Saturday, March 6, 2010

This week's Buzzfoto blinds

Here are some from Buzzfoto from this past week -

Thurs 3/4/10- #285
This blind involves two celebs.
This aging celebrity, known for being an activist, and usually thought to be intelligent did something we think is a little stupid this last weekend. She was at a club (we’re not sure why!) and allegedly had a hot and heavy make-out session with a very much younger, MTV star who is not our favorite. We hear they were both drinking and it was mostly just for fun, but still- yuck!
Not Jane Fonda.

Wed 3/3/10- # 284
This TV star is involved with one of his female castmates. Not that it is any big secret. What is a big secret is the other costar he is fooling around with. The little bit underage male costar. More on this to come if our source continues to kiss and tell.
Not Stephen Moyer.

Tues 3/2/10 - #283
This actor, who is trying to revive a slowed-down career through a network show actually thinks he is finally back on his way to fame. He allegedly got the part to begin with by sleeping with the wife of a network executive so that she’d put a good word in, and he’s willing to do anything to be back in the limelight again. He decided that at a recent event with other celebrities, he would try and glad-hand and network as much as possible. A little kissing up never hurts right? Not in this case. The actor went up to a B-list actress and thought he’d compliment her on her dress. As he was making a polite remark, he brushed the fabric on her dress and somehow ended up pulling her top down. (We’re not sure how it happened exactly. No one can agree on what happened. One source said they thought he did it on purpose, but everything we’ve heard say it was an accident.) She was embarrassed, but started to laugh it off, when he grabbed her breast and tried to put it back in the dress himself. Luckily, only a small group of people saw the incident, but the actress- and her husband were furious.
Not Chris O’Donnell.

Mon 3/1/10 - #282
Today’s Blind Item involves someone from an MTV show (either past or present). A source discovered one of the show’s stars had a hidden side job that a little internet research might be able to uncover. She’s been in several amateur adult films. It wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but she wants a future as an actress and is even shopping out a network show and doesn’t want the internet clips discovered.
Not Snooki.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if #1 is Susan Sarandon and #2 is Taylor Lautner. No ideas, though, about 3 or 4.

Chilli said...
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Shaddup Mimsey said...

Vanessa Minillo(?) for #4

Amanda said...

Maybe lawrence fishburne for 3?

S N Humphreys said...

Erm, Taylor L isn't a tv star.

I definitely thought Susan Sarandon for #1. She's been doing a bit of PDAing with younger men lately. No idea about # 3 and 4.

Anonymous said...

#1 - Liza?
#2 - Rob Lowe
#3 - Laurence Fishburne
#4 - there was a rumor a while back about Heidi Montag being in a porno. this basically confirms it.