna should date next? Could ex Alex Pettyfer have learned enough humility for the job, you think?"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I keep wondering if celebrities like Dianna Agron are real. Beautiful, talented, kind, and actually giving back to her fans like she did creating the "You Me

and Charlie" site. I assume she is the exception rather than the norm among Hollywood young actresses? What's the scoop? No more new BV's for Dianna I hope?
—Is she for real?

Dear As Real as They Get:
She is the exception. Di is a fab gal who's genuinely a sweetie. But that doesn't exclude her from the B.V. crowd, because she definitely has a moniker. It's

a thing of the past now and doesn't really apply, but at one point she certainly had secrets."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
After the latest update on Nevis Divine (thank you for that update...he's my fave BV!), it left me wondering if Nevis & Percy DuBois have a specific tragedy in common?

Dear Crafty:
Nevis and Percy have a lot in common, actually, and perhaps this, as well.

Dear Ted:
Do you consider Rob Pattinson a calculating person? Is he highly concerned with his image and how he's perceived?

Dear Reasonable Question (Barely):
No. But, his people would have to answer differently, of course.

Dear Ted:
I heard a rumor that Dianna Agron is pregnant, so instead of Glee dealing with all of the issues it brings up, they're just killing Quinn off. Any truth to it? Seems kinda crazy.

Dear Baby Gleek Alert?
It's as ridiculous as it sounds—Dianna's certainly not pregnant. Whether or not she returns to Glee has nothing to do with a baby Gleek on board, 'kay? The fiery car crash though? Well, I wouldn't be too surprised."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I'm a longtime follower and your comment on how similar Nevis Divine and Percy DuBois could be intrigued me. Could they be about the same age (say, within

five years)?

Dear Blinds of a Feather:
About that, yeah."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Are Alex Pettyfer and Riley Keough engaged? They were out at a restaurant in L.A. and it looks like there is a ring on her finger, albeit of the costume

jewelry kind. Are they just stirring up interest for Magic Mike, or is it something more?

Dear G-Stringed Groom:
Neither party's people are confirming that any marital questions have been popped, but I think it might just be true. Alex himself has tweeted how happy he

currently is and he's always been a H'wood dude with family on the mind. Mazel, eh?!"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Is Percy Dubois happier in his current relationship than he was with Sally Pearlsmyth?

Dear Happiness from Heartbreak:
How presumptuous of you to assume that Percy has moved on so easily! But since I did tell you that Sally had hopped back into the dating pool (though
halfheartedly at first), I guess it's fair to admit Percy is back in action too. It's a different kind of happiness, but he's getting there."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
How about Josh Hutcherson and Dianna Agron? I think she has a boyfriend, but perhaps in the future? And since I believe she has a past Vice (vs. Vicey

behavior), how much would that affect them? Smiles to your pooches!

Dear Duh:
Of course Dianna's got a boyfriend, hottie Sebastian Stan (at least for now). But if Di and Seb were to break up—as they have before—can't say your

matchmaking idea of Josh and Dianna is so off. Josh would be so nicely different from Dianna's hotheaded ex Alex Pettyfer, no?"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
It seems like Taylor Swift and Dianna Agron have become BFFs. What's the scoop with these ladies? It seems weird that a famous country music diva would
become close friends with an up-and-coming gorgeous Glee actress (and hopefully soon-to-be Hollywood star). Then, on top of it, those silly Tim Tebow triangle rumors. Is this a PR friendship or an actual one?

Dear Team Swagron:
Makes perfect sense to me, Cyndi! Both babes do the good-gal thing, and so of course they'll bond when it comes to taking on Hollywood. The headlines they get for doing their girlie-girl thing are just the cherry on top of their BFF sundae. And Tim is nothing but an added topic of conversation—he's hardly
ruffling any feathers here. Rumor away, Timbo!

Dear Ted:
Would you consider Sally Pearlsmyth and Harriet Talons friends?

Dear Pearls Before Swine:
Not at all."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I was curious how many actors on Glee have Vice monikers? I know Dianna Agron since you once mentioned her. Is her Vice from the past or something still happening?

Have you heard anything coming up for this gorgeous beauty that will put her up on the big silver screens? It's been over a year since I Am Number Four and definitely

time for this popular actress to spread her wings from Glee.

Dear McKinley High Heist:
Gaga for Glee Vices, Mo? Then you'll be happy to hear there's a handful of Vicers on the Glee set, plus a number of Vicey guest stars who have made an appearance over

the years. As for Ms. Agron? Her Vice is more from the past and won't affect her future roles on the big screen, but remember, we're still unclear of her fate on

Glee. Wait and see how many McKinley High appearances Dianna makes (if any) and then let's get the babe rolling on that big-screen casting couch."