Saturday, March 6, 2010

CDAN - 3.5.10

From Crazy Days and Nights yesterday

Four For Friday

#1 & 2 - This great looking C list actor from a huge hit network ensemble show had a high school girlfriend. Well one time our actor decided to make a tape of the two of them having sex. The girlfriend had no idea because the camera was hidden. Our actor then gave copies of the tape away to his friends and it spread like wildfire. Not only did it damage this girl in high school, but when she tried to join a sorority in college someone told everyone there about the tape and she was rejected.

#1 - actor
#2 - show

#3 - This B-/C+ list television actor has been in this same space before. This time it is because although he earns five figures an episode for the cable show in which he stars he only pays about $375 a month in child support. Where does he spend the rest of his money? Lots of trips to Vegas for strippers.

#4 - This foreign born A list lingerie model and now a movie actress has had to be carried out of the last two red carpet events where she appeared. She has been so wasted on coke and pills that she can't even put words together anymore to make sentences.



blurry vice said...

#1/2 - someone from Glee?

#3 - someone from Entourage?

#4 - can't think of a lingerie model who is now in movies... blanking

Unknown said...

4 - Lily Cole? She wasn't specifically a lingerie model, but she is a former model who now acts.

Sara Thomas said...

#1/#2 - Josh Holloway, LOST?

Olivia said...

#1/2 : Chance Crawford /Gossip Girl?
no clue on the others.